CONTEST: Win A Free Pair of Oakley Sunglasses!

For menswear.

Hey all, it’s time for another contest here on! We’re giving away Oakley Sunglasses, specifically these snazzy Oakley Frogskins ones, in celebration of the arrival of spring:


What makes this pair of men’s sunglasses a gem? Well, the O-Matter frame makes them forever comfortable to wear. Another advantage? For once Oakley’s placed their logo somewhat tastefully against a black frame.

Here’s how to enter to win:

First: Like the Facebook page of our sponsor with

And then second: Answer in a comment to this post the question, “Where do you most often wear sunglasses?” I usually wear mine to The Club – just kidding.

Open to US and Canadian residents; don’t forget to mention in your comment that completed the first step. Contest ends April 2, 2013 at 6:00pm EST.

Good luck, everyone! Also, be sure to enter the Sunglasses Shop Oakley Competition for another chance at another pair of Oakleys!

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76 Responses to CONTEST: Win A Free Pair of Oakley Sunglasses!

  1. Chris says:

    I put them on dramatically when leaving a crime scene..

  2. Laurie Emerson says:

    I live near the Gulf Coast so wear them to the beach all year long.

  3. ewhatley says:

    I have these glasses and wear them at the pool and on the beach. Would love to win a pair for my best friend.

  4. Donna K says:

    I like them on FB. I wear them while driving.

  5. Dawn Reid says:

    I wear mine anytime I’m outside in daylight.
    I did the first step

  6. ashley says:


  7. susan smoaks says:

    i wear my sunglasses most often when i drive!

  8. Susan Smith says:

    I wear mine driving and outside

  9. Liked on Facebook via Heather Paulding
    I am going with the beach standby;)

  10. I am going with the beach standby;)

  11. Bryan E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…Liked on FB: bryan eason.
    Usually wear sunglasses when driving, at the beach, or playing golf.

  12. Corey Olomon says:

    I wear them walking/running

  13. Sue Barney says:

    I wear my sunglasses everytime Im outside :) I Liked Sunglass Shop!

  14. Gloria S says:

    I wear mine to my grandson’s ballgames

  15. Robin says:

    I usually wear my glasses when driving in my car

  16. Austin says:

    I mostly wear them in the car and at the beach.

  17. John Hutchens says:

    I like sunglass shop on facebook. I wear sunglasses everywhere except to work

  18. Lisa Taylor says:

    I wear mine while in the car

  19. diane Baum says:

    Boring me, most often wear them to drive and to the park

  20. Katy says:

    Liked sunglasses shop on FB (Katy Smith) and I usually wear my sunglasses in the car if it is bright out!

  21. I liked Sunglasses shop and I wear sunglasses by the pool.

  22. Bethany says:

    I live the Sunglasses Shop on Facebook!

    And I wear sunglasses the most in the car – it’s the only time I see the sun!

  23. David R says:

    I liked the Sunglasses Shop Facebook page under the same name.

    I live in Florida, so pretty much wear my sunglasses wherever I just step outside of my home. Especially when I’m on the beach, can’t go without them!

  24. Eric Biagioli says:

    I wear them cruisin in the automobile. I completed the first step, as well!

    Also, you didn’t put in an endquote (“) after the question! (or a question mark for that matter) *Grammer Nazi ahoy!*

  25. Kyle says:

    I wear my sunglasses at night. I also liked the Sunglasses Shop in step one :).

  26. ky2here says:

    Like Sunglasses Shop FB as Kyhere Here, my sunglasses are for anytime I’m out in the sun. they’re essential when I’m driving.

  27. Thoiboi says:

    I wear mine while driving (and almost all the time outside) I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t drive without them (and squint a lot.. which can’t be very good for my eyes). Polarized ones are the way to go too!

  28. Sofia says:

    I wear mine while driving…my husband would wear them while golfing.

  29. Whitney Cummins says:

    Done! On my face. Top of the head works too.

  30. Rust says:

    I mostly wear mine while driving for the glare. I completed step one too!

  31. Holly Folkerts says:

    Following Sunglasses Shop on FB: Holly Folkerts.

    I wear mine when I work; I work outside a lot! I’m very light sensitive and get frequent migraines.

  32. Stefanie Gladden says:

    liked on facebook – Steph Couponsx

    I wear my sunglasses the most when I’m driving or when I go to the store and dont feel like putting on makeup! :)

  33. pinky sade says:

    liked the fb page – pinky sade
    i usually wear sunglassses in the car when it’s sunny out. thanks!

  34. Jodi Stewart says:

    I wear my sunglasses most while hiking!

  35. tabitha ingle says:

    I wear my sunglasses all the time. Mainly when the sun is out. Love some Oakley’s brands.

  36. Grace Inman says:

    I mostly wear my sunglasses while driving or laying out at the beach!

  37. Nature says:

    outside even on cloudy days and in winter! that snow reflection can be a beast! Plus, clouds dont filter out all the UV rays :)

  38. Tian A. says:

    Liked Sunglasses Shop on facebook as Tian Ayubi.
    When the weather is nice, I spend my time outside and I’d love to wear my sunglasses.

  39. vanessa martinez says:

    I usually wear mine to at nite! just kidding.
    While driving… Sun is killer in Miami.
    Liked page.

  40. Alchemy says:

    I always wear mine outside mainly due to be light sensetive. I can’t see outside in broad daylight.

  41. Jennifer B says:

    I liked, Jennifer bee

    I mostly wear them driving

  42. Phxbne says:

    Mostly when driving

  43. Jackeline says:

    LOL..the club? I wear mine anywhere there is sun.
    First step done .
    dj_onassis at yahoo dot com

  44. Rachel Beltz says:

    I mostly wear mine…well all the time, just anytime I know I’m going to be outside for an extended time on a nice day!
    I also liked on facebook – rachel beltz

  45. Hanna says:

    I like sunglasses shop on Facebook! I wear my sunglasses the most when driving… But also out during the day if I don’t feel like making small talk with strangers!

  46. I live in the desert so I wear my shades all day, everywhere!! I take them off at night or when I’m at work,otherwise they’re a permanent fixture on my face hahaha
    Liked on FB-Sharon Siqueiros

  47. I mostly wear glasses when i’m at the beach and the sun is so hot!but i also wear them in any outdoor day activity because i fing them very important for a complete outfit and super stylish :)

  48. Ashley says:

    Liked on Facebook! I mainly wear my sunglasses on outdoor outings with my family! :)

  49. Nola G. says:

    I wear them most often while driving!
    Liked on facebook (Nola Gerard)

  50. Martha says:

    I liked the facebook page! I wear my sunglasses everywhere and all the time… on top if my head when inside!

  51. Celeste says:

    liked on FB + I wear sunglasses whenever I’m outside and when I’m driving.

  52. L. D. says:

    i wear them everywhere! sensitive eyes, so it’s a must. also, i liked the facebook page, just ask in private for my full name :)

  53. Tamar says:

    To the beach :)

  54. Xerin says:

    I wear transitionals, so everywhere, but specifically I wear sunglasses while fishing or at the beach, or when I’m REALLY tired and don’t want anyone to know it. I also liked the FB page.

  55. Zac Andrews says:

    I liked the Facebook page, but I like to wear sunglasses to the beach(specifically Lake Michigan). Sun, Sand, and Waves. Nothing is better than a fresh pair of sunglasses at the beach.

  56. David says:

    I wear my sunglasses to go people watching so they don’t see me staring!

  57. tina says:

    i follow them on facebook and i most often wear sunglasses during my commute to school so that i don’t have to make eye contact with people i know!


  58. Richard McLargeHuge says:

    I wear mine to the gym since when I take my shirt off my shining bronze abs can temporarily blind me. I did Step 1 while doing some curls.

  59. Adam says:

    I liked the page. I wear my sunglasses inside the bar.

  60. Chelsea says:

    I wear my sunglasses in the passenger’s seat so I don’t get as many seizures from sunlight shining through the trees! :woop:

  61. Parker Weinthal says:

    After liking the facebook page I came here to say, “Where do you most often wear sunglasses? I wear my sunglasses mountain biking.”

  62. Juan Delacruz says:

    wer my sunglasses al’day er’day!

  63. Kevin says:

    I most often wear sunglasses while I drive at night.

    (I did not forget to like the Facebook page.)

  64. Mary Casper says:

    I wear siglasses all the time to protect my eyes

  65. Monique Rizzo says:

    I love Oakleys. Been wearing em since high school.
    Thanks for the chance.

  66. robyn paris says:

    I like sunglass shop;s facebook page.
    I wear sunglasses while driving ,

  67. shannon Baas says:

    I use them when driving.

  68. McKim says:

    I wear sunglasses mostly when I’m driving.

  69. Margaret Smith says:

    Outdoors on our patio

  70. ERICA BOSCIO says:

    I love wearing sunglasses on the beach

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