CONTEST: Win a KeySmart 2.0!

It’s time for another contest, everyone! Enter to win your very own red KeySmart key holder and never have to worry about losing a key again!

Made in the USA from aircraft aluminum, this second version of the stainless steel holder comes with a laser engraved logo and holds up to 4 keys! We’ll also throw in an expansion pack so EVEN MORE locks can be thwarted at moment’s notice.

There’s only one way to enter to win: Leave a comment on this post telling us an embarrassing story related to once losing your keys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my house key at the bar and only realized it was missing upon arriving home – sigh!

Contest ends August 1st at 6:00pm EST. Only US citizens are eligible to submit.

Good luck!

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  1. I work at a college in IT and have a number of keys for different cages and rooms and racks etc. Anyway there are so many that I have to keep them on a separate ring from my house and car and other personal keys. I have a clip that I use to carry them all around together on, oftentimes though I’ll separate them as they won’t all fit in my pocket and during the day I’ll often arrive on the other side of campus carrying the wrong set of keys and have to trek back to get the right ones…….

  2. Thanks for the giveaway…was playing a pick-up game of basketball with friends at a local park one day, had placed my keys atop a trash can with a lid along with several other players drinks, sunglasses, key fobs, etc. During the game the ball goes out of bounds knocking the trash can on it’s side and dropping our keys down a sewer grate….had to call the parks dept. to help us retrieve our keys, etc.

  3. Many years ago me and my girlfriend were joking with a pair of handcuffs and got locked together. We asked my mother if she knew where the key was and said she did not, as they were my fathers handcuffs from the military. Dad was not home and it was before cell phones and we had to wait for him to get home from work. In the meantime my girlfriend thought it would be a great idea to go to the police station to see if they could unlock them. Getting into the car to drive to the police station handcuffed together with her “sitting” backwards while I drove us was “awkward”.
    The police officer on duty could not stop laughing. When he composed himself to attempt to get us uncuffed he realized that “regualr” handcuff keys would not work on military handcuffs, as the military handcuff keys are quite a bit smaller. So, we left the police station still cuffed. We got into the car again…lol, and went to the locksmith to see if he could get us uncuffed. He could not get us uncoulpled.
    The amount of time embarrassing ourselves in our small town handcuffed together was enough time for my father to get home from work, read the paper, mow the lawn and have dinner. My mother did not tell my father any of this was going on. He found out when we showed back up at home still handcuffed. We both politely asked for the key.

  4. Once I searched my entire house over and over looking for my keys. I checked everywhere for hours looking for them. I had a couple of my friends and family members searching for them as well but to no avail. After an exhausting and frustration afternoon, my toddler grandson went into my bathroom and pointed at the toilet. With a grin on his face he stated, “Keys gone.” I crumpled to the floor in a heap and everyone else couldn’t help but start laughing. It was not a good day.

  5. I never lose my keys so I do not have an embarrassing story relating to that, but my husband loses his keys every day. And everyday i tell him to put them in the same place and you will never lose them. it’s a little thing we have going.

  6. I forgot my keys and had to throw rocks for an hour at my boyfriend’s window. He finally heard after he got out of the shower but I couldnt even knock on the door because our apartment has a gate around it…

  7. I lost my keys and didn’t realize it until it was time to pick my daughter up from school. I was in such a panic I did not know what to do. To make matters worse, my spare set of car keys was safely locked away in my car. Not the best place to keep the spares!!

  8. I’m great about losing my keys…in the bottom of my purse, left in the door, left in the buggy at grocery store…true story…in the fridge. LOL I’m in my early 40’s where did my mind go!!!

  9. I have lost my keys so many times the worst loosing them at the kfc I put them on my tray they went into the nasty trash. I offered to dig for my own keys but the manager said he couldnt let me and made an employ I felt so so so bad.

  10. I clamped mine on the shopping cart and forgot them when we switched to a new cart at checkout. Had to search the cart down.

  11. Lost my keys when my father in law was helping me move some furniture, we were half way to my house when I realized it.

  12. Back in college, I lived in a dorm with an elevator. Well, one night I was walking into the elevator and down my keys go, right through the crack between the dorm lobby and the elevator.

    I quickly called a few friends over (one was something of a redneck MacGyver, the others were, frankly, moral support). I think ultimately we retrieved them via an unbent coat hanger and a powerful magnet.

    I vaguely remember I had to get the fob thing for my car key replaced because the lock/unlock buttons didn’t work quite right after that.

  13. I didn’t lose them but I did lock them in my car. I was very pregnant at the time. A woman came over to see if I needed help. Then she went into the store and must have brought out 30 people. No one could really do anything but stand there and look at me. Then she walked to a gas station about a block away and brought back a mechanic with a slim jim. He popped the lock and everyone clapped.

  14. I got out of my car at the supermarket and started walking to the store oblivious to a very nice man trying to chase me down and give me my keys that had dropped out of my purse in the parking lot. I was not paying attention and he had to follow me almost to the doors.

  15. Back in the 80s I arrived at work, locked my car in the lock directly across the street. Very few people parked in that lot, so it was fairly clear. When I was ready to leave for lunch, I couldn’t find my keys. They were on the then fashionable telephone cord key chain and were very easy to spot. But I couldn’t find them. I went through my desk several times and finally decided that I dropped them in the parking lot. However they were not there, and they never showed up. Thankfully, I had a spare key in my desk.

  16. I first moved into my apartment and that weekend, my BF came by to pick me up for a weekend trip to Napa. When I came back, my keys were no where to be found. I didn’t even have a spare keys. So, I waited outside for a tenant to enter the building and I followed the person inside. I went to the second floor and saw a window. I climbed through but was stuck halfway in. The manager heard me screaming for help and came down to haul me out. I was petrified.
    It turns out that the keys fell from my pant pocket when I entered my BF’s car.
    I made sure to always have spares made!

  17. My key chain had seen better days and keys would often fall off. I was in a public bathroom and one of my keys fell straight into the toilet. AT least the bathroom was, for the most part, clean.

  18. I really goofed when I lost my keys in Miami International Airport, I was picking my Grandmother up from her flight from England and I lived over 2 hours away in Ft Myers Florida and I was waiting for her at the gate after she came thru customs and we got to the car and I noticed I didnt feel my car keys in the pocket, I looked & back tracked everywhere and still couldn’t find them ended up calling Pop-O-Lock and after three hours we were on our way!

  19. i was out on the drink and somehow got home i managed to get into my house using my keys . upon waking many hours later i realised i needed to get milk and bread at this point i couldnt find my keys i searched everywhere but to no avail i started to panic then had the thought maybe i left them in the outside of the door in the lock i looked and didnt find them . i slammed the front door and heard a jingle upon looking in the mailbox attached on the back of the door i found my mail and a note from the mailman saying he had found them outside in the door and didnt want the place to be broken into he asked the neighbour who said drop them in the mailbox the neighbour said they had a spare key to the mailman if i was locked out
    needless to say the mailman got a xmas bonus from me

  20. I was getting ready to leave my house and I looked all over for my car keys and could not find them anywhere. I took all the cushions off the furniture and tore the house up looking. I finally called my son to come get me as I had an appointment that I needed to get too. When he got here to pick me up and take me to my appointment, I grabbed some mints to threw in my pocket and low and behold my keys were in my pocket all along. Talk about embarrassed .

  21. I will forever keep my keys in my pocket from now on. It took hours to coax Augustus down from the tree and another 2 hours and 2 cowokers to obtain me keys. I wish I had something like key smart key holder to keep my keys in my pocket in an organized fashion.

  22. I used to keep my keys together on a D ring. It made me think I was an organized individual, it also allowed me to think my keys were safe. They were not. I came into work like every other day. However, this week would be different as I would be introduced to the basics of the upkeep of the monkey exhibits at the Portland zoo. I had already been introduced to the habitat, but today was the first day I would be on my own. So here I go, ding-alinging through the exhibit on my lonesome. I hear a riiipp behind me to the side and a tug on my belt. One of the De Brazza’s monkeys had ripped by d ring off my belt loop! I stood there puzzled as did he, inspecting the meager D ring. Then he was off. Augustus took the ring and bounded around the exhibit, up to the highest spot on the tree in the middle of the exhibit.

  23. My most embarrassing time was when I locked my keys in the car at work.

  24. There was a time back in high school where I needed to run into the store for a quick second so I figured I would just keep the car running. But in modern society you cant just keep your car doors unlocked…So I locked the doors…with the car running…

  25. I don’t think I’ve ever lost my keys or locked them in the car. Now you know what will happen; any day now, I’m going to do it!

  26. dropped my keys down my cleavage into my bra on accident in line at the gas station… SO embarrassed.

  27. So I am notorious for leaving my keys everywhere and anywhere.

    I have locked my keys in the car, with the car running! – I had to wait for 45 mins before the person who had the spare key at the time could get to me.

    I have also left my keys at the self- checkout in Home Depot – I wasn’t driving, so I had no clue I didn’t have my keys until later that day when I was home and tried to get into my house.

    Today I try realllly hard to remember my keys, however, that unfortunately doesn’t always happen =(

  28. I lost my keys in the fridge. I always would get a snack when I got home and left them on the top shelf. This was finally realized the next day.

  29. I was putting away groceries and apparently decided the refrigerator was a great place to put my keys. It took me over 4 hours to find them.

  30. I once got a flat tire on a country road I did not have my phone with me so I walked 2 miles to a gas station to call triple A. When the triple A guy and I got back to my van I could not find my keys . They must have fallen out of my pocket somewhere on my 2 mile walk. I never did find them and my husband had to leave work to bring me the spare set.

  31. Locked myself out of the house and had to call my husband, who was 150 miles away. Waited at the Waffle shop for three hours!

  32. One time I left my boyfriend’s house real late at night (he lived 4 hours from where I went to college)–and so I didn’t get to my college until about 2 in the morning–I called my boyfriend as I pulled into the parking lot, parked the car, proceeded to get out and lock the doors—sad part was, I left the car running and my keys in the ignition. Luckily, I had my AAA membership card in my car and so I had to call a locksmith at 2:15 in the morning and get my car unlocked…….so embarassing

  33. Lost my keys between my car (in the driveway) and my front door. Had to wait for my husband to get home to let me in my house … never found my keys even though I must have had them to drive home!! I still feel so stupid about it!

  34. I once locked my keys in the car and also forgot to put the brakes on. I heard the gasps from passers-by that made me turn around and see my car rolling down the hill.

  35. My most embarrassing moment was when I lost my keys in the city. We went store to store for almost four hours before one of the cashiers said a customer had returned them to the courtesy counter. I was so relieved because I didn’t have a spare! I made sure to make several since that happened!

  36. I once locked my keys in my car at Burger King. That was back in the days when police officers in this small town would come and help unlock cars. My kids were mortified when the police car pulled up to help us!

  37. I left my keys in the underwear section and when I went back the store was closed. I lived an hour away but was lucky enough to get a kind employee to let me in to look for them.

  38. I locked my keys in my car while the car was running, had to use a hanger to open the car door. I did make it to work on time, needless to say the window never was quite the same.

  39. I left my house keys at a friends house earlier in the day, and thought I could make it the rest of the day without them. Later that day I was home with my 3 year old and newborn son, when I heard sirens. I stepped onto my porch to look, when I heard a click behind me…My daughter locked me out! I tried to walk her through the process of unlocking the door for 20 minutes while I freaked out not knowing what to do. She finally did get the door unlocked :o)

  40. locked my keys in the car (still running), had to call the better half (he laughed like hyena).

  41. This latest key episode was at the laundry mat which i hate going to but had to because we had so many clothes! Got all the clothes and the kids in the laundry matt, locked the doors and left the keys on the front seat, with my cell phone and the purse! I remembered my hubby has a special box under the car with a spare key. But I crawled on my hands and knees couldnt’t find it! So I am filthy dirty the kids are crying I beg the woman at the laundry matt to use the phone, called the hubby. He had ask the next door neighbor to drive him to where I was (on the other side of town thanks to GPS). THE END

  42. I locked my keys in my car at work and had to wait on AAA to arrive and get me in. In the mean time, it made me 30 minutes late picking my kids up from daycare. Expensive and embarrassing! :)

  43. My most embarrassing time was when I locked my keys in the car at church.

  44. Many years ago,I was in my job, then I need some papers that I leave in home. I ask for permission to boss. Drive for 20 minutos from my office to home, runnig because I should travel to another city. Arrived to home and then… surprise!!!! I lost my keys. Pufff late, wet, desperated… I called my wife and wait for 30 minutes with 32°C in my face… when my wife arrived I was red like tomatoe… so my boss was angry and I embarrasing and wet… We travel late to my Central office….

  45. I once locked my keys (still hanging in the ignition) in my work truck. I didn’t want to be the dummy who has to call the office and have someone run out to unlock the truck, so i tried removing the radio antenna andused it to unlock the door. It took a good 45 minutes, and the antenna was never the same, but i got in.

  46. I’ve left my house key at the bar and only realized it was missing upon arriving home

  47. When I was in high school, I lost my car keys for 2 weeks. We didn’t have a spare set (I’d already lost those), and and I had to call a locksmith to come to the house and make a new key. It was not cheap, especially because we lived in the country and the “on-site” fee was outrageous. This resulted in a huge argument with my parents, where I maintained that they must have taken them at some point.

    I had to pay them back for the locksmith charges, and after several months of my part-time paychecks (and absolutely NO social life), I eventually paid it off. Within 2 days of making my final payment…I found my keys. They were in the pocket of a hoodie that my friend had shoved into the basement block-glass window, attempting to block out the light.

    I had to admit that I was wrong, and apologize to my parents. I know this doesn’t sound too embarrassing, but that was 15 years ago and they STILL haven’t let me live it down. Everyone who has set-foot into their house has heard this story, and the mocking continues.

  48. As I left the house to go to work in a blizzard, I dropped my keys in the Foot and a half of snow, on the way to the car. Needless to say they disappeared, 45 minutes of careful digging later, I found them!

  49. Most recently I “misplaced” my keys at the park. After 2 jours of searching for the keys, finding someone else’s keys who looked like mine, talking to different police officers in the area at the local PD’s, we finally found the amazing stranger who picked them up. I hope I never lose them like that again.

  50. I picked my husband up from work at 2:30 in the mornung. Gave my daughter my keys to open our front door. All night I kept thinking I lost my keys. Sure enough I got up to take my kids to school my keys and my car were gone. My daughter left the keys in the door. For some reason that night I never checked tge door to make sure the keys were out of the door. Needless to say I got my car back a week later but we never got tge keys back.

  51. Came home late from work one night and went straight to bed. Got up the next day to go to work and I could not find my keys. My wife and I searched the entire house. Left them in the front door.

  52. I was running late one morning while in law school and tore up my apartment searching for my keys. I had gotten to the point where I just had to leave or I would be late for class, so I went to grab my lunch and low and behold, the keys were in the refrigerator. The night before must have been rough :)

  53. I was working on my car and the ring was so bulky and in my way that I set the spare keys on the trunk and forgot them. When I drove away it was dark and I had no idea where I lost them I had driven about 2 miles when I realized what I did. I had to have someone drive while I sat on my trunk with a flashlight looking for my keys. I found most of them after they had been run over and scattered all over the road..

  54. I got dropped off at home by a co-worker that I was not that familiar with and my keys had fallen out in his vehicle. I had no idea how to contact him and had to jump my fence and sit on the patio until a family member came home and let me in 6 hours later.

  55. I locked me keys in my truck first day of work. I’ll never forget that lol

  56. Not too long ago, I lost my keys for about a week. I would have to call my girlfirend to let me in the house and also was unable to open the cabinets at my work desk. Only to find out later that they were in a pair of sweatpants I wore one night before bed.

  57. Once, when I was stationed in Guam, I lost my Jeep’s keys at the local bar after celebrating a retirement ceremony. I looked and looked, couldn’t find them anywhere. Suddenly, I see them… in the ignition.

    It was then I finally decided to break a window because I refused to hike back to base in the middle of the night. After a few more drinks, and serious consultation with my buddies, it was determined we shouldn’t break the driver or passenger window, and the hard top was too expensive to replace. So we opted for the side “triangle” vent window.

    After much pushing and prying and punching, nothing moved. By now a crowd had gathered and out comes a hammer. Just as I am about to unleash my drunken wrath on this helpless window, my CO comes over. Tries the handle on the passenger side.

    It opened.

  58. On my Bachleor party weekend I lost my keys at a strip club and my bride to be and future mother in law had to drive two hours to bring my spare set. I had some explaining to do.