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On November 23, 2104 the annual celebration of the latest talents on the music scene today took place. The American Music Awards was held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles and those celebrities who shine in the music industry, as well as those who admire them, hit the red carpet for the event.

2014 American Music Awards jennifer lopez iggy celebrity fashion

One woman who not only is a singer, dancer, producer, but also has her own line of fashion is Jennifer Lopez. She and Iggy Azalea brought attention to the “abundant derierres” with their song “Booty” during their AMA performance. JLo’s red carpet look, however, drew attention to her overall figure with this nude colored, strappy wrapped dress that seem to be channeling her inner goddess. Her dress had a great little gather in the front that enhanced the overall look of its “strappy” midsection and bustline. Jennifer shows that a woman in her forty’s can look as hot as any of the younger set. Also, love how she accessorized with a pair of glitter pumps, matching square clutch, and minimal make-up.

ansel elgort 2014 american music celebrity fashion

Next, is Ansel Elgort, who is a young actor that has starred in recent movies like “Divergent” and “The Fault in Our Stars”. He has become one of the hottest Hollywood men recently, but I have no idea what he was thinking with this outfit for the American Music Awards. My eyes are drawn immediately to his cropped suit jacket that looks like it shrunk at the cleaners with the tight fit, short sleeves, and angular hemline. Then, he amplifies the ugliness factor with a white button-down shirt that has a two-toned stripe down the placket that is tucked into a pair of low-rise leopard, speckled trousers. Unfortunately, the only part of his look that I like is his brown lace-up shoes.

terrence j american music celebrity fashion

Lastly, is a couple of TV personality hosts form the BET’s Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J. Terrence looks suave in his deep purple colored tuxedo with the grey lapels, charcoal dress shirt, and black trousers. It is a fantastic departure from the regular old black that retains the same class impact. His co-host Rocsi, however, looks like she is wearing an almost athletic top that got sewed onto a loud, geometric skirt. I could have seen the flouncy skirt alone with a solid black top, minus the “peek-a-boo”.

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These Are Going to Be 2015’s Most Popular Fashion Trendshttp://www.cefashion.net/these-are-going-to-be-2015s-most-popular-fashion-trends http://www.cefashion.net/these-are-going-to-be-2015s-most-popular-fashion-trends#comments Fri, 19 Dec 2014 13:28:00 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8052 Continue reading ]]>

After ringing in the New Year and welcoming 2015, there are a number of different trends that will begin to emerge on the runway for looks that will quickly be embraced. The fashion industry is resorting to old styles and is also experimenting with new looks for a cutting edge style that is easy to follow. To stay current with fashion and feel confident with the top trends, there are a few looks to incorporate into your wardrobe in 2015.

ankle high socks1 mens fashion


Ankle Socks

Boots and shoes are getting an upgrade in the coming year with ankle socks to wear underneath. The look is a nod to the ’90s and has officially made its comeback for a playful look that is best paired with oversized coats and pleated skirts. Roll the socks up casually without looking too formal for a laidback look.


This fierce and bold clothing item continues to evolve and return on the runway for a product that offers a bit of edge. Capes offer a strong silhouette that exudes confidence and is available in a number of different lengths and styles for the modern woman. Match it with a pair of fitted trousers or leggings for an impeccable look.

turleneck sweater mens fashion

Turtleneck Sweaters

This chic and sophisticated clothing item was once outdated, but has now returned as a fashion-forward style to embrace. Turtlenecks work to draw attention to the face and create a high-end style that can be paired with a few delicate gold necklaces on top. The style has also been seen underneath jackets with the sleeves rolled up for a casual, but comfortable style that is more modern.

Trouser Suits

Instead of sticking with traditional office attire, trouser suits offer a chic style that is sans the shoulder pads. The look includes cropped pants and a fitted blazer that cuts low in the front for an edgy outfit that truly makes a statement. The outfit is best paired with platform shoes or daring heels for a dramatic look that will turn heads in the office and on the street.

With the fashion industry evolving at a fast rate, it’s important to get a head start on the top looks that will be seen for the coming year. From capes to ankle socks, there are a number of practical pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe for a feminine and edgy style. Each look is comfortable and sophisticated for pieces that don’t try too hard.

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Winter Gifts for the Guy Who is ALL About ACCESSORIEShttp://www.cefashion.net/winter-gifts-for-the-guy-who-is-all-about-accessories http://www.cefashion.net/winter-gifts-for-the-guy-who-is-all-about-accessories#comments Thu, 18 Dec 2014 15:20:19 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8050 Continue reading ]]>

Do you have a guy on your holiday list that loves to accessorize? Then, here are a few ideas that may help you cross them off your list and “wow” them in the process. For starters, just about every man has a few pieces of jewelry. They may have a dress watch and one for casual wear, perhaps a pair of cuff links or two, maybe a necklace or tie clip, or a few rings. Even some of the younger men may have a collection of earrings, if they happen to have a piercing or two.

silverofwestport.com mems access box mens fashion

Some of these accessories may be on the expensive side or of sentimental value, so it is important to take care to store the pieces properly. One classy idea is a box designed specifically for storing men’s jewelry from www.silverofwestport.com; the container comes a deep, rich wood base, felted divided compartments of various sizes for housing all his accessories, and even watch pillows to keep his time pieces clean and protected. This particular one will run you about $130, but will last for years to come.

lanvin men cashmere leather gloves 1 1  1419002119 mens fashion

Is there a man on your gift list that is a lover of luxury mens gloves? Then, you may want to check out this pair of men’s black cashmere and leather gloves by Lanvin of Paris. They combine two of the most sought after luxury fabrics in their design with the supple leather palms and softness of the cashmere glove top and thumb. A selection of Lanvin accessories can be found at Nordstroms. This gift would definitely require professional cleaning, as opposed to something that you can take care of at home and be a little more expensive than the average pair of gloves.Fossil Mens FS4545 Black Leather Strap Black Analog Dial Chronograph Watch1 mens fashion

Lastly, there is one accessory that not only serves the purpose of keeping time, but also is an integral part of completing your look: the watch. Even though it may not be an everyday accessory for all men, there is always a time when a watch is the perfect mens accessory to an outfit. For example, this Men’s Black Leather Strap Analogue Watch by Fossil combines gold and silver tone metals in the face and watch bezel, along with the black leather strap to make the perfect gift choice if you are not sure if they prefer white metals or more golden hues.

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Make A Fashion Statement Even When You’re At The Gymhttp://www.cefashion.net/make-a-fashion-statement-even-when-youre-at-the-gym http://www.cefashion.net/make-a-fashion-statement-even-when-youre-at-the-gym#comments Tue, 16 Dec 2014 13:47:48 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8045 Continue reading ]]>

Gone are the days when working out at the gym means sweaty loose shirts and heavy jogging pants. Fashion brands specializing in athletic wear, such as Lululemon, and sporting brands such as Adidas and Nike, have produced many sportswear choices that provide support and comfort, without sacrificing fashion. Here are some tips when choosing your fashionable gym wear.

Compression Garments mens fashion

Sports bras and tank tops

When choosing a sports bra, choose one made from moisture wicking material. Depending on the impact intensity of your workout, you have to choose the appropriate sports bra. For low impact and medium impact workout or for A-B cup size ladies, regular compression sports bras can provide support. However, if you have C to D cups, you might want to invest in sports bras with underwire support or combination sports bras for adequate support. Choose tank tops that are made of moisture wicking material as well. Avoid cotton, rubber, or plastic materials as they prevent heat from escaping and moisture from evaporating. It should allow your skin to breathe without sacrificing fashion.

According to workout

Your sportswear should be appropriate for the kind of workout you are going to perform. If you are going running, jogging, or biking, you might want to wear pants that cling to the skin or those that are not wide-legged nor loose as it may hamper your workout. Loose clothing might be tangled with the wheels and cause you to stumble and fall. However, if you are engaging in some yoga or Pilates, stretchy fabrics are the best option as you will be making unconventional positions during the workout. Use compression clothing for added protection and support during the workout.

According to the weather

It’s important to have different workout clothes to suit different weathers. The summer months can be hot and humid so you must have a set of workout clothes that suit the weather. Choose breathable moisture wicking material for your workout clothes. Most workout wear are suited for the summer months so it won’t be difficult to find some.

On the other hand, the wintry months should not be an excuse to not working out. If you are doing some outdoor workout such as running, biking, or jogging, wear clothes that will keep you warm. Because of the cool weather, you have to layer your clothing. Moisture wicking clothes should be the first layer as your body will still be sweating and your temperature will be elevated despite the cool weather. However, use an insulating layer on top of the inner layer. This insulating layer can be in the form of windbreakers or some form of coat that insulate from rain and wind. Wear a neck warmer to protect your neck from the cold or wear a hoodie as the insulating layer. Wear gloves and earmuff to insulate them from the wind.


Running or biking outdoors can lead to untoward incidents on the road due to poor visibility. Wear reflective clothing that reflects light from vehicles that may be passing by your route. Wear knee and elbow pads, as well as a helmet when biking.

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Ensure You’re Feeling Comfortable In Your Christmas Dress This Seasonhttp://www.cefashion.net/ensure-youre-feeling-comfortable-in-your-christmas-dress-this-season http://www.cefashion.net/ensure-youre-feeling-comfortable-in-your-christmas-dress-this-season#comments Tue, 16 Dec 2014 13:45:55 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8044 Continue reading ]]>

It’s early December and people are cramming to buy their Christmas essentials—gifts, Christmas trees, and of course, Christmas party outfit. Be it a Christmas dinner with the family or Christmas office party or a Christmas party with friends, every woman would want to look fabulous. However, looking fabulous doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and support. Here are some tips to being comfortable in your dress and still looking fabulous for Christmas party season:

christmas party venue bg tllon en womens fashion mens fashion

What to wear

Christmas parties are not like Halloween where you can wear an uber-sexy dress without people batting an eye. Instead, choose something that is casual and comfortable without being too casual. Slip on a dress and leave the jeans and pants at home for another day. If you really want to stand out, wear a pantsuit that flares towards the bottom, mimicking the way a dress would. For your dress, choose a comfortable length and one that suits your body type.

Choose for your body type

Determine your body type and use that to choose what dress to wear. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, choose a dress that accentuates your small waist and your curves. If you have a straight body type, you are lucky as it is the easiest one to dress. Most models and most dresses available in the market look good on your body type. To find your body type, look in the mirror and measure your shoulders, bust size, waist size, and hip size. Based on the measurements, you will be able to find the correct body type that suits you.

Choose good underwear

Some people underestimate the value of good-fitting underwear. First off, make sure you have the correct measurements for your brassiere. Most women find that they are way off the size they are currently using. If you find that store-bought bras do not fit you well, you can have custom fit bras made for you. For bottom underwear, choose seamless panties that will not show lines when you are wearing a fitted dress. Make sure you are wearing the correct size so no bulges will show when you wear it. You can also choose to wear G-string panties for a completely seamless look.


Women often feel uncomfortable wearing fitted dresses as they think some unsightly bulges will be obvious. However, shapewear or underwear that shapes the body and removes bulges answers this problem. Spanx started the trend and now, several lingerie and underwear brands had jumped on the bandwagon. Some shapewear target specific body parts such as abdomen, legs, back, or hips.

However, there are also shapewear that can be worn like a short dress underneath, providing full support to your body. Shapewear comes in black or nude color so choose the one appropriate for the color of your dress. When wearing black or a dark-colored dress, choose black. If you are wearing a light-colored dress, choose nude shapewear. However, if you have dressed for your body type, unsightly bulges should be greatly minimized, if not hidden. You might not need to wear shapewear anymore.

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Women Knitwear Trends at AW14/ 15http://www.cefashion.net/women-knitwear-trends-at-aw14-15 http://www.cefashion.net/women-knitwear-trends-at-aw14-15#comments Fri, 12 Dec 2014 17:13:59 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8036 Continue reading ]]>

Knitwear is a huge trend every single year and here at CEFashion; we’ve compiled all the trend reports from New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and all the AW14 catwalk shows around the world to bring you this winter’s most wanted knitwear trends. From the ever growing trend of folksy fashion to the return to one of the world’s most iconic knitting styles, we bring you the must-have looks for your winter wardrobe.

chunky knit fashion womens fashion fashion industry

Chunky Knits

Chunky knits are really making a big impact this year. Think oversized cardigans, chunky cable knitted jumpers and huge polo necks which add drama to any winter outfit. Designers such as Prabal Gurung and Marc Jacobs have hit the runways with their chunky knit creations, displaying everything from knitted dresses to huge floor length scarves. Following on from the major designers at London Fashion Week, some high street leaders have also shared their chunky knitted designs on the runway, according to this report by LurchHoundLoves.com.

Cable Knits

Stemming from the chunky knits trend, the cable knitting style is by far the most talked about of the moment. It can be seen in high street stores everywhere and was first influenced by big LFW and PFW designers, such as Mark Fast who brought together loud colours like cobalt blue and pillar box red with huge textures. This knitting style is one of the most iconic styles of the 70s and 80s and now the catwalk brings us back to a time-honoured winter wardrobe look.

lambswool cardigan1 womens fashion fashion industry

Homemade Knits

Believe it or not, creating your own homemade knitting could be bang on trend for AW14/15. This fall trend was inspired by catwalk legends such as Diane Von Furtensberg and Rebecca Taylor at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. Think vibrant colours, folksy patterns, cute beading and vintage-inspired crochet. Grabbing a vintage knit and customising it or knitting your own kitsch design from scratch will give your winter wardrobe the complete edge. And if you’re an upcycling fan, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now 100% chic to revive old, unwanted sweaters from your grandmother’s cupboard thanks to genius designers at NYFW.

Tonal Knitwear

Primary colours and vibrant colours are hot this season according to catwalk reports. But another colour trend that’s just as prevalent is the subtle use of soft, muted shades such as soft peachy pinks or simple nudes. Keep it tonal like Hugo Boss and Marc Jacobs at NYFW by bringing together a variety of cream and nudes to create a one-shade outfit that’s both subtle and elegant. To really give your all-nude look the ultimate edge, invest in high quality wools such as cashmere or 100% lambswool. Shop lambswool knits for men and women at Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

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Spotlight: Mainline Menswear’s Belstaff & Top Gear Contest!http://www.cefashion.net/spotlight-mainline-menswears-belstaff-top-gear-contest http://www.cefashion.net/spotlight-mainline-menswears-belstaff-top-gear-contest#comments Fri, 12 Dec 2014 15:16:36 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8028 Continue reading ]]>

Calling all gents who dabble in that cousin approach of streetwear, roadwear! Mainline Menswear is giving away a black or mahogany brown Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket in any size from small to 4XL in addition to tickets to the spring 2015 Top Gear event at Dunsford Aerodrome.

belstaff road jacket  1418396987 mens fashion contests

Entering’s mad easy: Post your picture doing something road legend worthy on your preferred social network and tag MM in its description – @mainlinemen on Twitter and @mainlinemenswear on Instagram and Facebook, and add the hash tag #masteredmainline.

Alternatively, blog about about your most outlandish road experience and include stories, images and videos etc, but remember in order for your entry to count, you must link your post back to the Mainline Menswear Belstaff page. Be sure check out their Belstaff page anyway for more driving chic outwear to add to your holiday wishlist!

mainlinemenswear logo mens fashion contests

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Choosing the Perfect Jewellery for Her at Christmashttp://www.cefashion.net/choosing-the-perfect-jewellery-for-her-at-christmas http://www.cefashion.net/choosing-the-perfect-jewellery-for-her-at-christmas#comments Fri, 12 Dec 2014 14:54:20 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8021 Continue reading ]]>

Choosing the Perfect Piece of Jewellery for Her at Christmas

Jewellery is a perfect gift for your girlfriend or significant other at any time of year, for a birthday, anniversary, or as a surprise present. But finding a jewellery gift under the Christmas tree can make a magical time of year even more special.

The world of jewellery can be daunting. Whether you have a large or small budget, there are so many types, styles, metals and gemstones to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s a list of things to consider before making your jewellery purchase.

chisholm hunter yellow gold womens fashion

Type of Jewellery

There is a huge variety of jewellery options, from necklaces and bracelets, to earrings, brooches and rings. There are also hundreds of subcategories within each of these categories. A necklace or pair of earrings are a great gift for almost any girl, whether she’s a friend, a sibling, or your mum. But if you’re looking for a personal present for your significant other, a diamond ring is a beautiful and meaningful gift. Whether you’re looking for a promise ring, eternity ring, or planning on popping the question on Christmas day, Chisholm Hunter offer a huge selection of rings.

You know the song, ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend?’ Well, it’s true. Jewellery contains a multitude of gemstones, from diamonds to rubies and emeralds. Consider the recipient’s favorite colors, skin tone and what clothes or jewellery they tend to wear. In addition, many gemstones have associated meanings and some people believe they have health or healing properties.

chisholm hunter white gold womens fashion

Personality and Style

Think about the age and interest of the person you’re buying for. Does your partner love pink? Does she prefer being outdoors and lead an active lifestyle? Or does her life revolve around her love of rock music? A professional woman with a classic taste may prefer a simple bangle, small pendant necklace or traditional diamond earrings. If your girlfriend is self-employed, likes to travel or has a versatile wardrobe, she may prefer a bold or unique piece.

You should also consider metal options. The two most common metals used in jewellery are silver and yellow gold. Both can work great with light or dark skin tones, so it comes down to preference. Take note of the jewellery she normally wears to know which metal to choose. There’s also the option of white gold and platinum for more expensive pieces, such as engagement rings. They are a better option than silver as they won’t tarnish, but bear in mind that white gold will require rhodium plating as it yellows with wear.

Jewellery is the perfect gift for your significant other or female family member. Think about the recipient and make it personal for an amazing Christmas present.

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The Phenomenon of Pandora: A Perfect Christmas Gifthttp://www.cefashion.net/the-phenomenon-of-pandora-a-perfect-christmas-gift http://www.cefashion.net/the-phenomenon-of-pandora-a-perfect-christmas-gift#comments Fri, 12 Dec 2014 14:46:39 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8018 Continue reading ]]>

A Danish brand founded in 1982, Pandora has become an internationally successful jewellery brand. The fact that they have been established for more than three decades may be a surprise, as they have only been popular for the last decade. They now have over 10,000 stores worldwide and is now known as the authority on charm bracelets. Pandora has also become known and recognised for producing designer necklaces, rings and watches.

pandora black multistring bracelet womens fashion

Unique Charms

Part of Pandora’s popularity is the uniqueness of their products. You can build a one of a kind piece of jewellery by choosing a bracelet and collecting your favourite charms. Buying charms over time for special occasions and events means your bracelet will tell a story that is unique to you; each charm becomes a memory. There are charms to commemorate weddings, travel adventures or sporting achievements that will represent something different to every wearer.

Unlike the traditional charm bracelet where charms dangle below a chain, Pandora bracelets work by threading the bead so it sits around the bracelet. Pandora also offer dangling charms, but they all affix using the same threaded format. With the increasing popularity of Pandora, there are now hundreds of jewellery makers creating charm bracelets that work in the same format.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

A Pandora charm bracelet makes the perfect present, but with different bracelet options and hundreds of charms to choose from, it can be daunting and difficult to know where to start. There are gold, silver, enamel and gem stone charms in a variety of themes such as food, hearts and animals. There are also charms perfect for milestones, such as 18th or 21st birthdays, graduations, or the birth of a baby, as well as those that are collectable, limited edition releases or country exclusives.

For a great gift, start by choosing from a large range of bracelets including metal, rope style or braided leather. These start at varying prices but Pandora Multi String Bracelets are a popular and affordable choice. This style of bracelet makes the perfect festive gift when paired with Pandora’s line of Christmas charms.

If she is already a Pandora lover and collector, buying additional charms are an easy gift that will fit every budget and can be just as meaningful as an expensive diamond piece. Make sure you follow Pandora’s official Instagram for a exclusive look at upcoming collections and designs.


Whether you are searching for a meaningful gift for someone special or want to treat yourself, Pandora is the perfect choice. Choose one of their famous charm bracelets and create a piece of jewellery that is unique to you or the recipient and reflects yours or their personal story.

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The Perfect Rain Bootshttp://www.cefashion.net/the-perfect-rain-boots http://www.cefashion.net/the-perfect-rain-boots#comments Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:56:38 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8012 Continue reading ]]>

There are a lot of articles flooding the internet about winter boots. After checking out many of them, I found, to my surprise that several of their suggestions weren’t really weather-proof at all! No matter how cute those little suede booties or leather riding knee-high boots look they won’t last long in three feet of snow!

We compiled our list of the top boots. Not only are they cute and stylish but they are made for all weather from rain and sleet to snowstorms!

First, the perfect rain boot:

Burberrys Check Belted Rain Boots womens fashion

There is nothing more annoying that rain boots. Sure they look adorable on children but sloshing around the streets in rubber boots with flowers or duckies on them is anything but fashion-forward. If it must rain, make sure to pack one of our wear one of our choice below. With so many chic options you might look forward to a little wet weather.

Burberry’s Check Belted Rain Boots are one part tough and two parts practical. The wrap around strap and metal buckle add the edge while the matte rubber fabric and rubber grip sole make them perfect for jumping from puddle to puddle.

burberry stud boot womens fashion
Want even more toughness in your boots? Try Burberry’s Stud Detail Belted Rain Boot and hit those soggy streets running. Or for a more classical approach, the Canvas Check Detail Rain Boots are a rainy day must. The distinctive pleat and buckle detail add a little something extra to the classic rain boot. Plus the matte finish gives them an air of luxury.

Miu Miu Pointy Toe Rain Boot womens fashion

Hate to trade your heels in for rain boots? Now you don’t have to! Miu Miu’s Pointy Toe Rain Boot features a 3 1/2″ heel and rubber sole. While heels aren’t great for those really bad days, they are certainly a good option if you hate carrying a second pair of shoes in your purse for work and would love to wear one pair all day long.

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