CONTEST: Top dollar skin care collection!

That last contest went so well that, fuck it, let’s have another. Moving away from clothes, we’re real excited to offer our readers a chance at grabbing the premium skin care collection.

The Phytoceutical (“Phyto-C”) Skin Care Collection consists of three products. The first is the Sky Blue Liquid Moisturizer, which provides intense hydration and works to diminish fine wrinkles and lines. The second is a Moisturizing Cream that contains Vitamin B5, Glycerin, and botanical extracts. Finally, you also get an Eye Firming Cream which provides extraordinary antioxidant protection while also reducing and preventing premature signs of aging of eye areas. This sucker, all three products together, is priced at $191.00 retail – and you have a chance to get it on the gratis!

And now the question on everyone’s mind: what do I gotta do to get the goods? Well it’s no sweat, gents: Post a comment to this post describing your daily morning bathroom ritual. Is it as compulsive as Patrick Bateman’s? Or is more like what The Dude probably does? Whatever the nature of your routine, just please remember to include your email address along with your submission. We’ll pick a qualifying submission at random.

The deadline’s next Monday (February 22, 2010) at 6 p.m. EST. So ladies and gents, expose yourself already (metaphorically speaking) and click the Comment link below! And don’t forget to include your email address!

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117 Responses to CONTEST: Top dollar skin care collection!

  1. Chen says:

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  2. lilyk says:

    My daily morning bathroom ritual is very simple and short.

  3. Heather says:

    Brush teeth, wash face, moisturize and get ready to run (hair back, running outfit, etc).

  4. Maja says:

    go to the bathroom
    get dressed
    put lipstick and eyeliner on

  5. dvice says:

    My ritual is just the basics – wash, shower, dressed and off to work.

  6. purango says:

    1. piss and or crap 2. shower 2. shave 4. towel off 5. comb hair 6. put hair spray on hair. 7. put deoderant on 8. splash cologne on 9. brush teeth 10 gargle

  7. Gianna says:

    Use the bathroom and then change babies and nurse babies..

  8. Cal says:

    Wash face; apply salicylic acid gel and/or benzoyl peroxide lotion. Finish with sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF!

  9. Betty C says:

    Shower the night before

    AM routing
    Brush teeth
    Brush hair

  10. Jes*In*CO says:

    Drag myself outta bed.
    Head straight to the coffee pot, pour a cup.
    Fix hair and face.
    Drink more coffee, until pot is gone.
    Then brush the teeth and get dressed.

    Thanks CE!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Here it is

    Brush and Floss Teeth
    Lotion/Moisturize skin
    Do Hair
    Apply light make

  12. Margaret says:

    Feed the cat (or lose a foot to the increasingly powerful "reminder taps" of the hungry beast)
    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
    Brush teeth (glycerin mouthwash for healthy gums)
    Mess with hair.

    redneckbubbagirl at gmail dot com

  13. mineola says:

    wash hands, face- clarisonic, brush teeth, mouthwash
    turn on computer
    go make coffee, water
    let the one cat who is allowed out to go out
    crack open the news
    check a few online things

  14. Ardy22 says:

    My routine is simple. I shower, shave, and blow dry the hair and get dressed for the day

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  15. kathy pease says:

    i just wash my face with clean and clear face wash and brush my teeth :)

  16. js22 says:

    brush teeth, wash face, comb hair. Done!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    email in blogger profile.
    js22 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  17. Happi Shopr says:

    brush teeth
    style hair
    moisturize face

    trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  18. wendy says:

    brush teeth
    wash face
    put on makeup
    brush hair
    wish i was 21 again…

    yep, that about describes it!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  19. susan1215 says:

    brush teeth
    wash face
    put on makeup
    do my hair
    get dressed
    get kids up
    make sure kids are up
    take kids to school

  20. dheath3 says:

    Clean ears
    Apply deodorant
    Brush teeth
    Wash Face
    Apply astringent
    Apply acne lotion if necessary
    Apply Moisturizer
    Apply Eye Cream
    Get dressed

  21. Corwen says:

    Deorderant goes in there somewhere…lol!!

  22. Corwen says:

    1.Run the water…nothing better then stepping into a heated bathroom with warm water! 2. Loofa with deorderizing soap for an all over body scrub (and maybe rid myself of any unwanted hair…depends on how I feel) 3. Exfoliate face (incl. lips no chappies!)- with H2O face cleanser and light loofa action 4. Rinse Rinse Rinse…no residue for me it shows up I'm African Canadian! lol!! 4. Out of the shower towel off (Restoration Hardware Turk. towels are the best!)5. Brush my teeth! Mouth wash if I feel especially "breathy" lol!!
    6. lip moisturizer(mine dry out quick this is the one chance I have in the day otherwise it's downhill!) (shave if needed) 7. Face moisturizer- Clinique pore minimizer + organic face balm for the winter- Baume Visage, a little conceler- Liz Watier. 8.All over body lotion Cocoa butter- Vaseline.
    9. Spray Olive oil for the head (my head is shaved..scalp can get chappy, who knew!!) 10. A little Dior Homme to go and it's on to warddrobe! It all sounds extensive and high maintenence but really once you streamline and get into a routine it's no more than 30 minutes and I look like a glowing cherub- taking care of my skin in the winter is really important if I want gorgeous skin for the summer!
    Terrence from Toronto,

  23. lopez1 says:


  24. naynays1 says:

    put lotion on
    brush teeth
    make up
    do hair dress
    and go

  25. intime says:

    make lunch , eat breakfast, brush teeth, do makeup and hair

  26. kakihara says:

    brush teeth,
    wash face,
    make up,
    brush hair,
    lip gloss,
    out the door

  27. ferriz says:

    -hop in hot shower to wake me up

    -wash my face with clarisonic brush and purity face cleanser.
    -use clarisonic opal on my eyes


    -brush teeth
    -get dressed
    -do hair


  28. SheilaBee says:

    Grab glass of tea
    Brush teeth
    Style hair
    apply makeup
    get dressed
    grab more tea
    leave home

  29. Amanda G says:

    The hub gets up and then;

    goes strait to the pot :)
    starts shower
    brushes teeth
    hops in shower
    gets out and drys off
    lotion on face during this weather especially
    get dressed and he's out the door

    not enough hair to do anyting wiht other than run the towel over.

    Thanks! He could use this.

    saddleoneup at att dot net

  30. heaventrees says:

    Observing from a polite distance, I see:

    Brush teeth.
    Shower (forever! what are you doing in there?)
    Comb hair
    Buh bye

  31. Pamela S says:

    Put in contacts
    Shave & after shave balm
    Brush teeth
    Dry small amount of hair left & style
    Get dressed.

    thanks, reaganandromeo(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  32. Jinxy and Me says:

    brush teeth
    dry/style hair
    makeup – depending on the day

  33. chazvgo says:

    Shower, Brush Teeth, Blow Dry and Straighten hair, makeup, out the door (sometimes makeup in the car if I'm running late) :)

  34. Sarah Z says:

    I am ready to walk out the door in 30 mins… shower, brush teeth, get dressed, feed dogs and make lunch, do make up and hair then I am gone!
    Thanks – Sarah Z
    believedreamcourage (at)

  35. kerri69 says:

    shower/ brush teeth/blownose /moisturize/do my hair then makeup

  36. brownhairgirl7 says:

    - Get dressed
    - Go to the bathroom
    - Wash face
    - Eat breakfast
    - Brush teeth
    - Put on make-up
    - Brush hair
    - Out the door

  37. Dispatcher_kristy says:

    My morning bathroom routine goes like this:
    *Brush teeth
    *Apply makeup
    *Dry Hair

  38. singermagic1 says:

    I work at home, so after my cats wake me up, I stumble out to the kitchen, feed them, get coffee, stumble to the bathroom and splash water on my face, run a brush through the tangles in my bed head. All this is done one handed, the other is holding the coffee cup. Stumble out of the bathroom to my laptop and several more cups of coffee. No more bathroom until afternoon when I am awake enough to attempt makeup and a more advance routine


  39. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~ says:

    take shower
    brush teeth
    apply moisturizer
    apply makeup
    do hair(mousse, hairspray)
    get dressed
    feed puppy

  40. Deb says:

    I've got to sit and drink my coffee first, then I get in the shower. I do all can while I'm in the shower – take off my makeup, and yes, even brush my teeth in the shower. Get out and slather on the moisturizer. Get out, have more coffee and then do my makeup while I watch the news.

  41. Karrie says:

    I apply cleanser to my face
    take a shower
    brush my teeth
    use toner on my face
    apply lotion all over my body
    do my hair

  42. Becca Ann says:

    Brush teeth
    brush hair
    moisturize my face
    apply makeup

  43. scarlette10 says:

    pee, coffee, shower, check email, brush teeth, off to school and work

  44. dani says:

    teeth shower-hair then body. Towel dry. clothes on run to work.

  45. Barbara says:

    Turn on tub faucet to drip for kitty enjoyment
    Brush teeth
    Feed cats
    Turn on computer

    3oink63moo484 (at) gmail(.)com

  46. Rhonda says:

    moisturize my face and neck
    do make up
    do hair
    brush teeth

    rhondastruthers at yahoo dot ca

  47. 007blond says:

    Eat oatmeal
    feed pets
    brush and floss teeth
    wash face
    facial moisturizer
    put clothes on
    put hair in pony tail
    put make up on
    go to work

  48. rsbryswrrl says:

    Mine's pretty easy – I do a scalp massage in the shower and rinse my hair (no shampoo – it dries out my curls), wash my face with an all-natural rose geranium face soap, condition and comb through my hair in the shower. Then I moisturize my face and body and get dressed, brush teeth and do my makeup.

    rsbryswrrl at gmail dot com

  49. Marc says:

    I start with a cup of tea because otherwise I'm grumpy all day…
    brush teeth
    and head off out the door. Oh, I do get dressed also!

  50. JRG says:

    Wash face.
    wash body.
    Brush teeth.
    Start the makeup process.

  51. Sami says:

    Shower, ears, pluck, lotion, brush teeth, dry hair.

  52. Jamie says:

    put on makeup
    brush hair
    brush teeth

    tmoobc [at] gmail [dot] com

  53. Eva J. says:

    Use bathroom, drink tea, drink more tea and go potty again. Feed the cats, clean up after cats. Beauty routine is simple, brush teeth, put on deodorant, put on moisturizer and run a comb through hair.

  54. her5boys says:

    brush teeth

  55. roseh2o19 says:

    comb hair
    brush teeth
    that's it

  56. Erika*Coffee says:

    Cleanser. Make Hair Acceptable. Sunscreen.
    Badda Bing. Badda Boom.

  57. Alice says:

    i don't wear makeup, so it's pretty quick. shower, teeth and some good creme and off i go :0)

  58. amandakbarnes90 says:

    I love that you mentioned Patrick Bateman's ritual! I just watched American Psycho last week! For my ritual, considering I am in college and wake up ten minutes before I have to catch the bus to campus, my morning routine consists of ..brushing hair, washing face with clearasil pads, brush teeth, brush hair again, put on concealer where needed, get dressed. :)
    Amanda Barnes

  59. karen says:

    Shower and shave
    Blow dry hair
    Brush teeth
    Style hair


  60. AEKZ2 says:

    Put in contacts
    Brush teeth
    Apply eye cream and moisturizer
    Fix Hair

  61. Judy G says:

    coffee, shower, wash face, brush teeth, moisturize, get dressed, put on makeup, dry hair, pause, take a deep breath. Then I grab a snack as I go out the door. No wonder I'm verging on being late for work every day!

  62. Kimberly says:

    It's shorter now since I'm out of work, but usually it would be brush teeth, wash face & moisturize, apply foundation, blush, lip stick, eye shadow, and then mascara, and then flat iron my hair. It probably takes less than 15 minutes for everything.
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  63. h. mcnaron says:

    more coffee
    brush teeth
    get dressed
    do hair
    do makeup

  64. clc408 says:

    Brush teeth
    Dry and style hair

  65. shelley says:

    Shower at night – get up – do my makeup then my hair – get dressed and get out the door!

  66. Huguette E. says:

    Brush teeth
    Wash face
    Eye Cream
    Comb hair
    Apply a little concealer and mascara


  67. Jenny says:

    Brush Teeth
    Style hair
    And my face is ready to face the world. Thanks for sharing some good fashion sense.

  68. mamaw says:

    brush teeth, wash face and put on sunscreen

  69. Karen says:

    I shower at night so in the morning I brush my teeth and hair and that's about it.

  70. erin m. says:


    i spend WAY too much time getting ready, i'm sure you don't want a novel here!!

  71. jack says:

    brush teeth
    and go

  72. julis55 says:

    - Shower and wash face
    - Put on various things
    - Brush teeth
    - Style Hair
    - Done!

  73. timothy l says:

    and go

  74. Jessica says:

    Dance and kiss my honey!

  75. llinda29 says:

    daily morning bathroom ritual is wash face, brushteeth and comb hair

  76. Sandra555 says:

    Brush teeth, wash and moisturize face.

  77. 409cope says:

    I brush my teeth,shower,moisturize face and body,deodorant,dry hair,brush hair,makeup on,dress,put on jewelry,pick out shoes and done.

  78. Gina says:

    My routine is simple, well at least the products are simple, I would love to be able to afford the fancy stuff:
    In the shower I wash, shave, brush teeth, wash face, then out of shower, apply deodorant, body lotion, eye cream, moisturizer, hair product, a little make up & that's it. Flossing is at night.
    yummyfaerie at hotmail dot com

  79. Faither says:

    vitamins, brush teeth, gargle, drain kidneys, water for dogs, water into coffee pot, creamer in cups, dog outside, vacate bowels, read devotional books and Scripture, turn on coffee, walk 3 miles, etc, etc.

  80. Jessica says:

    1. Take a shower (wash face/brush teeth/shave in the shower)
    2. Put on makeup
    3. Do hair
    4. Get dressed and go

    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  81. Sunnyvale says:

    Breakfast before getting dressed!

  82. mogrill says:

    Go potty, wash face,brush teeth, apply moisturizer to face, get dressed,squirt some perfume on and I am good to go. Thanks for the chance.

  83. Joan Elliott says:

    Mine is easy peasy! Brush teeth, wash and moisturize face, dab of makeup, brush hair and go!
    hi_joan_elliott at hotmail dot com

  84. Cowlady124 says:

    Then I always eat breakfast.
    Depending on what day it is, since I work part-time at home I would:
    check email, do the work I find from the e-mails, still in my pajamas, great, right! When I am finished working I then shower, brush and floss, moisturize then dress and fix my hair. No makeup unless I have to go out, I try to get away with no makeup as much as possible. I think that is better for the skin, and I need all the help I can get!
    If I don't plan on having a commitment from work I would skip the checking email part until later in the day.

  85. jennem says:

    Brush hair.
    Brush teeth.
    Leave the house.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  86. LV says:

    Brush Hair
    Brush Teeth
    Dry Hair

  87. ChelseaF says:

    -Dry Hair
    -Wash face
    -Brush Teeth
    -Wake up boyfriend
    -Eat Breakfast

  88. Courtney says:

    great giveaway! i wash my fash, put some kind of ojon serum on .. then i moisturize, then i put eye cream on!!! ! !

  89. txgiggles45 says:

    My daily morning routine is to wash my face with a peach scrub and then moisturize with an Avon product.

  90. wildcat32 says:

    I use the toilet, take a shower, have a cup of coffee, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, get dressed, pull my hair in a ponytail, and then get the day started.

  91. Tony says:

    I shower first, then apply deodorant before getting dressed. I brush my teeth while my skin dries, then I apply Coconut Oil to my face neck and arms. If I am shaving that day I shave before the coconut oil. That is really about it.

  92. Tracey says:

    Wash face and hands, brush teeth, apply deodorant, brush hair.

  93. pamcallahan says:

    Hair in Ponytail

  94. Genny says:

    Brush teeth, wash face, apply makeup, throw hair in ponytail, run out the door!


  95. Boehm says:

    Crest SpinBrush Teeth
    Irish Spring Shower
    Biore Scrub Face
    American Crew Style Hair
    Get Dressed
    YSL Cologne
    Eat a Banana
    Walk to Work

  96. Nikki says:

    I always wash with DHC Olive soap and then I use an eye cream. I use an under-eye cover-up with powder foundation, then add eyeliner and mascara. Usually that's about it.

    nik_har at yahoo dot com

  97. Theresa says:

    Aside from the usual business, my husband uses Nivea Scrub for Men every 2 or 3 days and moisturizes everyday with a L'Occitane product. Depending on the look he's going for he uses different hair products, sometimes pomade, sometimes styling wax.

  98. Mel W says:

    Put contact in
    eat cereal
    watch weather report
    brush teeth
    wash face
    do hair

  99. dreeg says:

    Wash face
    Brush teeth
    Brush hair

    My email is visible in my profile because of spam bots I don't want it to post it. If my entry is disqualified please let me know.

  100. coliebear says:

    Moisturize, brush teeth, makeup, straighten hair, perfume, and go.

  101. Joe McDonald says:

    1. Sleep in past alarm.
    2. Frantically scramble to get coffee into my system and get out the door on time.
    3. Forget to shave or shower.
    4. Arrive at work looking unkempt.
    5. Clean up when I get back home from work.

    -Joe McDonald (joethomasmcdonald at gmail)

  102. Benita says:

    Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Moisturize. Lipliner. Lipstick.

    Coffee in hand-out of house.


  103. Food Historian says:

    COFFEE, get dressed, feed cats, more coffee, eat breakfast, shower, skincream, deoderant, comb hair, brush teeth, get dressed, begin work day at computer.

  104. ky2here says:

    Brush teeth
    electric shaver
    facial moisturizer – elastin
    body moisturizer – jergens
    hope no one at the gym sees me doing the prior two.

  105. shelly says:

    always shower, face toner, vitamin c serum, moisterizer face and bod. brush teeth, makeup then dry hair and get on with the day

  106. Stephanie says:

    2 yr. old wakes me up at nasty early hour, run to pee, change diaper, dress child, feed child, have cup of tea, wash and moisturize face, brush teeth run out door.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  107. Dawn says:

    my morning ritual
    teeth, hair, face,
    go to work.

  108. PAIGE says:

    brush teeth
    wash face
    eye cream
    get dressed

    time to go back to sleep…

  109. deb c says:

    brush teeth
    put on face
    fix hair

  110. JMB says:

    Clean ears
    Apply deodorant
    Brush teeth
    Wash Face
    Apply astringent
    Apply acne lotion if necessary
    Apply Moisturizer
    Apply Eye Cream
    Get dressed
    Style Hair
    Apply Chapstick
    Spray cologne

  111. Fangirl Jen says:

    I will speak for my husband…

    Brush Teeth
    Style Hair

  112. Amber says:

    My daily routine is pretty basic. Wash my face, brush my teeth, brush my hair, moisturize and put on a litle bare escentuals!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  113. Wes says:

    - Shower and wash face
    - Put on various things
    - Brush teeth
    - Style Hair
    - Done!

  114. iluv2blog says:

    Get in the shower
    Brush teeth
    Fix hair & face

  115. mar says:

    wash face
    brush teeth
    dry hair
    get dressed
    grab coffee
    leave house

  116. Missybeez says:

    style hair
    brush and floss teeth
    clean ears and nose with a Q-tip
    moisturize face
    apply makeup

  117. cafecivet says:

    -Brush teeth (Love my Sonicare)
    -Make sure crusties are out of eyes

    (I usually shave, showever, and wash my face at night)

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