Celebrity Fashion Spotlight – The 2013 VMA Awards

Since the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony on August 25th, the Internet has been buzzing with the sexually suggestive performance by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. Robin is no stranger to controversy with his latest music video “Blurred Lines” pushing a few limits. Even though Miley and Robin were heating up the stage, his outfit couldn’t have been less “hot”.

robin thicke

The wide black and white striped suit is a cross between referee and prison inmate. If the stripes weren’t unflattering enough, the low-cut waistline left a belly bulge and the spandex-like fit of the trousers showed every lump. It was even stated that he was channeling Beetlejuice. The pendant on his chain was also gross; better to go with something from Marketcross Jewellers next time, buddy – perhaps a chain from Baldessarini? The only things that were remotely redeeming about Robin’s look were his signature sunglasses, long whistle chain, and black sneakers.

adam lambert

One guy who was rock and roll ready was Adam Lambert. He wore a cool steel blue tuxedo that had a reptile-like printed jacket with thin lapels, and a one-button closure. The trousers had almost a tie-dye effect with the mix of the darker and lighter tones. Adam topped off the look with a funky pair of platform grey leather shoes with contrasting soles and trim. He rocked this Red Carpet in style.

2013+MTV+Video+Music+Awards+Arrivals+richard simmons

Lastly, is the guy who arrived at the VMA’s ready to “sweat to the oldies”, Richard Simmons. His orange sequined hummingbird tank top was a perfect accompaniment to his lime green hummingbird leggings. I guess it would be hard for Richard to exercise his way down the Red Carpet in a tuxedo and oxfords when you are used to a more casual, sparkly style.

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