Celebrity Fashion Spotlight – Black and White at the Billboard Music Awards

This year at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas there was a definite trend of “black and white” in both men’s and women’s fashion. There were some that were elegant, cool, and just outrageous.


One of the guys to rock the Red Carpet in black and white is the Rapper “Taboo”. His leather jacket is color-blocked by the black sleeves, white body, and silver studded striping. The asymmetrical details of the stripes and uneven hemline give the jacket interest. It is paired with black “drop crotch” pants and a set of lace-up boots.


Someone who used black and white to create and optical illusion was Miley Cyrus. The “jumpsuit” has been resurfacing in fashion this year, but I don’t get this one at all. The hand-crocheted detail s of the neckline and bodice could have made a pretty top alone, but the continuation along Miley’s hip, thighs, knees, and calves is just bizarre. Also, the black and white diamond pattern reminds me of a “Court Jester”. However, I am a fan of her short hairstyle and make-up in this photo.

Will-i-am- billboard music awards

Another male singer who looked cool and crisp in white was Will-i-am. His triple layered t-shirt, button down shirt, and sports jacket is the perfect accompaniment to his slim leg dark trousers and sparkly white loafers.


Someone who could have used a little more black in her gown was Jennifer Morrison. The “bustier” and shear drape-like skirt made her look like she and Madonna went shopping together at the “Ladies of the Evening Emporium.

So, out of the four listed here, I think that the guys won this round!

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