Celebrity Fashion Trends – The Influence of Menswear in Women’s Fashion

Typically we think of fashion as pretty clear cut between the genders. Even with the onset of “metrosexuality” in the previous decade, which introduced more traditionally feminine cosmetic elements into men’s personal fashion, it’s been more about beauty than the clothing. Notably, teeth have really become quite the focus of men’s beauty, with companies like The Schulhof Center NY providing lingual braces services.

david beckham and v global fund event in london

But, believe it or not, throughout the ages, menswear has had a distinctive influence in women’s fashion. A few examples are the rich fabrics like tweed and velvets from the 1940’s that have made their way from men’s to women’s closets. Tailored trousers, pantsuits, and oxford shoes have transitioned from menswear to women’s wear. Also recently, certain styles of women’s jeans, sweaters, and watches have been dubbed “boyfriend” style, as an ode to having been borrowed from men’s styling. And, seriously, what girl would refuse incognito braces over the old fashioned, supposedly “cute” multicolored wireframes? Yuck!

The menswear influence in women’s fashion has even made a re-appearance in formal wear, as seen on the Red Carpet at several events. My first example is David and Victoria Beckham at the Global Fund Event in London. You have David in a nicely tailored, traditional black suit, while his wife puts her twist on a menswear inspired look by adding a plunging neckline and a split-sleeve/cape-like effect to the suit jacket.

george and elisabetta canalis milan fashion week

The next two are George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis who were spotted at Milan Fashion Week. George is sporting the classic monochromatic look of black from head to toe. Meanwhile, his date Elisabetta , has taken a bold shouldered black pantsuit and feminized it by lowering the neckline and cinching in the waist with a single gold button closure. And I bet both got the incognito lite nyc treatment not too long ago!

justin t and jessica at Runner Runner premier

At the movie premier of “Runner Runner”, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel graced the Red Carpet in the ever-popular tuxedo look. Justin’s ordinary looking navy tux with the tie-less dress shirt is overshadowed by Jessica’s curve-hugging double breasted jacket and slim black ankle pant. She also accessorizes excellently with her ruffle-cuff tuxedo shirt, black leather pumps, and lunch box style purse. Out of the three ladies, I think Jessica nailed it!

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