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Inspired by Kate Middleton’s style?  Tiffany Rose is Britain’s go-to special occasion maternity outfitters. Whether you’re attending a summer wedding, a spring time garden affair, a costume-y occasion featuring a Smiffys fancy dress or two, or just looking for something stylish which can accommodate your growing baby bump, Tiffany Rose has got you covered. Don’t believe us? Check out below some our favorites for every mommy-to-be.

Lizzy Maxi Dress in Monochrome Forest

The Lizzy Maxi Dress in Monochrome Forest is every Southern Belle’s dream.  The dark under bodice trim adds interest to the dress and draws the eye upward. Floaty sleeves, a deep v-neck and a streamlined silhouette will make you the belle of the ball (or backyard barbecue).


To add a little drama and style to your pregnancy, might we suggest the Lola Maxi Dress in Mirage Blue.  We love the elegant neckline of this long dress and the thick straps are perfect for hiding your maternity lingerie.  The rich color combined with a touch of shimmer will look good on any complexion, at any stage of pregnancy.


Dress like a star in the Daisy Gown Long in Black and Silver.  This lace dress boasts being worn on the red carpet at Britain’s BAFTA awards.  No matter if you’re attending a premier or watching as someone else walks down the aisle, you’re sure to wow as shimmery silver fabric peaks out of daisy detailed lace.  With a black sash to emphasize a “demure bodice” and just the right amount of swish, this dress is perfect for any dressy occasion.

Check out TiffanyRose.com to see more maternity gowns for all four seasons!

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Spotlight: GENTS watcheshttp://www.cefashion.net/spotlight-gents-watches http://www.cefashion.net/spotlight-gents-watches#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:34:30 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8616 Continue reading ]]>

Time to find out about the fine colleagues at GENTS and their even better accumulation of timekeepers. When they couldn’t discover a timepiece that satisfied our requirement for a classy and quality plan that didn’t burn up all available resources; they took it upon ourselves to open a boutique watch store offering a propelled accumulation of extravagance men’s timepieces that where up-to-date, as well as moderate.

monshair watch gents

Conceived in Sydney, Australia – GENTS offer an extensive variety of Skeleton, Tourbillon, Quartz, and Chronograph timepieces – none of which with a sticker surpassing $100. Our central goal is to make style moderate. They accept that each man should resemble a noble man, and our trust is to move a group of men to look & live like GENTS.

monshair watch gents 2

Our capable design caretakers work all day and all night to guarantee our accumulation is dependably unmistakably contemporary and extraordinarily a la mode. With strict criteria for the timepieces they offer coordinated with our enthusiasm for finding pieces from just the best planners over the globe, they make it straightforward for you to enhance your wrist with a quality watch that will have all types of heads turning!

Gents has helped thousands of gentlemen worldwide up their wrist game. Visit the instagram @gentstimepieces and their website at www.gentstimepieces.com to see for yourself. Join the #gents community of thousands on @gentstimepieces, http://on.fb.me/1ng4ulw, and https://www.pinterest.com/gentstimepieces/

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Men’s Unusual Spring/Summer Runway Fashionhttp://www.cefashion.net/mens-unusual-springsummer-runway-fashion http://www.cefashion.net/mens-unusual-springsummer-runway-fashion#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 18:35:34 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8610 Continue reading ]]>

In every one of the runway shows, whether it is originating in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, or NYC has their collection that are meant to be bold and “attention-grabbing”, but the clothes just don’t seem to translate well to everyday life.

purple model man-min

One such example is this outfit by Yohji Yamamoto.  Eggplant is a great color, but this one is a purple nightmare.  The design reminds me of the “Spirograph” children’s drawing toy that produced repetitive curves with plastic gears.  The overwhelming design makes it impossible to see any of the seaming details and the bagginess of the jacket and pleated pants just seem to swallow up any body definition.  I also have to say that between the grey, multi-peak bucket hat, the shiny gold dress shirt, and the purple Velcro sneakers, I find the accessories as disturbing as the suit. Finally, and stop me if this is too mean, but the model himself could definitely use some curly hair solutions to address whatever that is going on with his hair…


Next, is a men’s runway outfit by Givenchy is classic black and white for Spring-Summer that makes me think of one of Cruella Deville’s dalmations.  The use of the print on the top and bottom is too busy and makes the details of the multi-pockets on the front just about disappear.  It may have been a really cool looking coat and more wearable if it was in a solid color, but I don’t see too many men that I know who would walk around town in this look.  I do, however, like the black boots.

2015 bad suits-min

Last, but not least in the “unusual” category is this red, white, and black Damask pattern suit with two female figures on the chest of the jacket and explosions of color down both arms and legs. The bold red pattern is overlaid by a window pane sketched in black.  I have to say that the first thing that comes to my mind is “matador”.  The cut of the suit is fantastic, but the pattern is just too distracting.  I don’t see this suit making in into many men’s closets voluntarily.

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Custom Springtime Clothing Labels To Better Your Brandhttp://www.cefashion.net/custom-springtime-clothing-labels-to-better-your-brand http://www.cefashion.net/custom-springtime-clothing-labels-to-better-your-brand#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 14:18:58 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8601 Continue reading ]]>

When you have a brand of clothing, no matter what kind it is, you always are looking for ways to set it apart from the competition. Once people become familiar with your brand, it is immediately recognizable. One finishing detail that may not be thought of as very important, but is, is a distinctive label. If you put your heart and soul into your designs, then why would you want a generic label to finish off your article of clothing?

cat naps custom label

At Clothing Labels 4 U, they have a great selection of custom clothing labels to fit your needs. They offer woven cloth labels in a Damask, taffeta, satin, and semi-Damask weave, as well as iron-on labels and organic cotton printed labels. You can take your brand logo and company name, designing a custom label that will not cost you and arm and a leg. At www.clothinglabels4u.com there is never any set up fee and have low minimum orders for every customer.

bespoke fabric label

The prices for these custom labels are so good that you could even do something fun like change the colors of the labels from season to season. Why not choose a bright colored label to celebrate the Spring and Summer seasons? I great pop of color on your custom label will attract the customer’s attention and bring them in for a closer look at your garment.

beezeeblu label

Whatever you choose to put on your label is totally up to you. The design team at Clothing Labels 4 U will assist you to come up with a creative and even witty design that will express what you want your customer to know about your brand. They will even send you some samples to make sure that it is exactly right for you before you place the larger order.
These are a few examples of custom clothing labels from very happy customers that have ordered from www.clothinglabels4u.com and you could be one of them too!

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7 Ways to Show the Family Your Love this Springhttp://www.cefashion.net/7-ways-to-show-the-family-your-love-this-spring http://www.cefashion.net/7-ways-to-show-the-family-your-love-this-spring#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 19:55:04 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8625 Continue reading ]]>

Every family loves each other unconditionally. This may seem like an obvious conclusion, but most people still like to be told that they are loved by their family members even if they already know it. This recognition strengthens their bond and makes their relationship even stronger.

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh and encourage new grow in every aspect of life, including family relationships. Anyone can use these ideas to express their love and do something special for the people they care about most. Here are seven ways to show the family your love this spring.

7 Ways to Show the Family Your Love this Spring

Replicate a favorite movie scene

The movies are a great inspiration for anyone to create a scene that is not only dramatic and entertaining, but also full of passion and creativity. Anyone can use offers from Direct TV to practice a scene from their family’s favorite movie and create a little play that the whole family will love. One parent can even get the kids involved to do this act for another parent as a surprise.

Pack some special lunches

Making a lunch to take to school or work usually seems like a boring task that people have to bear every single day. Anyone who wants to show a little extra love can surprise their family with special lunches that include some unique touches to brighten their day.

Praise their efforts and hard work

Everyone is always working hard every single day to improve their lives and the lives of their family. Many people feel that their work for their family or the accomplishments they achieve every day go unnoticed because they never get any recognition. Anyone can prove their work is worthwhile by simply getting congratulations every day.

Make a favorite meal or dessert

If lunches are not an option, another fun idea is making a special nightly meal or dessert. Including this in the regular routine is a simple way to show you care.

Create a new family ritual

Too many families are running around with their daily tasks that they forget to make time for family togetherness. Anyone can plan a new weekly ritual that the family can follow every week to get more quality time together. Weekly board games are a popular and fun tradition to start.

Support their passions

Everyone, especially children, will have new ideas that they are passionate about. Most parents may not completely understand or agree with these ideas, but they should positively support them all the same to show their love for their kids.

Spend more time with them

The simplest and best way to show the family that you care is to simply spend more time with them. This can be easily done through the weekly ritual, or just by being more present when at home with the family. Everyone can try putting away their phones when at the table for dinner, for example, to be more present in the conversation about everyone’s daily happenings.

Image: http://pixabay.com/en/children-love-friends-hand-flowers-512601/

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4 Luxury Watches and What They Say About Your Sense of Fashionhttp://www.cefashion.net/4-luxury-watches-and-what-they-say-about-your-sense-of-fashion http://www.cefashion.net/4-luxury-watches-and-what-they-say-about-your-sense-of-fashion#comments Wed, 08 Apr 2015 21:08:10 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8592 Continue reading ]]>

In modern times, the wrist watch has come to be accepted as a symbol of one’s sense of fashion and financial status.

Most people who buy luxury watches are not merely interested in telling time. They are keen to make a statement about their sense of fashion.

Men especially don an expensive watch to show that they have expensive taste. A luxury watch on a man’s wrist is the first indication that the man can afford the finer things in life. As such, a luxury watch is one sure way to get a lady to notice you.

For most men, the watch is probably the only jewelry in the attire. It is therefore imperative to don a bold time piece that will make you stand out while at the same time complementing your style. You can find a wide selection of luxury watches on http://www.essential-watches.com/.

Below is a selection of luxury watches that will say volumes about your sense of fashion:


The Timex watch

Timex is a classic watch that says you are cultured. A Timex also shows you are reliable. If you are wearing a Timex, your clothing should be classy, but not fancy.


A Casio says that you lead an active life and you require a reliable and durable watch. It could also say that you are more practical, and fashion is not the first thing on your mind. Your main goal when wearing a Casio will be correctness of time.

On the flipside, a Casio fits well with branded sports gear. If you are at a sports event, wearing a Casio as part of your sports attire will show you have high end taste.

One thing you must never do is pair your Casio with formal attire, even if you don’t care about fashion.



It is a universally known fact that the Rolex is a very expensive watch. Because of this fact, you make a better statement about yourself if you are not showy about it.

Showing off your Rolex states that you lack class. One thing you need to know is that if you are wearing a Rolex, you don’t need to show off to get it noticed. People will just notice.

If you have a quietly-intense personality, the Rolex was made for you. This is because people who exude intensity approach things with an air of nonchalance. Pair your Rolex with a well-cut suit and your look will speak volumes.

IWC Schaffhausen

An IWC is a classic, but unlike the Timex, it has a rugged appearance about it. It is a great all-purpose watch that goes with all occasions.

If you usually find it difficult to pair watches with clothing, an IWC will make it easy for you and you will end up looking very classy without any effort at all.

Besides your ability to afford one, buying a luxury watch will make a positive fashion statement and portray your personality. A Timex might suit you better than a Rolex. At other times, a Casio might be better suited for the occasion. Try them out and decide which one says what you want to say about yourself.

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“Friends And Family” Promo Ends April 11th!http://www.cefashion.net/friends-and-family-promo-ends-april-11th http://www.cefashion.net/friends-and-family-promo-ends-april-11th#comments Wed, 08 Apr 2015 04:20:19 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8588 Continue reading ]]>

CHOICE SALES ALERT! East Dane is offering 25% off of MANY MANY items in its fine, fashionable stock for a limited time only.


The few brand exclusions are as follows: 3.1 Phillip Lim, AMI, A.P.C., Alexander Wang, Birkenstock, Canada Goose, Filson, Hunter Boots, KENZO, MCM, Rag & Bone, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, What Goes Around Comes Around and Wolverine 1000 Mile. So what are you waiting for? Go hit up East Dane ASAP while they still have what you’re looking for. I know I got my eye on this Native Youth print tee and Arc’Teryx Veilance Hooded Actuator Men’s Jacket… so hands off! :p Enjoy shopping, gents!

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Celebrities Going Gray!http://www.cefashion.net/celebrities-going-gray http://www.cefashion.net/celebrities-going-gray#comments Thu, 02 Apr 2015 15:09:30 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8582 Continue reading ]]>

Not only has the color gray been prominent in clothing and accessories for both men and women this year, but it has also crossed over into hair color. In the guys’ world, gray hair has been sort of a right of passage and deemed its male wearers as distinguished, rather than old. It has not been so for the females in society, who have been out-numbered by those still holding on to their original hair color, long after it has passed. Recently, however, gray is the new hair color of choice among the younger set.

Pink going grey Celebrities like George Clooney have sported gray locks and facial hair for years, without a flinch from the public and women have not waivered in their attraction to him since he played a young Medical Resident on the TV show ER. Then, women like Jamie Lee Curtis “gave up the bottle” and showed that she was comfortable with her image in a gray pixie cut. Today, there has been a surge of celebrities of all ages that have gone gray.

Foil Kimono Dress

One example is the Pop Rock Singer Pink, who has traded her bleach blonde spiky hair in for a shimmery soft, short hairdo in a beautiful steel gray. It actually goes great with her skin tone and dark eyes. The nose ring and multiple piercings add to the hip-ness, and here her hairs could match this glamorous Foil Kimono Dress care of swimsuitsforall.

Seen Around Lincoln Center - Day 6 - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Next singing celebrity to go over to the gray side is Adam Lambert. He has always been known for his unique looks and his new two-tone, spiked haircut is the perfect compliment to his charcoal and steel gray sports jacket, deep black button-down shirt, and his rounded sunglasses. He is the ultimate in Rocker Chic.

patrickdempsey-gone gray

Lastly, actor Patrick Dempsey, who has been saving lives for years on the long-running TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”, has slid into the distinguished category with his salt and pepper hair, proving that you can still be “Mc-Dreamy” as you age.

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Easter Time Celebrity Fashionhttp://www.cefashion.net/easter-time-celebrity-fashion http://www.cefashion.net/easter-time-celebrity-fashion#comments Wed, 01 Apr 2015 14:58:45 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8569 Continue reading ]]>

With Easter around the corner, I thought it was fitting to take a look at some of the celebrity fashion choices for the holiday. Since Easter is dominated by the bright colors of Spring, some of the clothing choices reflect the bright, cheerfulness of the holiday.


First on the Easter fashion list is Nick Cannon, who is the fashion forward host of America’s Got Talent. He is seen here in a 3 piece suit with the candy-like colors of a salmon pink jacket, tonal printed tie, robin’s egg blue trousers, and light blue vest. What color shoes do you wear with these pastel items?  A pair of light grey oxfords, of course!


Next, the First family is out for a stroll on Easter Day and looking good. President Obama is looking sharp in his light grey, window pane plaid suit with his baby blue dress shirt and medium blue tie. The President’s younger daughter Sasha is looking cute in her black dress with bright coral, scalloped accent piece. The matching check cardigan just pulls it all together. Mrs. Obama looks very elegant in her Prabal Gurung dress that is done in a satiny ivory fabric with soft, pleated layers, a duster-length overcoat with elbow sleeves and a grey floral design on the right midsection. Daughter Malia is rocking a tie dye-looking striped dress in black and white fabric and a purple cardigan for a nice pop of color.

Steve Harvey with Marjorie

Last, but not least, is daytime talk show host Steve Harvey and his wife Majorie. Steve wins the contest for best Easter colored clothing with his lilac purple, silk-looking sports jacket, black and lilac plaid tie, and ivory trousers. His wife Marjorie also hopped on the purple train with her frilly black and purple striped dress. Both of them are sporting the perfect jelly bean colors.

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Three Awesome of Wedding Engagement Tipshttp://www.cefashion.net/wedding-engagement-ring-tips http://www.cefashion.net/wedding-engagement-ring-tips#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 01:01:09 +0000 http://www.cefashion.net/?p=8564 Continue reading ]]>

Believe it or not, the wedding season approacheth! And from popping the question to picking out the ring to donning your groomly attired, the soon-to-be-betrothed proposer needs more than just a checklist for help. Thankfully, the wedding expert and founder of CaratsAndCake.com recently released a quick triplet of tips to help get through one of the hardest parts to planning of a matrimonial proposal: picking the engagement ring. Jess Levin’s three simple rules are:

ring-tips-min (1)

Cost is based on the 4 C’S: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat

It goes without saying that one of the most important costs to pay mind when on the path to marriage is that of the rings (yes, plural). And just because the engagement ring isn’t The Ring, doesn’t mean the accessory first foray isn’t an investment. For instance, the cost of the engagement ring can vary vastly on four components: cut, color, clarity and carat. Consider how rare cuts, like circular, can drive up the price. and color matters since colorless diamonds are the most coveted and expensive. The clarity, and therefore price, of a diamond is measured on a spectrum from flawless to imperfect. Finally, Carat comes down to weight, in this case, the heavier the better.

Insure the ring

Now, seeing how someone can easily spend up to three months of hard earned coin on a piece of jewelry, it is extremely important to insure the ring. Imagine dropping it down sewer accidentally before you even present it – yikes!! You will need to get an appraisal from your jeweler, which you can often get before you pick up the ring! without coverage. Subtip: If you own a home, consider adding the ring to your current policy.

Decide if you want to have an over the top reveal or a simple heartfelt proposal

There are two types of proposals: the fireworks-champagne-rented-limo type and the simple/ straightforward option. And in all honesty, one doesn’t necessarily trump other – just ask yourself what would make the experience authentic and menaingful for your companion. Keep in mind that if you go the extravagant route, you might need to enlist some friends for help or even hire a proposal consultant (a very recent occupation development).


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