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Choosing the Perfect Pear of Pearl Earrings

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Adding the finishing touches to an outfit doesn’t just involve the proper belt, shoes or bag. Jewelry is just as important and the right pair of pearl earrings can add quiet sophistication to even the simplest of looks. But women often buy pearl accessories based on personal preference, color and overall style. There are many other factors included in the decision-making process, from face shape to hair length and ear shape. Each aspect needs to be taken into account when searching for the perfect pair of pearl earrings.

After all, it’s a pity to invest in a beautiful pair of earrings that will never see the light of day because you later come to the conclusion that they simply did not match your features.
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Getting Acquainted with Face Shapes

Face shape and skin tone are important in the fashion choices we make, not just because of the fact that certain colors don’t go well with particular skin tones, but also because you want your jewelry to not overwhelm your features. There are six main face shapes:

  • Heart Shaped: perhaps the most feminine out of all six possibilities, heart shaped faces feature wider foreheads and a narrow chin.
  • Long: Long faces have features that are equally wide (forehead, cheekbones and jaws) and tend to work well with any types of accessories.
  • Oval:Similar to heart-shaped faces, oval-shaped ones feature foreheads that are just as wide as the cheekbones. From the cheeks towards the chin, the face narrows.
  • Triangle: Also referred to as diamond-shaped, women with a triangle-shaped face have very strong cheekbones, wider than the chin and the forehead.
  • Square: In this situation, both the forehead, the cheeks and the jaw have approximately the same width, however, the jaw lines tend to be well represented.
  • Round:Also referred to as a circular face, round faces present with wide cheekbones. These do not taper down towards the chin as in the cases of other face shapes.teardrop pearl earrings

Choosing in Accordance to Face Shape

When describing pearl earrings, designers and sellers refer to the design and the materials that have been used to produce a particular piece. As such, earrings can be classified according to shape. These include:

  • teardrop earrings (or dewdrop, which are meant to dangle below the wearer’s earlobe),
  • studs (classic pearl earrings, consisting of a single pearl sitting directly on the wearer’s earlobe),
  • chandeliers (which combine stud earrings and teardrop earrings into a piece which sits on the earlobe and has an additional component which dangles below the earlobe),
  • cluster earrings (this particular earring type sits atop the earlobe and features clusters of tiny pearls which may or may not extend beyond the earlobe),
  • hoops (such designs feature longer pieces of metal running from the front of the wearer’s earlobe to the back and may feature one or multiple pearls depending on the design),
  • Clip-earrings (this particular design resembles hoops and is excellent for wearer’s who haven’t gotten their earlobes pierced; the clip-on mechanism allows the earring to clamp onto the ear)

While studs work excellently regardless of face shape, there are other styles and shapes that may be tricky. Women with oval or narrow faces look stunning regardless of the style of earrings they choose. Oval-shaped dangling earrings or chandelier ones, however, will draw attention to the wearer’s features. Round faces are a bit trickier to accessorize. Choose to elongate your natural features with dangle earrings or teardrop styles.

Women with heart-shaped faces can balance out the features of their faces by going for teardrop, dangle or chandelier earrings while those with square faces should choose hoop earrings, which add a delicate note. If hoops extend a bit below the jaw line, they create the illusion of a smaller face. Diamond-shaped faces should be accessorized with long styles with soft curves. Avoid dangle earrings and choose studs instead.

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Learning The Best Hair Design

“In this world, nothing can be said to certain, except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin famously said. But despite his wisdom and achievements, Franklin was forgetting another life truth: People will always need haircuts. Sure, some people go bald and some risk-takers go the do-it-yourself route, but most people will only entrust their tresses to a hair care professional. Customers want their cuts, colors, extensions, products and more from someone with skill, education and experience. That’s why hair design is a roughly $20 billion industry always in demand. Everyone from Joe Schmo to J. Lo needs a ‘do to reflect his or her personality.


But before you can style the stars, you have to go to beauty school. And unlike man, not all beauty schools are created equal. If you want a lucrative, rewarding career in the hair design industry, select a school with the training, support, reputation and convenience to help you best achieve your goals.

Education and Educators

Whether you envision yourself working in a luxury spa or back-to-basics barbershop, the right curriculum taught by recognized experts is key. An education in hair design requires training in a variety of techniques and services, including everything from shampooing and blow-drying to coloring, straightening, and of course cutting. At Marinello Schools of Beauty, experienced instructors teach not only these skills, but also lessons to prepare you for the business side of the career. Your hair design education will include information on health, safety, reception, and salon management practices. Industry experts serve as guest lecturers to keep students up-to-date with the latest hair trends and techniques.

Practice and Service

Knowing the science behind coloring is an important part of a hair design education, but it’s only part of the equation. Putting that book knowledge into practice is essential for success. Some schools provide the textbook education, but little real-life, hands-on experience. Working with a fidgeting, opinionated human is a lot different than working with a silent, inanimate mannequin. At a Marinello Beauty School, you receive hands-on training as you work with paying clients through campus student clinics. These clinics strengthen your customer service skills, giving you a competitive advantage in the job market. Additionally, you can really put your skills to the test in the school’s hair competitions.

Accreditation and Reputation

Just as an Ivy League university holds a higher pedigree than a state college, beauty schools, too, come with reputations as varied. The best hair design colleges have proven records of student success. They also hold accreditation from the bodies which govern the beauty educational system. Marinello Schools of Beauty, for example, has over 100 years of experience. It is accredited by The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and recognized by the United States Department of Education. The school also provides its graduates with interview and resume training, and assists in job placement.

kesha-multicolor-hair Convenience and Assistance

From stay-at-home moms to guys fresh out of high school, people from all walks of life can benefit from an education in hair design. Regardless of your current station in life, time is money and you don’t want to waste yours. Enroll at a school that offers a flexible course schedule at a location near you. Marinello Schools of Beauty has 59 campuses in California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada and Utah. Its campuses offer day, night and even weekend classes so you train alongside your busy schedule. Best of all, each campus offers financial aid, including grants, scholarships and loans, to those who qualify.

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5 Accessories for Your Winter Wardrobe

Thinking far ahead to this winter, you do not have to transfer tones from the grey, miserable weather to your wardrobe! With some fabulous accessories, you can brighten up your wardrobe, remain warm and comfortable and stay on the cutting-edge of fashion despite the colder weather. Read on for some great ideas for accessorising your wardrobe this winter.


1. Ugg boots

Perennially popular, genuine, high quality ugg boots (such as emu uggs) are an essential in your winter wardrobe. Made from genuine sheepskin, ugg boots will keep your feet warm and, because they are now available in a great range of colours and styles, you are sure to find a pair that enhances your personal style and fashion preferences. Visit a reputable retailer, such as MiniJumbuk, to find a pair of Ugg boots that suits your personality.

No longer a fashion faux pas, ugg boots are internationally popular and worn by everyone from the person next door to high-end fashionistas. Without question, ugg boots are a key accessory and a fundamental inclusion for your winter wardrobe. They will keep your feet warm and on-trend and, when you invest in a high quality pair of ugg boots, there’s a good chance that you will be wearing them for many seasons to come.

2. Beanies

Not only are beanies cosy, they are also an important fashion accessory. Beanies in bright colours and patterns can instantly lift an outfit and add vibrancy to your look. In colours such as greys, blacks and navy, a beanie can add a sophisticated edge and complement or draw attention to particular aspects of your outfit.


3. Bags

Have you noticed that contemporary fashion is all about the bag? For winter, white accessories (such as handbags and satchels) can lighten up a dark ensemble. Even if you don’t want to do all white, think about bags and other accessories that feature a little white in patterns such as snakeskin or leopard print.

To accessorise well with bags, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are some amazing pieces available at very affordable prices that can strengthen and add interest to your overall look.

4. Scarfs and wraps

This winter, make sure you have a gorgeous scarf or wrap around your neck, keeping it warm and enhancing your look. You may be surprised by how much difference a gorgeous scarf or neck wrap can make to your outfit while keeping you warm and comfortable. Scarfs and wraps also offer the added benefit of being a simple, easy way to change up an outfit and add variety, while offering a unique take on an ensemble you may have already worn that week.

5. Sunglasses

It may be the winter we’re talking about, but it is still a perfect season to bring out some bold, fun sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses in a bold colour such as green, orange, red or purple can instantly add glamour and interest to your outfit. Consider sunglasses that feature an unusually shaped frame (such as geometric shapes) or that have an unusual, fun pattern.

Add these accessories to your winter wardrobe to not only be warm and well-protected for the season, but also to look on-trend while keeping your wardrobe interesting.

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Rock A Summer Floral For $80 Or Under

With summer almost upon us, it’s time to put the florals back (or starting adding them) into your wardrobe. If you’re a bit of a rule breaker, you have probably already been rocking them since spring but since Miranda Priestly recently announced florals are a seasonal trend, we thought it would only be right to release an article right before summer.

There are some usual floral suspects, but we’ve found some more edgy ways to introduce this graphic trend back into your wardrobe, all for under $80. So skip the staples and try these new shapes: wide leg pants, off-the-shoulder, jumpsuits and more.

jumpsuit 1

  1. Lace Trim Jumpsuit – Nordstrom

This flowing floral jumpsuit features a plunging neckline with funky flaring legs, providing the ultimate summer get up. Made of gorgeous lace, this trim jumpsuit is perfect for all body shapes by accentuating smaller figures and slimming larger figures.

You’ll feel at home is this gorgeous jumpsuit for a beach day, a day by the pool or even heading out for a casual lunch or dinner. The black and white print on this lace jumpsuit is a timeless look, making you look somewhat of a 1970’s glamour model.

From the beach to a restaurant, looking flawless all the while, you can’t go wrong with a classic floral jumpsuit.

floral pants

  1. Print Wide Leg Pants – ASTR

Are you noticing a trend here? 70’s beach glam is coming back in 2015, and it’s brought floral flare along with it.

These relaxed fitting, vintage style pants are sure to impress your friends this summer. Paired with a crop top or loose fitting light top, you’ll breeze through summer afternoons. These tie-waist pants make for a great over-the-swimsuit pant too, for those days you just feel like sitting by the pool and reading.

These vintage wide leg pants are a great addition to summer your attire, giving you an airy, slim and summery look.


  1. Off The Shoulder Floral Dress – Glassons

A sexy off-the-shoulder floral dress can never be bad addition to your summer wardrobe. Dress this piece up with a pair of heels or wear it down with your favorite flip flops, this sexy black floral off-the-shoulder will be your most flexible summer piece.

Dark black off-the-shoulders provide a slimming look and are almost weightless, they’re perfect for balmy summer nights when you need that extra bit of air flow.

If you’re headed to the beach and don’t feel like rocking a bikini or one piece, just leave this off-the-shoulder over the top while you dip your toes in water or if you’re headed to dinner and don’t know what to wear, add a pair of heels to this off-the-shoulder. It really is that versatile!

No matter which way you rock a floral this summer, you will look incredible, feel comfortable and enjoy warm afternoon beach walks in style.

What’s your favorite type of floral to rock in the summer? Let me know if you’re thinking of adding these florals to your summer wardrobe in the comments.

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Primer on Straw Clutches

In the summertime, leather can feel a little out of place. The thick luxe fabric which works well in the colder months needs a light and airy upgrade. One of our favorite neutral bags is made of straw. While the material may seem simple, these bags are nothing but stylish.

Pair one with your favorite sundress without having to worry about clashing colors, have a little fun with a straw bag and jeans, or dress up shorts and a tank with a little summery flare.

Here are our top picks for your new summer staple!

Michael Kors Santorini Medium Raffia Clutch

The Michael Kors Santorini Medium Raffia clutch with a metallic trim is sophisticated enough for a stylish get together and yet still perfect for a walk around town. It’s the perfect size for all your summer essentials and the texture adds something special to both a day or nighttime look.

Badgley Mischka Florentine Straw clutch

For a fancy straw purse, you’re gonna love the Badgley Mischka Florentine Straw clutch. Dotted with a touch of sparkle and lined in leopard this is the perfect addition to complete your outfit for every summer fête. Or turn your straw into gold with Daniel’s Gold Straw Women’s Clutch. We love the shape for an elegant party and the metallic color goes well with just about everything.

Loeffler Randall Lock clutch

Loeffler Randall Lock clutch is made from Rafia with just a touch of mint leather and is a perfect transition clutch. The leather flap adds a bit of cool and a pop of color while the woven raffia gives it that relaxed summer feeling. It also looks great in white leather!

limited straw clutch

Want a straw purse without having to splurge? The Limited Straw clutch is the perfect option. The bag features a faux leather trim and wrist strap. Plus the price tag is under $30! You can’t beat that!

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How To Keep Your Clothes Closet Clean

Men and women spend a lot of money on their clothing, but the hardest part can be storing all your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Keeping things organized and dirt-free are the keys to maintaining a functional closet. No matter whether your closet is a “walk-in” or small and compact, the essentials of organization and cleaning will be the same.


In organizing your clothes, it is important to have the right tools like a good set of hangers. Instead of having a closet full of mismatched plastic, flimsy wire, or bulky wood hangers they have hangers that are extremely thin, covered in a non-slip fabric, and with the ability to cascade. It will give you more hanging room in your closet because you can hang them at multiple levels. Now, shoes can be a little tricky to keep from piling up on the floor, which gets them dirty and makes the pair more difficult to find. There are a few organizational options for shoes like a round, rotating wire shoe tree, a step-like platform that you can insert inside your closet to stack your shoes, see through plastic boxes, or a clear plastic pocket that can hang on the inside of the closet door. Also, you may want to put in some kind of hook system for keeping any accessories like ties, scarves and possibly a shelving unit to be able to fold knit items that should not be hung.


Now, keeping your clothes closet clean is just as important as keeping it organized. If you allow the rug or floor inside the closet to have a build-up of dirt and dust, it will eventually get onto your clothes, shoes, and, accessories. Finding the best vacuum cleaner for the job will help to keep your clothes closet clean. Whether you choose an upright, canister, or stick type of vacuum, it is really just a personal choice about which one is easiest for you to use and makes cleaning your closets and household more efficient.

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