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East Dane’s Biggest 2014 Sale Going On Now!

Black Friday is just the beginning, gents! Enter East Dane’s BIGGEST sale of the year and it lasts an entire WEEK!

globalbanner ed 20141125 tiercode launch 1 0 mens fashion

The Sale begins Tuesday, November 25 7:00AM EST through Monday December 1, 11:59PM PST. There are NO brand exclusions, and with this sale, the more you purchase the better the savings. Here is the breakdown of savings:

Spend $250= 15% off

Spend $500= 20% off

Spend $1000 = 25% off

And just to get you thinking, here are some categories I’ve had my eye on for this sale.

black leather jacket mens fashion

High End Mens Leather Jackets (ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars)

selvedge.min  169x300 mens fashion

Selvedge Denim Jeans ($200 to $300)

oxford shoes mens fashion

Lace-Up Shoes, Especially Oxfords ($400)

And here’s some important details regarding the sale:

  • Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address.
  • Shipping charges may apply to discounted and free promotional items.
  • Offer may not be combined with other offers.

Otherwise, there’s no time like the present to save this season at East Dane!

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How Fashion Affects Each Of Life’s Decisions

We may not know it but our fashion choices might be influencing how other people see us or perceive us. In turn, this influences how they interact with us. For example, we see a person dressed drastically different from us, we deduce that they might have different likes and hobbies, and that we won’t like each other. Thus, you’ll put off actually talking to the person or even just meeting them. We don’t date men with cars we think makes him look like a “loser.” We are influenced by other people’s fashion choices and so do our fashion choices influence other people, positively or negatively.

people watch 24 wb18ct 300x198 mens fashion

Drive an expensive car

People judge us by the car we drive. If you drive a 10-year old car with dings on the sides and peeling paint, people are most likely to judge you as someone who can’t afford a new car or even repairs for the old one. If you drive a Porsche Carrera or a Mercedes Benz, people will think that you have a lot of money to splurge on your car. And they will be more likely to date you, befriend you, and talk to you.

Dress more conservatively to be promoted

Research suggests that in the case of women, the more conservative they dress, the more respected and authoritative they are perceived. In a case study of over 129 participants where they were shown pictures of women in office clothing, with very little variance such as a button more undone on one picture or a woman wearing a skirt one inch shorter than the others, the results suggest that for managerial and corporate positions, people with longer skirt lengths and those with buttoned-up blouses are perceived to be fit for the job. However, those with shorter skirt lengths and with one button unbuttoned was not deemed fit. Nonetheless, for a receptionist position, the length of skirt and type of blouse did not make any difference.

How we dress influences our mood

In a study involving 100 women ranging from 21-64, results found that there is a possibility that wearing certain clothes affect our mood. The study suggests that wearing jeans actually puts us in a somber and slightly depressed mood. The researcher suggests that wearing jeans suggests to the observer that the person didn’t bother with picking clothes that day. To compare, wearing dresses can lead to happier moods, as it seems that the wearer put in a bit of effort to look good. However, this study doesn’t put into the equation that some people are just predisposed to wearing jeans versus people who wear dresses daily as a lifestyle choice. Nonetheless, this research suggests that no matter what your mood is, you will be perceived by other people as being in a happy mood or a depressed mood just based on your dress alone. Our lifestyle choices don’t just affect us. It influences other people on how they see us and how they will interact with us in the future. Fashion indeed influences life choices.

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5 Boundary-Pushing Jewelry Shops on Melrose Avenue

When you live in Los Angeles, it goes without saying that you need to be on the cutting edge of fashion just to blend in. This city is so style-centric that even the meter maids are working hard to look fierce. Almost everyone knows the best boutiques and thrift stores to find the most fashion-forward clothes — but when it comes to accessories, many Los Angelites are wandering around in the dark.

Accessories are what make or break an outfit, so knowing where to find the perfect pendant or a terrific timepiece will give you access to unparalleled chicness. The next time you’re wandering around Melrose Avenue, be sure to step into a few of these stores and take a look at the up and comers in the world of jewelry.

maya jewelry 300x208 womens fashion mens fashion

1. Maya

Open for more than 40 years, Maya has been providing Los Angelites with some of the most diverse and unique jewelry the world has to offer. Their selection changes regularly, as people carry in and out one-of-a-kind pieces unavailable anywhere else, but you can usually find a good choice of men’s and women’s rings as well as a plethora of wooden crafts (which aren’t jewelry, but exceptional and eye-catching all the same).

Maya also boasts the city’s largest selection of body jewelry, so if you’re searching for a new stud, plug, chain, or hoop for any of your body piercings, step in here before you go anywhere else.

2. Altivo

If you have a more narrow scope — say, timepieces — you might need a more specialized shop, but luckily Melrose boasts the city’s absolute best watch store. Altivo has a fiercely devoted base of loyal customers because Altivo on Melrose Avenue sells only the highest quality timepieces, but they are willing to work with any budget. Though the vast selection of watches within Altivo may be daunting to some first-time watch buyers, the exceedingly helpful employees are trained to match you with the perfect style, so you’ll leave happy and confident in your purchase. They can move seamlessly from top designer watches like Fossil and Diesel to practical and fitness brands like Luminox and G-Shock; trust us, Altivo can fill all your watch-related needs.

watch face 300x199 womens fashion mens fashion

3. Resurrection

You might know Resurrection for its unbelievable grabs in vintage clothing. Hands down, they have some of the best selection in the world when it comes to collectible and vintage styles. However, few people stop to ogle the jewelry counter, and this is more than just a shame — it’s a mistake.

While generally the more memorable jewelry trends of the past don’t exactly hold up well with modern tastes, hundreds of designers have created timeless pieces that are just as beautiful and desirable today as they were when introduced. Browse old collections of Hermes, Chanel, and others to find those knock-out pieces to complete your ensemble. Additionally, don’t miss store owner Katy Rodriguez’s beautiful creations mixed in with the bunch; her line of jewelry earns you style points without taking a big bite out of your budget.

4. Kelly Wearstler

Not yet a household name in the fashion world but still rising high all the same, Kelly Wearstler just recently opened her flagship store on Melrose to raucous applause. This world-famous interior designer has expanded her talents to include fashion and jewelry as well, and her shop has it all, from large sectionals to delicate dangle earrings. Kelly’s jewelry isn’t old, but it is eclectic and cutting-edge; you’re unlikely to see pieces like hers anywhere else in the city.

You’re likely to find items in each of her three current collections (mélange, classic, and fine) that call your name, so it’s best to come with outfits in mind, or you might find yourself with more rings than you were expecting to buy.

5. Jewels by Alex

Out of all of the shops listed, this one probably resembles most closely what one imagines as a jewelry store. The store features comfortable seating, lighted display cases, and jewels glittering everywhere the light touches. While Jewels by Alex might appear from the outside like a bargain-box jewelry shop, they are hiding real gems within.

This family-owned company scours the city for the best styles and quality stones, so you can be sure you’re getting a unique and valuable piece. The knowledgeable staff is exceptional at pairing pieces with people, so even if you don’t know what you want, they do.

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IZOD Sporty Casual Menswear For Fall 2014

IZOD is a familiar name in menswear. It is a company that produces upscale casual clothing, footwear, and accessories for both men and women. It is also part of the larger Phillip Van Heusen Company in NYC. The original company name came from the Jack IZOD Tailoring Boutique that created bespoke shirts for men in London England. The company was introduced to the USA in 1938. You might be familiar with their iconic Lacoste Pique Polo Shirt with the crocodile logo, for which IZOD became very well known.

izod pullover 205x300 mens fashion

One men’s clothing item that IZOD consistently does well is the sweater. At Kohl’s, they carry two styles of IZOD sweaters that are very popular in menswear. First, is the IZOD ¼ Zip Pullover. It is a great alternative, comfort-wise, to a sweat shirt and a little more stylish. It is constructed of a cotton/polyester blend that is very easy care. In the cooler weather, the long sleeve pullover can be worn over a turtleneck, button-down shirt, or short sleeve polo. The stand-up collar can be left open or zipped all the way up for more of a “mock-neck” style. The IZOD pullover comes in black, navy, blue, red, and green, which at the price of $19.99 would make it a fantastic holiday gift for any-aged man in your life.

izod sweater solid2 277x300 mens fashion

Next, is the IZOD Solid Sweater. This particular one is a v-neck style, which tends to be not as popular with all men, as the crew neck style sweater. It may be a more modern cut that doesn’t appeal to traditionalists. However, the sweater is a simplistic layering piece that can be worked into what you already may have in your closet. The “IZOD Solid Sweater” is designed in a fine gage cotton knit that will be less bulky than some other sweater knits like cable and fisherman’s knits, fitting more easily under more fitted garments like sports blazers and leather jackets.

izod sweater solid 238x300 mens fashion

This IZOD sweater at Kohl’s comes in twelve different colors, but if you are giving it as a gift, you would be better off to stick to more basic, neutral colors like black, navy, or charcoal grey. This v-neck style sweater is priced at $32.99, which is about average for this type of sweater, but it is designed for the type of guy who leans more toward the preppy style of dressing, so it may not be the perfect gift for everyone.

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Review: The Night Vision Watch by Victorinox

Victorinox is a company that is well known for their multi-functional tools that were originally developed for the military. However, Swiss Army is also known for state of the art watch-making. Now, they have developed the Night Vision Watch that combines modern design, the superior watch-making ability of the Swiss, and the functionality of a professional tool.

Night Vision Catalogue Blog 300x195 review mens fashion

The features of the Night Vision Watch by Victorinox include the fashion forwardness of a stainless steel case with a black leather strap or the “black ice” version with the bracelet. It has a luminescent dial, a red-tipped second hand, and also expresses military time. The “magic” of the Night Vision watch is in its functionality. It has an LED module with six distinctive functions of dial illumination, extended light mode, low battery indicator, location mode, and even a SOS rescue mode.

night vision swiss army watch 300x283 review mens fashion

These illuminating features essentially mean that the wearer of the Victorinox Night Vision Watch can illuminate the dial for easy at night, turn on a beam of light to illuminate his path, or even produce an SOS rescue signal that can be seen up to one kilometer away. Also, the use of LED technology is very low in energy consumption, so that the unique lighting features will last.

So, not only is the Swiss Army Night Vision Watch by Victorinox a sleek, modern time piece and fashion statement, but it also has functions that are useful in everyday life or even in an emergent situation.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine

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X-Mas Gifts A Brother ACTUALLY Wants

We have all been on the receiving end of the lynx box set, the comical and often novelty tie or the dreaded Christmas-themed sock/jumper. Well luckily I am here to make sure you resist those urges to reciprocate the “gesture” and to make sure you acknowledge that it really ISN’T the thought that counts.

Now I’m not claiming that this guide will solve all your present-giving conundrums but hopefully some of the suggestions will help guide you along the right path and move you sharply away from that budget, reality TV-star, aftershave you are sniffing so inquisitively.

First things first you need to remember that different people will appreciate different gifts. For example my hideously nerdy brother might not like receiving a free skydiving lesson like your adrenaline fuelled psycho sibling. So have a good think about the kind of person they are and try to forget what you like for a moment.

Now is the interesting part. A list of 7 (probably) great gift ideas for your brothers. I will let you know why it is a good gift, where you can get it from and what kind of ‘bro’ will appreciate/deserve it.

rhino shielf 6plus large 300x300 mens fashion

1.    Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits

The list isn’t in any particular order but this feels like the perfect place to start. The title pretty much lets you know everything you need to. Basically it is the gift that keeps on giving – Beer. Costing a mouth-watering £39.99 the Brooklyn brew shop beer making kit is a guaranteed favourite for those brothers you love, but wouldn’t mind having minor liver irritations throughout January.

In all seriousness this is a great gift idea that is guaranteed to take pride of place on the kitchen worktop come 15:13 on Christmas day. Brooklyn Brew Shop also offer a number of different flavours for the picky amongst us including: Bruxelles Blonde, Chestnut Brown Ale, Chocolate Maple Porter, Everyday IPA and much, much more. Each pack contains enough ingredients for roughly ten beers but also uses easily sourced produce to stop it from becoming the next soda stream, destined for a life of infamy hidden behind the Jacobs Cracker box (empty) in that awkward to reach cupboard.

2.    Rhino Shield for iPhone/iPad or any other Apple products

This is the ideal present for that little brother who never grew out of that crucial “falling” stage in a baby’s development. The Rhino Shield is made from custom-formulated polymer which makes it five times stronger than Gorilla Glass and enables it to absorb some pretty harsh blows.

Its only 0.029cm thick making it the ultimate screen protective solution. It may be considered slightly on the expensive side at £17.99 (£19.99 for your stupid larger iPhone 6s) but it still makes a brilliant present for the manual workers/idiots amongst us.

philips body groom series 300x300 mens fashion

3.    Philips Body groom Series 5000 Electric Shaver

Now this may seem a slightly invasive gift for a brother but bear with me (pun intended). An electric shaver falls into the “I would never have bought myself that” gift category. It is a practical gift that is affordable and often overlooked.

In particular I selected the Philips Body Groom Series because they are great little pieces of kit that won’t break the bank. At only £36.99 you really can’t go wrong with this present. Encourage your brosef to remove than unsightly goatee and tame his Tom Jones chest hair, which we all know makes him looks like a Mexican wolf-child. From the 80’s.

4.    Star Wars Light-up Chop Sabers.

No explanation necessary. Buy them.

5.    The Pebble Smartwatch

Dubbed as “App on the wrist” the Pebble Smartwatch is the most functional and customisable smartwatch currently in the market. It allows users check texts, tweets and other notifications without the hassle of reaching into those pesky pockets.

The watch comes with its own sophisticated app store as well as being waterproof and pairing with Apple and Android devices. The Pebble was funded through Kickstarter, as many trendy things are, and costs £99.99 RRP. This is definitely one for the wealthier and more loving brothers or perhaps if you have some kind of “keeping up with the Jones’” rivalry going on.

6.    Game Boy Cartridge Soap

I felt like after the Smartwatch the list needed something for all the brothers who don’t really get on. For the brothers who show their love through drunken fist fights, not gifts. So I present to you Game Boy Cartridge soaps. They are the cheapest idea on the list at only £8.99 but don’t let that put you off.

These make a great nostalgic cleaning product and are great an enforcing the knowledge that you are indeed the funny brother. Visit the geeky clean website to see how great they look.

romo 300x300 mens fashion

7.    Romo

Last but by no means least, is Romo. Every boy loves a good robot around Christmas time. Admittedly that’s normally a robot in the form of a remote or microwave but now there is Romo. A self-proclaimed ‘cheeky robot’ with a number of endless and customizable behaviours, Romo is widely tipped to be this Christmases’ must have.

It will set you back a healthy £129.99 but the list of features really are impressive. I won’t bore you by listing them but basically Romo allows your smartphone to come alive, to learn, to interact and even to teach.

Anyway that’s it. The list is complete and hopefully one of these gifts will be perfect for your brother and if not I hope you are left feel inspired.

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Win a chic blue tie, a taupe pocket square, and a slick tie bar!

Welcome to this week’s CEFashion contest! This time, courtesy of, we’re giving away a blue skinny tie, a taupe pocket square, and a tie bar! Here’s what you get:

Give away square 300x300 mens fashion contests

Entering is mad easy – just follow them on Twitter via the Rafflecopter widget below! Better yet, use the widget to visit their Facebook page too and get an extra entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This men’s ties holiday contest ends November at 14th at 12:00am EST. Good luck everyone, and thanks to!

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