Celebrity Fashion Spotlight – Lady Gaga: True Fashion Victim

Fashion is about personal interpretation and the need to make a statement through the use of clothes and accessories. Celebrities are becoming far more outlandish in terms of the clothes they wear and the way in which they present themselves. There is strong competition, particularly within the music industry and the need to be prominent is overwhelming as it is the very basis of a music career. Artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé are known for having their very own sense of style, which incorporates high fashion with their own take on what style is.


However, in recent years there has been a new breed of pop star created, one that is truly unique and that uses superb marketing ploys to build a legion of fans to maintain a longer shelf life. Lady Gaga is the perfect example of this, she stormed the charts overnight and has since become the perfect modern pop star leading to a barrage of copy cats that try to emulate her success with their edgy pop music and shocking fashion choices that not only secure their place in the media but in the hearts of their fans.

Lady Gaga is a pretty, err, unusual person that embraces and exploits her eccentricities as a way to gain the spotlight and produce the most media attention. Her fashion sense has been the easiest way for her to capture attention and the items she wears are highly unusual and would not have previously been considered fashionable until she began to wear them. The star can be seen out in anything ranging from animal slippers to PVC trench coats and people hold her up as the epitome of fashion, her style shows no fear and she is expressive and unafraid which is the very heart of fashion and its purpose.

Lady Gaga does not just use high profile events to showcase her look, she makes sure to stay in character at every possible opportunity and although her look may be seen as more casual away from the stage she will still be seen in skimpy outfits or a typical dominatrix look which seems to be favoured, complete with 8 inch heels obviously. There is a great deal of pressure on pop stars to stay in favour and it is so often the case that the media and the public build up stars to simply watch them fall when the shine on their star begins to fade but someone like Lady Gaga will continue to be outlandish and unusual in an attempt to have career longevity. Many pop stars turn to Madonna in terms of career length; she has been able to constantly reinvent herself in order to maintain her star status and many other stars look to emulate her success. There have been many comparisons between Gaga and Madonna and it looks as though Gaga will be able to mimic the format that has made Madonna such a success.

Lady Gaga uses style as a way of securing her place and her status and her outlandish look can easily be toned down or vamped up in order to regain public attention should it ever begin to wane. Lady Gaga is slowly becoming more famous for her style and her bold statements then her music although her lack or style restrictions and limitations correlate perfectly to the music that she makes. Her star is shining brighter than ever in recent years and her clever marketing ploy seems to be securing her place whilst offering a range of other opportunities such as clothing labels, she truly is the epitome of a fashion victim in every way possible.

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