Fashion Spotlight – Jeffrey Campbell


Men’s and women’s fashion have so many new frontiers and trailblazers these days! For instance, Jeffrey Campbell shoes have been on the market for less than 15 years, but have gained critical acclaim from people everywhere for having one of the most edgy and versatile new design themes. The company garnered support from people looking for a shoe that challenged the conventional model of women’s shoes. The designers behind the product began envisioning shoes with carefully placed spikes to show off a sense of rebellion and style simultaneously. Though the company is still based out of L.A; there are worldwide offices and a worldwide community featuring ideas, and people on one accord: high fashion that defies the traditional models of high fashion.

This attitude, flair, and zest have helped differentiate Jeffrey Campbell from subpar brands. There have been many after the release of the original J.C. shoe that have tried to derive a similar style, but to no avail. The mark of a real Campbell shoe is that it is innovative as the people who wear it. This motto propelled the company near the top of the women’s shoe market in a very short period of time.

Proof of this can be found in the fact that they received international acclaim from a number of magazines. Jeffrey Campbell was featured in Elle Thailand, in Office London, and a slew of other magazines and publications. These all help solidify the Jeffrey Campbell name worldwide. The “Jeffrey Girls” became an army of women worldwide who posted and contributed to the culture. This took off and became a thing of its own as more leaders at the company became receptive to the design and style ideas of the J.C. girls. Jeffrey Campbell shoes can be found in major department stores and countless online Jeffrey Campbell retailers. Since this opening of the channels of communication the styles that have come from the company have been much edgier and a great deal more creative.

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