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Fashion Trends In Children’s Clothing

Children are the emerging market for the clothing stores. They have aninsatiable desire for looking great and different from their peers. Stores are on the lookout for the preferences they display towards they display. However, as the generations overlap each other, the tastes are often a mix of what they like and an emulation of what their parents wear. For children to completely subvert their parental choices, it would involve a lot of contrary thought. Most children are on a mad race to grow older, and they like to achieve it with their clothes.

the childrens place mens fashion

Importance of age

Ages of children matter a lot more than is evident. The choice of clothes worn by children reflects the age group they belong to. Infants need a major haul of clothes because they grow up so fast. Parents have a tendency to buy clothes that are one size bigger to allow them to use for longer. Spring and summers bring out the brighter colored cottons that are just so adorable. With little baggy pants and shirts that match the hats they have on in the sun children are the personal dolls of the parents now. Winters see an influx of warmer apparel like pullovers and jackets to keep them warm. Knitted caps are quite popular too.

Starting school and mingling

As they move into their pre-teen stage, the children begin showing marked obstinacy regarding the clothes they wear. The differences in choice become more evident as they begin dictating terms. As their growth begins to stabilize over time, their clothes begin lasting longer in terms of sizes. However, with the increased outdoor activities, children begin adopting sturdier fashions to keep themselves protected, as well as look good. They start school at this stage and here the choice, and demands begin appearing. They like to look like their peers and yet look different too. As puberty begins approaching, the issues keep growing.

Price woes of parents

Buying clothes for children is not an easy task for parents. As they have a tendency to outgrow them in a matter of weeks, parents feel they expend for a lost cause. If the family has more than one child, the monetary woes will neverend. However, some judicious planning can help a lot in balancing the purchase and maintenance. Buying too large sizes of clothes for the children will make them the butt of jokes and could bring shame and humiliation to them. Instead buying clothes cheaper will be better and more profitable. There are ample techniques available for making it a successful venture.

Techniques thwarting expense

If financials are the biggest problems, then using the help of clearance sales, discounts in stores and the clothing coupons are perfect. The purchase of clothes from clearance sales and discounts are quite commonplace. For more exclusive offers, parents can choose the option of coupons that reduce the prices of the clothes. Offered by either the stores like the childrens place coupon or from independent coupon sources, they are easy and quick ways to get the advantages of lower prices for quality products. Parents can be happy about the savings and children can shine bright with their trendy apparel.

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Celebrity Fashion At This Week’s Movie Premieres

Celebrities have many opportunities to get dressed up and pose for photographers on the red carpet. Some like to blend in and some like to stand out in the crowd.

jeff bridges at nyc premier of the giver film mens fashion

The first couple for this week’s celebrity fashion review is Jeff Bridges and wife Susan Geston, who are pictured here at the NYC premiere of his new film “The Giver”. Jeff is all decked out in a grey 3-piece suit with darker charcoal tipped pockets and collar. This deviation from black and navy suits is right on trend and grey is a fresh color that you will see heading into Fall and Winter. Jeff’s wife Susan looks fantastic in her white one-button suit jacket, slim white ankle pants, and strappy, kitten-heel sandals. It shows her curves and is a super alternative to a gown.

Red+Carpet+Premiere+Henry+Animated+Film+Ziegfeld Theater ny Richard Gere mens fashion

Next, is actor Richard Gere, who was attending the premiere of the animated film “Henry & Me” at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC. Richard is the epitome of casual in his blue jeans, crew-neck blue shirt, and olive green jean jacket. He also is paying homage to the New York Yankees with his team baseball hat.

2014 Creative Emmy Awards August 2014 heidi klum and tim gunn mens fashion

Lastly, for the celebrity fashion review is the red carpet arrival of Heidi Klum to the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. The word “creative” certainly applies to Heidi’s choice of her shaggy blue, spaghetti -strap gown. Here, she is pictured getting her dress airborne as she strides across the red carpet. Fashion guru and TV personality Tim Gunn looks frightened as Heidi moves towards him. Either he is stunned by her unusual fashion sense or he has an innate fear of car washes and Heidi’s dress is giving him a flashback!

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How to Save Money on Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of those necessities that can be extremely expensive, especially if it’s done too often.  It can also have a negative effect on apparel since the fabric that is typically dry cleaned is much more delicate. In order to keep your special garments looking brand new as long as possible and to make sure you don’t go broke in the process, here are a few important tips.

dry cleaning mens fashion

1) Take a Photo – One of the biggest challenges can be in simply remembering what was dropped at the dry cleaner. To keep yourself organized, take a photo from your cell phone and file it away. It will make it much easier to manage your budget if you can remember what you dropped off and what you expect to pay based on each piece.

2) Always ask for a discount – It doesn’t hurt to ask and most dry cleaners do offer discounts for multiple drop-offs or large loads. You might also ask about other discounts such as military, school, or corporate to see if they apply.

3) Not all fine clothing needs to be dry cleaned – Some clothes can be wash in cold water, but you do need to be careful. First, rub some cold water on the fabric to see if any of the color comes off before washing cotton or solid sweaters by hand.  If it does, then DO DRY CLEAN. If not, you can gently wash in Woolite or or with baby shampoo, then roll them in a towel to dry.

4) Treat stains immediately – Remember that when a stain becomes oxidized, it’s extremely difficult to remove from fabric. Treat it with a portable stain remover, club soda or a small amount of water. Do not use laundry detergent.

5) Clip coupons – Dry cleaners usually participate in local direct mail campaigns or coupon books. Take some time to look through the coupons you get via snail mail. They often offer substantial cost savings.

6) Use a Home Dry Cleaning Kit – Home kits use special products for your home dryer and can be very effective in removing light wrinkles, smells and odors. You will have to remove stains prior to the dryer and press the garment yourself, but it may save some money. Be sure to read the directions thoroughly.

7) Cleaning maintenance – Keeping a garment as clean as possible is an obvious solution, but it requires some vigilance. Wear a washable shirt underneath a suit to minimize the need to clean suits after each wear.  Hang up your clothes after each use to minimize wrinkles and use wooden or “flock hangers” so that the clothing keeps its natural shape. Never use wire hangers.

8) Put on your clothing after your beauty routine – Avoid getting makeup, perfume and even food on your clothes, put them on last. Be careful with clothes going over your head to avoid getting makeup on your collar.

As you can see, it is not impossible to save money and still enjoy all the benefits of dry cleaning. It takes a bit of forethought, some effort, and most of all a plan you can stick to. Once you get in the right habits though, your simple savings will allow you to either dry clean more clothes or spend it as you see fit!

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More Advice on Swimsuits for Every Type

This summer wearing a swimsuit means you will be bearing it all! This means no matter what your size or shape there will be parts of your body that you are just not sure flatter you in the best way. Whether you need a good solid push up for the girls or you are looking to create a more slender illusion if you find the right swimsuit anything’s possible. After sifting through hundreds of different swimsuits and brands, you’re ready just to slip on that one perfect fit and work your body along with that glowing tan. The list below has some stunning picks that compliment every feature so that you can feel confident and ready to soak up some of the last rays before fall starts. Not to mention most places will now offer swimsuits on super discount, so stock up while you can!

If you have…a Tiny Set Up Top

TB 12144084 489 mens fashion

There’s nothing more frustrating than wondering how you are going to pull off looking bigger than a B when most of your clothes come off. You may not be able just to fabricate more topness, but you sure can make what you have look lively with these killer push-up tops!   Victoria Secret is an excellent place to start as you can modify exactly how much push up you want, and even can buy tops that have removable padding:

If you are not about the push up, try to put more emphasis up top by going for a show stopping ruffle or flowy fabric like the ones by Noelle:

If you areBusty

There’s rarely any time for fun as you’re just looking for a top that will be functional for your girls as most stores do not even make your size! Well, look no further, there are a few stores out there that provide perfect support and comfort so that you do not have to worry about anything escaping out or popping off while you are out having fun in the sun:

00091115 01 697x1024 mens fashion

Layne Bryant and Torrid have many options, but so does Forever 21 in their plus size collection where their swimsuits go all the way up to 3x in tops:

If you areCurvy all Around

If your hips do not lie like Shakira’s then you need something comfortable that helps you show off all that you have to offer with a twist of class. An hourglass-like shape can be the most flattering to style as long as you have a lift up top and the pick the right size down bottom. If you want to show off a little more try these looks from Tory Burch that accentuate your curves:

For a little more coverage if you want to suck in the hips with edgy style these must-haves from Net-a-Porter will blow you away:

If you have….an Athletic Body

With a broader set of shoulders and possibly a boxier shape it can be difficult to narrow and curve off your figure without looking too manly. There are plenty of suits out there with a feminine touch that don’t overdo it as long as you can stay away from bandeau tops and ruffle bottoms.,default,pd.html?dwvar_6BG03054-001_color=001&cgid=&navid=search#q=swim&sz=37&start=19

Going for a one-piece with cut outs down the side or along your body will attract the eyes around instead of just across giving you some alternative methods to achieving curves:

If you havea Round Tummy

340497 in xl 682x1024 mens fashion

One-pieces have jumped back into style with all the new cutouts and designs that make you glad you did not trade up for those itsy-bitsy triangle tops. Those comfy 50’s style high waisted bottoms are popping up everywhere and can help you suck in and cover up anything you are not willing to show off. The makes style easy with tons of different designer picks at a discount including some sexy one pieces that will have everyone wishing they could wear it like you:

Giving your chest a little extra push can draw the eye away from the tummy and up to the girls, just like this swimsuit from Old Navy:

Rebecca Borchers often blogs about fashion and design: a good way to kill the time when she’s not consulting. For the right jewelry and accessories to go with your swimwear, she highly recommends paying a visit to

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Men’s Fashion Destination: Cape Cod Massachusetts

Every year I look forward to a week’s vacation on Cape Cod. Not only are the beaches beautiful and the fashion style in Cape Cod, it would be a combination of preppy and casual elegance. There are some places on Cape Cod that are a more relaxed, summertime kind of vibe and others that are a little more dressy.

mens capecod1 mens fashion

A perfect wardrobe for sightseeing, shopping in the unique stores and boutiques, or grabbing a steaming bowl of clam chowder at an outside café consists of pieces like this blue check button-down shirt, a comfy pair of cargo or chino shorts with a braided leather belt, and the ever-popular leather boat shoes. Some key accessories that help to complete the Cape Cod casual look are the straw fedora, brown leather wrist watch, and cool Aviator sunglasses. Also, this green plaid button down shirt, white cotton summer pants, and boat shoes make a comparable alternative.

alberto moretti loafers royal hem jacket hermes of cape cod mens fashion

If you happen to be invited to the Kennedy compound for cocktails or are hanging out at one of the posh restaurants on the shore, then a look that is a little dressier would be appropriate. Here, is a navy sports jacket by Royal Hem, a crisp white button-down, tan slim leg trousers by Hermes of Cape Cod, and a terrific pairs of two-tone blue Alberto Morretti loafers.

hermesbasel cape cod moonphase watch mens fashion

Of course, this outfit deserves a fantastic watch like this Hermes Basel Cape Cod Moonphase Watch with a croco-embossed British tan leather band, gleaming hands and numbers, with a unique moon phase dial for added interest.

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How to Go Monochromatic for Fall

Wearing one color head to toe is a very flattering concept. You look taller and leaner, streamlining your appearance. So how can you take one color dressing from blasé to chic? Follow our do’s and don’ts and you can’t go wrong!

thefashionables2 womens fashion mens fashion fashion industry

Do introduce another color with fun and interesting accessories to add a touch of pizzaz. Try a fun statement bag or an interesting pair of shoes. This is a great time to focus on the details, as the single color will act as a great canvas to really make them stand out!

Don’t introduce a whole rainbow of colors in your accessories. Not only does that take away from the monochromatic concept, it also takes away from you!

thefashionables womens fashion mens fashion fashion industry

Do play with different shades. No reason to go too matchy-matchy, play up light and dark shades in the same family. Try jewel tones and pastels or rich and soft neutrals.

Don’t get colors that are close together but not exact. While you can wear head to toe in the exact same shade and look like you stepped out of a magazine, you can’t really achieve that effect with colors that look similar but aren’t the same. It just gives the impression that you tried too hard to make it work, but probably didn’t. Think of a suit you bought separately- while the pants may be navy and the jacket might also be navy, each designer plays with a slightly different shade so pairing two different pieces together isn’t a great idea.

thefashionlist womens fashion mens fashion fashion industry

Do concentrate on fit. The slimming concept is lost if your garments are ill-fitting. We’re not suggesting it needs to be tight, just that fit you perfectly.

Don’t worry so much about what everyone else is wearing, wear what looks good on you!

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More Celebrity Street Style in August!

This week’s celebrity fashion picks were in the “do” category. Sometimes, while they are out and about, they are caught by the Paparazzi in a not so flattering light, but this time the celebrities were ready for the photographer’s flashbulbs.

Reese Witherspoon looked rather summery LA Friday mens fashion

The first celebrity fashion pick is actress Reese Witherspoon, who was seen in this fantastic summery outfit. Floral patterns being all the rage, her crisp white dress that has an empire waist, a pleated bodice, and is splashed with royal blue roses is just adorable. The shorter length of the dress and strappy white sandals keep it fresh and young. Also, the wide brim fedora and sunshine yellow leather bag are unexpected, but fantastic accessories.

 mens fashion

Next, is bad (old) boy actor Billy Bob Thorton, who just finished the TV series Fargo. He shows how jeans can bridge the gap from casual to dressy, as he pairs them with a collarless grey woven sports coat, a micro-collar black v-neck shirt, and a great pair of silver embossed leather cowboy boots. Whereas “dressy jeans” didn’t exist in the past, they are the trend if the future. People just love their jeans and jump at the opportunity to wear them everywhere.

diane kruger and joshua jackson mens fashion

Last, but not least, is former model/actress Diane Kruger and actor Joshua Jackson from the now ancient TV series Fringe Joshua is rocking summertime casual with his fitted black, v-neck t-shirt, knee length grey cargo shorts, and a cool pair of red sunglasses. Diane looks very lady-like in her strapless floral maxi-dress in the summer tones of blue, orange, and pink. The studded black leather cross-body handbag is just the right size to keep the look feminine. She is current with both the floral and studded trends in fashion today. They both have the perfect look for an afternoon out to lunch or shopping spree.

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