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When it comes items that a man need to complete a suit, ties are the first thing to come to mind. Sometimes, the bow tie is a forgotten accessory, unless it is a black tie affair and it actually can be a stylish addition to any suited look. Even though a form of bow ties has been around since they were used by the Croatian Mercenaries during the 17th century Prussian Wars to hold the neckline of the shirt together, the bow tie has managed to remain in fashion. However, it definitely has gone through some changes through the years.

At Threads for Gents, they are dedicated to having a selection of the best accessories for men, at affordable prices. Neck ties, bow ties, and pocket squares are the essential finishing touches when it comes to your suit, but they can be extremely pricey when luxury materials are being used. For example, one of the bow ties at Threads for Gents is The Producer.

man in bow tie-min

It is a 100% tightly woven silk and is fabricated in a multi-tonal blue and brown plaid. The tans and grayish-taupes are the neutrals to the plaid pattern, while the blues make the bow tie pop. It really allows you so many color choices with your dress shirt and suit, so you can choose a combination that is on the demure side or something a little bolder.


The other great reason to get The Producer and other suit accessories at Threads for Gents is the price. A pure silk, plaid bow tie like The Producer, which for similar ones can run hundreds of dollars in upscale department stores, is at the unbelievable price of $19! Even their selection of long neck ties, made of a silk/linen blend are also $19 each. Threads for Gents is a place where you can get luxury accessories at bargain prices.

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Rising Stars in Wedding Band Materials /rising-stars-in-wedding-band-materials /rising-stars-in-wedding-band-materials#comments Mon, 29 Jun 2015 19:40:55 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9116 Continue reading ]]>

There was a time when wedding bands meant only silver, gold, and platinum and grooms were hard pressed to make a choice that would reflect their personalities in a distinctive way yet ensure that their choice was durable, attractive-looking, and easy to take care of. However, modern technology and research for industrial applications has yielded a variety of materials that posses amazing physical and chemical properties, and are also wondrous in their appearance. Needless to say, jewelry designers have adapted these space-age materials to a large assortment of contemporary wedding jewelry, including wedding bands. Take a quick tour of what you can discover on the shelves today.

wedding bands 1-min

Ceramic Rings

High technology industrial ceramics are a far cry from the brittle household ceramic cups and saucers that we are all so familiar with. Sporting a rich lustrous jet black color, ceramic rings offer a singular and completely versatile option to the usual assortment of metals used in wedding bands. Alleged to possess the combined qualities of titanium and tungsten carbide, both extremely durable materials preferred for challenging industrial applications, ceramic rings are lightweight, scratch-resistant, hardy, and crack-resistant. Surprisingly affordable, you can get higher performance in variants like Seranite.

The manufacturing process involves the mixing of titanium and tungsten carbide under very high temperature to yield titanium carbide, a very had material that has a rating of 9 on a 10-point Mohs scale used to measure the hardness of minerals. Possessing the tungsten carbide’s hardness and the light weight of titanium, it is now seen in a number of jewelry designs with finishes that range from highly-polished to matte. Seranite offering greater durability and quality involves a proprietary process of manufacturing. While nothing more than a wipe with a damp cloth is required for care, the toughness of the material does not permit resizing.

tungsten ring-min

Tungsten Rings

Giving hot competition to other jewelry materials is tungsten that is really tungsten carbide formed by mixing tungsten, a rare metal with carbon. Scoring 9 on a 10-point Mohs scale used to measure material hardness; it offers an unparalleled hardness, thus making it extremely durable and scratch resistant. However, direct heavy impact with a hard surface may cause it to crack. This feature, though, comes in handy in case a ring needs to be removed in an emergency, as it can be broken with pliers or a similar instrument. Usually available in signature gunmetal grey shade, there are variants that are completely black and a silvery white resembling platinum or even white gold. Tungsten rings also get a distinctive weighty feel that adds to their allure. Due to their hard nature, tungsten rings cannot be resized but since they cost so less, replacement need not cause any worry. You can download a complete guide on men’s tungsten wedding bands by clicking here or you can visit the genuine tungsten ring site – http://www.tungstenrings.com/

Palladium Rings

An extremely attractive option to the more common white gold and platinum for wedding bands is palladium that jewelry designers have adopted to give a distinct look that combines classicism with a contemporary outlook. A relation of platinum in the hierarchy of metals, it boasts of the same lustrous white color of platinum but is significantly lighter and delightfully less expensive. Originally used as a white gold alloy material, palladium was elevated as a standalone design material as fallout of the scarcity of gold and titanium due to demands by defense manufacturing during Word War II. Not only is it popular for its shiny appearance but also costs less and is great for persons with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic. Palladium does not require any re-plating like white gold and its hardness makes it durable as well as corrosion-proof. Now required to be hallmarked like platinum, palladium wedding rings can be resized though with some effort.

wedding bands 2-min

Cobalt Chrome Rings

Cobalt chrome has emerged as a hot favorite of jewelry designers all over the world who are looking to please their discerning customers by offering them the luxurious and classic appearance of platinum or white gold with the advantages of materials born out of contemporary research. The new-generation metal has a lustrous look and is extremely hardy making it crack and scratch-resistant. The other great advantage is that rings made out of this material can be resized, unlike the many other space-age stuff in vogue. Even persons with skin sensitivities can wear them round-the-clock for extended periods without worrying about allergic reactions as the material is hypoallergenic.Many times tougher than gold and platinum, cobalt chrome rings permit fine engravings and decorative work, and are pleasantly more affordable.

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Choosing the Perfect Pear of Pearl Earrings /choosing-the-perfect-pear-of-pearl-earrings /choosing-the-perfect-pear-of-pearl-earrings#comments Sun, 28 Jun 2015 21:55:28 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9107 Continue reading ]]>

women's face shape

Adding the finishing touches to an outfit doesn’t just involve the proper belt, shoes or bag. Jewelry is just as important and the right pair of pearl earrings can add quiet sophistication to even the simplest of looks. But women often buy pearl accessories based on personal preference, color and overall style. There are many other factors included in the decision-making process, from face shape to hair length and ear shape. Each aspect needs to be taken into account when searching for the perfect pair of pearl earrings.

After all, it’s a pity to invest in a beautiful pair of earrings that will never see the light of day because you later come to the conclusion that they simply did not match your features.
pearl earrings wedding

Getting Acquainted with Face Shapes

Face shape and skin tone are important in the fashion choices we make, not just because of the fact that certain colors don’t go well with particular skin tones, but also because you want your jewelry to not overwhelm your features. There are six main face shapes:

  • Heart Shaped: perhaps the most feminine out of all six possibilities, heart shaped faces feature wider foreheads and a narrow chin.
  • Long: Long faces have features that are equally wide (forehead, cheekbones and jaws) and tend to work well with any types of accessories.
  • Oval:Similar to heart-shaped faces, oval-shaped ones feature foreheads that are just as wide as the cheekbones. From the cheeks towards the chin, the face narrows.
  • Triangle: Also referred to as diamond-shaped, women with a triangle-shaped face have very strong cheekbones, wider than the chin and the forehead.
  • Square: In this situation, both the forehead, the cheeks and the jaw have approximately the same width, however, the jaw lines tend to be well represented.
  • Round:Also referred to as a circular face, round faces present with wide cheekbones. These do not taper down towards the chin as in the cases of other face shapes.teardrop pearl earrings

Choosing in Accordance to Face Shape

When describing pearl earrings, designers and sellers refer to the design and the materials that have been used to produce a particular piece. As such, earrings can be classified according to shape. These include:

  • teardrop earrings (or dewdrop, which are meant to dangle below the wearer’s earlobe),
  • studs (classic pearl earrings, consisting of a single pearl sitting directly on the wearer’s earlobe),
  • chandeliers (which combine stud earrings and teardrop earrings into a piece which sits on the earlobe and has an additional component which dangles below the earlobe),
  • cluster earrings (this particular earring type sits atop the earlobe and features clusters of tiny pearls which may or may not extend beyond the earlobe),
  • hoops (such designs feature longer pieces of metal running from the front of the wearer’s earlobe to the back and may feature one or multiple pearls depending on the design),
  • Clip-earrings (this particular design resembles hoops and is excellent for wearer’s who haven’t gotten their earlobes pierced; the clip-on mechanism allows the earring to clamp onto the ear)

While studs work excellently regardless of face shape, there are other styles and shapes that may be tricky. Women with oval or narrow faces look stunning regardless of the style of earrings they choose. Oval-shaped dangling earrings or chandelier ones, however, will draw attention to the wearer’s features. Round faces are a bit trickier to accessorize. Choose to elongate your natural features with dangle earrings or teardrop styles.

Women with heart-shaped faces can balance out the features of their faces by going for teardrop, dangle or chandelier earrings while those with square faces should choose hoop earrings, which add a delicate note. If hoops extend a bit below the jaw line, they create the illusion of a smaller face. Diamond-shaped faces should be accessorized with long styles with soft curves. Avoid dangle earrings and choose studs instead.

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Menswear and Street Chic Primer /menswear-and-street-chic-primer /menswear-and-street-chic-primer#comments Fri, 26 Jun 2015 19:56:40 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9102 Continue reading ]]>

But, like any style moment – be it edgy summer floral wear, color dress shoes or retro sneakers – there are some who catch wind of the trend, splurge on the latest threads, and when putting it all together, sadly get it all wrong.

Despite the casual ease that street chic implies, it can be difficult to pull off such a youthful look without looking like a wanna-be teen in the process. In this article we’re going to take a look at what it takes to be ‘street chic’ – avoiding any chance of an outfit double up with a fashion forward fifteen-year-old.

Breaking It Down

Street chic is exactly what it sounds like: the surf/hip-hop/skate elements of American youth culture mixed with the likes of optimal, luxury labels. Combine synthetic fabrics (think nylons, neoprenes and satins) with cotton, cashmere and woollen fabrics; bringing texture to the outfits.

Then, remember to retain clean lines and correct fit. Street chic may give off a less structured and relaxed vibe than tailored pieces, but structure is paramount – avoid baggy tops and saggy bottoms. Finally, focus on minor details, like leather caps, tech savvy watches and cashmere scarfs to give street chic that final kick. It’s all about going from ‘eek’ to ‘chic’ in one fell swoop.


Monochrome Focused

Nothing says ‘street chic’ more than monochrome. Pairing solid blacks with bursts of white is a foolproof look for luxury streetwear, instantly dressing up any combination.

The tonal look that monochrome gives is all about wearing the outfit as one uniformed hue, and then adding pops of difference such as metallic zips, fabric contrasts (think leather backpacks on cotton jackets) and even wearing sneakers that carry a slight print or a bold burst of color, with an otherwise pared back outfit.


Think Digital

Just the same as you would with a smartphone, it’s time to upgrade the 2D prints in your wardrobe or move onto the real digital prints. These intricate fashion prints aren’t your average navy blue stripe or polka dot, they’re a more sophisticated graphic or pattern that projects a story onto the fabric.

The patterns are often life inspired and graphic, and often look molecular and futuristic in style because of the level of detail. Far more ‘mature’ than a typical print, work these graphics into tees and shirts, while letting the rest of your outfit be monochrome in style.

If you want to take the digital print a little further, think about incorporating digital patterns below the belt. Street chic can be a pair of patterned shorts or pants as the centerpiece of a monochrome outfit; remember the secret to chic is one burst of pop styled with a monochrome base.

Ultimate Chic Footwear

Sneakers really should be your only ‘street’ footwear consideration. And the ‘chic’ follows quickly in toe when you invest in a premium pair. Nothing gym ready is required here, we’re not talking about a chunky pair of Adidas with great endorsements for arch support. There’s only one ethos to follow: white for dressy, block colored for the brave and retro for quirky.

Above all, keep the sneakers clean and let the suave kicks do all the ‘street chic’ talking.

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Menswear at 2015 Milan Fashion Week /menswear-at-2015-milan-fashion-week /menswear-at-2015-milan-fashion-week#comments Thu, 25 Jun 2015 19:45:03 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9082 Continue reading ]]>

With London Fashion Week ending a week ago, focus has shifted to Milan Fashion Week, where a number of designers have displayed their S/S 2016 Menswear collections. The linen, relaxed nature, and light colors associated with S/S collections have of course appeared, but other unexpected surprises have manifested themselves as well.

jil sander
The German house Jil Sander, though the queen of minimalism herself no longer runs the house, did display her signature minimalism in its use of blocks of color and solid colored pieces on its runway show. Uniquely, the collection was almost entirely made out of functional materials. Blazers, trousers, and coats made out of what looked like raincoat-material plastic coated fabrics gave the collection a functional aspect and created a futuristic look with its sleek textures. Though the collection utilized minimalism as expected, Jil Sander creative Rodolfo Paglialunga also expressed himself in the collection, using bustling patterns delicately throughout and creating a contrast with the Sander minimalism.

damir doma

Damir Doma brought out a number of his signature loose, draped, and flowing silhouettes in typical summer colors of light grey, white, even salmon, while including darker tones of blues and greens appeared with a surprising prominence. Less busy than his winter collection, it seemed to be a refinement and minimalistic view of what we know as Damir Doma. Raw and deconstructed sweaters, linen overcoat choices dangling over the floor, and slices of various precious stones adorning the necks were the highlights of the show.


Bottega Veneta brought an unexpectedly rugged collection for its S/S menswear. Hiking boots, sandals, zip-up hoodies, and anoraks brought an adventurous vibe to the runway. Even bomber jackets were given a raw edge, made with technical fleece and the busy taped seams of a functional piece. A backpack or two along with single-strap bags fit right in with the mountaineering gear filling the catwalk. Similar to Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta has given a collection that is not only stylish, but has a functional purpose as well.

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Caring for Your Leather Jacket /caring-for-your-leather-jacket /caring-for-your-leather-jacket#comments Wed, 24 Jun 2015 17:19:25 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9078 Continue reading ]]>

A good leather jacket is a must-have piece of clothing that can give your wardrobe a luxurious enhancement. And the leather jackets don’t come cheap, so if you want your investment to last long, you’ll have to take good care of it!

Caring for your leather jacket starts with knowing the type of leather you have purchased. There are several leather types and finishes, each of which requires being cared for differently. Don’t let this worry you; leather jackets sold in stores usually come with care tags so you won’t have a tough time deciding what’s best for your prized possession.

If your jacket doesn’t have a care tag or if you’re looking for general cleaning and storage tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here is some information you could use.



Whether your leather jacket sees a regular use or is kept confined in your closet for most of the year, you need to clean it regularly. Start by dusting it lightly all over. Use a cotton cloth, a camel hair brush, or a nubuck cloth to prevent scuffing. Once you get rid of the dust, clean the jacket with a slightly damp cloth.

Check the jacket for stains; if you find any, spot treat them right away. Dab at dirt and food or drink stains using a damp cloth. Tougher stains will require the use of a leather cleaner. Be sure to test the cleaning product on a small area before treating the stain.

To remove mold and mildew, mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water. Clean the jacket using a clean cloth dipped in this solution. Oil and grease stains can be removed by sprinkling baking soda or ground blackboard chalk onto the stain. Leave the soda or chalk on for a day and then brush away gently. Repeat if needed.

Be sure to clean the jacket lining too. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and eliminate odors. Examine the lining closely for stains and treat as mentioned. Fill a bucket with water and add a little mild laundry detergent and half a cup of vinegar to it. Use a sponge to clean the jacket lining with this solution. Repeat with plain water to rinse the liner. Remove excess water using a dry sponge or cloth.

If you have a suede jacket, hang it in a steamy bathroom for a while and then use a suede brush to get rid of dirt. For stubborn stains, use an art gum eraser (artist’s eraser). Note that this is different from a kneaded eraser; the former crumbles apart when used while the latter does not.



It is important to dry your leather jacket once you clean it or in the event you get caught in the rain when wearing it. Don’t put your jacket away without drying it out or you risk inviting mold and mildew. This doesn’t mean you hang it out in the sun to dry though; your leather jacket needs to be air-dried at room temperature so that it stays in good shape.

Never wring your leather jacket as doing so can cause irreversible damage. Simply hang the jacket in a well-ventilated area to air-dry. Invest in a couple of wooden coat hangers as they are not only sturdy but will help retain the shape of your leather jacket.


Just as you need to keep your skin moisturized, it’s important to condition your leather jacket. Leather conditioners keep leather soft and supple, and prevent it from drying or cracking. Irrespective of the type of leather you own, it will need conditioning. Just be sure to pick a conditioner that is appropriate for your jacket.

Stay away from leather conditioners that contain petroleum or mineral oils as these can damage your jacket over time. Also avoid conditioners that leave behind a greasy residue; instead, opt for ones that penetrate the leather.

Remember to condition your leather jacket every time you clean it and at least once a year. Use conditioner sparingly; you only need a thin coat over the jacket. Use a soft, dry cloth to help you apply the conditioner easily.


Prevention is better than cure, so you’ll be better off if you can prevent stains and damages in the first place. Leather protectors can do just that- these are colorless, odorless sprays that protect leather from oil, dirt, and water stains. Buy a leather protector that suits your leather jacket and use it once a year.

Further, to keep your leather jacket looking its best, you’ll need to ensure that you’re wearing it the right way. Prevent body oil and perspiration stains by always having a layer of clothing between your skin and the leather. Wearing a scarf will prevent the neckline from staining!

Also, remember to keep your jacket away from hair sprays and perfumes.


Again, to maintain the shape of your jacket, use a sturdy hanger to store it. Store your jacket in a dark, dry, and well-ventilated area. Use a cloth garment bag or simply cover the jacket with a cotton sheet. Refrain from wrapping your jacket in plastic as doing so can trap moisture and encourage mold growth.

If you’re storing the jacket in your closet, do make sure it is clean!


A leather jacket is an investment and if you want to get years of wear out of your jacket, you’ll need to take good care of it. Using the tips given here, you’ll be able to ensure your leather jacket looks and feels the same through the years!

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Summer sale at East Dane! /summer-sale-at-east-dane /summer-sale-at-east-dane#comments Wed, 24 Jun 2015 16:13:43 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9087 Continue reading ]]>

Another great promotion at East Dane this week! Save 25% off of already on sale items, woot!


As for what I’m picking up, definitely been lurking around the t-shirt shirt section and have my eye on these from Gitman Vintage:

gitman vintage shirt

What are you looking to pick up, gents?! Happy shopping!

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Floor-length Summer Maternity Style /floor-length-summer-maternity-style /floor-length-summer-maternity-style#comments Fri, 19 Jun 2015 20:30:44 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9069 Continue reading ]]>

Take your summer style to the max with an easy, breezy maxi dress – and a special version of it if you’re expecting. With a great number of stripes, geometric prints and bright colors you have plenty of options to cover that growing baby bump.


Motherhood Maternity’s Sleeveless Crochet Detail Maternity Maxi Dress is perfect for these warm summer months. With a v-neck and crochet detailing, this dress looks great from the front, but even better from the back! Comfort and style have never come together so seamlessly before!


Add a fun print to really stand out from the crowd. Maternal America’s Sunset Geo Maternity Maxi Dress is anything but boring. The flattering empire waist and cling-free silhouette are just begging to be worn out at a party or backyard barbecue!


Bring on summer with J-Mode Maternity’s Coral and Aqua Chevron Ruched Maternity Strapless Dress. The sorbet colors and chevron print are perfect for a day on the shore. Throw on a pair of flat sandals and head for the ocean.


Rock a bold print with a low price tag. Target’s Maternity Sleeveless Surplice Pieced Maxi Dress- Ma Cherie will be your new summer staple. This dress would look great anywhere and for less than $35 you really need not take our word for it. Dress it up with a pair of fancy earrings or a statement necklace or keep it casual with a large roomy daytime tote.

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses: A Celebrity Favorite /ray-ban-sunglasses-a-celebrity-favorite /ray-ban-sunglasses-a-celebrity-favorite#comments Thu, 18 Jun 2015 14:18:55 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9054 Continue reading ]]>

One accessory that always seems to be on the top of the celebrity fashion list is sunglasses. No matter whether they are spotted in the airport, walking the streets of Rodeo Drive for a little shopping, sitting at an outdoor café in NYC for lunch, or splashing in the waves on some beach, celebrities have chosen sunglasses like Ray-Ban to protect their eyes and also be the perfect accessory to any outfit. There are many different styles of Ray-Ban sunglasses, so choosing the right one is just a matter of taste.


One type of Ray-Ban sunglasses that has been popular since 1937 is the Aviator sunglasses. The sleek metal frames with rounded lenses that come in mirrored and colored styles, have been seen on male and female celebrities like supermodel Karlie Kloss, actress Olivia Wilde, long-time actor Al Pacino, and even infamous “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell. It is a style that is unisex, as well as one that is always fashionable in any decade. Prices range from $130 to $250.


Another style of Ray-Ban sunglasses that is very popular in the celebrity world is the Wayfarer. This type of Ray-Ban sunglasses has a vintage appeal with its sturdy plastic frame, straight brow piece, and rounded lens that was invented in 1952 and became a hot commodity with its appearance on James Dean, in his iconic movie “Rebel without a Cause”. Some other celebrities who have adopted the Wayfarers are actress Liv Tyler, singers Rihanna and Justin Timberlake, actress Elizabeth Banks, and even soccer star David Beckham. With the signature Ray-Ban logo at the temples, it is easy to not confuse the Wayfarers with any other designer sunglasses out there. The prices of this style range from the $150’s to the $200’s.


Now, if you are looking for a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that are a little bolder, then you will also find a selection of brightly colored frames and lenses in many of the styles to fit your personality or mood.

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Learning The Best Hair Design /learning-the-best-hair-design /learning-the-best-hair-design#comments Wed, 17 Jun 2015 09:23:49 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=9034 Continue reading ]]>

“In this world, nothing can be said to certain, except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin famously said. But despite his wisdom and achievements, Franklin was forgetting another life truth: People will always need haircuts. Sure, some people go bald and some risk-takers go the do-it-yourself route, but most people will only entrust their tresses to a hair care professional. Customers want their cuts, colors, extensions, products and more from someone with skill, education and experience. That’s why hair design is a roughly $20 billion industry always in demand. Everyone from Joe Schmo to J. Lo needs a ‘do to reflect his or her personality.


But before you can style the stars, you have to go to beauty school. And unlike man, not all beauty schools are created equal. If you want a lucrative, rewarding career in the hair design industry, select a school with the training, support, reputation and convenience to help you best achieve your goals.

Education and Educators

Whether you envision yourself working in a luxury spa or back-to-basics barbershop, the right curriculum taught by recognized experts is key. An education in hair design requires training in a variety of techniques and services, including everything from shampooing and blow-drying to coloring, straightening, and of course cutting. At Marinello Schools of Beauty, experienced instructors teach not only these skills, but also lessons to prepare you for the business side of the career. Your hair design education will include information on health, safety, reception, and salon management practices. Industry experts serve as guest lecturers to keep students up-to-date with the latest hair trends and techniques.

Practice and Service

Knowing the science behind coloring is an important part of a hair design education, but it’s only part of the equation. Putting that book knowledge into practice is essential for success. Some schools provide the textbook education, but little real-life, hands-on experience. Working with a fidgeting, opinionated human is a lot different than working with a silent, inanimate mannequin. At a Marinello Beauty School, you receive hands-on training as you work with paying clients through campus student clinics. These clinics strengthen your customer service skills, giving you a competitive advantage in the job market. Additionally, you can really put your skills to the test in the school’s hair competitions.

Accreditation and Reputation

Just as an Ivy League university holds a higher pedigree than a state college, beauty schools, too, come with reputations as varied. The best hair design colleges have proven records of student success. They also hold accreditation from the bodies which govern the beauty educational system. Marinello Schools of Beauty, for example, has over 100 years of experience. It is accredited by The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and recognized by the United States Department of Education. The school also provides its graduates with interview and resume training, and assists in job placement.

kesha-multicolor-hair Convenience and Assistance

From stay-at-home moms to guys fresh out of high school, people from all walks of life can benefit from an education in hair design. Regardless of your current station in life, time is money and you don’t want to waste yours. Enroll at a school that offers a flexible course schedule at a location near you. Marinello Schools of Beauty has 59 campuses in California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada and Utah. Its campuses offer day, night and even weekend classes so you train alongside your busy schedule. Best of all, each campus offers financial aid, including grants, scholarships and loans, to those who qualify.

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