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Win a free tanktop!

Time for this week’s CEFashion contest! Courtesy of Kent Denim, we’re giving away a fun, zany top in your size.

Tribal Pop Tank 300x300 mens fashion contests

You might recognize the item from the Lonely Island music video – Adam Levine was rocking it:

Adam Levine1 300x225 mens fashion contests

Entering to win the Tribal Pop Tank is easy. Just use the widget below to like Kent Denim’s Facebook page and you’re set!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends October 23rd at midnight. Good luck everyone!

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Review: Marc Anthony Dress Shoes

Marc Anthony, who is known as the top selling Tropical Salsa Artist of all time, is also an accomplished actor, TV producer, record producer, and fashion designer.

marc anthony 171x300 mens fashion

In November 2010, Marc Anthony and his then-wife Jennifer Lopez, partnered with Kohl’s and they both introduced their men’s and women’s fashion lines. He has designed everything to dress a man from head to toe, in both casual and formal attire.

marc anthony dress shoes 300x300 mens fashion

One of the dress shoes that he has designed for his Kohl’s collection is the Marc Anthony Dress Shoes. This particular leather shoe is in the classic oxford styling with a lace-up closure, stacked heel, and a square toe-box. The detail that Marc Anthony put into this shoe is dual stitching on either side of the shoe and around the heel. It has a padded insole and heel for comfort and also goring on either side of the laces, which provides a more comfortable stride. I think that the goring adds to the overall look, making a formal shoe look a little more casual-chic.

dress shoes 300x300 mens fashion

As for how the shoes fit, they do so like a charm. And boy are they comfy! The only slight issue I’ve had is a minor scuff dealt to the tip of the shoe while I was running down a hallway – my bad. Fortunately, just a little bit of shoe polish corrected the eyesore. At, these Marc Anthony black leather dress shoes are on sale for $47.98, which is a huge discount from their original price of $90 and on average, a great price for men’s leather dress shoes.

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How to Tie Your Shoes In Fashionable Ways!

How do you tie your shoes laces?  When asked this question, you might just assume that there is one way.  However, there are many different ways to tie your shoelaces.  Each way has its own advantages, disadvantages, and unique look that stands out.  Lets take a look at a few of them now.

criss cross laces womens fashion mens fashion

Criss Cross Lacing

Criss cross lacing is what most people are familiar with.  It is a traditional look that combines comfort with ease of lacing.  The trouble is however that it is known to corrugate the shoes.  While this isn’t a problem for some, it is a big problem for others, who spend a great deal of money on their footwear.  The comfort comes from the fact that the criss cross lacing crosses in the gap between the sides of the shoe, instead of pressing against the tops of the foot.

The Criss cross lacing begins with a strait line that goes underneath both of the bottom eyelets.  From here, they go across and then under and over.  Repeat until you get to the top of the shoes.

Over Under Lacing

Over under lacing is different then criss cross lacing in an important way.  Over under lacing is considered the fastest and easies way to tie laces.  It creates less wear & tear and is a decorative look.

The over under lacing begins with a straight line that goes over and under both eyelets on either side.  Now, the lace stays under until it goes through the next eyelet up on the other side.  Now that both laces are up, you lace both over before putting them both under again.  Repeat until you reach the top.  It should be noted, that if you have an odd number of eyelet pairs, you should start with your straight line going under over, instead of over under.

Display Shoe Lacing

The display shoe lacing is how shoes are laced when they are on display.  It makes the laces look nicer.  However, it is more challenging for the laces to be tightened.  In addition, it is normally easier to loosen.  In addition, this kind of lacing is often called “Canadian Lacing” as some Ice Hockey players in Canada use it to make a tighter lacing for their skates.

This begins with a straight line going into and behind through the eyelets.  After that, every cross lace goes under and out through the top.

Finally, check out this nifty infographic of our own to help you learn visually these styles of footwear knotting! (Click to enlarge.)

How to tie your shoes 81x300 womens fashion mens fashion

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Early October Celebrity Fashion Review

Fall not only brings a change in season, but it is also a time of new television season premieres and new movie releases.

Johnny Galecki Big Bang Theory 214x300 celebrity fashion

One popular, on-going comedy series is “The Big Bang Theory”. One of the leading “nerds” is Johnny Galecki, who is looking anything but nerd-ish, strolling down the street in his nicely tailored black suit with a mini-polka dot patterned button-down shirt, and a pair of cool Aviator sunglasses.

walking dead season 5 premier stars 199x300 celebrity fashion

Next, is child actress Ashley Tisdale at the Season 5 premiere of “Walking Dead”, who is all grown up and the definition of rocker chic in her low-cut, black leather crop top with the peplum style bottom, severely distressed low-rise grey jeans, and her peep-toe black leather boots.

luke evans dracula untold london premiere celebrity fashion

Another celebrity red carpet arrival is actor Luke Evans and actress Sarah Gadon, who are out on the town for the London premiere of the movie “Dracula Untold”. Luke looks fantastic in his fashionable, double-breasted grey suit with purplish patterned tie. Sarah is trendy in her white lace overlay top and A-line taffeta black skirt, however, I think that it could have been a little more fitted, to show some of her curves.

Dracula Untold uk premiere 195x300 celebrity fashion

Lastly, is another arrival at the “Dracula Untold” UK premiere. Sienna Guillary has taken “mismatched” to the next level with her olive colored pageboy cap, yellow printed blouse, and Justin Bieber-like navy shorts. Sadly, the only things that I like about Sienna’s outfit are her black leather clutch and black platform sandals. It kind of looks like she got dressed without a mirror and in the dark!

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How to Buy Diamond Rings the Right Way

Picking the right precious diamond to symbolize an important occasion in your life, for example, a marriage proposal, could be a troublesome errand for any man. This is no easy task as this diamond will be the symbol of your future engagement. The diamond ring that will be shown off by your bride-to-be to everyone. You may be asking yourself will my future bride-to-be like it? How can I know which diamond cut is the best one for us? Even with knowing your future bride-to-be relatively well this can still be a complicated task. While asking your bride-to-be for help is now acceptable in society, numerous men are still looking to keep the proposal a secret. How, then, would you be able to guarantee that your picked diamond engagement ring will be precisely what your loved one wants? There are various diamond engagement rings in Sydney. Here are three sorts of diamond cuts you essentially cannot go wrong with.

round cut diamond 300x225 weddings 1. The Round Cut Diamond – Seen continuously as the most prevalent cut of diamonds, the Round Cut diamond otherwise called the Round Brilliant is definitely the most popular. Although it was created in 1900, it still remains a popular choice even today. It is regularly the best decision for those who care about insurability as a result of its “safe” shape. In addition its surprising optics are attractive. This makes it a most popular choice by men when choosing an engagement ring. Many jewelers are proud to offer quality round cut diamonds Melbourne couples love.

princess cut diamond 300x300 weddings

2. The Princess Cut Diamond – While the Round Cut diamond is the most popular choice the Princess Cut diamond does not stay far behind. The Princess Cut diamond is the second most prevalent cut shape for diamonds. Having become known only until the 1960s that has not stopped the Princess Cut from being highly recognized. With two options to choose from either a square or rectangular shape this gives it a unique touch. Its brilliance in relation to that of the Round Cut diamond has made the Princess Cut diamond a novel state of its own.

cushion cut diamond weddings
3. The Cushion Cut Diamond – Appropriately named, as the Cushion Cut diamond this precious stone comes in either a square or rectangular with adjusted corners. The adjusted corners and shape contribute to the pillow like look. This is where its name was derived from. There are some fluctuations of this cut, for example, Antique Cushions and Modified Cushion Brilliant. Each of these cuts are accompanied with its own particular peculiar excellence.

While in the end it is very probable that you chose the perfect diamond engagement ring, would it not be pleasant to realize that you got the diamond that stole the breath of the adoration of your life? Picking any one of these three diamond cuts is certainly going to help symbolize this important time in your life. Atlantis Diamonds spends a significant time to offer astounding diamonds, engagement and wedding ring all of high quality. See more information by going on

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Win a pair of London Retro sunglasses!

Welcome to another CEFashion contest! Courtesy of Sunglasses Shop, we’re giving away a pair of sunnies from their London Retro collection. Best part? The winner gets to choose the pair of sunglasses they want! Here’s some choice items to consider:

london retro giveaway 264x300 mens fashion contests

Entering is mad easy – just follow them on Facebook via the Rafflecopter widget below, and then leave a comment here saying which pair you want!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This men’s sunglasses contest ends October 11th at 12:00am EST. Good luck everyone!

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Spotlight: Handmade Jewelry Creations by Meleona

In the jewelry world, handmade is a quality that makes it a unique piece that cannot be found in multiples out in the marketplace. At, they have taken a selection of handcrafted jewelry from professional jewelers and put them on their website for the public to browse and purchase.

Poetic Radiance Rings Anelli 640x577 300x270 womens fashion mens fashion The Rose Lake Necklace Collana PROMOTION 1404393973 235x300 womens fashion mens fashion

One piece that caught my eye was the Rose Lake Statement Necklace. The necklace is created in gold and has a dimensional, cast flower with the texture of grain across the surface. The petals are centered on a handmade mesh chain that is over one inch in diameter. The “statement necklace” is a hot trend for this season and this one certainly fits that category. It will flow over the neck and the collarbone with the individual links, helping it to lie flat and sparkle with movement. I see this piece matching nicely with the Poetic Radiance Unique Ring.

Secret Side Lapislazzuli Gems Stones Bracelet Bracciale di Pietre Lapislazzuli 1404389924 640x640 300x300 womens fashion mens fashion Graffiti Girl Earrings Orecchini Maiden Art Boutique 1404392989 235x300 womens fashion mens fashion

Another handmade jewelry piece that I thought was interesting was the Secret Side Lapislazzuli Gemstone Bracelet. The round beads of deep blue lapis with the flecks of gold give this bracelet an “earthy” quality. It is accented with crystallized Swarovski elements in Aurora Borealis and molded rose gold and silver plated brass charms that are placed equally between the stones and the flat envelope clasp completes the look. For 81 Euros, it has a nice natural presence; I can see it playfully matching the Graffiti Girl Hoop Earrings.

Dual Stone Cufflinks OnyxGarnet 1404337393 300x300 womens fashion mens fashion

Lastly, to not leave the guys out,  Meleona has a pair of Duel Stone Cufflinks in Onyx and Garnet. Created in solid sterling silver, one side has a 16mm pyramid shaped Onyx stone that is modern and geometric, while the other end has a 10mm round cabochon of red Garnet for a classic pop of color. At 141 Euros, it would make a great gift for any man in your life.

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