CONTEST: Win a AXE Hair Classic Kit (worth over $200)

We are proud to announce that it’s time for another contest! And, goddamn, do we have an kickass prize in store! The good people at AXE were nice enough send this big boy over, a “AXE Hair Classic Look Kit”:

You’d never find something like this in a salon. This puppy includes a Season 1 box set of the magnificent AMC show Mad Men, a bottle of AXE Itch Relief 2 in 1 Cooling Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner, a tub of new AXE Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade (so you can part and slick your hair all nice like Donald Draper), a full-purpose shoe shining kit, a tin of Altoids, a $75 tie from Brooks Brothers, annnnnnnd a mahogany cigar case. Gents, this merch is worth over $200 and is sure to make you the source of envy of all your sartorial friends.

So how do you get a crack at taking home the bacon? It’s simple, really: Leave a comment (be sure include an email address or have one listed on your Google accounts profile) on this post explaining which of the male characters on Mad Men is the most fashionable. Don, Roger, Salvatore, they’re all up for grabs – hell, pitch Bert Cooper if you think you can sell us on it. The most persuasive comment after two weeks (contest ends on 12/7/09) wins the kit.

Get going already! Click the Comment link below!


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  2. I would have to say that Roger Sterling is the most fashionable and hands down has the most style.

    There's an adage that you should dress not for the job you have, but for the job you want. That dictates the style for most of men at Sterling Cooper; Pete wants Don's job, he dresses like a Draper clone. Harry wants to fit in with the senior staff. Don dresses like he belongs, because he so desperately wants everyone to believe that he does (fortunately he looks good doing it).

    But Roger and Bert Cooper don't have to this, they have the luxury of having their names on the door. They have the jobs they want, so they can wear what they want. Bert dresses very conservatively (even by 1960's standards), Roger dresses whatever he wants. And with great success.

    When you see most of the men of Sterling Cooper, you can't help but say to yourself "he's wearing a Mad Men suit." They all wear dark grey or navy suits, black shoes and narrow ties. Granted, the style is somewhat back in fashion right now, but still, you can tell.

    But with Roger Sterling, you can't help but take notice. He's worn double breasted suits, three piece suits, sometimes he's worn that three-piece sans jacket. Even today, his fashion would stand out in the office. And his style and swagger help punctualize it.

    Have other people in show worn similar fashions? Possibly, but I bet you can't recall a single instance. Why? Because Roger Sterling doesn't just have the clothes, he has the style and the fashion that doesn't just make you notice, but make you remember.

  3. Don Drapper because he has the posture and the debonair flair to pull this look off.

  4. I ain't got a chance in hell of winning this. I lost my job a year and a half ago and my broke ass had to shut off the cable so I've never even seen the show. Only reason I opened up and read this is because I am tired of using all the crappy girls shampoo's that I have to share with my wife & daughter and I was hoping to win something that would make me smell like a man again and not the fruity little pansy I've had to smell like for the last year. Oh well…maybe when the economy turns around and I'm back to work…I'll get cable again, watch the show and maybe they'll give away another of these great sets so I can answer the question right. In the meantime….I'll keep washing up with the crappy Sauve junk I've been using from the dollar store. Congrat's to whoever wins. May the Force be with you.

  5. Roger seems to have it going on in the fashionable category.

  6. Georgie needs groomed, hope my husband would indulge in this as its everything you need just about

  7. My Favorite is Don. He is so handsome!!! He is such a jerk to his wife and family but he is a great business man. He is always dressed so stylish and is always put together even when he is busy working or lounging at home. I bet he uses axe!

  8. The measure of how good someone looks is how attractive they are. There are 2 general levels of attrictiveness. The first is being 'hot' to the opposite sex. The second, which is much more difficult to obtain is being good looking to the same sex (both hetero and non). Based solely on the fact that I know several people that would change teams for Roger, he is clearly the best dressed of the Mad Men clan. If I win this, could you throw in a taser? I think the same guys might change teams for me if I get all AXEd up.

  9. Absolutely Don Draper, because he's the classic, tall, dark and handsome. He could walk the runway in most of the clothing he wears on the show. He carries himself well. In my opinion, there's no competition here. My vote goes to Don! Thanks.

    vac924 at gmail dot com

  10. ~Don Draper~ Hands down! Fashionable = stylish, and Don is definitely that! He has taste and refinement when it comes to style of dress! His taste of clothing is related to the current popular trend or style! He is top knotch in consumer goods…and I am not just talking clothing! :)

  11. I would have to go with Salvatore "Sal" Romano of course. He always adds a little extra spark to his two piece suits and his stylish Italian made shoes.He is not as flamboyant with what he wears as one might expect him to be.He just takes the time to add just a little bit more to what he is wearing without giving away his true identity.

    [email protected]

  12. Roger Sterling because he looks so smashing in his suits!!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  13. Don Draper is the most fashionable man on Mad Men for one simple reason: the spare shirts he keeps in his desk. He's always prepared to look his best. Doesn't get any more fashionable than that.

  14. I think Roger is the most stylish. He takes risks, but remains very classy & handsome.
    Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at)

  15. Don Draper, absolutely. Groomed to perfection without looking prissy. His suit hangs perfectly without excessive tailoring. And his hair… it would not DARE to be out of place. Don is the Prince of Madison Avenue with hair befitting a 50s royal.

  16. I don't think anyone can deny that Don is the sexiest person on the show. As a 100% straight male I can admit to this. But fashionable? I don't think so. What he wears would just be 'good' on other guys. On him, it's another level. But what remains is that our perception of his aesthetics hinge on his charisma and good looks. Roger is a great business dresser but is otherwise one note. I can't recall him dressing sharp outside of the work place. Salvatore, on the other hand, knows what's what. It may be cliche to vote for the gay guy but I think he's miles ahead of the pack. He blends his textures and his colors. TEXTURES!! Who else does that on Mad Men? It's not all just skinny ties and classic suits. Imagine if a person in real life did that. They wouldn't be called fashionable, they'd be trend whores.

  17. I think we have to look past the Mad Men suits in order to figure out which man is most stylish. All the characters look great in their suits, pocket squares and ties. We should focus on what other aspects of style the characters convey in order to make an informed decision.
    I nominate Harold Crane because of the accents he adds to his style that set him apart. His ability to pull off a bow-tie, the horn-rimmed glasses, scarves, and hats sets him apart from all the others, as well as having the best hair in the show.

  18. Thank you for the giveaway. I'm going to say "Don" because, he looks fantastic!

  19. I am going to say that Don Draper looks the best in the show. Although his clothes are always of good quality and style (not to mention a whole drawer of emergency white shirts), but it is the man himself that makes each outfit something special. As with the ad world, packaging is important but it's all about how you spin it. Don Draper always looks so put together because he knows exactly the right thing to say and how to take control of a situation. He is the man other men want to be and all women want to be with. He oozes charisma from every pore. He could wear anything and still look good but Don Draper is the kind of man that always wants everything to be the best it can possibly be.

  20. I have to go with Salvatore. THe man is oozing with good taste and style. From his hair down to his shoes, he is always put together. Even when he is "casual" his wardrobe is immpeccable and fashionable.

  21. Don Draper should be named Don Dapper for being the most classically well dressed gentlemen on TV these days. His wardrobe screams confidence with bold yet subtle color combination along with a male chauvinism lost in most of today's fashion. American Movie Classic? I say American Style Classic.


  23. I'd choose Salvatore – he's not afraid to mix traditional with a bit of edge, especially in patterns.

  24. Roger Sterling,for wearing a vest so well, & for the cool points on his pocket squares.

  25. I have to go with Don Draper. Doesn't matter if he's in a car accident or at a party, he always looks amazing.

  26. [email protected] says:

    Roger Sterling—for the way he fits in his suit. Nice package.

  27. The true measure of a man's look is pride. The pride he takes in himself, his business, and, most importantly, his country. Without pride, even Georgio Armani would look like the most haggard of bag lady wandering through the New York subway system. Being able to carry yourself with dignity, regardless of the circumstance.

    You may ask, "What does pride look like?" Well, my friends, the embodiment of pride lies with one; Mr. Bert Cooper.

    When Bert Cooper is on the scene, his pride beams through a rugged exterior casting a brilliant light that shines on an otherwise dreary world. While gazing upon his visage, many have remarked that they could hear the faint melody of "Sharp Dressed Man" and preformed by ZZ Top as a theme song matching the tempo of his manly gait. Others have noted that the background behind him seems to meld into eagles and waving, American flags. Bold and, at the same time, somehow understated.

    It is this pride that allows Mr. Cooper to wear anything. From a smart bow tie and herringbone sport coat to a torn t-shirt, black knee socks and Depends undergarments. He does not care what others think, nor should he have to because he knows that the opinions of others do not make him who he is as a person. Like many hair metal bands of the 1980's who had the power to change the properties of matter through the force of their rocking, Mr. Cooper can change the way the world looks through his pride.

    Dear friends, understand, however, that Bert Cooper stands as something much more than a mere fashion plate. He is the greased fist in the anus of the world. A spark that has the power to influence others to become proactive and do great things.

    When I see Bert Cooper, I don't see a suit or a tie. I don't see the hairstyle or even the body type. No, my friends, I see pride and that is the greatest look a man can ever hope to wear. Suck on that, Don Draper.

  28. He is often under-appreciated, and sometimes easy-to-overlook but, he is the head of the Art department and certainly the best dressed man on Mad Men. Unlike most other men on the TV series, Sal has the ability to wear time-specific outfits and still be able to wear them with some swag and a lot of confidence.

  29. Roger is the most stylish in a pool of very stylish men for a few reasons. All the characters manage to wear a suit well but Roger and his double-breasted power suits, charcoal with chalkstripes, manages to not look like an out of touch old codger. The cuts are slim enough to show that he's in shape, nothing drapes where it shouldn't or pulls where it should be more slack. He's also got the attitude. He knows he's important and he knows that most people will walk on eggshells around him. Fashion isn't just clothes, it's the entire look and that includes how one holds oneself. And Roger holds himself by the balls. Finally, his hair ties everything together. It brings out those light chalkstripes, brings out the silver cufflinks. He could dye it, but why? He's not stupid, he knows that the hair shows dignity and a debonair air to his entire wardrobe, even when he's puking on the floor.

  30. Don Draper is a timeless character. In any era, his build and strong features could fill out any clothing. However, in the era portrayed in Mad Men, he truly shines. The glisten of his hair in the Manhattan sunlight through a window tall atop the canopy of commerce in which he works is not simply refracted light; it is a magical aura which surrounds him. It twinges everything that he speaks or touches into greatness.

    In Mad Men, the sharp lines of the suits and his relatively conservative taste smack of a bygone era, "before the war," they'd say; their eyes glazed over with memories of lost innocence. In his dark suits with shirt cuffs barely showing a razor-sharp edge guarding his well tailored suit like a luminescent halo, he is not a figure one would like to see angry.

    Don "Dick Whitman" Draper does not simply ooze class in the show; he emits it like some sort of primal musk, intoxicating all who come into contact with him. His smarm, his charm, his slow but firm speech patterns: all simply reinforce what his suit already tells you when he walks in the door to the office. This man is important. He is deserving of your trust. You should promote him and make him the standard to which you hold all other employees.

    Above all – respect this man.

  31. Roger Sterling with a bullet. As a subscriber to the belief that before you can successfully tackle fashion, you must know and be true to yourself, I think nobody pulls this off quite like Roger. The other boys at the firm seem to dress for less admirable reasons – picking up narrow ties and trendy cuts because that’s what the stores are selling, happily being passed from mother to wife in terms of being guided with what to wear, going out of ones way to appear more bohemian and interesting, or using clothes as a shield for hidden identity. Roger escapes this and effortlessly, his clothes become an extension of himself: classic, debonair, charming and bold.

  32. Grandpa Gene was the most fashionable man on the show until his untimely demise. Grandpa Gene had all the characteristics of a well dressed man. This old war vet wore some of the finest khakis you could ever find during the 60's.
    He brought an aristocratic flair to his casual wear, and embodied the feel of America into his everyday wear. A true sex icon, whose death probably impacted more people's lives than even that of JFK's or Marilyn Monroe's.

    Grandpa Gene was a true American hero and was also probably what Don models himself after.


  33. I'm going to go with Bertram Cooper. He wears pretty much any suit he wants but it fits the era. Even today since clothing trends cycle around. He can mix the late 1800's with the mid 1960's and pull it all off perfectly. Socks, Ties, Suits, you name it. By far he's the only person on the show who is truly the most fashionable.

  34. Sal is the most fashionable because he's so fine bellboys just throw themselves at him.

  35. Clearly it would be Sal. He's surrounded by ad men in cool colored suits. This man isn't afraid to try other colors, patterns, and of course fine Italian shoes. He's the most fashion forward man in Sterling Cooper, and he will need to be. After all being a successful artist requires both a forward thinking edge and a sense of refinement.

  36. Roger Sterling has in style what he lacks in other areas. His very name "Sterling" says it all : Not only is his hair a lustrous silver, but he tends to favor grey palates ,although he doesn't shy from darker colors and often wearing suits that outshine those worn by the lead himself.He can wear a vest like no other and always looks stylish with a hint of a pocket square in everything he wears. His whole look commands confidence and gives him a slick air and appearance.

    He is the very definition of a silver fox, that Roger Sterling.

  37. Roger of course. Sure he wears some great suits, but his strength is wearing them well. He walks and speaks with the greatest air of posh about him. Everything seems so elegant and deliberate with him, which starts with the way he dresses in the morning.

  38. Roger Sterling,for wearing a vest so well, & for the cool points on his pocket squares.

  39. I don't watch Mad Men but judging by that picture in the original post i'm going to side with Jon Hamm's character. He looks slick as all and if you've ever seen him outside of the show you'd understand why I might pick him.

    Jon Hamm is a mess when he's out and about. The man wears acid washed jeans, neon sleeveless shirts and those pump up shoes. The man has zero style, and yet on Mad Men he knocks it out of the park.

    He's a lucky man, that Jon Hamm.

  40. I came here to post Don Draper, due to him keeping a fresh stack of white shirts in his desk drawer, but logical fallacy beat me to it.

    However, Don is still the most fashionable because his wardrobe speaks his personality. While his suits and ties are quality and well fitting, they are subtle. This goes in line with his calm, yet confident and powerful demeanor.

    Also, I really like his authentic military aviators, because they look great and they hint at his Korean War past.

    Fashion is best when it comes from and displays your personality (tastefully), not when you just follow trends.

  41. Don Draper is the most fashionable man on Mad Men for one simple reason: the spare shirts he keeps in his desk. He's always prepared to look his best. Doesn't get any more fashionable than that.

  42. As the head of the art department, he has an artist’s flair for fashion. His suits are impeccably tailored and the color coordination between his suits, ties, and vests are so complementary they’d make Martha Stewart jealous. He maintains a slicked-back, sheen-stricken hairstyle where nary a hair is out of place. Nowadays, being fashionable is often attributed to those who have the appearance of haphazardly throwing on their clothes and accessories for the day. Back in the 1960s, men clearly had a more thought-out, methodical approach to getting dressed. Sal is the thinking-man’s fashionista and is clearly to most dapperly-dressed gentleman on Mad Men.

  43. True fashion appears when the look is timeless. When Harry Crane wears his horn-rimmed glasses and slick bowtie, he is telling the world "I am intelligent. I am an individual. My look is forever." The slightly overweight build says "I am too important to exercise, yet I am smart enough to watch what I eat." His outfit screams class, and his one of a kind devotion towards his family (with that one alcohol-induced case being the minor exception) is what has kept our species from going extinct. That is why I nominate Harry Crane to be the most fashionable male employee of Sterling-Cooper.

  44. Pete, always daring to wear blue, he's one of the guys that manages to stand out without looking like a fool (nice beard Kinsey).
    His style also reflects his personality better than any of the other characters, namely: ambition, ambition, and getting laid. Yup, not much going on upstairs, but by always seeming like an important (or at least tastefully bold) guy in every room, he somehow manages to get it all done.