Celebrity Fashion Trends – Male Stars’ Sunglasses of Choice

Have you ever wondered what brands of sunglasses your favorite male stars are always wearing? They’ve all got impressive eyewear collections, but some brands are dominant. To each their own, right?  We had a look through the wardrobes of the most popular male celebrities of the moment, and here’s what we discovered:


1. Brad Pitt loves Tom Ford sunglasses. It doesn’t matter if they’re square shaped or aviators, the actor favors the stylish label for everyday wear, as well as for the red carpet. Sometimes, he even lends them to his partner, Angelina Jolie. Sweet!

2. Leonardo DiCaprio loves Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. At one point, the actor was spotted buying four pairs of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses at once, and he’s been wearing them thoroughly since. His favorite style are definitely aviators, whether plastic or metal.


3. Robert Pattinson loves Ray Ban sunglasses. The Twilight star has two sunglasses styles that he always wears: the classic Wayfarers and Clubmasters, both by Ray Ban. They look good with t-shirts as well as suits.

4. Justin Bieber loves Super sunglasses. The young singer is a promoter of a young and hip brand, Super. He’s usually wearing their trendy shades in black, and he likes them angular.

5. David Beckham loves Police sunglasses. As an ambassador of the brand, David Beckham is often wearing Police sunglasses. He usually picks sports models, which is only natural for an athlete like himself.

6. Gerard Butler loves Marc Jacobs sunglasses. The actor is a wearer of interesting aviator styles, most of which come from Marc Jacobs. They’re angular and sometimes have innovative temple details.


7. Ryan Gosling loves Persol sunglasses. The sexy blonde made Persol sunglasses his signature look. Whether round, square or aviator shaped, the actor likes having their iconic arrow design covering his temples.

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