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7 Great Bags For 7 Different Everyday Situations!

  1. The Office

michael kors backpack-min

Choosing a bag for work is an important decision. There are a lot of factors to consider; how long is your commute? Will you be walking far? However, the Backpack has to be the main contender for this particular occasion. It is a bag favoured by commuters everywhere. However, backpacks don’t just have to be functional and practical; they can be packed with style.

The Michael Kors Marley Drawstring Backpack; a fashionable and functional bag that would be perfect for those long commutes and stuffy underground journeys. With two outer and four inner pockets, there’s room to spare, and, along with the adjustable shoulder straps, this bag is the ultimate work wear accessory, remaining functional and practical.

  1. The races

sophie hulme bucket bag-min

This is an event where style is of great importance and practicality…well, it will just have to wait. A bag that is desperately cool and on-trend this season is the Bucket Bag. A lot of high-end brands are catching on, but the ultimate version for me is the Sophie Hulme Mini Bucket Bag in brown suede.

This stunning accessory by Sophie Hulme is a work of art. However, this bag is not just aesthetically pleasing; it includes an inside pouch and an adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort. Wear with statement heels for an eye-catching look on race-day.

  1. The Eveningmcqueen silver clutch-min

Bags for evening events need to small and compact, but still glam. They need to have that touch of sparkle but be easy to hold in the hand. We all know that for this occasion, it’s the Clutch. In particular, the McQ by Alexander McQueen Bullet Kicks Clutch.

The Bullet Kicks Clutch is made entirely of cork, and is a grunge-glam alternative to the average clutch. With a gritty, silver texture and bullet bar wristlet, this bag screams attitude, staying true to the brands outlandish, rock ‘n’ roll theme.  It also features an inside zip pocket for extra storage so, fear not, this edgy clutch has ticked all the boxes.

  1. A Long Weekend away

nbarbour waxed holdall-min

A weekend bag is something that everyone should own. They exude sophistication, tradition and can also usually fit in aeroplane overhead storage. But seriously, they’re important. A perfect weekend bag is the Barbour Waxed Holdall.

This Barbour Holdall is a beautiful accessory with classic leather handles and branding. The bag is clearly big enough to fit in everything you could possibly need for a long weekend, but another fantastic feature is the classic Barbour waxed cotton outer. You really will feel right at home at a country spa-hotel with this traditional weekend bag by Barbour.

  1. An Interview

brogue bugatti shopper-min

Interviews are obviously important, and outfits are sometimes equally as important as what comes out of our mouths. Your choice of handbag should be something sophisticated and stylishly simple. A shopper or tote like the Armani Jeans Brogue Bugatti Shopper is the perfect option.

The Brogue Bugatti Shopper is a smart and elegant way to carry your daily essentials, as well as any formal documents you might need for an interview. With two top handles and patent leather panelling, this bag exudes class and style. Having room to spare inside, the Brogue Bugatti Shopper is the perfect bag to take to an interview; simple and chic with a no-fuss factor.

  1. A Day Shopping

viv west frilly snake shopper-min

When we go shopping, whether it’s with a particular item in mind or just for a stroll around the shops, we need to be comfortable. After all, who wants to be walking around a bustling city centre with an uncomfortable, heavy bag? The perfect bag for a day Shopping is the classic Tote. Vivienne Westwood have long been known for their beautifully designed and sometimes eccentric bags, and the Frilly Snake Tote is a shining example of that

With an entrancing snake design and frill trim, this Westwood accessory is a thing of beauty. With the brands iconic orb gracing the centre of the bag, this is an ideal companion for a long day of shopping.  The bag includes a removable and adjustable shoulder bag that will provide extra comfort if needed, and extra inside compartments ensure a sound amount of storage space.  As far as bags go, you can’t go wrong with a Vivienne Westwood number.

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Try Moringa To Look and Feel Like a Million Bucks!

With summer coming to an end, we must prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the changing weather which can be harsh to our bodies in many ways. When the cold starts to roll in, people start to bundle up and worry less about their beach body. Hibernation seems to take its toll on our motivation and therefore making finding energy harder. However, it is not a reason to neglect our health! If that is your case, here is a good and easy solution.


A new product has been trending lately in the health and food industry. It has been rated miraculous because of its numerous benefits. Have you heard of Moringa powder? If not, you must get your hands on this product. Not only is it natural and organic, it is very versatile. Everyone can definitely find a use out of you. It is never too late to take action and help your body feel better.


Moringa powder is made with Moringa oleifera tree leaves. For better results, it is preferred to use dried leaf powder over fresh leaves because it has been found to be more nutritious. It can be kept for several months and will not lose its nutrients. It contains about 20 types of amino-acids, 46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds. It can significantly increase your daily value of iron and calcium. It is also a source of many vitamins such as A, B, B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E. To top it off, it is a good source of protein and fiber. So if you intend on starting a diet, this can be a great option to consider in order to provide a more fulfilling meal. It is also very maternity friendly.


As mentioned before, this product is as great as it gets. If you suffer from distraction, Moringa powder will increase your concentration and focus. This can be very useful for students or people who must pay attention to detail on an everyday basis. For people wanting to start a diet, this plant can help increase one’s energy by increasing stamina and reducing hunger. For maximum result, it is recommended to exercise regularly and drink a lot of water for its effects to be optimized. Moringa products should be used as a complementary ingredient to an actual diet. Health wise, it can improve well-being by regularizing sugar levels, lower cholesterol and control blood pressure. Therefore this product would be very beneficial to people suffering from diabetes. It overall improves immunity system which can stipulate hair and nail growth. It also acts as detox and eliminates all toxins from the body. Beauty wise, Moringa products can enhance the appearance of skin by providing all its nutrients. It can be used to heal wounds and prevent pimples as well as delaying skin ageing. Overall, it can be used for various reasons.

Different ways to incorporate it in your daily routine

The easiest way to use Moringa products is to add it to your daily diet. It is suggested to use the powder version and add it to any meal preparation. It is also easier to dissolve in liquids such as smoothies and soups. If the taste isn’t to your liking, there is also the option of Moringa capsules. Either way, you will be receiving all its nutrients. By simply incorporating this product to your daily consumption, you will see and feel a difference. Don’t let this fall season get the best of you and choose a lifestyle that will bring out the best version of you!

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The Top 5 Beaches For Bikinis in Cancun

Cancun not only has great beaches, but some of the best beaches in the world.  The Caribbean is known for its warm water, soft white sand and crystal clear water.  The water is so nice you see a bright blue reflection from the usually clear skies.  Cancun has all of this in spades.  Along its shore, you can visit many of the best beaches you’ll ever see but there are 5 spots in particular that you must see.


The Hotel Zone is a stretch of coast that has some of the best beach spots.  If you stay in one of its hotels you can relax on the beach with a nice drink in your hand and get a tan that will be envious to all those you left back home.  We recommend you stay at one of these fabulous resorts to gain access to this section of Cancun.

One of the most highly rated beaches in Cancun is Playa Delfines.  It’s one of the largest but it also contains some of the best water.  If you want to get in and not just stay on the sand, this spot is ideal for you.  In the water out beyond the shoreline you can see parasailing and jet skies.  If you like those, go for it at Playa Delfines.  You can get there from entry places near the beach or by staying at the resort that connects to it.

North Beach, also known as Playa Norte, is actually on a nearby island and not in the Hotel Zone where you’re likely to stay.  To get there you’ll need to take a boat but once you’re there you can enjoy it’s sand and water and also visit the beach bars and restaurants.  The reason it’s one of the most popular spots near Cancun is because the water is spectacular and does not have any impediments that the other beaches have.  And since it faces west, you can see the sunset.

If you don’t stay in the Hotel Zone, getting to a beach may be difficult.  Not all of the best beaches have public access.  There’s one great beach where there is public access.  This beach is called Playa Forum.  It’s next to the Coco Bongo nightclub.  So enjoy the beach during the day and have fun at night.  There’s lots of fun and excitement going on at Playa Forum so if you need more than water and sun, this is it.

Right next to Playa Forum is Playa Chac Mool.  It’s almost the same beach experience but much less crowded.  There’s no resort or restaurant, no chairs and activity, it’s just you and nature.  If you want to skip the excitement and get back to nature, we highly recommend Playa Chac Mool.

And lastly, we recommend Playa Tortugas.  If you’re worried about waves and such because you have small children, this is the beach for you.  The water is calm and calming to you and your family.  But not everybody has small children or is afraid of excitement.  For these people Playa Tortugas offers a bungee experience.  And when the calm or excitement has lessened and you get hungry, go to the oceanfront restaurant and marina.  It’s a small beach so it can get crowded but it’s worth it to spend a day.

Now that you know where to go in Cancun once you get there, you need a place to stay.  Find a nice beach resort in Cancun to call home during your vacation and after you’ve checked in, go and check out these beaches.

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The best at-home beauty gadgets

With a little practice and research, it can be possible for fashion and beauty fans to achieve that salon look without leaving the comfort of their own home. From apps that allow you to try on clothes and make-up using a selfie on your phone, to slimming thigh and body shapers, there are gadgets available that will help you to achieve a stunning look without the expense, inconvenience and time involved in traveling to the salon.

Cleaner skin

Good skin begins with the right skincare regime, and cleansing your face from pollutants, dirt and makeup is essential for your everyday routine. The Face and Body Cleansing System from Clarisonic removes impurities and debris from the skin much more effectively than you can do yourself, while at the same time stimulating the circulation. The cleansing brush head moves more than 300 times per second and the result is cleaner skin, allowing skin care products to be absorbed much better.

An hourglass figure

The Hour Glass Waist Trainer from Genie is a stretchy, breathable, comfortable alternative to a corset. It gives you an hourglass figure by cinching your waist and smoothing out rolls and bulges. It can be worn over clothes when you go to the gym, or underneath, so that it is completely hidden; the only thing on view will be your slim, curvy waistline. The Hour Glass Waist Trainer also supports your lower back and improves your posture.

Laser hair removal-min

Laser hair removal

A way to permanently remove unwanted hair is every girl’s dream. Laser hair removal uses heat to target dark hair and destroy the follicles, and although several treatments may be required to permanently kill the hair follicles, the result is permanent. The Tria Laser 4X is a handheld device that is FDA cleared. It does not require cartridge replacement so all you have to do is charge it. It has five comfort levels, an inbuilt skin sensor and comes in a range of funky colors.

Younger-looking eyes

Loss of hyaluronic acid as we age causes lines and wrinkles, especially around the eye area. Wrinkle MD provides deep infusion systems for the brow, eye, and lip and chin area. The product helps hyaluronic acid penetrate the skin using a gentle micro-current delivered through patches that are applied directly to the area; a boost of hyaluronic acid is delivered over 30 minutes.

Facial hair

The Tweezerman Facial Hair Remover is a simple gadget consisting of a stainless steel coil spring and colored handles. It is designed to grasp the hair, including the follicle, and remove the hair at the root, minimizing re-growth. Tweezerman also make a range of tweezers, including wide grip, and tweezers with pointed or slanted tips, eyelash curlers, nail files and a Skincare Tool that has an angled wire on one end for removing whiteheads, and a flat loop on the other end to press out blackheads. 

Hair straighteners-min

Hair straighteners

Hair straighteners allow us to create smooth sleek styles and banish the frizz, or create long-lasting waves or curls. The ghd eclipse uses patented tri-zone technology to create long-lasting gloss and shine, and the ghd gold boasts a lighter, cooler-to-touch body and smoother plates to prevent hair becoming tangled. The ghd air professional performance hair dryer, which has an AC motor for more powerful, faster drying, will help you achieve salon-looking shiny, frizz-free hair that will retain its style for much longer.

Free mobile apps

Did you know there are free apps available that can advise you on your best look, based on a selfie? Try Beautiful Me, or Bellashoot, a free fashion app that sends tutorials, tips, and product reviews straight to your phone. Visada will analyze your complexion from a selfie and give specific skin care and make-up recommendations. Plum Perfect recognizes your hair type, eye color and skin tone to give you customized make-up recommendations, and the L’Oreal Makeup Genius uses virtual reality to apply make-up to your face using the bar code of the product before you buy it from the shop.

A trip to the salon can be a real treat, but due to time and money constraints we want to be able to apply salon treatments ourselves. Invest in a couple of the gadgets best suited to you and you can get ready for a night out, or look stunning every day, without having to leave home.

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Fringe Is Having a Major Fashion Moment

The reason you see models walk down a runway rather than standing still is to showcase the movement of the garment. As anyone who’s ever been to a fashion show or watched one televised knows, there’s something special about a flowing skirt effortlessly sashaying down the catwalk. Perhaps that’s why we’re so in love with this 70’s trend. Fringe instantly adds a little movement to your ootd (outfit of the day).

Fringed Faux Suede Skirt Forever 21

We love full out fringe skirts. There are a ton on the market right now from H&M’s breezy Fringed Skirt. Or for just a touch, try Forever 21’s Fringed Faux Suede Skirt. The asymmetrical fringe adds a little something special to your basic tees and tanks, for a simple contemporary look.

Fringed jackets add extra drama when the temperature drops. Nasty Gal’s Runway Fringe Suede Moto Jacket is a great accessory for the fashion girl who wants to be noticed. Dress down a cocktail dress or pair it with jeans for the ultimate fall look.

Rupert Sanderson's Fringe Sandals- Marlena High heel

Another way to rock the trend is with a great shoe. Forever 21’s Fringe Bib Necklace will instantly transform any bland outfit into something amazing! Or rock a fringed stiletto such as Rupert Sanderson’s Fringe Sandals- Marlena High heel. The Twilight Navy Blue color is a perfect way to extend summer sandals into fall.

While there are many fringed purses on the market, H&M’s Backpack with Fringe is a fun way to tote around all your stuff. Another simple fringe accessory is a great tassel earring. BAUBLEBAR’s Leather Tassel Drop Earrings look très chic!

bikini with fringe from hm

We know it’s time for fall but we couldn’t resist adding this Bikini with Fringe by H&M to the list… just in case you have any vacation plans or we have an Indian Summer.

So go ahead and twirl around, we can’t blame you- we love watching the fringe too!

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How to keep your hair in tiptop condition

Your hair reflects the general state of your health, and this means you should aim to keep it in good shape, just as you do with your fitness regime and your personal fashion wardrobe. Models and celebrities know the value of fabulous-looking hair, and their stylists work hard to instill basic hair care knowhow so that they always look their best. Here are a few top tips for tiptop hair.



Over washing your hair is strictly a no-no, as this strips away essential oils and leaves you with duller, frizzier locks that are prone to becoming fragile and breaking, resulting in highly unattractive split ends. Shampooing your hair no more than two or three times per week is recommended by hair specialists. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use other methods to refresh your hair in between washes. For example, rinsing will refresh your scalp and rejuvenate your hair without the drying effects of using too much shampoo too frequently.

Similarly, using a dry shampoo occasionally will improve the texture and help you to reduce any oil build up. Leaving dry shampoo in will add texture and volume, refreshing both the roots and tips. Other leave-in treatments include quality conditioners – best applied from the mid-lengths to the tips rather than at the hair roots – and hair masks.

Stay healthy

Remember that your lifestyle will have an impact on your hair – the correct mix of iron, vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients is essential. If your hair is thinning, consider supplements that can regrow hair naturally with the added advantage of keeping it looking glossy and healthy. Particular foods, such as those rich in Vitamin C, are helpful, while herbal and ayurvedic supplements are increasingly popular with those who want to avoid too many chemicals or are seeking gluten-free and vegan alternatives.



Gently towel drying your hair before you apply conditioner is a good way to minimize the damage that blow-drying can cause. Also, carefully and softly combing wet hair with a wide-tooth comb is much better than overdoing vigorous brushing – top stylists say that when you do brush, you should work from the tips of the hair towards the roots. When it comes to wielding your hairdryer, opt for a low heat setting and try to work on your style from above, rather than from the side.

Heated styling tools, such as tongs and straighteners, are not recommended for everyday use. Instead, some celebrity stylists often go to bed with damp hair, having applied a little texturizing spray, and wake up with crimps and curls. They also wait a while after shampooing if they have to blow dry hair, and then they tip their hair upside down to start drying underneath – this increases volume and texture.

Hair oil

 Finally, many stylists advise that, just as you use facial oil on your skin, so you should use hair oil from time to time to regulate the oiliness of your scalp. In particular, this will help colored hair to retain color and ensure it stays healthy and shiny for longer.

While we often fixate on the physical state of our bodies and try to improve our health via exercise regimens, we may sometimes forget to tend to the health of our hair. Remember that your hair needs maintaining as well – whether it’s through treatments or diet or simply getting a new haircut, your locks will thank you!


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