CONTEST: Win A Leather Wallet From H&B That You Design!!

Great news, gents and ladies: It’s time for another contest! And this time we’re giving away a very special accessory that you get to design yourself!


We’re giving away one bespoke men’s wallet, courtesy of H&B London. Your options are breast, billfold or trifold and you can have it personalized with your initials  written in silver, gold or blind debossed! As for the color choices, pick from Black, Dark Brown, London Tan, Oxblood & British Racing Green. This is fantastic prize, I must say to everyone! Here are some examples of H&B’s work:


Contest ends November 30th at 6pm EST. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us what your design choice is! Personally, I’d go with  a trifold in Black with silver initialing. Good luck, and we’ll make sure it gets to the winner before Christmas!!

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  1. I’d get a dark brown billfold wallet with a gold monogram for my husband. His wallet needs a total makeover!

  2. I’d pick the oxblood for my dad! he would love it, it’s beautiful all around.

  3. I would choose the Trifold in London Tan with gold initials for my husband.

  4. Oxblood trifold with gold lettering would be, in my opinion, the epitome of class. That is why I would go with that one. Although I do have to say that this was a tough choice, and may be second guessing myself.

  5. My choice for my husband would be the British Racing Green in trifold style with silver monogram. I think that would be a stylish combination.

  6. I would choose Bifold in brown with blind debossed.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  7. London Tan Billfold with the blind debossing of just the letter Z.

    Thanks again for holding this! They all look fantastic.

  8. I love the tan bifold with gold lettering, but I also really love the oxblood color that H&B makes, with gold lettering of course.

  9. The black billfold with silver initialing would be an amazing present for my dad! Been meaning to get him a new wallet and this would be perfect :)

  10. I like the racing green breast wallet with initials in gold. Would work much better than my trifold for the winter times!

  11. I would pick a basic trifold with black outside and oxblood inside, with as many pockets as one can have in a wallet, can never have too many pockets, and then a black id card flap.

    Other then that its pretty much a basic trifold.

  12. I’d love to have a British Racing Green billfold with the initials RMS in silver!

  13. A billfold in London Tan with blind debossing of my intials of ARG would be rad

  14. Oh wow, a billfold in British Racing Green with silver initials would be amazing.

  15. I would go for the Oxblood Billfold with silver debossing. It would be boss.

  16. I would choose the tan billfold with gold initials for my boyfriend for Christmas.

  17. A dark brown billfold with gold initials would look pretty great even empty haha. Thanks for the contest!

  18. I’d go with the black bifold with blind debossed initials. These wallets look really nice. I love the lining.

  19. Oxblood billfold with blind debossing sounds dope.

    Those are some damn fine wallets

  20. I’d definitely go with a tri-fold, black, and blind-debossed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. A trifold in British Racing Green with gold initialing would be rather fetching, don’t you think?

  22. Dark brown bifold with blind debossed (although I don’t see any examples of the trifold on their site… perhaps with some pictures I could be swayed).

  23. I think a billfold in British Racing Green with silver initialing would be a capital idea.

  24. I’d definitely go with a British racing green billfold embossed in silver.

  25. This is pretty neat. I would choose a dark brown trifold with gold initials.

  26. My choice would be a Tan Billfold with blind debossed initials, would look amazing after a year with the patina!

  27. Pretty hard to pick which type, but I think a Billfold in British Racing Green with Silver lettering would be my pick.

  28. Very nice. If I was buying one, I’d stick with black or dark brown and blind debossed, but since this is in fun, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and go with oxblood and gold. Living wild!!

  29. I would go with the black leather billfold with my initials in silver! It would go extremely well with the new suit I have just bought.

  30. Billfold in black with silver lining looks sleek just like my swimmers physique