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How to Judge a Quality Wig

When experiencing hair loss, buying a wig can be one of the most important purchases you’ll make. However, what was once a fairly nicheindustry is now widely available to everyone, with a huge range of wig types on offer. To help you sort through the choices you now have to decide between, below is a list of tips on how you can best judge a quality wig.


Check the Materials

The materials that it’s made from should be on the top of your list of priorities when wig shopping. If authenticity is important to you, professional companies, such as Transitions Hair, can provide you with a range of real hair wigs to choose from. The other main category of wigs is synthetic wigs. If it’s something that you’re going to be wearing each day, then you need to make sure you know exactly what it is you’re wearing. Human hair wigs are the popular choice for people wanting a wig to wear daily, as they look and feel natural and can be styled just like you would your own hair.

Read Customer Feedback

The best way to judge a product before you buy is to find out what other people are saying about it. All legitimate companies selling wigs will have a customer feedback or testimonial section where you can compare queries, complaints or recommendations. Don’t just look at the one company’s website though. Do an internet search to find where similar wigs might be sold or forums where people can openly discuss the benefits or disappointments of their own purchase.

Price Range

Unfortunately, good quality wigs are not cheap, so price should be a good indicator of whether you are purchasing something decent or are wasting your money. High quality wigs can sit in the price range of $400 – $1000, so if you’ve found one significantly cheaper, be wary. The opposite also applies though. If you’re looking at buying a wig that is at the higher end of the price range, take some extra time to do more research and compare it to brands elsewhere.

The Fit

A good quality wig will be comfortable to wear. It may take a little getting used to at first, but it should be soft on your head and not scratch your face or poke in places it shouldn’t be poking. You should want to put it on every day. How well it fits also includes how good it looks. If you’ve purchased a good quality wig, it should look as though the hair is actually growing from your scalp and the hair should fall naturally around your face. The wig should also be easy to style, as if you were doing your actual hair.

Believe it or not, purchasing a wig can be a fairly overwhelming process, especially if it’s to boost your confidence after rapid hair loss. The important thing to remember is not to settle for second best.Even if it means spending a tiny bit more money or taking an extra week to compare other brands and styles, it’ll be worth it when you have the perfect wig.

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Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Whether you are purchasing glasses for the first time or simply wish to purchase a spare or new pair of spectacles, it is important that you carefully consider your options. When it comes to glasses, simply choosing the most or least expensive pair or a pair from your favourite designer isn’t always the best option. Not only should the glasses help you to see better, but they should look good too! Choosing the right glasses for your face shape is important. Everyone’s face is different and the shape of your face will determine the style of glasses that suit you. Whatever your face shape, there is a style of glasses to suit you.



Oval is probably the most common face shape and is characterised by a rounded chin and forehead, with the face appearing longer than it is wide. Those with “oval” shaped faces are fortunate in that most styles of glasses will suit them – only hair colour or complexion will deter you from picking one style of glasses over another. However, frames that are at least as wide if not wider than the broadest part of your face tend to look best.


If you have a “rectangular” face shape, you will have a long face, square chin, strong jaw line and long nose. Large, square frames are best suited to rectangle face shapes. They will help to make the face appear more balanced and in proportion by appearing to shorten the length of the face. If you have a long nose, choose a set of frames with a low nose bridge to make it appear shorter.


A triangular face shape is characterized by a broad forehead with the face then narrowing down to a rounded chin. Those with “triangle” face shapes should choose light coloured or rimless frames or frames which are wider at the bottom to minimise the look of the width of the top of the face and bring it more into proportion.


If you have a “round” face shape, you will have full cheeks and a distinctly rounded chin. Narrow rectangular frames will help to lengthen the appearance of your face. Choose frames with a clear bridge to put focus on the eyes and nose and provide a better balance to your face shape.


A square face shape is quite distinctive. You will most likely have a strong jawline and broad forehead with the width and length of your face equal in measure. To soften the strong jaw line and lengthen the look of the face, choose narrow oval or round frames. Do not be tempted to go for square frames as these will cause the face to be unproportioned.


Not everyone falls under the “traditional” face shape categories. The “diamond” face shape is quite rare and is characterised by a narrow forehead, chin and wide set cheekbones. Diamond shaped faces tend to be narrow at the eye line so it is important to choose a set of frames which will draw attention to the eyes. Glasses with decorative detail or even dramatic, oversized frames are the best choice for “diamond” shaped faces.

Keeping these tips in mind when you go to purchase your next pair of glasses will give you an idea of what type to buy that will compliment your facial features and shape.

About the author:
This post was written by Carlo Cretora on behalf of Nichola Kennedy Optometrist in Kildare, Ireland. Carlo is a freelance blogger and social media consultant.


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Gag Gifts Are In Fashion

‘Gag’ gifts, sometimes lost on the receiver, and other times, a big hit at birthday or retirement parties, necessitate premeditation.  Like the art of comedy, some do well in achieving a desired effect while others fail horribly, and ‘tank’ with the audience.

Before you give the gift of gag, consider the following insights related to the when, where, and who.

The Victim

Of course, any person is a potential victim of a gag gift.  Yet, like snowflakes, we’re all unique, some unequipped with a good sense of humor.  Moreover, some people don’t mind a gag but draw the line when the joke is on them.  Before you plan on someone becoming the eventual victim of a gag gift, be sure that person has the sensibility and penchant for humor to appreciate the gag rather than rue being the butt of the joke.

The Occasion

There is no gospel regarding when to give and when to abstain from providing gag gifts, but one must consider the occasion.  As mentioned in the intro, a retirement party is a good occasion for a light-hearted gift.  However, giving a gag gift in exchange for attending a grand, ornate wedding is a faux pas.  Moreover, in addition to the recipient, one must consider onlookers.  Grandma may be appalled when your girlfriend unwraps a present that is better given in private for example.  Maybe you need two (an appropriate and less appropriate for the masses) gag gifts.  Shop your online gifts store for ideas.

The Exception

Some are destined for greatness, and such heights necessitate confidence and a bit of risk.  For example, the employee who does not blindly agree with but challenges an overbearing boss is presented with a raise and promotion for candor.  Exceptions exist in life, and the gag gift is certainly that – an opportunity to get noticed.  Playing the devil’s advocate, don’t dismiss a well-placed gag’s influence on others and how they perceive you, and separate you from the herd.

The Backup

A successful comedian always has a ‘backdoor plan.’  So, in case an edgy or risky joke goes over poorly, they can still get the audience back in the palm of their hands with an added turn of the screw or subsequent gag.  Have some kind of backup plan (like a serious present) reserved.  There’s no harm in trying, yet a poor performance is more likely forgiven if you have a reserved present in place.

The Legacy

Don’t miss your chance to catch the gag on film.  Aside from your smart phone or mobile device, manufacturers offer covert cameras that capture moments you don’t want to forget. Check out this high definition pen cam for instance.  Preserve the legacy of your gag and the levity of the occasion by capturing it on film.

The Consensus

Sometimes, it’s best to get the perspective of others before going forth with a gag gift.  Ask a few friends or family members, who know the intended recipient, if they believe the ‘gag’ is appropriate.  You’ll sacrifice the element of surprise yet grow better assured of the subsequent feelings and actions of the recipient.

Karina Davis loves to buy gifts for her huge family. A passionate writer, when she finds a new idea, she loves to sit down and share it with others online. Look for her entertaining posts on a number of websites and blogs today.

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Places Where You Can Still Wear a Bikini During the Winter

When the winter months get to their most brutal, Americans tend to get irritable, and they also tend to forget to care for their bodies. The cold makes us eat more, feel lazier, and ultimately, gain weight. Nobody wants to be stuck inside all winter long.

If you need some inspiration to keep taking good care of yourself and your bikini body, or if you’re just tired of drinking hot chocolate and sitting by the fire to keep warm, you need a winter vacation.


When it seems like it’ll always be cold and there’s no hope for ever wearing light jackets or strictly fashion scarves again, there are tropical vacations that are still warm and bikini-approved in the dead of winter.

1. The Florida Keys

For many people, a trip out of the country might not be in the cards. International travel is stressful, expensive, and the price and hassle might require more than just a few days in paradise to justify.

Instead of traveling out of the country to find the warmth, just head to the Florida Keys! Although many Florida beaches can get a little too chilly for bikinis during the winter months, the Keys are known for holding an average 80 degrees year round!

The Keys are full of beach activities that are all bikini appropriate such as beach volleyball, jet skiing, and just lounging on the beach. With 1,700 islands in total, you’ll never run out of things to do on the beach.

2. St. Martin and St. Maarten

If you are looking for a more cultural escape in your bikini, try this island. It is half French and half Dutch, and boasts thirty-seven beaches to relax on in your bikini in the beautiful tropical weather.

The different beaches offer many different activities, such as surfing, windsurfing, watching the colorful sunsets, and sand sports of all kinds such as soccer and volleyball.

Regardless of whether you are looking for high-end French restaurants or down home traditional Creole cuisine, every kind of vacationer can find the perfect place on this diverse and exciting island.

3. Maui

Although it is the dream of thousands of women from the coldest states to lie on a beach for a week in tropical weather, there are also some women who want to do more in their bikinis.

Maui is the perfect place for those women. Along with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Maui also has beautiful rainforests full of waterfalls and hiking trails that nature lovers will go crazy over.

For the adventure lovers, there are plenty of black sand beaches and beaches with fresh water caves and cliffs overlooking water deep enough to make cliff diving safe and enjoyable.

4. St. Lucia

For the bikini lovers who would rather be getting a tan while sailing around on a boat than lying in the sand on the beach, St. Lucia is the perfect place for you.

The skyline of this beautiful island is defined by the massive rock formations that are gorgeous and make for a beautiful day of sailing’s backdrop. St. Lucia is one of the most popular boat-friendly locations because of how clean and clear the water is leading up to the beach. Getting in and out of the water is a breeze.

In addition, St. Lucia’s clear water makes it one of the most popular beaches for snorkeling. All varieties of fish and other sea creatures can be seen and interacted with through the crystal clear waters of St. Lucia’s many beaches.

5. Los Cabos, Mexico

For the bikini lovers who also want nightlife to enjoy at night, beachfront paradises like Los Cabos are perfect. Los Cabos is a center for drinking, dancing, and dining, as well as one of Mexico’s most popular entertainment destinations.

As an added bonus, December and January are right in the middle of gray whale season, so make sure to bring binoculars!

Moreover, if you are looking for a new bikini to go with your fabulous beach vacation, check out the great selection at For details on these and more locations, go to!1-intro

Kate Stefanski is an avid beach-goer and fashion blogger, the sort of person who laments the cold and always strives to find the best places to go to retreat from the encroacing winter. If you wish to learn more you can visit on Google+.

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Need a Last Minute Gift For X-Mas?

High Tech

Who doesn’t love the latest and greatest technology?  Give someone special a high tech gift they weren’t expecting.

Opening Ceremony and Intel MICA: It seems everywhere you go, smart watches are all the craze.  While we love the idea of a watch, why not up your style game with a smart bangle.  Opening Ceremony has crafted a gorgeous snakeskin bracelet powered by Intel so now the fashionable girl can also keep organized with appointment reminders, yelp recommendations, email, and text notifications.

Opening Ceremony and Intel MICA watches


Kotur ‘#getsmartbag” iPhone case:  What’s better than an iPhone case? One that turns into a chic evening bag with room to store lipstick and credit cards. Plus the best part is you can answer emails, receive texts, and even take photos without ever taking your phone out of your bag.  On the negative side, this hybrid minaudière is too tiny if you have a lot you need to take with you.

Kotur getsmartbag iPhone bag

Classic Favorites:

Sure they aren’t the newest or latest, but sometimes those items that have stood the test of time make really great presents.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Convertible Crossbody Bag:  This designer bag is just the right size for every day use.  Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the most popular crossbody bags on the market.  We love it in black with gold hardware to take it from day to night or try it in Taupe/Light Gold for a perfect bag to wear into the spring. (Order one now from and get a free RM luggage tag with purchase!)

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Convertible Crossbody

Anthropologie First Frost Jewelry Box:  This gorgeous delicate box will store all her treasures and it’s frosted design will look great on top of her dresser.  How can you go wrong?

UR Connected Leather Tech Gloves:  With an ultra soft lining these gloves will keep her looking stylish and warm on her commute and with touch screen compatibility, she won’t need to take them off to check her emails.

UR Connected Leather Tech Gloves

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Ensure You’re Feeling Comfortable In Your Christmas Dress This Season

It’s early December and people are cramming to buy their Christmas essentials—gifts, Christmas trees, and of course, Christmas party outfit. Be it a Christmas dinner with the family or Christmas office party or a Christmas party with friends, every woman would want to look fabulous. However, looking fabulous doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and support. Here are some tips to being comfortable in your dress and still looking fabulous for Christmas party season:


What to wear

Christmas parties are not like Halloween where you can wear an uber-sexy dress without people batting an eye. Instead, choose something that is casual and comfortable without being too casual. Slip on a dress and leave the jeans and pants at home for another day. If you really want to stand out, wear a pantsuit that flares towards the bottom, mimicking the way a dress would. For your dress, choose a comfortable length and one that suits your body type.

Choose for your body type

Determine your body type and use that to choose what dress to wear. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, choose a dress that accentuates your small waist and your curves. If you have a straight body type, you are lucky as it is the easiest one to dress. Most models and most dresses available in the market look good on your body type. To find your body type, look in the mirror and measure your shoulders, bust size, waist size, and hip size. Based on the measurements, you will be able to find the correct body type that suits you.

Choose good underwear

Some people underestimate the value of good-fitting underwear. First off, make sure you have the correct measurements for your brassiere. Most women find that they are way off the size they are currently using. If you find that store-bought bras do not fit you well, you can have custom fit bras made for you. For bottom underwear, choose seamless panties that will not show lines when you are wearing a fitted dress. Make sure you are wearing the correct size so no bulges will show when you wear it. You can also choose to wear G-string panties for a completely seamless look.


Women often feel uncomfortable wearing fitted dresses as they think some unsightly bulges will be obvious. However, shapewear or underwear that shapes the body and removes bulges answers this problem. Spanx started the trend and now, several lingerie and underwear brands had jumped on the bandwagon. Some shapewear target specific body parts such as abdomen, legs, back, or hips.

However, there are also shapewear that can be worn like a short dress underneath, providing full support to your body. Shapewear comes in black or nude color so choose the one appropriate for the color of your dress. When wearing black or a dark-colored dress, choose black. If you are wearing a light-colored dress, choose nude shapewear. However, if you have dressed for your body type, unsightly bulges should be greatly minimized, if not hidden. You might not need to wear shapewear anymore.

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Women Knitwear Trends at AW14/ 15

Knitwear is a huge trend every single year and here at CEFashion; we’ve compiled all the trend reports from New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and all the AW14 catwalk shows around the world to bring you this winter’s most wanted knitwear trends. From the ever growing trend of folksy fashion to the return to one of the world’s most iconic knitting styles, we bring you the must-have looks for your winter wardrobe.


Chunky Knits

Chunky knits are really making a big impact this year. Think oversized cardigans, chunky cable knitted jumpers and huge polo necks which add drama to any winter outfit. Designers such as Prabal Gurung and Marc Jacobs have hit the runways with their chunky knit creations, displaying everything from knitted dresses to huge floor length scarves. Following on from the major designers at London Fashion Week, some high street leaders have also shared their chunky knitted designs on the runway, according to this report by

Cable Knits

Stemming from the chunky knits trend, the cable knitting style is by far the most talked about of the moment. It can be seen in high street stores everywhere and was first influenced by big LFW and PFW designers, such as Mark Fast who brought together loud colours like cobalt blue and pillar box red with huge textures. This knitting style is one of the most iconic styles of the 70s and 80s and now the catwalk brings us back to a time-honoured winter wardrobe look.


Homemade Knits

Believe it or not, creating your own homemade knitting could be bang on trend for AW14/15. This fall trend was inspired by catwalk legends such as Diane Von Furtensberg and Rebecca Taylor at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. Think vibrant colours, folksy patterns, cute beading and vintage-inspired crochet. Grabbing a vintage knit and customising it or knitting your own kitsch design from scratch will give your winter wardrobe the complete edge. And if you’re an upcycling fan, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now 100% chic to revive old, unwanted sweaters from your grandmother’s cupboard thanks to genius designers at NYFW.

Tonal Knitwear

Primary colours and vibrant colours are hot this season according to catwalk reports. But another colour trend that’s just as prevalent is the subtle use of soft, muted shades such as soft peachy pinks or simple nudes. Keep it tonal like Hugo Boss and Marc Jacobs at NYFW by bringing together a variety of cream and nudes to create a one-shade outfit that’s both subtle and elegant. To really give your all-nude look the ultimate edge, invest in high quality wools such as cashmere or 100% lambswool. Shop lambswool knits for men and women at Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

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