CONTEST: Win a Orient Pocket Watch!!!

Another contest coming your way, gents! This time we are giving away a very chic pocket watch from Orient watches! Orient is known for producing exceptional watches for men at crazy low prices. This model, the Epoch, is currently out of stock on their website and so this is the only way to get one!!

There’s only one way to score the prize: Post a comment to this post telling us what you look for in a wristwatch I look for a big face typically.

Please note contest is limited to persons in the U.S. One winner will be selected at random.

The deadline’s Thursday, January 5th, 2011 at 6 pm EDT.

And you don’t have to be a winner to get a great deal on an Orient watch! Use the follow code to get 50% off everything in their inventory!!


Good luck, gents!

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  1. A big face and one that does not stop working and one that the band does not break on…..I guess that is more then one

  2. I look for some cool feature, like funky font, skeleton parts showing or excellently-fashionable strap.

  3. Would love to win this watch for my son. I know he likes a large face watch and this one is very attractive. He is an avid hunter so a pocket watch is just the ticket!! Thanks for the contest.

  4. I always look for color! That way it can be easily matched with any outfit

  5. thin body, unique face, excellent craftsmanship, non-binding band, water resistant, readable in darkness, solid clasp …

  6. I look for a uniqueness that will bring comments from strangers! Thanks for the contest!

  7. I like a style that’s sleek, smooth, easy to use. Something that’s practical.

  8. I look for clear numbers that are easily readable. They’ve got some now that are just weird lines and you have to figure out what time it is.

  9. I look for quality construction in a wristwatch. I prefer a traditional watch with numbers and dials.

  10. i like it to be feminine but have easy to read numbers. i cant stand the 12 3 6 9 ones. im not that clever. ;)

  11. I look for style and the looks of it in general, has to have an attractive appeal to me

  12. i look for a comfortable watch for daily use. I also have nice running watch as well.

  13. I look for something that looks classy and this pocket watch definitely fits that description.

  14. I am very nearsighted, so I like big easy to read numbers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. When purchaseing a watch, I like to look at the quality of the brand. It should be a classic beautiful watch that can withstand wear and tear.

  16. I look for unique styling. Pocket watches are much more interesting than wristwatches!

  17. I look for a pocket watch that my husband can easily remove and see when needed.

  18. I look for side gadgets! Like rotating planets or something astronomy related.

  19. I look for the a huge face and a small band, thick but short. :-) Thank you.

  20. Aesthetics are pretty important, but so is the ability to read the watch and its ability to withstand a variety of environments!

  21. i love for something sleek and modern in a wristwatch, that looks more like a funky bracelet

  22. I have to have a band that is comfortable anda face that you can see in low light

  23. I like bigger numbers that are easier to see. I also like different faceplate shapes, not the typical round or square ones.

  24. I look for something that would be easy to read for my husband and diff. I know he would love this watch being as his father had something like once. Thanks for the great sweep and hope to win :)

  25. I always look for a timepiece with a high contrast face…such as white face/black hands or silver face with red hands. A modest size and weight is also desired.

  26. I like ones that don’t destroy my wrist hairs. Metal mesh bands are the best. I own several Skagens because I love the bands, simple style, and appearance for the price.

  27. I look for a large watchface also. I also look for style and comfort.

  28. I look for clear, big numbers because as much as I like the marked time spots I like seeing numbers more

  29. I look for elegance, but simplicity. I’m not big on a ton of dials, nor a gigantic grandfather clock size face.

    My work watch is a cheap $15 timex, but I break them all the time (work in construction).

    My every day watch is a Skagen:

    My dress watch is a Movado Museum. Simple, yet classy. It’s pretty much the perfect watch design for me.

    I realize the huge dial watches are in fashion right now, but I like the subdued look. Both of the non timex watches I wear are wafer thin with a face about the size of a quarter. I barely know they are there, other than the 15 times an hour I glance at my watch to see what time it is.

  30. I look for a face that is easy to read and style as well. Use to be only style, but as I age and now need glasses…I want a watch that I can see when I don’t have glasses on.

  31. Anything with Indiglo and lots of beepy sounds. Or barring that, a fancy pocket watch like the one above.

  32. I have small wrist so I look for an adjustable wristband. I also look for a dainty face, easy-to-read face, durability, and it must look fashionable.

  33. I look for a dial that I can see, not only at night, but also in bright sunlight.

  34. I look for a big face too, so I don’t have to pull out my glasses to tell the time!

  35. I like for a face with medium size numbers and with the date on it. Also, the wristband has to be well made as my husband can be a little rough on them.

  36. I want my watch to have regular numbers and the date and be big enough to read without squinting.

  37. Big numbers my eyes are getting worse as I age and hate having to remove my glasses to see small things

  38. I like something unique….like the watches that flash designs and colors. I also HAVE to have the date on the watch.

  39. I look for uniqueness when purchasing a wristwatch. Typically – semi-skeleton [inter-workings] of a watch, calendar [day & date], Silver in color, leather band

  40. I look for a watch that looks sexy on my husband… he collects pocket watches and I love a watch that looks sexy in his hand as he takes it out of his pocket.

  41. I look for clock spring based analog technology in lieu of digital, as I prefer nonelectric items over those that depend on batteries.

  42. The Hubs generally wants a big, easy to read face and he wants a watch for his birthday later this month. This will be perfect!!!

  43. First I look for a watch band that fits me correctly plus I love watch faces that have character, not just numbers but something that is attractive to look at with a specific detail in the face itself, I like nice back ground color and if the face has awesome back grown color that allows me to quickly glance for the time and I can see it clearly then I am happy with it

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  44. I want a battery that can be changed without going to a jeweler.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  45. I look for the right fit and more importantly, one that doesn’t irritate me when I’m on my desktop at work.

  46. I look for a watch that is easy to read and has a chic, simple but elegant face. :) Thanks for this..Z

  47. I lok for comfort it has to fit just right. The I look for style , I want to look it to good too.

  48. I look for simplicity and durability in a wristwatch. Simplicity fits my style. Durability is important because I tend to hit my wrist on things more often than not. Durable watches last though that.

  49. I look for;

    1) An easy to read face
    2) Accuracy
    3) Not too large
    4) Styling
    5) Price

  50. The Orient Epoch is a great prize; nice work guys! There are a few things I look for and consider when purchasing a new wristwatch. While of course, not the most important element, price is certainly a major consideration. Purchasing a timepiece is usually a moderate investment, and to maximize the return on that investment, I have to consider all the opportunity costs associated with the purchase to ensure I am making the most of my purchasing power and budget. Another consideration is the wristwatch’s accuracy and overall brand reputation. When investing in a timepiece, I need to be assured that it will perform precisely and under pressure. The final–and arguably most important–consideration I make when purchasing a wristwatch is its aesthetic appeal. While a single timepiece is unlikely paired perfectly with all outfits and occasions, the ideal wristwatch is versatile enough to pair cleanly with a classic black suit, boast a large enough bezel to be seen under a french cuff when I remove my suit jacket, and be able to dress down enough to compliment jeans and a tweed jacket or pullover sweater.

  51. A wristwatch is all about balance. It has to balance function vs. aesthetic: can it be read easily? How does the readability affect its look? It also has to balance design, pulled between the inherently classic look of a wristwatch with modern styles and trends. With everything balanced, a wristwatch should acknowledge the classic tradition from where it came, but put a bold, modern spin on it.