CONTEST: Win a AXE Hair Classic Kit (worth over $200)

We are proud to announce that it’s time for another contest! And, goddamn, do we have an kickass prize in store! The good people at AXE were nice enough send this big boy over, a “AXE Hair Classic Look Kit”:

You’d never find something like this in a salon. This puppy includes a Season 1 box set of the magnificent AMC show Mad Men, a bottle of AXE Itch Relief 2 in 1 Cooling Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner, a tub of new AXE Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade (so you can part and slick your hair all nice like Donald Draper), a full-purpose shoe shining kit, a tin of Altoids, a $75 tie from Brooks Brothers, annnnnnnd a mahogany cigar case. Gents, this merch is worth over $200 and is sure to make you the source of envy of all your sartorial friends.

So how do you get a crack at taking home the bacon? It’s simple, really: Leave a comment (be sure include an email address or have one listed on your Google accounts profile) on this post explaining which of the male characters on Mad Men is the most fashionable. Don, Roger, Salvatore, they’re all up for grabs – hell, pitch Bert Cooper if you think you can sell us on it. The most persuasive comment after two weeks (contest ends on 12/7/09) wins the kit.

Get going already! Click the Comment link below!


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78 Responses to CONTEST: Win a AXE Hair Classic Kit (worth over $200)

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  3. Jeff says:

    I would have to say that Roger Sterling is the most fashionable and hands down has the most style.

    There's an adage that you should dress not for the job you have, but for the job you want. That dictates the style for most of men at Sterling Cooper; Pete wants Don's job, he dresses like a Draper clone. Harry wants to fit in with the senior staff. Don dresses like he belongs, because he so desperately wants everyone to believe that he does (fortunately he looks good doing it).

    But Roger and Bert Cooper don't have to this, they have the luxury of having their names on the door. They have the jobs they want, so they can wear what they want. Bert dresses very conservatively (even by 1960's standards), Roger dresses whatever he wants. And with great success.

    When you see most of the men of Sterling Cooper, you can't help but say to yourself "he's wearing a Mad Men suit." They all wear dark grey or navy suits, black shoes and narrow ties. Granted, the style is somewhat back in fashion right now, but still, you can tell.

    But with Roger Sterling, you can't help but take notice. He's worn double breasted suits, three piece suits, sometimes he's worn that three-piece sans jacket. Even today, his fashion would stand out in the office. And his style and swagger help punctualize it.

    Have other people in show worn similar fashions? Possibly, but I bet you can't recall a single instance. Why? Because Roger Sterling doesn't just have the clothes, he has the style and the fashion that doesn't just make you notice, but make you remember.

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