Celebrity Fashion Trend – Rock Prescription Eyewear

Even though there have been times when glasses were not “in”, this year is not one of those times. People have really embraced wearing their eyeglasses as much as a fashion accessory as a necessity.


One guy that is always on the top of the list when it comes to fashionable eyewear is Johnny Depp.   Whether he is on TV or in the magazines, he always seems to be wearing a new cool pair.  I’d like to see his collection because it must take up a whole closet on its own.  This particular pair is one of many different Moscot eyeglasses that Johnny has in both clear and tinted glass. The vintage look of the round lens and coppery colored tortoise frame blends well with any wardrobe, always remaining in style.

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomination Announcement

The second guy that rocks his eyeglasses is Justin Timberlake.  He incorporates his prescription eyewear as part of his look.  Justin goes for more of the “Buddy Holly” style in this pair of black squared-off frames.  The shape is perfect for his face and shows off his “baby blues”. You can find a similar pair, the Emilee Reading Glasses by Goo Goo Eyes to be exact, at pretty much any men’s reading glasses site worth its salt, e.g. ReadingGlasses.com

Jay-glasses  jayzee large frame

Another guy that has embraced his need for eyewear is Jay-Z.  His eyeglasses are a little more modern looking with the oversized black frame, but the style could also be a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s.  The shape is not really round or oval and the lenses are slightly tinted. Even though these oversized glasses might be called “geek-wear”, they are definitely right on trend. Check out a pair of Giorgio Armani 823 Bifocals to rock a similar look.

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