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With summer on in full swing, most men and women wouldn’t dare go out wearing winter fabrics. But when it comes to leather, it certainly is hard to keep away!

If you would love to sport your trendy leather pieces this season despite the fact that just reading the words summer and leather in one sentence makes you sweat bullets, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some top tips to help you look trendy without sweating it out.


Choose the Right Leather For You

While leather apparel is designed to be effortlessly chic for winter, thanks to designer upgrades, wearing leather in summer is no longer a problem. Simply look for light-weight hides that are lined with silk or other breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Whether you intend to show off a pair of leather gloves or a pair of leather shorts, be sure to pay attention to this little detail.

Go for Accents

If you’re not very confident of sporting leather in summer, just go for accents instead of the real deal. Wearing clothes with leather accents will help you step out in the sun confidently and is sure to get you approving nods.

Go for a cotton jacket with leather accents, a skirt with leather pocket flaps, or a dress with leather panels and you can have your cake and eat it too!

Don’t Go All out with Leather

As much as you love leather, you can’t go all out and dress in it from head to toe. Even if you’re comfortable doing so, you don’t want others to look at you and feel suffocated by the heat! Moreover, maintaining balance is important no matter what fashion trend you follow, so when draping yourself in a second skin, make sure you’re doing it in small doses.

Pair leather shorts or trousers with simple, summery tops or shirts or wear a leather vest over your regular summer ensemble. With summer sandals or loafers to match, you’re definitely going to look smart.

Allow Skin to Breathe

Taking care of your skin is a must whether you spend generously on creams and lotions or are thrifty and prefer availing beauty sample freebies. So even if you wear leather that is lined with breathable fabric, you don’t want to wear anything that is skin-tight. Opt for jackets or vests that fit loosely, shorts that are roomy, and wrap or A-line skirts.

Also, summer is the season to bare some skin, so don’t cover yourself up in leather trousers and full-sleeved jackets. Choose shorts or vests and don’t be afraid to try on leather clothes with slits or interesting laser cutouts.


Pick Lighter Colors

When you think of leather, you’re bound to think of black. But in the middle of summer when you want to feel cool as well as look cool, you certainly don’t want to go out wearing black as it can absorb more heat!

Leather wear in white, brown or camel, and other light shades are your best bet in summer. Don’t shy away from bright colors like red and yellow. Oxblood and pastel shades are a hit too!

Accessorize with Leather

If wearing leather is too much for you, accessorize your summer look with leather. After all, you don’t always have to wear leather to show it off!

You can use leather accessories like belts, wallets, satchels, handbags, and more to your advantage. You can also consider donning a pair of leather shoes! Women should stick to open-toed heels and sandals for office or evening wear, and men should remember to wear socks made of natural fabrics to help absorb sweat.

In addition to this, women can wear a leather choker or necklace with beads to accessorize their ensemble with leather.

Fake It

Natural leather can be quite heavy and if you want to enjoy summer without the added bulk, opting for pleather or faux leather can be the best thing to do. Not only is faux leather light-weight and stylish, it is also inexpensive and cruelty-free.


Dressing comfortably is as important as dressing fashionably, and if comfort is more important to you than fashion, wearing leather in the hot months may not be something you look forward to.

However, wearing a second skin in the sweltering heat doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds, so there’s no reason for you to stash away your much loved gear. Sure leather looks like a winter-perfect fabric, but using it this season can be a great way to refresh your summer wardrobe.

With the tips given here, you now know all about using your leather clothing and accessories to make heads turn. So don’t worry about the heat, just put on what you love and head out!

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Review: Lyle and Scott Oxford Turquoise Shirt /review-lyle-and-scott-oxford-turquoise-shirt /review-lyle-and-scott-oxford-turquoise-shirt#comments Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:04:20 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10132 Continue reading ]]>

There are certain essentials that should be part of every man’s closet and one of them is a great oxford shirt. A tailored, button-down shirt has the versatility of being worn with a fitted pair of trousers and a sports jacket for a dressier look, or with a pair of cargo shorts and flip flops for a more casual look.

lyle oxford front

At Mainline Menswear, expect to find some high quality pieces from Lyle and Scott, like its Oxford Shirt in turquoise. The turquoise color of this oxford is like the robin’s egg blue of turquoise stones in jewelry that are sought after for their pure blue composition. The color of the Lyle and Scott oxford is also a tone of blue that looks good on various skin tones because it is neither too pale nor too saturated a blue color, to not make your skin color look washed out.

cLose up lyle with logo

Another quality that is very important in an oxford is the fabric. The Lyle and Scott button-down shirt is constructed of 100% cotton, which is not only important when it comes to having a shirt with a crisp, clean look about it, but also an all natural fiber shirt construction means that during the hot and humid days of summer, the Lyle and Scott turquoise oxford will not cling to your body like a synthetic fabric will, helping to keep you cool and dry.

The last detail that may not seem like a critical one, but a design houses’ logo can be part of why men and women shop for certain brands of clothing. The logo is sometimes the first thing that a person sees to identify with a particular designer. The Lyle and Scott oxford’s logo is a yellow eagle with a black outline, in flight. It is placed on the inner portion of the chest pocket and stands out in color contrast compared to the turquoise blue, but the size, placement, and the subject matter make it pleasing to the eye.

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How to find Wholesale Clothing /how-to-find-wholesale-clothing /how-to-find-wholesale-clothing#comments Fri, 24 Jul 2015 13:31:18 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10128 Continue reading ]]>

Clothing business is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays. The demand is rising day by and day in the market. Everyone needs fashionable clothes and that too at cheaper price, so wholesale clothing is one of the best option to get apparel’s at affordable price. For small-scale business, the importance of having a good wholesale supplier is a must.


If you have a small clothing shop, you can get a good price of clothing from a wholesaler, aside from the fact that they have updated fashion items, they also give discounts and other freebies. That’s why you have to be very practical and instead of investing on branded items, just start with fashion clothing that are brand less items.

Once you have decided about purchasing men’s or women’s apparel in wholesale, there are different categories you have to study and work with. Initially you may need to start working with the nationwide wholesale apparel liquidators, or become in between man for closeout sale items from major brand and some suppliers go to the new stores, offering package deals with good amount of discounts.

Moreover, do you know that the traditional dealers used to purchase apparel wholesale, but now the industry of the wholesale apparel traders has totally declined, due to the arrival of big shopping malls. Additionally, survey are done and shown that wholesale clothes business has raised its total stocks in the past few years.

Whenever we speak apparel, it commonly refers to what we wear; it doesn’t just mean to be a dress, pants or a skirt. Apparel can be any sort of clothing irrespective of style.   There are numerous categories for wholesale clothing, many are interested in general wholesale apparel, many try to specialize in particular category like men’s clothing, or women’s clothing. You can always go toa a respective specialty store and get significant discount for your wholesale purchase and that too for good quantity. For women’s clothing, there are numerous areas of interest, many suppliers for variety of products and many subsets you can contact for wholesale purchases.

On the web you could find various sources of information, many businesses on yellow pages, which can be of good help when you want to be in touch with wholesale apparel merchandiser. You may have clients that are interested in urban wear, casual clothing, or items for the young woman who will attend a formal gathering. Hence, a list or directory of merchants will be of good sources to look into. There you may find suppliers offering top brands products at discounted prices, and that would be like a cherry on top of cake.

It would be like a dream when we are able to locate cheap wholesale apparel site online and exploring different products at reasonable price. The best way to find a reliable wholesale apparel site is by referring wholesale clothing buying guide that will not only guide you about different types of wholesale clothing but will also help you to know about clothing fabric types, their cost as well as quality. Well, you can always ask for better bargains when buying packages.

Moreover, wholesale dresses have a good market because of its demand.  It’s much cheaper, easier to wash and usually much lighter than any garments like jeans or sweater. I am sure you will surely enjoy dressing yourself with cheaper fashion clothing and trendy outfit.

Nowadays people are looking for more trendy clothes so that they can easily redefine their looks. And in this case when wholesale clothes come into picture folks hasten to buy these innovative and creative apparels.

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5 Fashion Tips For Job Interviews /5-fashion-tips-for-job-interviews /5-fashion-tips-for-job-interviews#comments Thu, 23 Jul 2015 21:55:56 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10117 Continue reading ]]>

Have a job interview and feel like you probably have no clue as to what you’re doing to look the part? Here are five suggestions you can do to look better for that crucial first meeting. These tips will teach you which details to pay attention to. Don’t marginalize anything, even if it might seem trivial at first.

1. Get a Haircut

Having good style starts from the top down, and the first thing people will notice is your head. Ever hear the phrase “you gotta spend money to make money”? This is an unavoidable expenditure that will let your soon-to-be superiors know you care. If you’re really that strapped for cash, try having a friend do it for you. Make sure to be well groomed, or you may give off the impression that it isn’t worth your time. Yes, this includes facial hair. You don’t necessarily have to shave your beard off, but it needs to be trimmed and clean.


2. Don’t Underdress

There’s nothing tackier than going into a job interview underdressed. It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised with what some people are capable of. Case in point, if you’re thinking of wearing a silk tie with a salmon pink polo shirt, you’d be underdressed.

A button down shirt is one of the safest routes you can take here. It needs to be tucked in, and don’t forget to wear a belt. Your pants need to cover your ankles, and for the love of god, please don’t wear jeans (even if your pair is spotless and without patches). You want to hit that happy medium between looking like you’re trying too hard and not caring at all.


3. … But Don’t Overdress

Everyone likes to look their best. Well … most people, anyway. We all have that neighbor who always wears sweatpants. That being said, there is a point where you cease to look professional. If you look like you’re going out to a dinner with $200 plates, you’re overdressed. No fancy hats, no canes, no Business casual is generally a great way to go, with suits being a clutch option. As long as you don’t look like you’re going to a cocktail party, you should be fine.

4. Avoid Red, Dark Brown, and Black

Let’s face it, colors can be confusing. This is especially true when you get into the realm of attempting to tastefully coordinate yourself. Aside from that fact, they also have the ability to send a subconscious message. Avoid the colors mentioned above at all costs. The exception being black, which should be reserved only for your accessories and extremities (ties, shoes etc.). Wearing a lively color will keep your distance away from mediocrity, but you shouldn’t come off as aggressive, arrogant, or weak in any way.

It’s fairly easy to go in either direction, so ask someone who knows better than you if you’re iffy on it. Something like cornflower blue isn’t such a bad choice per se, but it might be an overly safe choice. Solid colors are easiest to work with, but feel free to experiment with different styles and textures. If you have no idea what this bullet is about, go with white and call it a day.


5. Wear Nice Shoes

It seems like a minor detail, but this is super critical. They pull a whole outfit together, and if done correctly, it’ll make a lasting mark. Sneakers are a huge no-no. If your shoes squeak when you run across an indoor basketball court, you’ve clearly done something wrong. Quite frankly, you really shouldn’t be able to run at all on a floor like that. They should stand apart from the rest of your attire while feeling cohesive at the same time. Oxford shoes that aren’t too rounded or pointy at the toe are best. Finally with regards to the foot region, are you wearing white socks? Don’t, stick to a black pair with no fuzzies sticking off.

If you could make these work, you wouldn’t need help in the first place.


These five steps only covers the basics. Obviously, use your best judgement—context is key. Imagine how funny you’d look if you were interviewing for a farmhand position, and went in a suit and tie (this’ll never happen realistically, but the point still stands). When it comes down to it, just try to be comfortable. Not sweating through the clothes you’re wearing is a pretty big first step. You’re also never fully dressed without a smile. Seriously. You’ll appear confident, and that’ll help you pull off your outfit. If you think you look good, presenting your personality and qualifications can take priority instead of feeling like such a damn putz.

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Put a Ring on It! /put-a-ring-on-it /put-a-ring-on-it#comments Wed, 22 Jul 2015 19:49:14 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10110 Continue reading ]]>

Ladies, why not show off that fabulous manicure with a trendy new ring? Dainty little rings are nice, but big statement pieces are king of the scene these days. Get in on the fun with a few baubles to really dress up those Instagram shots. There’s something for everyone and at $30 and under, every budget too!

Silver-Tone Nugget and Tube Ring

Add a little personality with French Connection’s Silver-Tone Nugget and Tube Ring. This fashion forward ring features an open design and a majestic monarch blue faceted stone.

x gold ring

X marks the spot with BCBGengeration’s Gold-Tone X Ring. This popular ‘x’ shaped design is a favorite among fashion bloggers and nail art enthusiasts. This crossed ring is an easy way to add interest to any ensemble.

Lucky Brand Silver Tone Geometric Ring

Geometrical ancient designs are never a bad idea. Lucky Brand’s Silver-Tone Geometric Ring brings an Aztec-print straight to your finger tips. Perfect to pair with a boho sundress or the suedes of fall. This ring is the cool fashion girl’s new best friend.

INC International Concepts Gold-Tone Crystal Pave Bar Ring

INC International Concepts’ Gold-Tone Crystal Pavé Bar Ring is like modern elegance for your finger. The bold eye-catching design feels luxe and expensive when paired with rolled up jeans and a t-shirt and perfect with a sleek silhouettes for a night out.

With so many fancy designs (and 10 fingers), we don’t see a reason to stop at just one. So take advice from Beyonce and “put a ring on it.”

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Another 2015 New York Men’s Fashion Week Debrief! /new-york-mens-fashion-week-debrief /new-york-mens-fashion-week-debrief#comments Tue, 21 Jul 2015 14:00:15 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10100 Continue reading ]]>

Now that men’s fashion week has come to a close in NYC, let’s take a look at some of the newest atrocities trends.  Unfortunately, these getups look like they should be worn by a mid-1900’s lobotomy patient.  Take a look for yourself:

mens fashion week - 1

Also, didn’t Rita from Arrested Development dress kind of like this?

Why does it seem as though men’s fashion designers have such a hard time striking a reasonable balance?  It’s always either trying too hard—or not trying enough—and it’s readily apparent this time around.  2015’s stark contrast to last year’s well-tailored, reserved (yet still super fun), and classically-chic catalogue is glaringly conspicuous.  This was from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection (and just in case you’re curious, it was put together by Gieves & Hawkes).

mens fashion week - 2

If I’m being fair though, I can concede this was a tough act to follow.

In good conscience, I should probably add a disclaimer before we continue: these uninspired outfits will either bore you into a coma, or assault you so violently you’ll want to join a support group. According to Style.com, this year’s trend seems to be androgyny, turtlenecks, black, animal prints, and some layered mess that looks hella weird. Here are some of the more “remarkable” selections:

mens fashion week - 3

I’ve never seen looks more non-committal about what they want to be…

Now, I could go on about these violations of aesthetic sensibilities, but then we’d never get through this article.  If you’re willing to subject yourself to the horrors, or are just plain masochistic, take a gander at this slideshow for a more complete idea of what I’m talking about.

I gotta apologize for being so pessimistic about this whole affair.  Admittedly, there were some pieces that stood out—even ones that I liked!  However, I can’t really tell if it was actually pleasing and/or interesting, or if my expectations had just been whittled down to a nub…

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2015 New York Menswear Fashion Week – A Quick Look /2015-new-york-menswear-fashion-week-a-quick-look /2015-new-york-menswear-fashion-week-a-quick-look#comments Sun, 19 Jul 2015 20:40:13 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10092 Continue reading ]]>

The past few days, New York has been host to a variety of designers from around the world and their offerings for spring/summer menswear. The runway was host to a number of styles as always, traditional menswear, contemporary, even avant-garde. The new kid on the block at this NYMFW was the streetwear style. Streetwear has always been closely linked to high fashion, with pieces from designers always being incorporated into streetwear outfits. However, streetwear has never taken its own spot on the runway the same way it did this week.

American brand John Elliott + Co presented their second ever runway collection, with their first being fall/winter NYFW. Among fashion boards and forums, John Elliott + Co is known for making basic, but high quality pieces. Though popular and essential to streetwear, many wondered how such a seemingly simple brand could manifest itself on the runway. With a simple and solid fall/winter show, Elliott was off to a decent start. The question was; how could he expand on this for his next show while staying true to his signature basic style? Running Through Vietnam, Elliott’s S/S 2016 menswear collection, was given as an answer. The models came out, dressed in greys and muted earth tones. Rugged military style jackets, vests, and shirts adorned with pockets were the first layer in many looks. Running thermals and athletic hoodies accompanied them. Sweat drenched the faces of every model. Green bandannas were tied around necks. The immediate impression given by the collection was that it did in fact take place in Vietnam. The earthiness and raggedness of the show connected what the Vietnam War truly was; dirty, grimey, and fought by soldiers who were sick and tired. Though the military inspiration was obvious, it was not the military inspiration seen in the collections of Balmain. It was not from the view of the general, but rather the footsoldier.

nyfw-2015-2The New York-based Public School made a strong appearance in order to defend their home turf. As with their past collections, the S/S 2016 show from the brand displayed extreme minimalism. A simple but tasteful palette of black, white, and navy were perfect choices for the large amounts of color blocking. The only deviations from the solid colors present were several plaid shirts, mostly hidden under outer layers, and a simple line grid pattern. A faint shininess was almost always visible on the traditional blazers, youthful bomber jackets, and modernistic double-zip fleeces which served as the collection’s outerwear. The contrast of shirts buttoned to the neck and blazers against flat brim baseball hats and loose bomber jackets showed the mixing of streetwear and traditional menswear that much of both high fashion and streetwear seem to be undergoing. With several blazer looks, thick-soled high top sneakers were used to further this idea. Twitter and Instagram famous teenage model Luka Sabbat was featured in the show, giving the message that the youth of this newest generation do desire to involve themselves with, influence, and innovate fashion. Public School has shown that fashion is getting ready to move itself with the next generation.nyfw-2015-3

Robert Geller, like Public School and John Elliott + Co, is based in the US. Though unlike the two, Geller has always designed runway shows and has had little-to-none involvement in streetwear. Though he stuck to his high fashion roots, Geller did incorporate several standout pieces which displayed streetwear elements. First, athletic shorts with an elastic waistband seemed almost out of place paired with a loose, drapey coat and flowing shirt. Shortly after, a quarter zip hooded vest appears, and can be noted as the only zipper displayed in the collection. The vest is made of a technical fleece material and appears in contrast to the silky flow of the rest of the collection. Besides these two articles, the models are curiously draped in billowing trousers, similarly flowing shirts, low-cut tees, and baggy outerwear. High waisted pants, sashes, and belts cut across midsections of loose fabrics to create what appears to be a feminine silhouette. Footwear carried this feminine element as well, single strap shoes were given large windows on the tops and were worn without socks. Tall grey hats, reminiscent of World War II military helmets, cover the heads and shadowed the eyes of models, contributing the androgyny of the show. Containing both youthful elements of street style and breaking gender confinements assigned to men, Geller’s collection proved itself to be forward and refreshing.

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A Sneak Peek at Personal Style Pieces for Blue Collar Workers! /a-sneak-peek-at-personal-style-pieces-for-blue-collar-workers /a-sneak-peek-at-personal-style-pieces-for-blue-collar-workers#comments Sat, 18 Jul 2015 05:30:57 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10089 Continue reading ]]>

A workwear or a work uniform usually identifies the person as a part of the organization. Whether the employees is white collared, blue collared or pink collared, the workwear plays a very important part in identifying the person’s role in the working environment. As a result, every category of employees has their own definite set of personal style pieces that they can experiment with to give a unique look to the people. 


These workwear are not only designed set them unique from others, but they are also helping in giving comfort and safety at the typical working environment. So, let us have a sneak peek at the delovna oblačila of blue-collar workers, who are considered as on-field workers and safety means, a lot to them:

  • Work Boots: For the blue collar workers, work boots play a major role for the safety of their feet. The blue collared workers need to spend more time in on-field works and so it is important to invest smartly on the stylish piece of the men’s footwear. Along with the look, it is necessary that the boots you choose meets your on-field requirements and are functional. 

  • Protective Eyewear and Sunglasses: Under extreme work conditions, people usually invest with the quality pair of optics rather than investing with the cheap glasses. It’s a fact that high-quality lenses gives better protection to the eyes and are made from sturdier materials that are more comfortable having a definite warranty period. The blue collar workers may prefer those glasses that suit their needs. Whether they are engineers or military and police forces, they need to select the eyewear, according to their own needs.

  • Protective Headwear: A protective headwear is necessary for the blue collars for the safety purpose which is also the easiest way to declare his sense of style and common sense. The thing that creates more sense is that it is a cool way to beat down the hot sun falling on your head all the afternoon or just wearing a light colored straw hat that helps the air to circulate while keeping the sun off the skin. Majority of the men who work on-field wear a baseball cap. This is generally not preferred as they partially shield the eyes as well as rarely fitted for allowing air circulation. 

  • Working Jeans: Working jeans could prove to be more comfortable as compared to the normal jeans for the blue collared workers. A pair of jeans having valued price would look respectable while serving its purpose as the workwear. Look for the dark colored jeans as it will help in hiding the stains and dirt best way. The jeans must fit snugly and should be able to hold up without a belt.

  • Different Work shirt Options:One can work in a t-shirt, but it is not considered as a formal work shirt due to some of the reasons. The t-shirt is usually made up of synthetic fibers that doesn’t breathe and exposes your forearms as well as neck and also is light weight to protect skin from sharp objects. Instead of that, you could opt for the Classic Cotton Work Shirt or the Denim Work Shirt or the Chambray Work Shirt.

  • Handkerchief: For the blue collars, a paper towel or a tissue is considered as a more sanitary option, but also the cotton handkerchief proves to be more versatile. A red handkerchief could be handier as they can be used for several purposes, including applying pressure on a bleeding hand, temporary tie down a pipe and many others.

Thus, these were some of the best style pieces that the blue collared workers must choose to make their unique presence.

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Covering Your Arms and Keeping Cool in the Summer /covering-your-arms-and-keeping-cool-in-the-summer /covering-your-arms-and-keeping-cool-in-the-summer#comments Fri, 17 Jul 2015 15:02:46 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10086 Continue reading ]]>

Sometimes, even though you may long to wear a sleeveless top in the summer to stay cool and comfortable, you have to cover your arms for work or a special event. But rest assured that there are plenty of stylish ways that you can cover your arms without having to worry about getting overheated in the process. Continue reading for a few tips that will have you looking great and staying cool, even if your arms are covered.

woman with hat

Look for the Right Fabrics

The right fabric is key to staying cool and comfortable during a summer event that requires that you wear sleeves of any length. Good options include any material that is particularly light on your skin. Transparent or semi-transparent fabrics are perfect, as is lace that is very breathable. The key is to stick with really lightweight materials that you will hardly feel on your arms and that will provide you with just enough coverage without overdoing it. Even a sequin top may work if the fabric is lightweight enough to make you feel cool and prevent you from overheating.

Don the Right Shapes

In addition to choosing the right fabrics, you should also choose the right shapes when it comes to the sleeves that you wear. A few good examples include batwing, bell, bishop, hanging, and butterfly sleeves.

  • A batwing sleeve is basically a long sleeve that features a deep armhole. It also tapers as it moves towards your wrist.
  • A bell sleeve is yet another long sleeve, but this one will be fitted basically from your shoulder down to your elbow. From the elbow downward towards your wrist, it will flare out just like bellbottom jeans would on your legs.
  • A bishop sleeve is like a bell sleeve in the sense that it is fuller towards the bottom than it is towards the top. It also features fabric that is gathered together into a cuff at your wrist.
  • A hanging sleeve is one that opens down the front or the side so that your arm can pass through and stay cool and comfortable.
  • And, finally, a butterfly sleeve is a shorter sleeve option that provides more width around the shoulder and downward.

Pair a Sleeveless Top with a Transparent Top with Sleeves

Another way to stay cool is by wearing a sleeveless top underneath a transparent, dressy top that has any one of the sleeve types and lengths above. In this way, you can remain really cool because the top that you wear will be completely transparent and allow for plenty of airflow, but you will still be covered because of the sleeveless top underneath it. You can easily pair this elegant top combination with a skirt of any length, as well as a pair of dress pants, and you can wear this type of outfit to a party or to work.

Now that you know how to keep your arms cool even on the hottest summer day, you can attend any event and look and feel great.

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Survey of Graphic Tees in 2015 /survey-of-graphic-tees-in-2015 /survey-of-graphic-tees-in-2015#comments Thu, 16 Jul 2015 20:12:41 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=10069 Continue reading ]]>

The t-shirt has been a staple in both men’s and women’s closet forever.  Whether you are wearing it under a summer suit jacket or lightweight cardigan, with your favorite blue jeans, or with your swim trunks at the shore, the t-shirt can be an essential part of any look.

Graphic t-shirts are the modern version of the plain t-shirts.  They are used as more of a fashion accessory or statement piece than their plain counterparts.  The first printed t-shirt was in made in the 1950’s and the artistic explosion began there.  The graphic t-shirt displayed clothing design house logos, political views, and artwork through pictures on clothing. Today, the graphic t-shirt transforms an essential piece of clothing into a surprisingly clever fashion accessory regularly on shelves of urban brands like RVCA and KENZO.
New-2015-summer-Han-surf days 1983-min

For example, this “Surf Days 1983” in a heather grey cotton weave is a throwback to the vintage tees designs that are still very popular today.  School/College logos, products found during that time period, or musical groups will spark a memory for those of us who are old enough to remember and are an interesting conversation piece, as well as a clothing choice.


This American flag imprinted skull and wings graphic t-shirt by BlackRock Denim & Co., manufactured in a slim-fitting, thin grey fabric is a modern cut and a bold statement accessory for your wardrobe.  The patriotic theme and the skull with wings graphics are popular separately and together in an, uh, unique crowd…

CURRENT-2015-graphic t geometric-min

If you are a the kind of guy who doesn’t like wording on your clothing, than you may like the style of graphic t-shirts that are just a design, like this white men’s t-shirt with the infinity sign that is constructed of neutral colored triangle shapes.  The shapes are interesting and they use it to uniquely form a universal symbol that has almost a 3-D effect to it.  This would be a great addition to a casual summer linen suit jacket to give your look a little more “edginess”.

abs graphic t-min

You can even get those 6-pack abs that you have always wanted imprinted on a graphic t-shirt if you want like in this one with the snake, eagle, dragon, and shield in addition to the “gym perfect” pecks.  A bit gimmicky, if you ask me!

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