Celebrity Fashion Trends – 67th Annual Tony Awards

This past Sunday was the 67th Annual Tony Awards, which brought many celebrities out to celebrate the nominees and recipients of the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre. It was held in the Radio City Music Hall in NYC and had a host of fabulous and frightening fashion.

The 67th Annual Tony Awards - Arrivals

One of the fabulous looks on the Red Carpet was Zachary Levi and his beautiful guest. Zachary looked outstanding in his navy blue, double-breasted tuxedo with matching tie and crisp white dress shirt. The fit was fantastic and he was a stunning accompaniment to his date’s simple surplice burgundy gown that had a fresh pop of color in its turquoise trim.

Skull jacket Tony awards

A wild style suit jacket that you will either like or hate was worn by the infamous Boy George. He was seen wearing a multi-colored skull jacket that had a little sparkle with some sequin trim and was paired with a solid black button-down. The look was pushed over the edge by Boy George’s gleaming black chapeau, as he has a tendency to do. If you like something out of the ordinary, then the skull suit jacket might work, however, I would probably skip the hat. And is it just me or is the Boy been sporting hair pieces lately?…

Jessica Parker Tony awards

One of the frightening looks that I saw at the 67th Tony Awards was worn by Sara Jessica Parker. This black disaster takes lingerie to an unreal level. I have no idea what she was thinking when she slipped into this semi-see-through, strapped-on bustier with the panty cut-outs. You can almost hear the mental comments of the crowd behind her. Put some hair extensions on her and you’ll see a resemblance to Elvira!

Bad dressing woman tony awards

The last fashion nightmare was a red polka dot dress that looked like she stepped too close to the office shredder. Also, you can’t help to mention the lack of material across the bust with the deep v neckline. I hope she has glued everything down with lots of Hollywood tape to prevent any “wardrobe malfunction”.

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