Fashion Advice – Winter Fashion for Valentines Night

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Couples everywhere will be enjoying extravagant dinners and exchanging loving gifts. The evening is sure to end passionately.


In anticipation of this big day, men and ladies work hard to find just the right outfit to wear. For women, they want to find the perfect sexy & sweet Valentine’s look – something that is a little seductive maybe, but lady-like at the same time. It’s a mix that is very appealing.

Obviously, short skirts, spaghetti straps, sweetheart necklines and similar fashions are considered ideal for these types of events.  The problem is, Valentine’s Day happens during February, which means the weather is likely to be cold. That means you may have to be a little creative with your outfits. You want to look good, but you also have to stay warm. Below are some ideas for ways to do just that.


Tights are available in all colors and designs. You can choose from styles that look just like regular pantyhose or styles that are patterned. Some are even multi-colored. Tights are extremely warm and you can even find them available as shape wear.

Even on the coldest days of winter you can wear your short dresses and skirts, pull on a pair of tights, and you’ll look great, plus, your legs will stay warm. Tights are definitely a great look for Valentine’s Day.


Another way to keep your legs and feet warm is to wear a great pair of boots. Why not try a sexy pair of thigh-high boots? They go great with mini-skirts. Top your outfit off with a cool jacket and you will have a hot look.

Add a Hat and Scarf

Wearing a hat and scarf will definitely add some warmth. If you don’t like the idea of wearing both you can choose to wear one or the other. Both items are really popular this year. Everything from floppy hats to berets is in style.

Scarves can be matched to your outfit and wrapped loosely around your neck, or simply draped around the neck. Either way, you will benefit from the garment’s warmth. The look is sweet.


Jackets don’t have to look like typical blazers. Take a shopping trip to check out some of the latest styles. You’ll find new takes on men’s jackets that are available in creamy whites and sparkling silvers. These and other fashionable jackets can be worn with most dresses and skirts. The jacket will keep you warm when you need it, and of course, when you are warm enough, you can remove the jacket to reveal your beautiful dress.

Fur Is Sexy

Fur is sexy – but go faux. Choose a fur coat that adds a bit of glamour to your outfit. Even a fur collar can add a bit of pizzazz. Not only will the coat add some zing, it will also be very warm.


Don’t forget to take the time to wear something fantastic underneath everything. Even if you’re the only one that ever sees it, just knowing how good it looks will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Plus, it’ll make you feel even sexier as you prepare for your Valentine’s Day date.

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