Fashion Trends – Finding Influences from “The Great Gatsby” in Today’s Looks

The movie, “The Great Gatsby”, has been filmed a total of six times, with the latest version that is starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Toby Maguire is to be released May 10, 2013. The story is reminiscent of an era in America that reflected economic prosperity, the birth of Jazz music, and the flashy “Flapper Culture”. The 1920’s was also pegged as a time for criminal activities such as bootlegging. During that time, the parties were grand and the fashion even more grand. The iconic fashion that is showcased in “The Great Gatsby” can be seen as an influence in men’s and women’s fashion today.


In this photo from the newest adaptation of the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio looks dashing in his tailored white summer suit, with the contrast of the blue dress shirt, khaki colored tie, and the cinnamon brown vest. A similarly sleek look can be found in this suit by Ralph Lauren with the mono-chromatic flow of the double breasted jacket and trousers that are accented by the stripped button-down shirt, micro-patterned tie, and the fabulous wing-tipped shoes. Tangentially: Just think how far we’ve grown out from wing-tips to designer sneakers, casual military boots and jermyn street mens shoes!


As a reference to women’s fashion, Carey Mulligan is decked out in the “Flapper” look with the sheer sexiness of a lace bodice dress that is made a little flirtier with the multiple tassel-like ruffles over the skirt and at the shoulder. The color tone is done in a muted lavender that keeps all aspects of the dress in a softer light. A similar styling is this Dolce & Gabbana lace ruffle v-neck dress. Your attention is drawn to the face with the beaded Umpire waistline and deep neckline, as you are with the sheerness of the lace upper of the lavender dress. The layered lace skirt adds interest and texture that is similar to the tasseled skirt of Carey’s dress. The black gives the dress a dramatic flair, but you could also see it working with softer colors.

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