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The Perfect Rain Boots

There are a lot of articles flooding the internet about winter boots. After checking out many of them, I found, to my surprise that several of their suggestions weren’t really weather-proof at all! No matter how cute those little suede booties or leather riding knee-high boots look they won’t last long in three feet of snow!

We compiled our list of the top boots. Not only are they cute and stylish but they are made for all weather from rain and sleet to snowstorms!

First, the perfect rain boot:

Burberry's Check Belted Rain Boots

There is nothing more annoying that rain boots. Sure they look adorable on children but sloshing around the streets in rubber boots with flowers or duckies on them is anything but fashion-forward. If it must rain, make sure to pack one of our wear one of our choice below. With so many chic options you might look forward to a little wet weather.

Burberry’s Check Belted Rain Boots are one part tough and two parts practical. The wrap around strap and metal buckle add the edge while the matte rubber fabric and rubber grip sole make them perfect for jumping from puddle to puddle.

burberry stud boot
Want even more toughness in your boots? Try Burberry’s Stud Detail Belted Rain Boot and hit those soggy streets running. Or for a more classical approach, the Canvas Check Detail Rain Boots are a rainy day must. The distinctive pleat and buckle detail add a little something extra to the classic rain boot. Plus the matte finish gives them an air of luxury.

Miu Miu Pointy Toe Rain Boot

Hate to trade your heels in for rain boots? Now you don’t have to! Miu Miu’s Pointy Toe Rain Boot features a 3 1/2″ heel and rubber sole. While heels aren’t great for those really bad days, they are certainly a good option if you hate carrying a second pair of shoes in your purse for work and would love to wear one pair all day long.

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How to Expand Your Summer Wardrobe into the Colder Months

If you’re still in love with that cute sundress you bought in June and aren’t ready to put it away in the back of your closet just yet, listen up. You don’t need to give up on all your favorite summer pieces just because the temperature drops. All you need to do is add a pair of tights and a cardigan and you can transform your summer looks into chic cold weather staples!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 3.11.07 PM

It’s easy; start with your favorite summer piece, add a cozy knit and maybe even a skinny belt to tie the look together. Then layer on some comfy tights and a pair of boots and you’re good to go!

It couldn’t be simpler and with so many amazing tights on the market, they’re a great way to not only stay warm, but add a little extra something to your outfit.

Hanes Silk Reflections in Chevron

For a little extra flair try Hanes Silk Reflections in Chevron. This on-trend pattern features a chevron cut-out perfect for those days when there’s a slight chill in the air. It’s a great way to dress up a solid color dress or change up a boring outfit by simply swapping out your regular black tights in favor of these fun patterned ones to give your look an instant boost! If patterns aren’t your thing don’t be afraid to shy away from color. A bright pop of color is a great way to change up an outfit!


To add a little feminine allure to your outfit try Hanes Silk Reflections Scrolled Floral and Sheer Backseam. These two sheer control top nylons are perfect for date night. While they aren’t as warm as say a pair of thick sweater tights or Hanes Silk Reflections Opaque Tights, these sheer options will make you feel extra sexy and heat up the rest of the night. Just make sure your seams are straight and you’ll be ready for a steamy night out!

Hanes Silk Reflections Boot Liner Tights

Now maybe you don’t like tights with boots. We understand, your foot slips around, socks are so much better. However, who wants to layer socks on top of tights? Not us! Hanes has got you covered. The Hanes Silk Reflections Boot Liner Tights provides you with a sleek silhouette and the ribbed foot makes walking in boots with them a breeze!

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Stocking Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Protect yourself from the winter chill by stocking up on your cold-weather wardrobe. You don’t have to start from scratch as there are some basic pieces that you can still wear and layer over with a snug coat. Clothing essentials for the season should not only keep you warm but also let you express your personal style as well.


If you find that most of your winter clothes are already worn, you can choose to replace them with store-bought ones. You can also shop for clothes online for more convenience, especially if work or errands keep you busy most of the day.

When stocking up on your winter wardrobe, here are the items you should never face the chill without.

Year-round items

Many clothing pieces are always in season, such as a classic black tank and plain black and white shirts of varying sleeve lengths. You should also have a crisp white blouse and a fitted white button-down shirt that you can wear for any function. You can also buy blouses in dark and light neutrals. Keep the details such as ruffles and buttons minimal but timeless.

Don’t forget the little black dress that you can top off with a cozy coat for winter. Black pencil skirts, jeans, black pants and tights, and khaki pants are also always in season. For shoes, you will never go wrong with basic black pumps, ballet flats in a neutral color, and evening shoes in a versatile color, such as silver.


Winter essentials

Layer those basic tops with a heavy sweater, cashmere hoodie, or leather jacket, and you’re good to go. You can also invest in a comfortable turtleneck sweater in a lightweight fabric such as wool, which can blend in well with any pants you have on without adding bulk. An alternative is a cowl-neck sweater. The best pants for winter include dark-wash, boot-cut or wide-leg jeans, gray flannel pants, and wool trousers. Keep warm in a winter coat, parka, a black cashmere wrap coat, or a down vest of a neutral color such as black, navy, or brown. Keep it classy in a wool overcoat. Pull on a pair of knee-high boots or Wellies to keep your feet warm.


Layering bulky clothes can make you look frumpy in winter, but not if you add pizzazz to your look with various accessories. Your winter wardrobe accessory must-haves should include belts both wide and skinny to accentuate your silhouette. You can also stock up on knit and Pashmina scarves to add interest and color to your basic wardrobe. For jewelry, something that adds color and drama to an otherwise dreary wardrobe is a must. Keep your hands safe from the biting cold with a good pair of wool or knitted gloves. Keep your head warm with berets and knitted beanies!

Textures and fabrics

If your personal style is dictated by textures and fabrics, stock up your winter wardrobe with clothing pieces made from suede, dark denim, wool or tweed, velvet, and leather. You can also have silks, satins, and black lace on standby for something chic and classy!

Happy winter dressing!

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Your Skin In Your 20s, 30s, And 40s

Your skin ages just like you do. The skin undergoes several changes during puberty, and lines start to come out as you get older. Wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of aging will slowly show on your skin. However, there are some things you can do in order to keep your skin looking healthy.


Use sunscreen regularly

The sun does damage to unprotected skin. If you don’t put on sunscreen regularly, your skin will age more quickly and you can even have skin cancer. Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun by making it a habit to apply sunscreen on your face and body, especially when you go out in the summer and winter. Find the best natural sunscreen and make sure that it has at least SPF 30. Remember to reapply throughout the day, especially if you go swimming or do activities where you sweat.

Exfoliate weekly

If you want your skin to have a radiant glow, make it a habit to exfoliate weekly. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells. If you get rid of the dead skin cells, the new skin will be evident and you will be radiant. However, be careful not to over exfoliate, as this can damage your skin.

Keep skin clean

This may be a basic step, but cleaning is important in order to make your skin healthy. Wash your face daily with face soap and water and make sure to remove makeup before you go to bed. Make sure not to wash your face excessively, as it removes the natural oils that we need. Choose products that are ideal for your skin type.

Get enough sleep

Lacking sleep can make your skin look dull and old. Having enough sleep is also good for general health. You will experience less anxiety and will feel rested. Make sure that you stick to a sleeping schedule.

Change lifestyle

If you are a heavy drinker or smoker, this will advance the skin’s aging process. Excessive alcohol intake can give your skin a reddish appearance, while smoking breaks down collagen and makes the skin look dry and dehydrated. Furthermore, if you are someone who likes spending time outdoors, lessen your sun exposure, as it is unhealthy for the skin and will also give you an uneven skin tone.

Visit a dermatologist

If you have skin conditions or if you are allergic to skin products, it is best to visit your dermatologist for a consult. You may need special products for your skin that you can’t get in the drug store. Your dermatologist can also give you the best advice when it comes to looking after your skin, especially as you get older.

These are some things that you can do in order to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy even as you age. If you take care of your skin, you may take years off your appearance and you will live a healthier lifestyle. Use products that are already tried and tested. If you have a product that give you the results that you need, stick to that!

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The Perfect Autumn/Winter Looks For 2014

With each new season come new trends in fashion. This autumn/winter, you can make yourself look like you came straight out of the runway with a few makeup tips. There’s no need to go to the salon and have someone else do your makeup for you. With a few tools, materials, and tricks from the experts, you can have that model look that will make you stand out from the crowd this autumn/winter season!


Before you get your foundation makeup, here are a few perfect looks for autumn/winter 2014.

Dark lips

The dark lip trend is back and it is perfect for autumn. This look is perfect for a night out with friends or a dinner date with your significant other. Go for deep and dark reds. Use lip gloss with your chosen dark shade to get the impact of the color without appearing too harsh. Use lipliner to outline the shape of your lips and prevent the dark shade from going outside the lines. You wouldn’t want to be a hot mess during your date.


Metallic shades are also in this season. It is best for parties, holiday gatherings, and even a stroll downtown. There are plenty of shades to choose from, but to look classy and glamorous, stick to silver, copper, gold, or bronze. You can use metallic eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, and eyeliner. Just make sure not to use all metallics at once to avoid looking like a clown. Events hints of metallic shades and subtle lines can do wonders.



Fake lashes are trendy this autumn/winter. If you want your eyes to pop without using too much makeup, eyelashes should do the trick. Thick and long eyelashes coupled with the perfect shade of eyeshadow can make you look like a glamorous beauty queen. It also adds drama to your look. When using fake lashes, go for nude makeup to keep the focus on your eyes.


For barely-there makeup, go neutral and use highlights and shades to add a bit of dazzle to your face. Emphasize your face’s best features using neutral colors and you will get a simple, yet classy look that will be great for an everyday look. A clean face will always look good no matter what you wear.


Use a dash of color if you feel fun and flirty. You can play with different colors, but the best one for autumn/winter is blue in different shades. Some of the shades that we’ve seen on the runway include azure, cobalt, cerulean, and sapphire. Play with eyeshadows, colored mascara, and eyeliner. This can make your eyes pop, especially if you have blue-colored eyes.

Getting a runway look doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow the latest fashion trends and research on runway looks, you can recreate the makeup and style of models easily. Research the best products to use and you will end up looking like a model. Follow trends that are perfect for your face, and soon, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

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5 Boundary-Pushing Jewelry Shops on Melrose Avenue

When you live in Los Angeles, it goes without saying that you need to be on the cutting edge of fashion just to blend in. This city is so style-centric that even the meter maids are working hard to look fierce. Almost everyone knows the best boutiques and thrift stores to find the most fashion-forward clothes — but when it comes to accessories, many Los Angelites are wandering around in the dark.

Accessories are what make or break an outfit, so knowing where to find the perfect pendant or a terrific timepiece will give you access to unparalleled chicness. The next time you’re wandering around Melrose Avenue, be sure to step into a few of these stores and take a look at the up and comers in the world of jewelry.


1. Maya

Open for more than 40 years, Maya has been providing Los Angelites with some of the most diverse and unique jewelry the world has to offer. Their selection changes regularly, as people carry in and out one-of-a-kind pieces unavailable anywhere else, but you can usually find a good choice of men’s and women’s rings as well as a plethora of wooden crafts (which aren’t jewelry, but exceptional and eye-catching all the same).

Maya also boasts the city’s largest selection of body jewelry, so if you’re searching for a new stud, plug, chain, or hoop for any of your body piercings, step in here before you go anywhere else.

2. Altivo

If you have a more narrow scope — say, timepieces — you might need a more specialized shop, but luckily Melrose boasts the city’s absolute best watch store. Altivo has a fiercely devoted base of loyal customers because Altivo on Melrose Avenue sells only the highest quality timepieces, but they are willing to work with any budget. Though the vast selection of watches within Altivo may be daunting to some first-time watch buyers, the exceedingly helpful employees are trained to match you with the perfect style, so you’ll leave happy and confident in your purchase. They can move seamlessly from top designer watches like Fossil and Diesel to practical and fitness brands like Luminox and G-Shock; trust us, Altivo can fill all your watch-related needs.


3. Resurrection

You might know Resurrection for its unbelievable grabs in vintage clothing. Hands down, they have some of the best selection in the world when it comes to collectible and vintage styles. However, few people stop to ogle the jewelry counter, and this is more than just a shame — it’s a mistake.

While generally the more memorable jewelry trends of the past don’t exactly hold up well with modern tastes, hundreds of designers have created timeless pieces that are just as beautiful and desirable today as they were when introduced. Browse old collections of Hermes, Chanel, and others to find those knock-out pieces to complete your ensemble. Additionally, don’t miss store owner Katy Rodriguez’s beautiful creations mixed in with the bunch; her line of jewelry earns you style points without taking a big bite out of your budget.

4. Kelly Wearstler

Not yet a household name in the fashion world but still rising high all the same, Kelly Wearstler just recently opened her flagship store on Melrose to raucous applause. This world-famous interior designer has expanded her talents to include fashion and jewelry as well, and her shop has it all, from large sectionals to delicate dangle earrings. Kelly’s jewelry isn’t old, but it is eclectic and cutting-edge; you’re unlikely to see pieces like hers anywhere else in the city.

You’re likely to find items in each of her three current collections (mélange, classic, and fine) that call your name, so it’s best to come with outfits in mind, or you might find yourself with more rings than you were expecting to buy.

5. Jewels by Alex

Out of all of the shops listed, this one probably resembles most closely what one imagines as a jewelry store. The store features comfortable seating, lighted display cases, and jewels glittering everywhere the light touches. While Jewels by Alex might appear from the outside like a bargain-box jewelry shop, they are hiding real gems within.

This family-owned company scours the city for the best styles and quality stones, so you can be sure you’re getting a unique and valuable piece. The knowledgeable staff is exceptional at pairing pieces with people, so even if you don’t know what you want, they do.

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Look Out for These Fashion Girl Musts This BLACK FRIDAY

While we love Thanksgiving, it’s common knowledge that the day after might just be one of the best days of the year to score some killer sales.  While it’s possible to score big, be careful not to get caught up in the chaos and excitement as not every sale is really the best.  Experts say this is a great time to purchase electronics and high end items, but other gifts such as sweaters and sneakers might actually get cheaper closer to the holidays!  Want in on the shopping fun but are unwilling to wake up at 3am and lose some precious family time?  You’re in luck; the following Monday, which is now known as Cyber Monday, provides some fantastic deals online!

While we’re sure our cult fashion favorites won’t lose their hefty price tags completely,  these are the items that we’ll be on the look out for:

The Burberry Sandringham Slim Fit Trench Coat: regularly $1,795

burberry trench 2

Why we love it:  This iconic coat has a rich military history which is reflected in the epaulettes on the shoulder, the gun flap fastens at the chest and a storm shield cover on the upper back.  Made of tightly woven yet lightweight breathable cloth, the coat is protective against wind and rain.  Made in England, this coat was originally designed by Thomas Burberry back in 1879!  The Sandringham takes this classic coat and updates it slightly with a slimmer fit that nips in at the waist.  The details and tradition of the coat, paired with the famous Burberry check, have landed this item on our must have list.

A blended Burberry scarf: regularly $395

burberry scarf

Why we love it:  These lightweight scarves look great paired with a classic trench or all on their own.  Try the Check Wool Silk Scarf in Trench Check or The Check Wool Silk Gauze Scarf in Stone Check.  No matter which material feels better to you (or which you can find a better deal for) you can’t lose!

Céline Leather Mini Luggage Tote: regularly $2,900 and up

Céline Leather Mini LuggageCéline Leather Mini Luggage (2)

Why we love it:  It’s hard to go wrong with such a beautiful roomy structured tote.  It looks great in almost every style and color from black pebbled leather to a pop of burgundy.  Be wary though, Céline still doesn’t sell bags online and only certain stores sell them. (Call Barney’s or Nordstrom to see if the store near you carrie.s Céline or if you’re lucky enough to live in a big city, check there website. They have a few boutiques in Manhattan and other major cities as well as the Céline salon at Bergdorf Goodman in NY.)

Louboutin Stilettos: regularly $795- $845

Louboutin Stilettos

Why we love them:  They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts but when it comes to shoes it’s the bottom!  There’s nothing more fashionable and recognizable then those red soles.  For a great nude peep toe try Flo, which features a petite platform and comes in a range of “nudes” from light Lea to the darker Ada.  Or opt for a classic pump such as the New Simple Pump which is sure to be your next go-to shoe.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag: regularly $4,900

Chanel Classic Flap Bag
Why we love it:  Chanel is the epitome of fashion.  It’s classic, timeless and only gets better with age.  Some people literally purchase Chanel purses as investment pieces.  With its quilted design, double C closure, and chain link handle, this Chanel bag goes with everything.

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