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Last Minute 2015 Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, wow mom with the perfect gift. Our gift guide is sure to put a smile on her face and let her know how much she means to you.

Draped DiamondGrouping

You can’t go wrong with a touch of sparkle. Golden Thread is an online jewelry story where you can personalize the perfect pendant, signet ring or bracelet. These custom-designed pieces start at only $40 and are sure to please. Add an initial or a meaningful name, so mom knows you’re always with her, or check out their other designs like these Diamond Bar Necklaces.

There’s no better way to thank her for raising you then with a day of pampering. Book mom a blow out or make-up session at StyleSeat. With over 250,000 stylists across the country you are sure to find one in your area!

Want to pamper mom without breaking the bank?  A set of rejuvenating face masks from nügg comes with soothing, hydrating, deep cleansing, and exfoliating masks to help mom look and feel her best. Sets range from $10-$15 for a relaxing day at home.

DrScholls-Scout-B7354L4902-black taupe-3rt

For the laid back mother or mommy-to-be, give her a dose of cool and comfort in the Original Collection by Dr. Scholl’s Scout Slip-On Sneakers. These easy to wear styles in black leather, leopard and polka dot have been favorited by celeb mothers such as Mila Kunis, Tori Spelling and Alessandra Ambrosio.

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Women dealing with hair loss

Are you a woman dealing with hair loss? Yes – then make sure to have a read of this.

You may think that hair loss tends to affect men more than women, but that isn’t actually the case. Many women suffer from hair loss, whether that’s due to genetics, aging or a medical condition, hair loss is just in common in women as it is in men.

If you have recently started to lose your hair, you might be feeling a little bit down about it. And that’s okay, losing your hair can be a big shock and can knock you off balance for a little while.  The important thing is that you get back up again.

Suffering from hair loss as a woman is particularly hard. For many women suffering from hair loss, one of the major downsides is a loss of self-esteem and negative feelings towards your new look.

Of course, at first it is normal to resent your new look and feel anxious about it, but it is important that you learn how to change your mindset and get back to feeling like you again. Your lack of hair might make you feel less attractive or less feminine, but it shouldn’t do – hair or no hair, you are still just as beautiful as ever.

If your hair loss has led to low self-esteem, the first thing you need to do is change your mindset and boost your confidence levels. You might not believe it right now, but trust on this, without hair you can look just as fantastic as you did before.

To help you look and feel great without your hair, we have put together some handy tips and ideas below:

Get pampered

You might not be feeling great about yourself right now, but with a bit of pampering you will start to feel better. There’s nothing that a good pamper session can’t fix – book yourself into your local spa and spend the day being pampered.

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house just yet, that’s okay too. Why not hire a mobile beautician and ask them to come to your home. Or, failing that, hold your own girly pamper session at home with your friends, female relatives or daughter.


Fake it

While you probably aren’t going to be able to get your hair to grow magically back, what you can do is fake it. Just because you don’t have hair, it doesn’t mean the whole world needs to know that.

For short-term hair loss, consider investing in a good-quality wig. Google search your nearest wig specialist and head to the store to find a wig – make sure to opt for a human hair wig. While horsehair wigs are much cheaper, they look are lot less realistic than wigs made of human hair.

For long-term hair loss, while you could wear a wig, you might want to consider a more permanent solution. Restorative hair treatment, like hair transplants, is amazing for treating hair loss.

However, as restorative hair treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure, it can be rather pricey. Have a look online to find a suitable clinic and then have a look at the hair transplant cost – before choosing a clinic, compare the prices of two or three different ones.

Dress to impress

You might not feel great about your lack of hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort and dress to impress. It might seem unimportant, but if you dress nicely and know you look good, your confidence levels will improve.

Treat yourself to a shopping spree and go out and get yourself some new clothes. Take a friend with you and go from shop to shop trying on outfits that make you feel confident and attractive. It’s amazing how much of a boost new clothes can make to your confidence levels.

Losing your hair is devastating and can totally ruin your self-esteem. But with a bit of pampering and a shopping spree or two, you can start to rebuild it and get back to being your happy, confident self.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Manicures

Grey has got our attention, and no, we’re not just talking about the smoldering stare of Jamie Dornan.  The color, a mix of black and white, has flooded the fingertips of models at New York Fashion Week. “Grey is the new neutral; it really is,” Danielle Candido, lead artist for Morgan Taylor shares.


At Sally LaPointe, Candido went for a light grey.  By mixing together Morgan Taylor’s “Scene Queen” (a grey-beige with subtle shimmer) and a hint of “Sweater Weather” (a creamy grey also used at Angel Sanchez) she created a custom, dove grey manicure, perfect for fall.

gunmetal nails

To highlight the sequins and beadings of Carmen Marc Valvo’s collection, Candido created a gunmetal mani with a black stripe.  This silvery grey creation was made by mixing Morgan Taylor’s “Metaling Around” and “Mattes a Wrap.”  By mixing the two polishes together rather than layering, Candido explains that it keeps the reflective quality of the polish but  adds a muted background.  An off-set black line was then drawn on the nail in “Little Black Dress” and highlighted with “Make it Last” top coat to add shine only to the black polish.  This two-toned mani really makes everyone look twice because of the different textures, “it’s not just simply a black line on a grey nail, it really adds dimension.”

Angel Sanchez grey nails

Angel Sanchez knew the power of a grey nail and enlisted lead artist Gina Edwards to create “Le Smoking” nails.   To complement Sanchez’ designs, she brushed on “Sweater Weather” by Morgan Taylor and “Need For Speed” top coat, layered under “Make It Last” for a high-gloss finish.  This super shiny dark charcoal nail perfectly complemented Sanchez’ ’70s glam, vintage YSL esthetic.  The collection transported the audience back to Studio 54; however, the mani’s look trendy and relevant.  While we can’t wait for spring, this cozy named polish has us excited to bundle up for fall!

From dark steels to lighter shades, grey is a color anyone can pull off; proving that for fall 2015, orange isn’t the new black, grey is.

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The Best Leather Accessories For A Lady’s Wardrobe

You might not give a lot of thought to the material that your accessories are made of, but many people will only settle for the best. When it comes to accessorizing, whether it’s a jacket or a belt, leather is one of the most desired materials, if not the most. You can guarantee that leather products have been carefully crafted and will last you a long time. If you love leather, there are lots of accessories that will never go out of date. So invest in some of these leather items and enhance your wardrobe for years to come.



It’s much better value to buy a quality pair of leather shoes that will last you years. If you need to buy a new, cheap pair every few months, you could end up spending a lot more over the same time frame. Much like many other leather accessories, there are lots of styles both men and women can buy that will never go out of date. They might be practical men’s sneakers for walking or outdoor pursuits, or they could be smart Cole Haan wingtips for the office or going out. Although people often say you need to “break in” a pair of leather shoes, you should look for some that feel comfortable almost right away.


Belts will always be useful whether it’s for a practical reason or just to add something extra to your outfit. Although they were originally meant to hold up your pants, they have other uses too. Women can use them to bring in a dress or shirt at the waist when they need to give their figure more definition. Leather belts make smart accessories to wear with suits or smart casual outfits, but they’re also fantastic for everyday use too. Leather belts with big buckles are especially fun, whether you wear them with a pair of jeans or around your waist with a floaty dress.


Although some people don’t bother with wallets anymore, they’re essential to keeping all your money and cards organized. You can go without, but you’ll struggle with more than a couple of notes and a card. Your wallet goes through a lot, getting thrown about in your bag or sat on when it’s in your back pocket. That’s why leather wallets are best; they’re sturdy and will last longer than other materials. And, of course, they look smart. So you don’t have to be embarrassed when you take out your wallet at a business meeting.


It may be women who supposedly have an obsession with bags, but leather bags make fashionable accessories for men and women. Briefcases and satchels are perfect for work and other formal situations. And then you have handbags and “manbags”, which are ideal for taking anywhere you go. A couple of decent leather handbags are a much better investment than a closet full of cheap bags that don’t last a year.

Leather is definitely the material to go for if you want stylish, timeless and durable fashion accessories. It’s worth paying a little extra for excellent quality.


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Jackets vs. Florals For Spring 2015

Depending where exactly you’re currently residing, spring may (or may not) be in the air. Unfortunately, in these parts, not so much. I could wear a heavy duty Tracksetter Belstaff jacket (Accent Clothing have a great range here if you want to check them out) out and still feel right comfortable!

Spring Leather –  Belstaff Tracksetter Olive


But if you’re lucky enough to be seeing lots of sun in your neck of the woods, consider storing away the leather and lightening up your closet with a great floral print. One of the easiest ways to dress for spring when there’s still a chill in the air is denim. We love a floral top peeking out from under a chambray shirt or jean jacket and it’s a great way to wear your warm weather wardrobe, before it’s well… warm.

Here are our some of our favorite floral looks:
Eighty Sixtys Cross Front Floral Top-min

The wear anywhere top

Eighty Sixty’s Cross Front Floral Top is the perfect dress up (or down) shirt for spring. The light lavender color and soft floral pattern will instantly upgrade everything from your work wardrobe to your Sunday brunch plans.

Glamorous' Botanical Boxy Tee and Midi Skirt-min

The bold botanical print

You couldn’t possibly be mistaken for a wallflower with a large and colorful print! We love Glamorous’ Botanical Boxy Tee and Midi Skirt.  Like a great suit, the two pieces work well together. However, you can also break up the pair and add a white or pastel top to soften the skirt or a nice pair of jeans to dress down the cropped boxy style top.

Haute Hippie's Flowy Short-min

The loose spring short

A silk short with a floral print is a great way to add some spring to your weekend.  The blush florals and relaxed fit of Haute Hippie’s Flowy Short make it a great choice. Pair with a strappy sandal and minimal top for a sweet outfit worthy of street style stardom.

Mother Nature might not be ready, but your closet has spoken and it’s yearning for spring!

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The Hottest Hair Coloring Trends Right Now

Hair color trends constantly change as time passes and what was great a few months ago is most likely not hot right now. There are many changes that happen as months pass and you may be surprised to see some of the very popular trends right now. While we cannot actually go through all the hair coloring trends, we will mention those that are very popular and that you may want to consider.



Balayage is much more interesting than using foils when referring to hair painting. We can easily notice that hair coloring is now based on balayage and the trend is expanding really fast. The technique is used in most modern coloring techniques like French brown and babylights and is even popular among fitness enthusiasts, according to FashionologyMag.

Pastel Hues

Many that visit ask for pastel hues that are not present in nature because this trend is highly popular among celebrities. You will notice that there are many cases in which women choose baby blues, pale pinks, light violets and apricots. You can see these colors all around NYC.

In the fashion world, the pastel hues are sometimes referred to as unicorn hair color. If you do not want to dye all the hair, you can consider just some strands or the addition of paste-colored highlights.



Baby blonde highlights with the use of the Balayage method can look really great, as highlighted with models like Dominika Grnova and Karlie Kloss. The popularity of babylights quickly grew and it is a shame to notice that many do not even know what these are.

Babylights are basically really thin highlights that are completed in a long period of time as hair is separated in small sections. Color variants are used to paint sections of sections. The babylights are really small highlight sections, popular with Hollywood celebrities.

Brunette Hair With Caramel Colors And Chestnut Shades

This trend started with the Duchess Of Cambridge and quickly became a hit among women from NYC and from the entire country. Women started to embrace natural brown hair and add chestnut shades or caramel colors in order to obtain a highly attractive look.

Brunette hair trends range from blondes and ombre to caramel balayage. The highly popular French brown is a mixture of 3 brunette hair color shades that are balayaged in order to create a natural, multi-dimensional effect.

Sombre Hair

Ombre was really big in the past, but now, Sombre colors are much more popular. This hot new trend is an evolution of ombre, which was quite popular around 2 years ago. In case you are not aware of this, somber is all about having pieces fade, with the ends lacking highlight. If you do not like the obvious look, it is possible to choose something more subtle when you ask a professional hair stylist with a lot of experience in hair coloring.

There are always hair coloring options that are available for all women that want a brand new look. If you have no idea what you want but you know that you want a change, arrange a meeting with a really good stylist so that you can see some available options.

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