Cape Coats Are More Than A Novelty

Love ’em or hate ’em, cape coats are here to stay. While they may not be the most practical addition to your wardrobe for a snowstorm, they are a great way to inject a little style into your layered cold weather ensemble.

Wayf's Collarless Woven Cape Camel is a great autumn color and will bring your style “on fleek” in a gorgeous cape. One of our favorites is Wayf’s Collarless Woven Cape. While some capes look dated and old (or worse, like you’re a super hero) Wayf’s, with it’s front button tab closure and a sleek silhouette, is modern and sophisticated.

Kinglsey Pinstripe Wool Cape Coat

Alice + Olivia really hit the mark with their Kinglsey Pinstripe Wool Cape Coat. With it’s “chic mock-neck,” pinstripe design and leather trim, you’re sure to look like your favorite fashion blogger or Hollywood It girl.

Take the trend to another level with this cape and jacket hybrid. Akris’ Aldona is an alpaca and wool cape jacket perfect for those chillier days. In a soft romantic Quartzite hue, the Aldona is the perfect addition to any outfit. Who says you can’t rock a cape and have the warmth of sleeves too?

Mural's Cape Blazer

For an office ready cape, try Mural’s Cape Blazer. Featuring the structure of a traditional blazer with spliced sleeves for a cape-like feel. We love the idea of incorporating this fun piece into your work or weekend look. Try adding some rolled up boyfriend jeans and a casual tee for the perfect airport/ grocery shopping/ running around town look, just in case the paparazzi are following you. Or pair with a contrasting color trouser (heather gray would look amazing!) to really shake up those Monday blues.

Since the cape is such a statement piece, keeping the rest of your outfit simple is the way to go. You may not be superwoman, but that’s no reason not to wear a cape all fall long!

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Thoughts on Today’s Fashionistas: Online and Off

Do you love fashion? Do you see fashion as an art form? Do you view clothes as a way to express yourself? Do you scour the best boutique clothing sites out there to see what the top forms of elegance are in today’s society? If that’s the case then you might just be a fashionista.


Style, expressionism and art surround us, particularly in the form of what we wear. This is fashion at its core. You can add to this by learning more about the different styles of blouses and pants designs. You can read into the history of dress patterns and talk with your friends about their likes and dislikes in clothing styles to see what can potentially be done to make fashion better. If this is your passion, then you’re a fashionista at heart.

The best of the best; that is what you strive for. In style and fashion and in art. The best comes from the best of brick-and-mortar clothing stores and the best boutique clothing sites. Huge chains can contribute to a fashionista’s online selection but these giants will never have the level of understanding and classiness that a small online boutique does for the customer.  A true fashionista in today’s mixed world of digital glamour and physical sophistication is one that integrates the intangible and tangible forms of fashionable art into one but knows the differences between quality and want-to-be quality.

It is a simple mix of both that give away to a true persona of style. But what exact characteristics go into donning the lifestyle of a fashionable person? The archetype of a fashionista can go by the following traits and behaviors:

  1. You own the wearing of your clothing, not the other way around.
  2. You view fashion as one of the most elite forms of art.
  3. Your friends, family and admirers appreciate your sense of fashion and come to you for advice on what to where and when.
  4. Fashion to you is a way to develop your self and personality.
  5. Shopping is not simply fun time but study time, whether it be at downtown shops or on one of the best boutique clothing sites that you recommend consistently to the people of your life.
  6. Seeing the beauty of strangers and friends alike is one of your strong suits, particularly when those people do not see their own beauty.
  7. You are not a slave to the latest trends or hottest fads. You own who you are, in personality, style and attire.

Being a fashion-forward lady does not mean you need to read Vogue every day or check for sales at the most popular shop in town. It means that you know how to identify and build out the most becoming traits in a person’s wardrobe and lifestyle. Shopping at the best boutique clothing sites can truly contribute to this process because the internet is where some of the most unique and amazing styles and ideas come from. One single find from a unique website can make all the difference in brightening up a lady’s personal style and get heads turning. A fashionista knows how to do this through and through.

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Pantone Colors for 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity

The Pantone Company originally began as a printing company in New York City in the 1950’s. Its claim to fame was the Pantone Color Matching System, which was exemplified by the Pantone Guides’ cardboard color swatch system that allowed designer to perfectly color match in their creations.


Since 2000, Pantone has released the Pantone Color of the Year, which inspires the fashion industry to create new items for the year in these tones. I can already see some hints of those colors in some brands’ collections, like the above House of Fraser T-Shirts or even their Polo Shirts! This year is the first time ever that Pantone has chosen two different colors to blend for the up and coming seasons. They chose “Rose Quartz”, which has a soft warmness in the blush-pink tone and “Serenity”, which gives off a feeling of cool calmness in the blue family. You can see the inspiration for this color combination in the nature all around us like the evening sky, the petals of flowers, and the delicate butterfly.

pantone mens fashion

For men, you have already been seeing the Pantone colors of 2016 on the runway. The powdery blue of “Serenity” fits perfectly into spring in this airy zip jacket and matching trousers that is paired with a deeper blue print shirt and black leather accessories. It is an easy color for men to incorporate into their wardrobe. The “Rose Quartz” is a warmer tone that is displayed in the runway look with a pull-over, short-sleeve collared shirt, slim pants, and matching accessories. This rosy tone may not be wearable head to toe for some men, but mixing it with items in charcoal grey, navy blue, and taupe will add a new dimension to the look.

Pantone color of the year womans images

In looking at Pantone colors in woman’s fashions this year, you will see the fabulous blush-pink tone in items like make-up and nail polish, footwear, and handbags like this one from Yves Saint Laurent. You will also see the chosen colors mixed together in clothing accessories like scarves, which can be added to many different outfits to spruce up your look. Don’t forget that you can add a little fashion splash to your home decor by incorporating these tones with a few small changes like new bathroom towels, a crisp pair of sheets, or toss pillows for the couch.

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Why Do Ladies Love Mehndi Designs So Much?

Mehndi designs are taking the world by storm, yet many people in the West (specifically the male part of the population) have no idea what is meant when they see the term in print or hear it from the lips of their excited female friends. Yet it seems that this classic traditional fashion from the Far East is catching on in every corner of the globe, even the social media obsessed West. It’s a hot new design, yet it’s centuries old in origin. So what is Mehndi design, and what is it all about?


Why Are Women Going Crazy For Traditional Mehndi Designs?

Henna mehndi designs (Sometimes spelled Mehendi design)  are cropping up on online stores and fashion outlets thousands of miles removed from their origins in the Far East. This may surprise you at first, until you take a look outside your window. You may just notice quite a few women wearing bright, colorful symmetrical designs on their skirts, tops, and dresses.

Mehndi fashions have managed to penetrate the mainstream culture in ways that are sure to captivate and delight your eyes. For example, you might see women using cell phones that feature Mehndi designs on their covers, or wearing brooches, bracelets, and earrings that incorporate these classic designs. One thing is for sure: If you look for them, you will certainly find them!

What Is The Secret Of Mehndi Fashion Appeal?

Many people are asking themselves just what the secret of the appeal of Mehndi fashion is. As it turns out, there are a number of answers that could be given in response to this question. Perhaps the biggest part of the appeal of Mehndi fashion is its versatility, its long history of tradition, and its ability to look good on nearly anything and anyone.

Mehndi Designs Are Sweeping All Across The Western World

Mehndi designs are sweeping all across the Western world at an astonishing rate of speed. This is one so called “fashion buzz” that is beginning to look like anything but a fashion trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. Companies all across the world, such as Craftsvilla and many others, are doing their best to crank out Mehndi design themed items for women to snap up. This is a trend that shows every sign of remaining in fashion even after the initial hype and buzz has long worn off.

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Review of Egyptian Angles Rings from 7 Charming Sisters

Recently, we had the pleasure of receiving some fine items from a very cute and growing jewelry shop called 7 Charming Sisters.


Apparently formed by seven enterprising ladies, the company aspires to sell amazing (yet afforadable) jewelry designed for women from all classes, creeds, and affects who “aren’t afraid to showcase their style”. Today, we focus on the Egyptian Angles Rings, which consists of a set of 3 stackable golden rings and a wonderful buy for the price.

egyptian-ring-2 Here are the basic facts: Each ring of the Egyptian Angles Rings is made of 10k gold plated metal alloy and hit at ¾” diameter for a size 7. No closure on these and the retail price for the set is $16.99. Now, on to the fashion and fit: I really liked these three-in-one rings! They’re definitely trendy what with accessorization still being hot to trot, and these are especially fun to mix and match. Each ring is the same size, so they are best worn on the ring and middle fingers. The fit runs on the slightly larger side of nearly true to size, which is makes it easy to mix and match.


Now, about the looks: The gold color is as displayed and works beautifully with a casual weekend outfit or dressed up. The bar ring is the outlier- the two triangles nest perfectly together in true stackable fashion, and work equally as well individually. The bar is fine worn individually but all three rings together MIGHT be a bit much. Your mileage may vary though!

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Infographic: The Kurti Trend

Our friends over at Jabongworld, who specialize in Southeastern Asian garb, assembled an infographic for us about the Kurti, a women’s clothing option that is popular in the East but less-than-well-known in the West. Click on the thumbnail image below to open a bigger version and learn something new about modern Eastern fashion for women!

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