Celebrity Fashion Trends – Incognito Style

When celebrities are trying to stay out of the spotlight, they usually try to wear things that will not attract any particular attention or may wear something that is a little out of character to disguise themselves from fans and paparazzi. This example is one of the most well know actors of our time, who is testing out the eco-transportation in NYC this summer.


Leonardo DiCaprio is keeping it casual in his heathered grey v-neck t-shirt, cuffed blue jeans, and blue canvas slip-ons. His outfit is not unlike something that you would see on any guy, however, Leonardo’s newsboy cap, aviator sunglasses, and facial hair help to keep his identity hidden and his bike ride enjoyable.

olivia wilde in nyc

Next, is Olivia Wilde who was spotted strolling down the streets of New York City. She is dressed in skinny jeans, beige suede ankle boots, a trendy “front-tucked” graphic T, and a cropped black leather jacket. Olivia accessorizes with a great oversized black leather tote and tries to blend into the crowd with her large lens, dark-shaded sunglasses. However, with her signature facial bone structure, the glasses don’t disguise much. At least she’s not trying to scoot by wearing something skimpy – she’s already too well known for her body for wearing the likes of the womens loungewear, let alone the womens swimwear on SwimsuitsDirect.com.


Lastly, is a photo of Simon Cowell and his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman that was snapped while they were on vacation in St. Tropez, France. These two have caused quite a stir lately in the tabloids with Simon being the father of the baby carried by his best friend’s wife, who I wouldn’t expect to see any time soon in the likes of Becca bikinis either. It doesn’t appear that they are trying to hide from the public at all with just the use of shades, but what was more curious to me was for a guy who is worth about $370 million, could Simon have possibly selected a t-shirt and a pair of jeans with style? His “ill-fitting” white crew neck t-shirt looks like something that was pulled out of a plastic package and his striped, bleached denim jeans were just boring. Even on a casual day out, I would expect more from a multi-millionaire.


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