CONTEST: Win a pair of designer sneakers!

Ahoy, another fashion-forward contest! We’re thrilled that BRNDNU sponsors the prize this week, which is a pair of Sneaky Steve designer sneakers! A growing company, BRNDNU represents and partners with some great young brands, like Sneaky Steve, who producing casual footwear – just take in this typical pair and you’ll fall in love ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

True to form, there’s only one way to land a chance at the prize and that’s by following these simple instructions: Post a comment to this very post explaining why you need a new pair of sneakers more than anyone else. And of course, the more embarrassing or funny the confession is, the better. We’ll select the comment that makes us shake our heads the most and send the winner a pair in the desired size.

The deadline’s Friday May 14th, 2010 at 6 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars and read up on techniques of self-deprecating humor! And don’t forget to include your email address in your submission! Good luck gents!

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45 Responses to CONTEST: Win a pair of designer sneakers!

  1. menstrainers says:

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  2. Evichen says:

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  3. mens shoes says:

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  4. Emanuel says:

    I have never thrown away a pair of shoes, at least not ones that still fit, didn't have serious holes, and could be worn in case of severe mud. Even shoes that got the severe mud treatment could be re-worn in case of severe mud.

    Five years ago I bought a pair of sneakers with corduroy uppers. They got inducted into my old-shoe life cycle after I wore the treads down to just flat, slick rubber about 4.13 years ago. They waded through streams, saw their share of unpaved, rain-soaked roads and trails until about 3.64 years ago when I half-assedly converted them into slip-ons. There were other shoes along the way, getting the same treatment, e.g., my orange canvas low-tops that went from new to crap to muddy crap to slip-on muddy crap to a landfill in 0.79 years, but these corduroy sneakers-now-slip-ons just wouldn't tear apart.

    So I kept slipping on my corduroy slip-ons when humid days were a-brewin' and the thought of sudden thunderstorms littered my imagination with the fear of mud-soaking another pair of shoes until about 6.71 days ago when my mom saw me in these bastard slip-ons. The usual get-new-shoes speech became the are-you-happy speech and before I knew it I was sleeping on my friend's couch and my lady friend wasn't ever going to speak to me again. (Apologies for the hand-waving vagueness but it's only been 6.71 days and I'm not sure I ever want to think about exactly what happened.)

    My corduroy sneakers-turned-slip-ons have made it to the landfill, I'm somewhat happy to say. And now I find myself in need of some new kicks, not so much to replace my shitty shoes or to look good for the ladies or to make my momma proud but to cover up the profound loneliness that every act and interaction is intended to chip away at with at least the illusion of being put together. And you need shoes for that. Nice ones. Plus no one wants to look like a fuck-up.

    –ecostache on gmail

  5. rsaunders says:

    this ol' granpa desperately needs new shoes!

  6. amy16323 says:

    my husband needs shoes his only pair is his workshoes.thanks

  7. OneDayItWillBeAlright says:

    I'd like to give a pair of these to my son. He walks around with his shoes untied and kind of walks on the sides and backs of the ones he has now so that are all smashed down. With these I think he'd have to learn to tie his shoes again and he won't be tripping over his own two feet anymore. Maybe then he'd be able to find a girlfriend, get married and give me some grand kids. Come on, help populate.

  8. pat jasmin says:

    my husband could use these as he is always working out side,thank you

  9. purango says:

    GO DARNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNn I farted I was going to be able to win a pair of sneakers not have to write a high school English composition. Thanks Douche Bag.

  10. Lori says:

    Because Steve and Barry's went out of business.

    My husband is a size 15 shoe. Needless to say, it's hard to find shoes and mostly shoe shopping consists of walking into a store asking, "do you have any size 15?" Them presenting us with two pairs of clown shoes and us picking the least hideous pair.

    Now Steve and Barry's, the company who had reasonably priced, less bright red size 15 shoes has gone out of business. Before they closed he bought five pairs of shoes and he's almost worn out the last pair.

    I don't want to go shoe shopping in a store again. It's too frustrating. I'd love to win a pair and put off that craziness for a bit longer.

  11. FDP 4 Life says:

    My husband needs a new pair of sneakers more than anyone else because he has had his current pair for over 3 years. He wears them every time he wears sneakers. They are falling apart. The front part is not attached to the top of the shoe, they flop in the wind. When he steps in something wet, his feet get wet. After a long day of working in the yard his feet will look like prunes from getting wet inside those shoes.

  12. debbie says:

    My son needs these because his are being held together with duct tape. I don't know how he manages to do it, but the insides of his shoes, are worn out. There is very little fabric left on the inside. I think either the dog is chewing on them while we sleep (and she is kept in her cage at night) or my son's feet stink so badly, that it makes the fabric litterally disentergrate. Every time I go near them I want a hazmat suit. My son could really use these new shoes.

  13. Egare1 says:

    I need these shoes for hubby! All he has at the moment are his big clumpy boots and his flip-flops. Anywhere we go out he has to wear his boots, and it's no fun playing footsie because I get crushed toes all the time!

    Save my feet, PLEASE!

  14. Hotsnotty2 says:

    My husband needs these because he has had the same shoes for 3 years, and I'm sick of looking at them! Thanks for the chance!

  15. k-team says:

    My husband would love these because he is a complete Metro. They would go well with his gelled hair and neatly trimmed sideburns. really.

  16. Pete says:

    I want BRNDNU sneakers so that I can kick Jesse James' ass with them; only the most stylish of foot wear would properly curb stomp him.

  17. Aisling says:

    These would be a big step up for my ecology minded son who believes he must wear everything until it totally falls apart. (His shoes have passed that point, but he won't admit it.)

  18. Shellie says:

    My husband needs these because my dogs chewed a hole in his pair and the guy still wears them out of the house!
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  19. Valancia says:

    Well the truth is I haven't bought or gotten new shoes in some 9 years so I think I deserve this more than anyone else.

  20. see above says:

    Every pair of shoes that I own has been issued to me as part of a uniform… that should indicate exactly how stylish they are. No wonder I'm 31 and I've never kissed a girl :( Help! I don't want to die alone!

  21. MAT says:

    I think i am the one who need the most those shoes because i have my shoes since Montreal Canadiens won their last Stanley Cup.

    sinhead83 at hotmail dot com

  22. Mya Brooks says:

    My husband goes through shoes so freaking fast!

  23. Kimberly says:

    These would be for my boyfriend. When we moved in together, I came with my 2 dogs. He hated the way dog fur would end up on his shoes, so he moved all of his shoes outside- itnto the snow and rain but free from fur. They are now ruined and apparently this lapse in judgment was actually my fault. Now he really needs some new shoes and I think this would be the perfect peace offering. :)
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  24. Neeraj says:

    I've never really had great luck with shoes. In the third grade, my sneakers split at the sole while on a Boy Scout camping trip, requiring me to reassemble them with the materials I had on hand at the time (duct tape, twine, mocking laughter). Many years later, I ordered a cheap pair of running shoes from Target. When they arrived, I laced them up and went for a jog, only to find that they were stealthily-rebranded 'LA-Lights'-style sneakers which flashed bright LED red with each step, a 'feature' (using that term so so loosely) I didn't know existed in adult-sized shoes. The lights were so bright, intense, and tacky that I couldn't even pull them off in some irony-soaked
    hipster paradise.

    Nevertheless, I'm the type of guy who keeps a bunch of pairs of shoes in the house. Unfortunately, this is less because I collect shoes, but more because at this moment of subway-as-a-treat-meal brokeness, throwing one out is too much to bear. At the moment:

    1. A pair of converses which I'm convinced smell too terrible to be worn outside or kept inside and resist a wash cycle like they were made to. Limbo.
    2. A pair of running shoes with soles so smooth that walking on asphault is something of a gamble.
    3. A pair of boots which are so thoroughly worn that they somehow leak when it's foggy outside.

    A few weeks ago, I had an amazing stroke of luck. On the shelf at my local goodwill, I found a pair of barely-used Nikes for eight dollars, a total bargain. I was too happy to find them to actually inspect them, and I did everything short of curtly telling the clerk 'No bag, I'll be wearing them out'. The honeymoon period of a week was pretty great, but then something terrible happened. It rained.

    While the shoes were cosmetically perfect, I knew something was up after I stepped in the first puddle on the way back to my place. Each step felt a little sticky and imprecise. After a few more steps, I noticed that one foot was hitting the ground decidedly lower than the other one. I looked behind me and
    noticed the sole of the shoe I'd left about fifteen feet back.

    Now this wouldn't be a big deal if I were outside my apartment,hadn't taken a train, hadn't walked a half mile to the gym,then hadn't laced up those sad, sad 'nikes' for the walk back. Nature, cheap glue, and poorly-made nike knockoffs had all aligned against me.

    In summation, those shoes from BRNDNU are head, shoulders,and sore feet over any pair of shoes I've ever owned. I can tell that they won't stab me on the back by falling apart on the way to class, or acquire an ant infestation while in my closet. I know I'm going to wear them with love. Thanks!

  25. WilburBellson says:

    Whoops! I'm Willburbellson. I commented about prying my boyfriends shoes away from his hands? Well, I forgot my e-mail address! Here it is:
    auciellok at gmail dot com

  26. WilburBellson says:

    It pains me to admit this, and my boyfriend will deny, deny, deny…but I have had to physically wrestle old, falling apart, cheap shoes from his (strong) hands and give them over to the garbage man. He'll complain about back pain, leg pain, knee pain, etc, but when I suggest he buys new shoes he looks at me as if I'm insane, and that's why I'm forced to rip his holey shoes from his sweaty paws and deliver them into the hands of someone who can be trusted to dispose of them. Winning these shoes for him might save our relationship (and just maybe my manicure too.)

  27. Dung says:

    Because these kicks will make me look fly!

  28. B says:

    Because I love shoes.

  29. Jed says:

    I'm a 27 year old administrative professional who wears a dress shirt and tie to work 5 days a week. As such, most of my shoes are of the dress variety. The weather was gorgeous out here in California this last weekend, so I ended up throwing on shorts and a t-shirt… and dress shoes. It looked utterly ridiculous, but were my only option with my lack of casual footwear. I would love to never have to commit this fashion faux pas ever again.


  30. Tom Mangan says:

    I need new sneakers because I spilled paint on three pairs of my sneakers in a very avoidable DIY home improvenment accident. Then I decided to take advantage of a sale and bought low top basketball sneakers, slipped on the wrong surface, and fell on my middle aged tail.

  31. Michael says:

    I am a "tad" overwieght and blew out my nike air's so now everytime i walk they hiss and remind me of being a fat american.

    Please, embrace my freedom to eat in-n-out twice a day by rewarding me with these shoes. Its AMERica dammit.

    michael.kleman AT g m a i l dot com

  32. adam says:

    i need new shoes because a dog defecated in mine, seriously

  33. Jeanette Huston says:

    I need a pair of sneakers because as a US Marine I run all the time and my sneakers take a beating. In fact I have had the same sneakers
    for a year. I haven't bought new ones because I am always getting my kids items they need so I don't have the money the buy new sneakers. This giveaway would be very helpful seeing how my shoes now are falling apart.

    Jeanette Huston

  34. Alex K. says:

    I need a pair of sneakers because my current sneakers are about 5 years old and suffer from water damage in the sole. They simply cannot be worn much longer.

  35. ky2here says:

    Because my original Sperry Topsiders and Wavy Crepe Bottom 1977 Earth Shoes need to be replaced. I'll pitch them both to wear these!

  36. russrpm says:

    I need these shoes because my wife says a 50 year old man can't wear white canvas low-cut Converse All Stars every day for the rest of my life.

  37. slb3334 says:

    What goofy shoes, but I would like them anyway.


    ok they look funky but son could use new shoes

  39. lambchop says:

    im fat and gay and shoeless gimme gimme plz

  40. Justin says:

    Does anyone remember the clothing company Bugle Boy? I do, every day, as I slip on my navy blue and brown, corduroy-covered Bugle Boy skater shoes (I'm not a skater) from what would have to be the the mid 90's, found by my mother in the discount aisle of Goodwill. Pardon me, but what Goodwill even HAS a discount aisle?

    I'm certain these things were meant to live out the rest of their abominable lives on the dusty shelf, yet for some reason they called out to my mother, a deeply caring, yet emotionally sensitive woman, who then gifted them to me one random day. She actually cried when I expressed my distaste, and so I caved and began wearing them. That was a year ago.

    I have never worn a pair of shoes that have garnered as much ridicule that are utterly deserving of it. They're finally on their last leg, and these sneakers would make for the perfect transition to a higher class of shoe!

  41. RSGRHL says:

    I need these because I'm a broke college student trying to pay tuition and my vans smell really really bad!

    rgill 26 at gmail dot com

  42. mar says:

    My husband needs these since he is constantly working in the garden and these would be perfect for the job.

  43. Diane52 says:

    They are for my son…he works has a waiter and needs to replace his last pair of black sneakers. A gift from his girlfriend, his true love… he kind of forgot the old at another girl's house Diane Baum

  44. Annette D says:

    My 17 year old son needs new shoes because his have no tread left, he has no brakes on his bicycle and has been using his feet to stop.

  45. antiwcw says:

    I need those shoes so I can tell my grandkids that I kicked my own ass for wearing ugly shoes

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