CONTEST: Win a KeySmart 2.0!

It’s time for another contest, everyone! Enter to win your very own red KeySmart key holder and never have to worry about losing a key again!

Made in the USA from aircraft aluminum, this second version of the stainless steel holder comes with a laser engraved logo and holds up to 4 keys! We’ll also throw in an expansion pack so EVEN MORE locks can be thwarted at moment’s notice.

There’s only one way to enter to win: Leave a comment on this post telling us an embarrassing story related to once losing your keys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my house key at the bar and only realized it was missing upon arriving home – sigh!

Contest ends August 1st at 6:00pm EST. Only US citizens are eligible to submit.

Good luck!

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72 Responses to CONTEST: Win a KeySmart 2.0!

  1. Joby Lynn says:

    I work at a college in IT and have a number of keys for different cages and rooms and racks etc. Anyway there are so many that I have to keep them on a separate ring from my house and car and other personal keys. I have a clip that I use to carry them all around together on, oftentimes though I’ll separate them as they won’t all fit in my pocket and during the day I’ll often arrive on the other side of campus carrying the wrong set of keys and have to trek back to get the right ones…….

  2. Brian E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…was playing a pick-up game of basketball with friends at a local park one day, had placed my keys atop a trash can with a lid along with several other players drinks, sunglasses, key fobs, etc. During the game the ball goes out of bounds knocking the trash can on it’s side and dropping our keys down a sewer grate….had to call the parks dept. to help us retrieve our keys, etc.

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