Fashion Industry Trends – Fall 2013 International Fashion Shows

Fall and winter are not only a change of season, but they are also the time of year that designers are showcasing their creations in fashion shows all over the world. However, don’t expect the clothing for the current season to be on the runway because the designers are usually working on collections six months to one year ahead. And don’t expect any trips to these exotic runways to be cheap! A wise investment to make beforehand might be in travel insurance from John Lewis. This type of coverage internationally guarantees a generous cancellation cover limit, emergency medical expenses, and a travel delay retainer!

second school girl

One such international fashion show you might make a trip for is the Vogue Autumn/Winter 2013-2014. Designers like Valentino, Chanel, Versace, Stella McCartney, and Kenzo have brought unique items for women to the stage. The first dress by Valentino is the ode to the “school girl” with the tailored black bodice, long sleeves, and white collar/cuffs. The front flap with the curved hem gives the straight lines of the dress a little dimension and the cut-outs on the white collar and cuffs give it a vintage styling. Absolutely adorable!

chanel buffalo plaid

Another piece from the Vogue Fashion Show is by Chanel. It is a Buffalo Plaid that is done in shades of grey and it takes the “high-low” trend to an extreme with the cut out front panel. The bold black and white buttons and the “queen-like” turned-up collar keeps your eyes moving upward. If you are going for the exposed thighs, expect a breeze! Honestly, this piece reveals a tad too much with the almost-boxcutter incised front panel. Maybe I’m just too old fashioned? :-/

todd snyder

A well known fashion show in the US is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that is held September 5th -12th in NYC. Designers with debuting collections, as well as those who have been in the business for decades, flock to the Big Apple for all the fashion excitement. A menswear designer to keep your eye on is Todd Snyder. He is an Iowa native whose designs lean towards the “American Classics” in his collections. For example, this traditional style grey trouser, red and grey plaid button-down, and the light grey tie is made more casual with the warm tones of the marled tan/black shawl collar sweater. It is a look that will take you from office to evening.

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