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Men’s Fashion Advice – Be Frugal With Wedding Accessories

Weddings are expensive, expensive events. A friend of mine is getting married in a few months time and, wow, I feel his financial pain. Flowers, booze, rentals, invites, event planning, etc. – all the above and more cost thousands upon thousands of dollars if one wants a premium wedding.



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Men’s Fashion Advice – Quality, Not Quantity With Arm Accessories

Like I’ve said before, accessories give an outfit its individuality. However, too much personality, e.g. having too many or too “loud” wrist accessories, is never called for.

Your arm or wrist shouldn’t house a gallery of metal, leather, crappy plastic studs, watch-works, etc. Accessories give you a distinctive look only in smaller portions. With something like this GUESS Black leather wristband with laced chain and other junk fastened to you, you end up looking like some hyperconsumer punk or a hoarder. This also happens to apply across gender lines, ladies.


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Men’s Fashion Police: Robert Pattinson

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Looks like Rob’s gone fashionable delinquent again – when will it ever end?! He must have recently decided to try and make the style of a bumbling tourist trendy, what with his ugly-ass Cincinnati sweater, partially untucked shirt and gimmicky San Diego hat. I don’t know why he’s smiling then right and there unless he is intentionally playing up his appearance as a fool. Please change your wardrobe and general approach to being seen before everyone else figures out how ridiculous you can get.

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And the winner is…

…purango! Who said:

I prefer a tri-fold.

Thanks for participating! Another contest is just around the corner!

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Men’s Fashion Police: Justin Bieber arraigned (c)

Whoa, Justin, slow down with that baby pink cardigan. Didn’t your parents teach not to steal clothes from little girls? I’ll bet they also told you keep your hair brushed. And what’s that sticking out of your pants pocket? An iPhone with a funky case or a newfangled tamagotchi? “Wardrobe…”

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Fashion Review: Artfully Disheveled tie

For reviews.

I take ties very seriously. Therefore, I rate them seriously. The designers at neophyte Artfully Disheveled (aside: not my favorite brand name) clearly pride themselves on deconstructing of the typical patterning of my favorite accessory – thankfully without resorting to ugly logos or graphics of Spiderman. Let’s see how one of their pieces fairs.

The model I got, “The Shoreditch”, is an okay tie. Truly, I like a lot about it. It’s long, which makes gauging and fixing the length during the tying easier. The cross stitching (see below) is top notch and I rather enjoy the cheeky checkered pattern. It’s slightly hipster, but the quality weaving let’s people know I didn’t pick it up at a thrift shop.

All that being said, the piece is too “heavy” for my taste, that is it consist of too much fabric. Naturally, I appreciate silk, but not too much of it rapped in one package. I guess I’m just a sucker for ties that catch onto the wind easily.

There is also something lacking in the color scheme of this particular tie. Frankly, it just isn’t as fun as I came to expect from pictures I’ve seen online. In fact, I think it would serve much better for the purples, greens, etc. to be brighter. Strangely, this pattern but bolder strikes me as easier to match with an outfit only because then it would be demanding all the attention; right now it’s pretty subdued. I could see myself wearing it to a casual cocktail party.

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