Beauty Product Spotlight – SPAdet

As pollution rises, global warming increases and illnesses affect our bodies, so has the desire for a more natural, holistic approach to living. Most of us are moving towards a health-conscious lifestyle. For the past 5 years, biochemist and creator of SPAdet, Annabelle Santos has spent her time formulating and developing her collection.


Made of 100% natural ingredients, SPAdet has been carefully formulated with premium natural ingredients to prevent and treat common skin, body and hair problems. Infused with a cocktail of essential oils, it’s not a surprise that SPAdet’snatural blends are perfect for pampering everyone on your list.


Created as an “at-home” spa treatment, you can rest assured SPAdet’s full body collection will please your mind, body and soul. Enriched with natural vitamins and minerals, SPAdet products are perfect for all skin types and conditions.

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