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How To Keep Your Clothes Closet Clean

Men and women spend a lot of money on their clothing, but the hardest part can be storing all your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Keeping things organized and dirt-free are the keys to maintaining a functional closet. No matter whether your closet is a “walk-in” or small and compact, the essentials of organization and cleaning will be the same.


In organizing your clothes, it is important to have the right tools like a good set of hangers. Instead of having a closet full of mismatched plastic, flimsy wire, or bulky wood hangers they have hangers that are extremely thin, covered in a non-slip fabric, and with the ability to cascade. It will give you more hanging room in your closet because you can hang them at multiple levels. Now, shoes can be a little tricky to keep from piling up on the floor, which gets them dirty and makes the pair more difficult to find. There are a few organizational options for shoes like a round, rotating wire shoe tree, a step-like platform that you can insert inside your closet to stack your shoes, see through plastic boxes, or a clear plastic pocket that can hang on the inside of the closet door. Also, you may want to put in some kind of hook system for keeping any accessories like ties, scarves and possibly a shelving unit to be able to fold knit items that should not be hung.


Now, keeping your clothes closet clean is just as important as keeping it organized. If you allow the rug or floor inside the closet to have a build-up of dirt and dust, it will eventually get onto your clothes, shoes, and, accessories. Finding the best vacuum cleaner for the job will help to keep your clothes closet clean. Whether you choose an upright, canister, or stick type of vacuum, it is really just a personal choice about which one is easiest for you to use and makes cleaning your closets and household more efficient.

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8 Women’s Fashion Trends Set to Be Huge

We’re well into the year 2015 now, but the weather has just about started to perk up. What does it mean when the weather starts to perk up? New clothes! A new wardrobe is an absolute must for each season. Take a look at the following 8 trends, which are all set to be huge this year.

The 70s

The 70s has already made a massive comeback, and it isn’t too late to get in on the act! Suede is massive, so just about any garment made from suede would make a good addition to your wardrobe. Floaty blouses and billowing silhouettes are all popular too. You could even go vintage shopping to get some real 70s bits. Mix vintage and modern to create some lovely, unique looks that you won’t see anywhere else!

Double Denim

Double denim can be pulled off, despite what anybody may tell you. The key is to wear 2 different shades of denim, so you don’t look too ‘samey’. Some people have been known to pull off the same shade, but it’s hard. I suggest wearing denim trousers or a skirt with a denim jacket and then a different coloured top underneath.

cowboy boots


The military trend looks badass, and it can be rocked so many different ways. I love wearing a girly dress with LOWA distribute brown military boots, or something similar. They toughen up the look just enough! You can also try wearing military jackets over a girly dress.


Stripes are everywhere; on tops, trousers, and even jackets. Choose one statement item and then style the rest of your outfit around that.

bohemian look


The boho look comes back every single year; it just changes every so slightly. This year it’s all about those metallic tattoos and plenty of layered jewellery. Look at Vanessa Hudgens if you need some inspiration.


The mermaid trend isn’t going anywhere, so make sure you pick up a few bits. Find items in turquoise and green, and make sure you go for iridescent sequins too! We’ve all longed to be the little mermaid at one time and another, so now is your chance.

White Denim

White denim isn’t the most forgiving of materials, so you do need to be confident to wear it. It can look great when worn as a pair of jeans or as a jacket; just make sure you’re comfortable! Also, watch out for any spills. They show up all too easily on white denim.



Clashing your colours and patterns might seem like a bad idea, but everybody is doing it! Make it your own to be as bright and bold as you possibly can. It can take a little practice to get it right, but it can look amazing. Check out other fashion blogs and sites like Pinterest for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to go bold.

Are you going to be rocking these trends? Which of them do you like best? Leave any of your own tips below. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again soon!

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How to find a dealer of quality pearls?

Jewelry can be a very expensive investment. Therefore, you need to be sure that before you pay any of your hard-earned money, you are dealing with a jewelry retailer that is honest and reputable. However, finding a jewelry retailer that fits these qualifications is often much easier said than done. Along with the reputations of the jewelry stores, the quality of jewelry they offer can vary greatly. A healthy amount of research should be done before you make any purchases. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when a significant amount of money is involved. Here is how to find a dealer of quality pearls.


Ask people you know who have bought pearls

If any person in your life has purchased pearls before, he or she would be a valuable resource during your attempt to find a place to buy your own pearls. You should start with friends and members of your family. This is because you can completely trust whatever these people tell you. You do not need to worry about these people having a vested interest in convincing you to buy from a specific pearl dealer. If your friends and family do not provide you with any references, you should begin asking some of the people you work with. Also, some of your trusted neighbors might be able to send you in the right direction. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking these people for their advice.

tahitian South Sea Pearl Earrings

Use a search engine

By doing a search, you will be able to look at the websites of some of the pearl dealers, such as the one found at You will be able to see their inventory, as well as some of the deals they are currently offering. However, it is common for pearl dealers to require you to call them to get specific pricing information. Do not be surprised if some of the prices are not listed. Before you purchase anything, you should read all of the fine print regarding their return policy. You need to be able to return your pearl item if you are not satisfied with it.

Reviews can be helpful

Reading reviews of pearl dealers can allow you to steer clear of the shysters and con artists that often operate in this industry. You should be able to get a few solid leads by using this method.

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Get Started On Your Cosmetology Career

If you’re looking for a fast paced, exciting, and lucrative career, it may be time to think about enrolling in a first class cosmetology school. If you’ve ever thought about being an esthetician, hair stylist, or barber, now is the time to get started on your schooling. It only takes a short while to become qualified for this exciting career, and it won’t break your budget.


Why Do You Need A Cosmetology Degree?

If you’ve ever wondered what a degree in cosmetology can do for you, just stop for a second to consider the matter. When you go to your favorite salon, do you imagine that the stylist who works on your hair simply showed up at the premises one day and asked for a job? Even if some extraordinary person did learn all their skills on the job, it’s unlikely that a complete stranger can suddenly become a high priced salon stylist.

Cosmetology Is A Permanent Industry

However, a very short time in a first class cosmetology academy will get you the degree you deserve, as well as the essential references that will help you score the job you’ve always wanted. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to special cosmetology academies to get the training and references they need to embark on a career field that shows no signs of slowing down or fading away.

If you want to get in on this high paying career field, it’s time to get in touch with an academy that can get you the schooling and certification that you need to present to your future employer. With your certificate in hand, it’s a cinch that you’ll soon be working in a stylish salon, or in the fashion industry.

Get Started On Your Education Today

The Ron King Academy can help you realize your dream of becoming a sought after esthetician or stylist. If you’ve ever wanted to work in the fashion industry, or as a stylist with your own brand new salon and line of goods, the first thing you’ve got to do is get the necessary experience and qualifications. The Ron King Academy can help you get the skill set and degree that you need to embark on a lucrative and fulfilling career. Contact the Academy today to learn more about what a cosmetology degree can do for you.

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How to Enjoy the Western Fashion Trend

One of the biggest trends in fashion is the Western style trend, which is surprisingly easy to pull off, totally comfortable, and definitely unique. But a lot of people may be wondering how they can get away with wearing western clothing without looking ridiculous or cheesy. After all, you do not want to come across like you are wearing a costume. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to embrace this style without going overboard. Check out the helpful tips below to get started.


Photo by vendicatorre

Incorporate Suede into Your Wardrobe

One of the easiest ways that you can start incorporating a Western look in your wardrobe is by purchasing more suede or faux-suede pieces. Whether you add a suede coat or purse to your outfit, or even a suede skirt, there are plenty of options available. Just make sure it is in a rustic, natural hue that will really bring out the vibe of the West. This soft fabric is sure to delight you, and you will definitely feel comfortable in it, especially when the weather gets cooler.

Wear a Hat

When you think of Western fashion, you probably envision a cowboy or cowgirl with a cowboy hat on. And while plenty of trends call for wearing a hat to accessorize your already fabulous outfit, when it comes to the Western trend, stick with a wide-brim, oversized hat. Again, the key is to choose a color that is natural, such as black or brown, so that it will complement the rest of your outfit without taking too much attention away from other details. Not only will you look great with this accessory, but you will also be protecting your face and eyes from the sun, so enjoy the benefits that you get, as well as the compliments.

Add Fringe

Fringe is big in the world of Western fashion, so find pieces that have fringe, from purses to jackets, tops, skirts, and even ankle boots, and rock the look. This is the epitome of Western fashion, as it makes you immediately think of cowgirls wearing adorable outfits as they ride their horses. And there are plenty of different types of fringe to choose from, including really long fringe to very short and subtle fringe, so you can decide to be dramatic or subdued in your appearance, depending on if you are going out for the day or night.

Accessorize Appropriately

When it comes to accessorizing for a Western look, stick with pieces that have silver, such as belts with silver buckles or silver pieces of jewelry. These will complement the other natural tones in your outfit while bringing out the flavor of the Wild West. Turquoise is also a popular color when it comes to accessories, from belts to purses and jewelry.

With so many great and easy ways to look fabulous while donning Western inspired fashion, from tops and boots, to purses and jewelry, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t embrace your inner cowgirl and make the most of d before it fades.

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City Chic: 4 Best Dressed Cities in the US

Best-dressed does not mean trendy or fast fashion “looks” of the moment. It involves looking good, no matter the occasion, and selecting stylish clothes that make a statement. Best-dressed does not even mean owning the most expensive clothes. It’s more about the vibe and attitude that goes with the looks that makes these cities, listed among the best places to live, stand out as the best-dressed areas in America.


New York: Metropolitan Modern

This metropolitan fashion hub of New York City has been the home of high fashion since its inception, which appeals to residents who tend to be in their mid-30s. Every year, fashion weeks display the best of local designers as well as those from around the world. With Wall Street and business districts, as well as celebrity hot spots, club culture, and diverse neighborhoods, this is the fashionable city to spot the latest statements alongside traditional designs. Many up-and-coming urban fashion designers show their looks here while international fashion brands open up stores in this modern metropolis.

Los Angeles: Beach City Vibe

With residents averaging in their early 40s, Los Angeles is still fashion conscious. It’s where you can go from swimsuit and shorts to formal wear in the same day. It’s a city that offers all types of fashion, from local surfboard designers to casual chic like American Apparel. Home to celebrities, Los Angeles also has all the luxury brands found on Rodeo Drive as well as the funky boutiques of Melrose Avenue and the trunk shows and thrift shops throughout the city.

Chicago: Not a Hair or Accessory Out of Place

Despite the wind and those snowy winters, Chicago’s residents, who are mostly in their mid-30s, still prove that they know how to dress in something more than five layers and a parka. Besides being home to style icons and a wide range of local boutiques that personify Midwest chic, Chicago is offers all the global brands, including everything from luxury designers to streetwear and urban designs.

Miami: South Beach Sizzle

More than swimsuits and sandals, Miami’s residents, who average in their mid-30s, represent one of the style capitals in the U.S. with major influences coming from Latin America and other international fashion sites. Thanks to shows like “Miami Vice” and the growing popularity of the area among celebrities, Miami has become a fashion capital. With Ocean Drive’s luxury brands and boutiques as well as a “be-seen” club and beach scene and the polo set, Miami personifies cool, relaxed dress even in the midst of those humid, hot summers.

San Francisco: Relaxed and Hip

Known as the home to denim thanks to Levi Strauss and the Gap starting in this city, San Francisco personifies the casual and relaxed look without coming off as sloppy. If anything, this hip city’s carefree vibe, despite its residents’ average age of 40, illustrates that homegrown designers like Department 17, Shotwell, Unionmade, General Store, Brooks Brothers, Bebe, and more have captured the essence of looking good while still taking it easy.

For men and women alike, these best-dressed cities show you how to look good no matter the occasion or time of year. Look to the best places to live for everything from the best of high fashion to how to turn retro, secondhand pieces into a stylish ensemble.

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