CONTEST: Win a pair of designer sneakers!

Ahoy, another fashion-forward contest! We’re thrilled that BRNDNU sponsors the prize this week, which is a pair of Sneaky Steve designer sneakers! A growing company, BRNDNU represents and partners with some great young brands, like Sneaky Steve, who producing casual footwear – just take in this typical pair and you’ll fall in love ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

True to form, there’s only one way to land a chance at the prize and that’s by following these simple instructions: Post a comment to this very post explaining why you need a new pair of sneakers more than anyone else. And of course, the more embarrassing or funny the confession is, the better. We’ll select the comment that makes us shake our heads the most and send the winner a pair in the desired size.

The deadline’s Friday May 14th, 2010 at 6 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars and read up on techniques of self-deprecating humor! And don’t forget to include your email address in your submission! Good luck gents!

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45 Responses to CONTEST: Win a pair of designer sneakers!

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  2. Evichen says:

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  4. Emanuel says:

    I have never thrown away a pair of shoes, at least not ones that still fit, didn't have serious holes, and could be worn in case of severe mud. Even shoes that got the severe mud treatment could be re-worn in case of severe mud.

    Five years ago I bought a pair of sneakers with corduroy uppers. They got inducted into my old-shoe life cycle after I wore the treads down to just flat, slick rubber about 4.13 years ago. They waded through streams, saw their share of unpaved, rain-soaked roads and trails until about 3.64 years ago when I half-assedly converted them into slip-ons. There were other shoes along the way, getting the same treatment, e.g., my orange canvas low-tops that went from new to crap to muddy crap to slip-on muddy crap to a landfill in 0.79 years, but these corduroy sneakers-now-slip-ons just wouldn't tear apart.

    So I kept slipping on my corduroy slip-ons when humid days were a-brewin' and the thought of sudden thunderstorms littered my imagination with the fear of mud-soaking another pair of shoes until about 6.71 days ago when my mom saw me in these bastard slip-ons. The usual get-new-shoes speech became the are-you-happy speech and before I knew it I was sleeping on my friend's couch and my lady friend wasn't ever going to speak to me again. (Apologies for the hand-waving vagueness but it's only been 6.71 days and I'm not sure I ever want to think about exactly what happened.)

    My corduroy sneakers-turned-slip-ons have made it to the landfill, I'm somewhat happy to say. And now I find myself in need of some new kicks, not so much to replace my shitty shoes or to look good for the ladies or to make my momma proud but to cover up the profound loneliness that every act and interaction is intended to chip away at with at least the illusion of being put together. And you need shoes for that. Nice ones. Plus no one wants to look like a fuck-up.

    –ecostache on gmail

  5. rsaunders says:

    this ol' granpa desperately needs new shoes!

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