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Make Us Blush

Summer is a cornucopia of colorful clothing. You have your brights and graphic prints, your mints and baby blues, and ever classic whites. However, for a ladylike twist on your usual summer staples, might we suggest: blush.

This sweet pink feels fresh in modern shapes. Adore the vintage feel? We found several options with a nod to the decades past (without looking outdated).
Screen Shot 2014 07 15 at 4.45.18 PM mens fashion
BCBG MAXAZRIA Solace Ruffle Sleeve Dress in crepe and organza is great for a wedding or an office cocktail party. The light color makes it appropriate for daytime affairs, unlike your favorite LBD, which may sometimes feel a little too harsh.

steven alan chinos mens fashion

Being chinos makes this light pastel Steven Alan pant feel especially chic for the guys. Keep it paired with a graphic white tee and some leather sneakers.

Screen Shot 2014 07 16 at 11.04.35 AM mens fashion

French Connection Marquee Parade Dress is another stunning example of how to elevate and make a statement in such a soft color. This dress is great for a daytime outdoor wedding. We especially love the cut-out details around the neckline which perfectly balance the geometric print at the hem.

Screen Shot 2014 07 15 at 4.37.49 PM mens fashion

All-over lace can look like something you might find in your grandmother’s closet but with long sleeves and a short hem, this Rachel Zoe Libby Lace dress is anything but passé. We recommend adding a denim jacket for a casual day in the country feel or a gold necklace and leather jacket to add a little edge.

erin silk top pearl blush mens fashion

A sweet top in blush feels ultra feminine. Tinley Road Erin Silk top is semi-sheer with a cute back keyhole cut-out and button closure. You’re sure to feel girly but still like a grown-up.

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Key Accessories Can Be Chic!

When thinking about accessories, key chains don’t normally come to mind, but they are an important part of everyday life.  We use keys for just about everything and as time goes by, we seem to accumulate more keys each year.

IMG 20140723 100625 688 e1406209137686 1024x786 review mens fashion

One innovative way to keep your keys organized is with the KeySmart.  It is a patent pending design that seems to be using a similar design to the jack knife/ multi-tool, but specifically for keys.  The keys are attached to either end of the holder and have the ability to flip out and back, keeping the holder’s slim shape that would easily slide into any pocket or purse.  Specifically, the KeySmart 2.0 model comes in the bright color selections of blue, orange, green, and purple, but also in neutrals like black, slate, and titanium.

IMG 20140723 100804 776 300x169 review mens fashion

The KeySmart is crafted of aircraft aluminum and stainless for durability with the ability to expand for more than four keys.  And at a mere $19.98, it is organization plus economy! I suspect I’ll be using my blue one for a while to come.

jw hulme key fob 171x300 review mens fashion

The next key accessory is by J.W. Hulme and is constructed of 100% rich brown leather with brass hardware.  It has a “dog leash” style finding on one end and the key ring on the other.  The ingenious part is the loop that it forms, which allows it to be snapped onto a larger object that may be too big for the other closure.  For $38 at East Dane, it would be a great gift for those looking for a bit of luxury.

key fob jack spade 169x300 review mens fashion

Lastly, the Lobster Claw Key Fob by Jack Spade is a simple but effective design.  Available in a nickel or brass finish, both key chains have a substantial lobster claw clasp that is opposite the key ring, which can easily hook onto pant-loops or a backpack. I chose this style for my teenager after they “misplaced” the only set of keys to the car and I had to have it towed home. This fob is better for heavy-duty key grouping while the KeySmart definitely reigns for streetwear use.

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More Ways to Customize Your Creations

When it comes to making your own clothing items, you need to have a way for people to get to know the creator. A terrific way to express your brand is through a custom made label. At, they have a line of custom labels to fit every budget. Unlike some of the other clothing label companies, Clothing Labels 4U also offers their custom label services with no set-up fees, low prices, fast service, and low minimum amounts for purchasing.

lovies label 300x242 womens fashion mens fashion

The Cadillac of the label selection is the custom woven label. You may choose from a selection of fabric like damask, taffeta, satin, and semi-damask. Unlike many competitors, at these deluxe fabric woven labels also come in an iron-on version for those who prefer the fabric labels, but want them to lie flat against the clothing item, instead of sewing them at the seams.

As well as the woven labels, Clothing Labels 4U offers a version in leather or pleather, just like those from your favorite pair of jeans, but you can have it personalized with your own logo or design.

suede label 300x124 womens fashion mens fashion

For those customers who are looking for a more economical way to label their clothing creations, they may choose a printed label, which may be purchased on 100% cotton fabric, cotton twill, or 100% canvas. With the printed labels, it gives the ability to use images with intricate designs or high definition. They even use thermoplastic polyurethane, which are not only transparent, but also resistant to high temperatures.

At Clothing Labels 4U, you can even order rubber, silicone, or PVC tagless labels or Made in the USA, which are not offered by all label manufacturers, but expect to pay a little bit more for the Made in America process.

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Finding Quality Jewelry From Around the Globe

People who are fans of pearls often want to shop exclusively with quality dealers. Because they may only want genuine pearls for their collections, shopping with a dealer who has a reputation for providing genuine quality pieces can be important. If they lack such a dealer in their local area or they want the convenience of shopping online, these individuals may choose to browse the selections online on websites like

small pearl necklace mens fashion

When they shop at a website like this one, they can browse at their leisure and find pieces that are beautiful and unique. Many pearl fans, for example, may be unaware of all of the different locations where these jewels are found. They can look at those that come from the South Sea region, as well as those that come from Japan, Tahiti, or the Golden or White Seas. They can compare and contrast the pearls to find ones that suit their particular shopping purposes.

Likewise, they can select accessories that they need or want for their jewelry boxes. Many women consider at least one pearl necklaces to be a must-have for their jewelry collection. They can consider all of the necklaces on the website and find those that suit their length and style needs. In addition to necklaces, many women like to pair their collections with earrings. They can shop online to find earrings with pearls in them so that they can dress in an ensemble that is fashionable and well-coordinated.

large pearl necklace earrings 240x300 mens fashion

Earrings and necklaces make the basis for any quality jewelry basis; however, many women as well like to add other pieces like pendants and rings. When it comes to rings, some ladies recall that pearl rings can be particularly elegant additions to an outfit. When they have one of these rings on, they may receive compliments and admiring glances because of the style and appeal that comes with wearing them.

In addition, women who perhaps do not want to wear a necklace can wear a pendant instead. A pendant can be placed near the collar or on the shoulder area of an outfit to provide the same beauty and appeal as a necklace would. This option might be suitable for outfits that have scoop necks or boat collars.

Shopping online for pearls can be an option for people who only want quality pieces. They can find pieces that come from various geographic locations like the South Sea.

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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Summer is no time to hide behind long pants. Show off those legs in our the season’s cutest shorts. Plus shorts are so versatile, each pair can be worn with flat sandals for a day running around or dressed up with heels and jewelry for a night out! So throw on a pair of short shorts and you’re good to go.

Try a loose cotton short for a sophisticated French girl feel. Rhyme Los Angeles Floral Shortie has a drawstring waistline and front pockets. The loose feel lends itself to a relaxed silhouette, perfect for any occasion.

Screen Shot 2014 07 15 at 3.58.51 PM womens fashion mens fashion

Play with graphic prints for summer perfection. Ella Moss Paz Chambray Short is playful without looking as if you shopped in your tween cousin’s closet. Made of 100% cotton with metal accents on the drawstring, you’ll feel cool and confident all day (and night) long.

Screen Shot 2014 07 15 at 4.04.07 PM womens fashion mens fashion

Crochet isn’t just for your grandmother anymore. Black Swan Emma Crochet Shortie features a flattering scalloped hem and crochet detailing. There’s just something about them that makes you feel fancy the moment you put them on, but the comfortable cotton fabric makes them just as appropriate for lunch.

M.Nii Quasimodo shorts e1406223053836 womens fashion mens fashion

And for you daring gents, try the outlandish M.Nii Quasimodo shorts. Not only is this bottom piece short, it’s quite loud too. Proceed with caution!

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Guide to Men’s Accessorizing (Infographic!)

I came across this neat infographic that succinctly addresses the various ways a fashionable man can integrate accessories into his ensembles. Check it out below!

Presented By Nice Laundry

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Budding Fashion Designer? Get Your Name Out There Creatively!

Some fashion designers have such a distinctive style that it is easy to pick their clothing items out in a crowd, but with some, it is all in the label.  Personally, I am not a fan of the “tagless” label because sometimes it can look very cheap and it starts to peel off over time.  There are even a few clothing designers like Louis Dell’Olio, formerly with Anne Klein, and George Simonton, who has been an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for over 25 years, that have resisted the idea of tagless items and have proudly displayed their names on custom woven labels.
hang tags 1 womens fashion mens fashion

If you have ventured out and created some of your own designs, whether it is a sewn, crafted, or knitted item, the label with your own name or logo on it is the icing on the cake.  It is one of the things that distinguishes your personalized clothing tags from everyone else’s. THere are many services online for producing woven clothing labels. With many of them, you can choose your wording and design from 300 symbols, 19 color, and 19 different font types.  The tags are then woven in a damask weave for durability with washing and style.  They are constructed of 100% polyester and can be applied by hand or with any regular sewing machine.  At the average price of $50 per 21 labels, it is an economical way to add that perfect touch to your own designs.  For those who would rather have the label lying flat on the fabric, there is also an iron-on version.

easy sparkling cross womens fashion mens fashion

As far as clothing labels go, there are less expensive ones out there, but they are usually printed on a pressed-type polyester fabric and not only don’t have the “presence” of the woven fabric labels, but also can tear and deteriorate more quickly.

easy giftribbon with print cross womens fashion mens fashion

So, if you are going to put your heart and soul into an item that you created, then, choose a quality label to proudly display your name creatively. Also, if you are looking for the perfect packaging, many of these sites also have printed ribbon and hang tags to give your creation that personal touch.

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