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Spotlight on FitzGerald Morrell Tailored Leather Gloves

When it comes to thinking about must-have cold weather accessories for men and women, leather gloves and on the top of the list. They not only are needed to keep your hands protected from the elements, but leather gloves are also can be a stylish fashion accessory. The tricky part about leather gloves is finding ones that are made with supple, quality leather and have a fit that is not too snug or loose, while also providing a process for sizing and orders. I think everyone has been in the position of trying on an endless number of gloves until you can find a pair that has the fit and style that you are looking for.

broughton mens gloves-min

At their online glove shop, Fitzgerald Morrell have taken the guess-work out of finding a great fitting glove by following their company mission of: To custom-craft bespoke men’s and woman’s leather gloves that fit and last. The founder of the company, Pat Morrell, believes that men’s and woman’s gloves should be finely tailored from quality leather and have the durability to last through the years.

bennet ladies winter gloves-min

One popular men’s winter glove from FitzGerald Morrell is called the Broughton is a classic style of glove with the sleek-looking leather hand that has the triple pleats for interest. The soft fabric interior of the gloves will keep your hand toasty warm and the interior elastic cuff will ensure a better fit for keeping out the cold. The Broughton glove cuff is trimmed in a lighter brown tone to add a little fashion flair. This men’s glove has a woman’s counterpart called the Bennett, which also has similar detailing and also offers the contrasting trim as an option. Both the men’s and woman’s gloves in this style run $225.

adelaide two tone gloves-min

FitzGerald Morrell delves a little further into the fashion accessory leather gloves with these next 2 items. One is the Adelaide woman’s leather glove that has the notched, roll-back cuff that seems to channel the vintage look of movie stars past with its sophistication and elegance. For $250, you can use a pop of color in the cuff of a neutral leather to elevate your look or stick to the more muted tones.

goodspeed men's driving gloves-min

The second fashion accessory glove that is very popular with men of all ages is the Goodspeed men’s driving glove. The cut out knuckle areas, exposed wrist, trim, and over-sized snap make it a sporty, fun driving accessory for any man. This style is also a little more at $250, but definitely worth the investment.

Be sure to take the photo tour of “Inside the Workshop” at FitzGerald Morrell for an even closer look at this great accessories! Also, check out our FitzGerald Morrell contest!!

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Top Off Your Outfit with a Great Late Summer Hat

Now that Summer is here, it is time to protect yourself from the sun with a great hat. Men’s hats not only have a purpose, but also are a trendy fashion accessory. One style of hat that is “in” for both men and women this year is the fedora (unfortunately).

Unisex fedora straw panama hats men and women-min

We are used to seeing this thin-brimmed and molded crown type of hat in heavier fabrics like wool and leather, but for the warmer seasons the Fedora is lightened up by using woven straw and sometimes brighter ribbons to add interest to a casual summer outfit. Ones like these in brown, black, tan, and white are a popular, neutral accessory and these days can be worn by a man or a woman.

Another style of men’s hats that is back in fashion this year is the Bucket hat. It basically is made to look just like an over-turned bucket, but comes in many different colors and patterns. For example, Justin Beiber is photographed here with his bandana, shades, and Cochella black and white patterned bucket hat. The hat not only looks kinda cool, but also will give maximum sun protection to your ears, forehead, and hairline.


If you are a fan of the baseball-style hat, but are looking for something with a little more fashion, then you may be interested in the army-military type of cap. You get the same brim as the baseball cap, but the crown of the cap is squared off, in almost a pill-box shape. This one that is done in a grey fabric has the name-engraved side buttons for an accent, along with the round metal vents for keeping cool when it is hot.

Burberry Menswear hats-min

One style of men’s hats that I am not too fond of is this wide-brimmed floppy hat by Burberry. The dark one reminds me of a hillbilly and the light blue floppy hat is just a bizarre color and shape. I can also imagine that being Burberry, it is not a very inexpensive item either.

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Women’s Fashion Spotlight: Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Two Piece

Throughout decades of woman’s fashion, the look of suede has never gone out if style. It is a versatile, timeless look. One of the things that has improved over the years, however, is the fabrics that are used for the faux suedes. At times, it is very difficult to tell the difference between the real suede and the faux suede, but the advantages of the faux fabric are that it looks as good as the real thing, even though the care is much easier.


At Luxemme, the spotlight is on the Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Luxury Two Pieces. It is a 70’s inspired fashion with the super-cropped tank top and high-waisted shorts, but the on-trend look is all about the details. The higher neckline balances out the crop length a bit and the full back zipper makes it easy to get in and out of. The shorts are a vintage look with the higher waistline and flaired leg openings, but the scalloped edges, belt loops, and darts are what make them interesting. It is a dressy summer look and two pieces that would look great whether you are clubbing in LA, shopping the boutiques in NYC, or on a dream vacation in Rome. For the swell price of 35 Euros, you would never even come close to finding the same pieces in real suede.


This cropped, two piece short set that can be found at Luxemme is accessorized with the knee-high leather gladiator sandals in British tan, which helps to accentuate the long, leggy look. Her small shoulder bag is also in the right proportion for the outfit too.  It is a trend that can be seen on celebrities that are out on the town, like Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller, for just a few examples.

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Eyewear options to make you stand out

Eyewear options to make you stand out from the crowd

Your face is the first thing people notice, so what better way to make a first impression than with eyewear? Eyewear can be a necessity, it can make a fashion statement, it can reflect your personality and style – or it can do all of these things.


Colored frames

Colorful frames that reflect the rave culture of the early 90s are in fashion for 2015. Colors such as burgundy, aqua and darker blues are favored by designers, as well as shiny black frames made from modern acetates for comfort, durability and style. The classic frame shape and variations of it suit most face shapes, but it is always important to try on different frames in front of a large mirror to make sure you get glasses with which you are happy. Colors for the more demure fashionista might include army or military greens, which are fairly neutral colors to complement your wardrobe, or a pale, inky gray frame decorated with darker swirls for a modern look.

Be eyewear-free

You may prefer to be eyewear-free for practical reasons, or just from personal choice sometimes. For those who require corrective eye wear as a necessity but prefer to be eyewear-free, LASIK laser vision correction can give you the option of whether to wear glasses or not. For those located in and around the Midwest, find out about Lasik in Omaha and discover what options are available to correct or improve your vision

Contact lenses can be a convenient alternative to glasses, or may be chosen for cosmetic reasons. Contact lenses can give you any eye color you like, make the iris look bigger or rounder, shimmer or catch the light, or be worn for an alternative or freaky look – perhaps you would like Dracula eyes at Halloween, or want to impress your friends by giving the impression of an embossed design or motif on the actual iris.

Dare to be different

If bold is your thing, try deeper color tones for your eyewear – frames that shout out, that make a statement – such as electric purple, frames with striking patterns, glittery rhinestones or outrageous shapes, or a fun, funky look such as Barbie style heart-shaped glasses. Team your choice of frame with lenses that are transparent, mirrored, ochre, earth-colored, tea-toned, even yellow or more dramatic colors.


Oversized sunglasses that cover the eyes and the surrounding eye area are flattering and hide a multitude of imperfections around the eye area. You could take this further with shield glasses that cover the face coa bit like a deep-sea diving mask! Retro sunglasses are in vogue, and of course the traditional aviator style is timeless: each season it is revived and often given a new vibe.

White frames in the cat-eye form are a popular and very fashionable frame shape for both sunglasses and regular glasses. Designer frames can be a means of shouting out to people that you ooze style and sophistication; few would disagree that glasses can make you look sophisticated and intelligent, or that eyewear can be fun and funky.

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What Fashionable Women Wear for A Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to a good night’s rest, many will do anything necessary to ensure it happens and is undisturbed.  Some drink warm milk before bed while others need to read or watch television to get sleepy.  But what does fashion have to do with a good night’s rest?  Is having a sense of fashion just an added benefit regarding pajamas and nightwear, or does it matter what you wear to get great sleep?


Type of Material

Cotton is light and soft.  Moreover, for those who have sensitive skin, cotton rarely irritates the skin.  However, there are downsides to the natural fabric.  Firstly, it’s not very heavy, so it may not be great for the winter unless you’re willing to sleep with several sheets on top.  Secondly, it does not wick away moisture; so, if you’re prone to sweating while you sleep, you may feel uncomfortable while wearing the material.

Next, consider silk, especially if you want to sleep in style.  The thermoregulator material helps keep you warm when you’re cold and does the opposite when you’re feeling hot.  However, if you sweat, you can wear away the fabric or damage the material.  Plus, it’s suggested to send your silk pajamas to the dry cleaner, which is an added cost to the costly fabric.

Flannel is the choice of those who want to stay extra toasty. It’s comfortable and breathes well, so though you’ll feel warm, it won’t inspire sweating.  Speaking of sweating, if it’s a recurring issue, opt for moisture-wicking material.  A fabric that is popular with athletes, such material wicks away sweat from the skin so you stay dry.

A unique choice, bamboo also wicks away moisture from the skin and feels silky and smooth.  Like cotton, those with allergies will have no issues with wearing bamboo fabric.  If you’re a green consumer, you’ll be glad to know that the material is 100% biodegradable.

Wool and fleece do well in being comfortable, but they tend to inspire overheating.  Moreover, certain blends may irritate the skin.

onesie for night gown


As with the number of materials above, an array of styles inspire women to wear nightwear.  You can go traditional with a satin nightgown; be more comfy and manly in a matching button-down top and matching trousers; or, be fun and nontraditional and get yourself a women’s onesie.  Of course, style should take a backseat to the material if you’re concerned about comfort.  However, if you’re planning on sleeping with a partner, it’s hard to forget about what you look like and how you feel.

Regarding lingerie, it’s advised you don’t go overboard in selecting expensive items, or in getting more than a few pricy items.  It’s not that your mate won’t appreciate your beauty and admire your curves; it’s just that lingerie is very effective and there’s no reason to spend a lot on seven courses if he’s ready to jump to the main course (so to speak).

To conclude, make sure you feel as good as you want to look, being picky about specific materials in relation to the weather.  Moreover, whether you’re deciding on a playful onesie or seductive lace gown, own it; a bit of confidence goes a long way after hours.

Allison Ernst is a busy working mom and is quite an accomplished seamstress in her spare time. She loves being able to share her ideas with an online audience and her thoughts can be found on a number of different websites.

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Summer 2015 ESPY Awards

On July 15, 2015, the annual ESPY Awards was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.  It was a ground-breaking ceremony with Caitlyn Jenner being one of the big recipients of the evening. On the red carpet, there were sports stars from all the different realms of the sporting world, as well as the family and friends who came to celebrate their excellence.  There were some outfits that definitely stood out among the crowd.

ricardo-lockette nfl player espy awards

In the “flashy” category is NFL player Ricardo Lockette who arrived on the red carpet is this very trendy black and white polka dot sports coat with solid black lapels, black button-down shirt and matching bow tie.  The size of the dots makes it a bold fashion statement and the contrasting orange/red pocket square and watch face definitely adds a colorful interest and breaks up the repetitive color and pattern of the polka dots. It is a great way to stand out in a crowd.

nfl player j j watt of houston texans

Another NFL player who was in touch with his “preppy” self at the 23rd annual ESPY Awards was J. J. Watt.  He looks summery in his white trousers and white dress shirt and he adds some nice color with his light navy, two-button sports jacket and pink tie with pocket square.  The only part of J. J.’s outfit that I am not too fond of is his brown leather oxfords.  I think I would have liked to have seen the navy color repeated in his shoes too, in order to tie his look all together.

Mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey arrives at the ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

One of two ladies who made quite the “flashy” entrances was mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey, who showed off her athletic stature in this sheer-panel, cut-out dress in color-blocked black and white.  Ronda’s choice of t-strap sandals with the spiky heel and ankle strap in a matching black and white pattern is a great accompaniment to her dress.


The other woman who definitely turned heads at the ESPY Awards was former “Spice Girl” Melanie Brown, who arrived on the red carpet in this fantastically-fitting red dress with a cross-over bodice, simple lines down to a hemline below the knees, and a sexy side slit.  Mel B’s color coordinated pointy-toed pumps are the right choice to pull her look all together, as well as her matching dangle earrings.

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