Celebrity Fashion Trends – Red Carpet Country Style at CMA Awards 2013

This last Wednesday, November 6th, was the 47th Annual Country Music Awards that was held in the Bridgewater Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Along with the acknowledgement of accomplishments, there was the glitz and glamour or the red carpet, with some attendees being more glamorous than others. Being Country Music, there was an interesting mix of both casual and classic styles among the gentlemen.


First, is Tim McGraw. He opted for a trending plaid suit in beige that was a “yawner” and he tried to spiff it up with a satiny burgundy colored dress shirt, but leaving the buttons undone to his navel did not help at all. I think that if he had worked his outfit around his black “10-gallon” hat, he would have had more of a “winning” look.

2013_CMAAwardsArr1_t607 duck dynasty

Next, are two of the infamous brothers from the Duck Dynasty show: Jase and Willie Robertson. Even though they are duded-up for the 47th Annual CMA Awards, neither one has stepped out of character. Jase is wearing his “dress beanie” with his good black t-shirt and black suit jacket that is paired with their notorious camouflage pants and black boots. Willie has on his characteristic flag bandana, along with a fairly stylish black suit jacket. His white dress shirt is casually un-tucked and his whole outfit comes together with a pair of “flaming” work boots.

Neil Perry, Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry

Lastly, is a stylish family band that consists of two brothers and one sister: Neil, Kimberly, and Reid Perry from “The Band Perry”. Kimberly is the center of attention with her champagne colored, beaded gown that is feminine without being overtly showy. Neil’s grey textured suit is well-fitted and he pops it with a white button-down. I am usually not a huge fan of bow ties with regular suits, but I like it with his youthful look. Flanking Kimberly’s other side is brother Reid Perry, who took the “grey trend” a little darker with his deep charcoal suit. I also like his choice of a printed tie, which keep the suit a little edgy.

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