Black Friday at Macy’s? You Bet!

The phrase Black Friday was originally coined from a financial crisis that occurred in the US, in 1869. Its reference to the “kick-off” to the holiday shopping season frenzy didn’t come about until the 1960’s in Philadelphia. Now, everyone knows that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and usually bedlam is let loose. Some associate it with excitement of hunting down the best bargains of the Holiday season and some see it as something to avoid like the Flu. Not this intrepid blogger – my primary destination?, Macy’s men’s department.

Now, in case you’ve never been, enthusiasts of Black Friday will shake off their Thanksgiving food coma by loading up on coffee and standing in line for hours before the store open, in order to get their chance at any special bargains. For the crowd-phobic shoppers, there are also online sales.’s online Black Friday specials will definitely feature many of the same sales available in store, and perhaps some surprises. As for people that want to avoid Black Friday all together, they only have to wait an extra day for Cyber Saturday, where they can fill their virtual shopping carts with some of the same discounts and never have to get out of their PJ’s. will also have a fabulous Cyber Monday sale.

With either day, aside from markdowns on men’s clothing spanning budget to luxury items, electronics are usually hot items, but remember that they are in limited quantity without rain-checks. Shoes also go fast because, hey, who couldn’t afford a new pair of Donald J Pliner’s at a bargain.

At stores like Macy’s, they usually will open at midnight on Black Friday to get the ball rolling and also offer “Early Bird” specials on things like jewelry, toys, clothes, accessories, and small appliances. Personally, I’m kind of rush-into-the-mob-scene kind of guy, so I will be showing up there at midnight for sure. And, while electronics are fun and all, it’s my wardrobe I’m looking to expand, not my home theater.

Now, what am I after this year? Well, I’m definitely going to be looking for some cashmere. According to the Black Friday preview on, Club Room merchandise like vests, solid color sweaters, and more will experience some serious markdowns.

And maybe, just maybe, another suit will be in order. If I take the plunge, this time it has to be navy. Luckily, plenty of Michael Kors’s finest will be at Macy’s, waiting for the blue picking.

Some general Black Friday tips are:  Only buy what you need to avoid high credit card balances, which will defeat the whole purpose and search the sale flyers to have a plan ahead of time.

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