CONTEST: Win a Fashionable Tungsten Ring!

For menswear.

Calling all grooms-to-be, this week cefashion’s giving away a snazzy men’s wedding band, courtesy of Just Mens Rings!

A simple, but eye-catching piece crafted out of titanium, this men’s wedding ring strikes that delicate balance between minimalism and sophistication one looks for to signify that unbreakable (heh) bond. This ring usually goes for $139.95 retail price – think of this as your chance to land a great ring and cut back on wedding costs.

There’s only one way to get the free wedding band and that’s by following these simple instructions: Post a comment to this post detailing the corniest wedding vows you’ve ever heard. Could a family member’s, a celebrity’s, whoever – here’s an example. Describe the most eye-rolling testament from memory and please remember to include your email address along with your submission. We’ll pick the most embarrassing submission.

The deadline’s Wednesday March 31st, 2010) at 6 p.m. EST. So gents, mark your calendars or jump in and comment below! And don’t forget to include your email address!

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142 Responses to CONTEST: Win a Fashionable Tungsten Ring!

  1. imad.alam says:

    The ring isnt too bad. Supra Shoes

  2. Evichen says:

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  3. veer says:

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  4. ndelipunya says:

    nice post, nice to greetings

  5. dhunt says:

    Would love to win !!

  6. dispatcher_kristy says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was this huge ugly ring that my sister's boyfriend gave her. The stone was obviously fake and it turned her finger green.

  7. Upward says:

    The ugliest ring is no ring at all.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  8. skytoucher says:

    The ugliest ring I've seen was plastic and had a skull and cross bones.

  9. Heather says:

    Oh, I was working as a lifeguard and found a 'cute' little ring in the dressing area. It was a silver drama ring with the two faces, but one face was missing quite a few flakes of silver and was dirty white. Gross.
    heatherpooh (hotmail)

  10. missrantsypants says:

    Any heart shaped engagement ring with the giant diamond heart looks tacky, and something a girl in junior high would wear not a grown women getting married!

  11. Suzanne says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was a panther head with an icky yellow stone in its' mouth – it made it look like the panther was barfing.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. chuck82380 says:

    The ugliest ring ive ever seen was one that showed a digital time on the front how tacky.

  13. clenna says:

    The uglist ring I ever saw was one that my brother loved. It was a skull and crossbones. And it was UGLY and creepy.

    clenna at aol dot con

  14. littlemartha says:

    What a great looking ring to replace the one that my husband lost that he got in Ireland

  15. Amanda says:

    I think the ugliest rings are the big clunky ones that older, wealthy women wear. They may cost a lot, but they are not very pretty.

  16. ShesAnAngel says:

    The ugliest ring I've ever seen would have to be one of the huge rings my grandmother wore..They were real, I have to give her that but they were so gaudy and she was old and they were bigger than her! They looked disgusting cause she wore old Tweety shirts and the like, you get what I'm saying!

  17. lilyk says:

    The ugliest ring I've seen was a cheap costume jewelry piece with a big pink hunk of plastic.

  18. wendym says:

    I really think the Gold Nuggett Rings some men like are ugly as hell….

    wendym at cableone dot net

  19. kathy pease says:

    i would have to say the ugliest ring i have ever seen is one my brother has with a snake on it with a green eye..i cant stand snakes and it is hideous :(

  20. Roger says:

    My Aunt gave me the ugliest ring I ever saw. It belonged to her husband named Robert, and the monogram on it looked like a B.

  21. mellsworth says:

    ugliest ring I've ever seen was made out of gum wrappers.

  22. purango says:

    The ugliest ring I saw was a class ring.It was lime green with a peace symbol. Not pretty.

  23. michaelvtj says:

    Ugly is when a middle aged man with their Dockers and slipper-shoes with no socks wear a huge "fashion" number on their finger (I am invisioning a massive platinum ring with jewels I saw once)

  24. plhill2000 says:

    The ugliest rings are usually class or frat rings-so big and clunky.

  25. Happi Shopr says:

    The ugliest ring ever was this fake silver one that was supposed to be a wolf's head – it looked more like an aardvark.

    trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  26. scarter305 says:

    I would say a super cheap red and green christmas tree ring I saw on a customer. As bad as holiday sweaters!

    scarter305 at aol dot com

  27. says:


  28. Toystory says:

    One of the ugliest rings I ever saw was a three stone ring that was certainly fake, and looked it. Wow was that awlful

  29. Diane52 says:

    My ugliest ring was a cheap aluminun? gold color ring with a picture of a snake around the outside with huge green eyes and a menacing long red tounge, from my junior high boy friend.
    Diane Baum

  30. bettycd says:

    I love turquoise rings but some of the guys in AZ NM area have rings that are the size of belt buckles. Love the stone, love it on silver but no matter how big the guys hand was these rings look like shields. I always wondered if they were a variation of brass knuckles

  31. jakiesmom says:

    i had a ring with a big black stone when i was a teen…now that i have woken up…i threw it away and couldn't believe i ever wore it!

  32. Ardy22 says:

    I saw a lady wearing a really tacky wire ring. I asked her about it and she said she made it out of scrap colored wiring. Real tacky!

    aryd22 at earthlink dot net

  33. Anne J says:

    The ugliest ring I've ever seen is a huge plastic skull ring.

    ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

  34. arla says:

    Something like a mood ring, so plain and looked resin-like or plastic .


  35. gooeygooey says:

    he ugliest ring I ever saw was a cheap, plastic ring that was supposed to look like it was silver. It was in the shape of an owl-like face that had red glass eyes, but the eyes were not symmetrical so it really looked poorly made.

    Highlander50 [at] paris [dot] com

  36. Jinxy and Me says:

    My friend's dad has this huge ugly gold ring with a big red stone. Blech!

  37. Gianna says:

    The most ugly ring I have ever seen was humongous. It was fake brightly colored crystals forming fruit in a fruit basket. I don't know who would wear such a thing!

  38. Bastian says:

    My Grandmother passed away recently.. but there will always be something I'll never forget about her, whenever she got ready to leave the house she always had her fingers stacked with rings. She's native american, chippewa was the tribe she was enrolled in. So she had every finger full of turquoise. I never liked them but she was very much proud of them.

    She told me each and every stone was for my dead-beat father, and she clenched her fist and hugged me.

    She was my hero but I can't be selfish and want her here..I'm sure she's happy where she is and watching over me and my newborn son, Keto Ironbear. I probably wrote too much but I can't stop talking when it's about my Grandmother, she spoiled me but taught me so many lessons

  39. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife says:

    DH has some ugly looking ring that he still wears even though I HATE it, it looks like it came out of a vending machine, lol It's supposed to be a viking skull, or so he says – believe me, it just looks like it's straight out of the machine. It doesn't look like a skull, and certainly not viking! It's so freaking tacky – not to mention huge too.

    Did I mention he's wearing that horrible thing in place of his wedding ring that he lost last month? Can you say UGH?

    stormraven at gmail dot com

  40. singermagic1 says:

    the ugliest would have to be a big fake tigers eye ( looked plastic and was the size of a marble) it was in the center of a cluster of really bad cubics. Very tacky

  41. Sarah Z says:

    I had one in high school that was big and chunky – it was clear purple with stripes in it – and yes, I do still have it!
    Thanks – Sarah Z
    believedreamcourage (at)

  42. USMCWife says:

    Honestly, the ugliest ring I ever saw started out as a plain, normal wedding band. It belonged to my father, who drove a big rig, way back in the day. He was his own mechanic, and he was working on the engine one day, and jumped down off the bumper he was standing on and got the ring caught on something. The ring twisted into an almost figure eight, while still on his finger. He never wore a wedding ring again, but kept the ruined one for a very long time afterward. It was pretty ugly, partially due to the way it got bent and twisted, and partially just because it was just completely unusable as a ring anymore.

  43. Hotsnotty2 says:

    This big gaudy gold nugget ring that I got when I redeemed 400 tickets at the arcade when I was a kid, what was I thinking, thanks!

  44. Linda Kish says:

    My son has this super huge ring with a skull and points on it.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  45. Aisling says:

    I used to work with a man who loved to wear gold and diamonds. He had one ring that looked like a diamond solitare engagement ring. Very ugly on a man.

  46. Heather Y says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    Besides the obvious kid's rings I've had over the years, a friend gave me a silver ring with scrollwork down the sides. Where a diamond or other stone should be is a lump of more silver. The silver lump actually has a tiny divit in it that looks like a miniscule stone SHOULD be in there, but someone gouged it out years before. Lord, it's ugly. But I still wore it for 4 years. He was a good friend. :)


    heather y

  47. dreeg says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was one that my son won in a machine. The ones with claws. Anyway the ring was plastic. dreegetz at gmail dot com

  48. Tamera says:

    The ugliest ring I have ever seen is sadly a monstrosity that my grandma wore when I was a kid. Maybe it was nice in its hay day but all I saw was a tangle of missing stones and tarnished metal. Plus, the setting was so big and the band had this extremely ugly design etched in that was SUPPOSED to be leaves, but looked nothing like them. Ew.

  49. Trina says:

    I remember as a child my mother had a friend who loved to wear jewelry. I mean she would wear for or five rings on a hand. She had this one that was a funny green gem color (as an adult I think it might have been peridot) that twisted up her finger. I remember always thing she had a baby snake on her finger, I was scared to go near her.

  50. Bombtastic Belle says:

    the ugliest ring i've seen was one of those that goes from the base of your finger past you rbig nuckle, and all the way to the little one. It was a tarnished silver with bi swirls on it and askull. It was horrible.

  51. Melissa B. says:

    My exboyfriend had a gold nugget ring. Mounted on the top was a diamond cluster that looked like it had been broken off a cheap wedding ring.

  52. guettel78 says:

    A friend of mine in college used to wear a hideous ring with a gold lion's face at the center, surrounded by tiny "crystal balls" and fake almond-shaped rubies — hands down the ugliest piece of jewelry I've seen!

  53. Emmy*Coffee says:

    The ring was ugly because of why I was given it. Here is the story:
    My boyfriend at the time gave me a promise ring. Not a "I promise you we will get married later in life" but a "I promise I won't CHEAT ON YOU" ring.
    Now…onto the ring. It was a size 10 (my ring finger is a size 5.5) and the "blue topaz" (plastic I later found out) was the gaudy size of a dime.

    Kicker: Later I not only found out that he bought it with his parent's stolen credit card, he had ALREADY been cheating on me!

  54. Benita says:

    OK-So I thought I'd save some money, and bought a sterling ring with a gold overlay from Unbelievably cheap looking. What a bummer. I was too embarrassed to send it back, so I just threw it out. Quality is important.


  55. pestkaj says:

    I have seen some ugly cocktail rings on older ladies- gawdy and HUGE. This one is fantastic!


  56. turboterp says:

    My elderly neighbor had a cocktail ring that looked like a giant 3-dimensional parrot. It was made out of real feathers and was literally four inches long. I've never seen anything so horrible– but I'll never forget it, either!

  57. p says:

    Thanks to regretsy, this is the ugliest ring I've ever seen:

  58. ky2here says:

    A faux art deco erte disaster that looked like siegfried and roy on crack.

  59. Gina says:

    The ugliest ring I have ever seen was one I made in college jewelry class. It was plain silver & I tried to make it geometric, but it was all off & just too plain & wrong. I think I found it so ugly because it was a sign of failure on my part. I wanted to do so well & it was just dreadful.
    yummyfaerie at hotmail dot com

  60. tinamarina71 says:

    The ugliest ring I ever had was one my ex husband bought me. It was this triangle shaped atrocity that had the tiniest diamond chips in it.

    He was soooo proud of that purchase so I just smiled and thanked him for it. I wore it every once in a while to make him happy but it usually stayed hidden in my jewelry box.

  61. Cary G says:

    Sterling silver ring that looked like a horse saddle. Huge. Tarnished after it was worn for about 2 minutes. Just plain ugly.

  62. Shellie says:

    ugliest was my dad's mid-life crisis ring. It was supposed to be an eagle but it looked more like a dead salmon.

  63. Smooshy says:

    The ugliest one I've ever seen was one made out of elephant hair. And it looked just like that, ugly elephant hair.

  64. Levi says:

    A shiny turd…a faux gold horse in front of a horseshoe montage.

    levinelson at gmail dot com

  65. sweetsue says:

    Garages sales have some of the ugliest rings. The ugliest one had red and blue beads that looked like a bunch of grapes.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  66. mattnneb says:

    I have definitely seen some ugly jewelry in my life. I saw this one lady wearing a turqoise that was the full length of her finger. In my opinion it was hidious.

  67. nottieim says:

    I saw a skull ring years ago that was definitely the ugliest thing I had ever see. I would love to win this ring and have the perfect person to give it too.

  68. takeitasumay says:

    The ugliest ring I've ever seen is a watch ring. It was just plain ugly!

  69. luvmymate says:

    Ugliest ring I've seen is one that had an egyptian head on it. I love this one you have up for the contest!

  70. Akilmain says:

    The ugliest ring I have ever seen was one of the most horrifying things I have ever encountered in my life.It was so bizarre. I was working retail and this lady come s up dressed into a tank top moo moo and, huge hat and sunglasses (still on). I looked down as she handed me her item and the size of this watch would put even the most ballin pimp to shame. I said "Wow that is a big watch" and she proceeded to show me in detail of how she had it custom made from her dead husband t looked like skin and teeh. She also kept mentionng how nice of a smile he had. wcih wsas l

  71. theNPC says:

    Big gaudy fake looking rings

  72. idahomom says:

    The Skull ring that my son came home with.

  73. Levi says:

    The worst ring i ever saw was this bulky silver ring that was designed like a spiral wrapping around this guy's finger with a lion's head locked in a roar at one end and a chinese-style dragon on the other. it took up half the guy's finger and was embossed with (of course) jagged tribal lines. yes, he was also wearing a sweatshirt with a tribal dragon on it, like an overweight and bemulleted anime hero.


  74. Jen says:

    The ugliest rings I have ever seen are those hideous finger rings. They are put on like normal rings, but they extend all the way up to your fingernail. They also usually feature disgusting embellishments and are an awful fake yellow gold color. Thanks for the contest! jenergizer(at)gmail(dot)com.

  75. Cheryl says:

    My gf once bought a hippie psychedlic ring that she thought was cute and I thought was extra dorky- a yellow happy face and a peace symbol next to each other! But of course, love sees past ugly rings, so if I win this, she'll know!

  76. Lulz_Keeper says:

    I bought a silver Superman ring off of a friend for $40. Two weeks later all the silver faded away and it ended up being an oddly shaped brass ring.

  77. rnisly says:

    It was an obviously fake gold ring with some weird things engraved that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    (Remove "_")

  78. Busou Renkin says:

    orcs/in/huts /gmail

    That's my email, minus the / and with an @. Here is to winning!

  79. Daniel says:

    Ugliest ring I ever saw was one of my old bosses. It covered 3 of her fingers (one it was on and two others). It was turquoise and yellow and just hideous.
    dbader (at) gmail (dot) com

  80. Justin says:

    This fella I know wears a wooden teal/yellow/brown striped ring around his thumb. Yep..

  81. LV says:

    Someone bought me a "shell" ring from the beach once. It's large and clunky and has a heart carved into it but it's not even shell!!

  82. entone says:

    The gear ring. Such a neat toy but such poor aesthetics for a $160 ring

  83. Patrick says:

    I saw a ring that, instead of a gem, had a D20 dice right in the middle, at some online gaming store. It was like the magic ring of never getting laid.

    pmcgrillies (at)gmail (dot) com

  84. Jesse says:

    I once found a ring in a parking lot, and picked it up and took it home. Not only was this thing garishly ugly – it was supposed to be a Celtic knot pattern, but it wasn't uniform at all, and looked like someone had just randomly strung together pieces of wire – it was also HUGE, and didn't even fit my thumb. I still have the thing, though I'll never wear it.

    jaybird144 AT gmail DOT com

  85. chacmool says:

    Ugliest ring was a kid back in highschool. He had a huge fake gold ring, which had some kind of white stone set into it with a crooked Nike logo "carved" into it in black.

  86. Shane Train says:

    The ugliest ring was this giant red gaudy stone on some middle-aged woman's finger. The thing was heavy enough to be a finger weight.
    theshanetrain3 at gmail dot com

  87. Shiva's Delight says:

    The ugliest ring that I've ever seen was a wooden ring. This guy bought it for his fiance as an engagement ring knowing that they were both environmentally conscious people, but honestly she was embarrassed by it. It was sanded wood with a chain link design carved into it and a maple stain. It seriously looked like something you would pick up at a trading post at boy scout camp. Not surprisingly, the engagement did not last until marriage.

    Thanks for doing this!

    dan (at)

  88. Taylor says:

    Worst ring I've ever seen is this giant turquoise ring from this white guy who things he's a Native American.

    wherethehellistaylor AT gmail DOT com

  89. samarcy says:

    back in the day they used cigar bands for rings, and i saw a real one made to look like the cigar band????

  90. brian says:

    My grandmother, who has always claimed to have been a Playboy Bunny, sometimes wears this hideous ring that looks like a Playboy Bunny made out of emeralds, she claims the emeralds are real, and if they are then I suppose the ring is worth quite a fortune, but god knows it is ridiculous looking. Takes up the entire finger that she wears it on.


  91. john says:

    I once saw the green lantern ring… except it was a tattoo. Can't imagine never taking something like that off…

  92. Chase says:

    I found a Claddagh ring at an antique store and the heart had fallen out of the center. I gave it to a girl I didn't like.

    piperifle a@t gmail(.dot) COM

  93. Centrist says:

    Ah, there's nothing so ugly and big as a high school football championship ring.

    Picture this: first, it's made out of polished steel with a football helmet poorly engraved on both sides. It's huge, extending almost half an inch above my knuckle. And it's heavy; it weighed a good four ounces, so you always know it's there.

    I wore it every day for a year until I realized how awful it looked. It was like being a low rent pimp.

  94. Captaincrunch00 says:

    A friend of mine in high school went to New York. He was the whitest gangsta I have ever seen. Some guy on the street was making jewelery, so my friend had him make a Wu-Tang clan ring.

    It ended up looking like an 'e' but he wore that thing until he graduated college 6 years later.

    captaincrunch(ZERO ZERO)

    That's double Zero before

  95. Jesse and Tatyana says:

    I just saw a ring worn by someone who we were considering to be our florist that completely bugged me. It had a layered effect like three waves of disgusting bubbles of diamond encrusted tackiness. It hung off her hand like a glob of half melted yellow and white saltwater taffy, its manifold glass diamonds glistening in the florescent lighting creating the illusion of movement as though it was some terrible sea urchin cleaving to the coral reef that was the woman's pale white skin. It was all I could do to not comment on the miniature monument to bad taste that I beheld. As the woman attached to the ring discussed business with my future wife I found myself wondering at the wisdom of such a poor choice of adornment, especially considering the artistic profession the wearer had chosen for herself. As the ring and I glared at each other I resolved then and there that its plebian owner would not be the individual to design and orchestrate a major part of the decor of my upcoming nuptial ceremony and subsequent reception.

    After discussing it with my future wife it was agreed that we would in fact be using this florist after all.

    jesseandtatyana at gmail dot com

  96. chromiumman says:

    had a friend with a horrible lucite ring, huge and atrocious

    chromiumman (at) mail (dot) com

  97. Ryan says:

    Ugliest one I ever saw was a friend's engagement ring(the chick gave it to my guy friend) and it was some boring ring, but it was hexagonally shaped. It looked more like a pipe fitting than a ring.


  98. 1337H4X0R says:

    I work at a elementary school and was given a ring made out of a straw. It was pretty ugly :P

  99. Pat says:

    Perhaps the ugliest 'ring' I have ever seen is a tattooed on wedding band. I count this as a ring, as I know the culprit, and these tattoos were used in lieu of an actual wedding band.

    They are comprised of a faded black starburst with a crescent moon in the center, with an off-center mini star to the side. What they symbolize, nobody knows.

  100. Ryan S says:

    I once saw a locket ring. It was big, gold and in the shape of a heart. Absolutely hideous.


  101. christopher says:

    My mom wears a super huge CZ that she thinks looks great and impresses others…it does neither

  102. zippoguy says:

    I once saw a guy wearing a large thin nut on his finger, the kind of thing you attach to a bolt. I get the feeling it had been on there for awhile and that he might not be able to get it off anymore as it seemed pretty tight and was actually rusting.

  103. Team Morris says:

    I don't mean to be rude, but the ugliest ring I've ever seen is that replica of Bella's engagement ring everyone's selling right now (the one from the Twilight movies/ books). I'm sure the "real" one is nice, the replica is just horrible, though!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!! :)

    kmorris at wildcatdiscovery dot com

  104. Ben Gilmore says:

    The absolute ugliest room I've ever seen was an old-school ring designed to look like a ring from the old cartoon Captain Planet. It was obviously made of plastic, and although it was meant to be subtle, it was very clear that the top screwed off to conceal illegal substances. When you pushed down on the top it played a sound and flashed red. Needless to say, I don't think this guy fooled any cops. My email address is ben(at)fell-apart(dot)com . Thanks!

  105. Theodore says:

    I work with a guy who has a wedding ring would get a "Sorry babe, too garish." out of Sammy Davis Jr. and a "How do you expect me to play piano with that thing on my hand?" from Liberace. It looks like he lost the Super Bowl in the early 1980's.

  106. Boron says:

    The ugliest ring I have ever seen was my best friend's wife's ring. It looked like he went to a quarter machine in a beat down hole in the wall restaurant. It had this sprayed on gold look with a plastic looking red ruby. It was the ugliest looking ring, EVER!

  107. Jeff says:

    Ugliest ring I've ever seen was this girl in high school who was wearing a spent ring pop. The candy part was gone, it was just the plastic. Weird.

  108. Andrew says:

    I gotta agree with those that say those black plastic spider rings from Halloween are pretty bad…actually, they aren't so much ugly as just poorly designed. They are small, even for a child's finger, and the non connected loop always dug into my skin when I tried to wear one.

  109. CTRL+ALT+MO says:

    ^^ .org

  110. Austin says:

    I once saw someone with a rebel flag ring – who thought that was worth displaying on their hand?

    reposting to include email, sublyme at gmail dot com

  111. CTRL+ALT+MO says:

    Someone had decided to buy a CZ engagement ring for their fiancee. She was in on it, of course, but I was appalled at their choice: a giant ugly pink glass box (not a square cut, just a cube) on a wavy yellow gold band. It was just garish. yt(excludethispart)2005(at)goonh(excludethispart)

  112. stepper997 says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was the sixth Pittsburgh Steelers SuperBowl ring. Ugly cause the bastards didn't deserve it!

  113. Stephanie says:

    its one i own.. my fil bought me a HUGE very fake diamond on a plain zig zag band YUCKS!!

  114. smilekisses says:

    The ugliest ring is my "twist-tie" ring. I always twist a twist-tie around my finger when I have something I need to remember to do.

  115. Jenn R says:

    The ugliest ring I have ever seen was the fake ones that come in the gumball machines. Fake gaudy diamond plastic ring.

  116. anny32 says:

    i have a ring with a giant sapphire (huge) in the middle with diamonds 3 on top and bottom and 3 down either side..i found it at the junk store..i like it but its really ugly!

    zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

  117. Karen says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was hot pink with spikes all over it. It was gaudy and ugly at the same time.

  118. Jessica says:

    The worst was when my husband and I were shopping for his wedding band. We were at a really high end jewelery store, but somehow he managed to find the ugliest cheapest looking (it was actually one of their more expensive pieces) ring they had. It was platinum skull shape with yellow gold flames and diamonds for eyes. He was so disappointed when I told him that it couldn't be his wedding ring!
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  119. McKim says:

    The ugliest ring I've seen is one of those that look like it came out of a bubble gum machine – with the huge fake diamond. I mean really fake. It would be so obvious that it is a $10.99 ring if you didn't make the "diamond" a three carat size!

  120. Sunnyvale says:

    I have a faux pearl ring and the "pearl" is almost half an inch, ugly!

  121. wkfr says:

    a friend gave me a ring that has a large clear bubble top with a smiley face rmbedded in it. I gave it to my grandniece

  122. toughturtles says:

    the ugliest one i have seen is a giant lucite ring looked like a giant rectangle in pee yellow

  123. deb c says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was a big silver skull with rubies for eyes. What a waste of rubies and silver.

  124. Brian says:

    My dad had a huge nugget ring!

  125. mensa63 says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was a weird thing that fit over all four fingers of the hand except for the thumb. On the section over each finger was a horror creature, a werewolf, vampire, and a couple of others I couldn't identify but they looked like gargoyles that you see on old buildings. When I asked where he got it he said he made it himself in a jewelry making course he took in college. He admitted it did hamper using the hand but he liked it as a conversation starter. No accounting for tastes I guess.

  126. julis55 says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was a plastic spider ring from halloween

  127. Sydney says:

    The ugliest ring I have seen was my sister in law's engagement ring. Gaudy, ostentatious, and poorly designed.

  128. Sydney says:

    The ugliest ring I have seen was my sister in law's engagement ring. Gaudy, ostentatious, and porrly designed.

  129. aglo says:

    It would have to be those big skull and cross bones rings that were popular with the heavy metal crowd in the eighties.

  130. ronald says:

    well, i have a couple of bags of those ugle spider rings for halloween that were in a freebie box . . . i figured i'd give them out with candy.

    but, the absolute worst ring i ever saw was a pop top from a can.

    zedthewizard at gmail dot com

  131. mar says:

    I am sitting here at my computer looking at my desk where I keep the ulgiest ring I have ever seen. It is a reminder to me to never purchase something without checking the dimensions. It is a flower ring that has a TWO INCH diamater. If I put it on my finger, my finger can not hold the weight. It also interfers with two other fingers since it is so BIG!

  132. Timbo says:

    I was one of the only kids on my block to have gotten a decoder ring from a box of Cracker Jacks when I was 12. It was ugly then, and it's ugly now :D But I still love it.

  133. coliebear says:

    The ugliest ring I have ever scene was one that looked like a snake wrapped around the finger from the base to the knuckle. It kind of grossed me out.

  134. Miss Manda says:

    The ugliest ring I've ever seen was a weird looking claw like clamp that went up this woman's middle finger. it looked like a hair clip that clipped around her finger from base to tip… it was very weird.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  135. Nikki says:

    Some of the old ladies in the community I grew up in had the gaudiest rings, covered with various stones, they covered half their finger. The only good part was that they were real jewelry, so if you maybe took them apart and re-used them, they might be turned into something pretty.
    nik_har at yahoo dot com

  136. Mamushi Love says:

    I've seen handmade rings that have a colorful, fuzzy ball (about the size of a super ball) on top. They felt like cat toy balls since they had bits of tinsel within the fuzz. Just.. ew~

  137. mverno says:

    my sister used to have some zion 2inch square ring with a big ugly green stone in it

  138. peg42 says:

    The ugliest ring that I ever saw was on a man in a store. The ring was so long, covering from his knuckle, down. It just looked so gaudy.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway. Would love this ring for my husband.

  139. crboyd says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was a ring a friend of mine used to wear that was missing a large stone in the middle. All you could see was a big gap in the middle and his finger through the empty space, he called it a "skin ring". LOL

  140. orchidfae says:

    The ugliest ring I ever saw was a plastic spider ring from halloween. Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. Amber says:

    The ugliest ring I evers saw was a HUGE plastic red ring with a fake bauble falling off at Forever 21.
    Thank you for the giveaway :)


    my ex wanted a nuggett ring but too cheap to buy a real gold so he bought a dollar store ring- wowee- he thought he was cool and it was silly .This sure is sweet and I have someone special that will get it

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