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Win a Mission Belt!

Hey ladies and agents, it’s time for another CEFashion contest. Holla! This time, courtesy of Mission Belt, we’re giving away a mean piece from their hot men’s belt collection. Best part? The winner gets to choose which belt they want! Here’s some quick options to consider:

mission belts mens fashion

Entering is mad easy – just follow them on Facebook via the Rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This men’s belts contest ends October 2nd at 12:00am EST. Good luck!

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Key Benefits Of Women’s Clothing Wholesale Venture

Women and fashion go hand and in hand. Most of us would agree that they possess high sales value in the market. The B2B sectors, since the last many years have targeted the women’s clothing wholesale. There are many key advantages of starting a women’s wholesale apparel store. Let us have a look.

tops fashion industry


This is one of the most crucial points of running the women’s apparel business. There are sales programs that lay heavy emphasis on customer’s return on investment. In this trade business, the financial aspect would be tough to handle. Every buck that your customer invests would directly count in the sales profits and monetary gains.


Setting up a women’s wholesale clothing is indeed quite profitable. You have to decide what kind of clothes you wish to sell. Most probably, you will focus on the specific genre as in nightwears, party clothes casual wears, designer jeans, blazers, etc.Moreover, your target would be niche. Selecting a younger age group of twenty to thirty- five would get the average in your profit margin. Browse through the diverse clothing franchises of women by referring to various websites. At the end, decide if you want to sell the high-end clothing or discounted apparels.


Wholesalers and buyers are invariably connected. For the business-to-business companies the process of sales and marketing are interlinked. To run a successful wholesale venture in women’s clothing wholesale, you need to create a strong bond with the buyers. Thriving wholesalers make a plan out of their resources, and mark their presence in the industry. It is an expensive step, but it would increase your industrial reputation and your profit margin.

This business would broaden your horizons. You would explore the ever-changing fashion trends related to women’s attire. As you have targeted the age factor and the type of women, it will give you an opportunity of enlarging your possibilities of creating diverse designs.

Refrain from making the industry analysis mistake.  Present your startup in an accurate fashion in the industrial context.


Women’s clothing wholesale includes diverse patterns and shapes. Their offers are also quite huge. Therefore, you need to know your target audience and focus on their needs. Women generally prefer designer wears, but there are also the ones who do not like to spend money on such attires. Giving the customer what he wants would win you a marked increase in the profit margin. It applies to all businesses even in women’s clothing.


If you are just entering into this industry, you will have the chance to create and promote your merchandise. The contract deals between the manufacturers and the buyers would include this point. The consumer would not see the manufacturer’s role but the wholesaler would remain prominent in his eyes.


As a wholesaler, you will have to erase the boundaries between you and the actual resource of merchandise. You would get to know more about the product by building a close proximity with the functions of the industry. The business would let you explore the supply chain details, the lowest prices and workings of other companies. You will learn these tactics with a bit of observation skills and being perceptive. There is a difference between ordering your products from more than one supplier and putting down the offer of an inefficient supplier, for a better one. These leading market tactics would gradually develop your wholesale business for good.

Daniel Clark owns a women’s apparel store. He likes to write articles on women’s fashion. Here, he gives information on women’s clothing wholesale business and its salient benefits.

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Designer Handbags and Wallets:  Knock-offs or the Real Thing

First off, anyone that is selling a direct copy of a designer handbag or wallet is doing so illegally.  Designer accessories, especially designer handbags, may be produced by other companies as “designer inspired” or “licensed by the designer”, but they have a different look from the original. The knock-offs may have copied the designer handbags and wallets exactly down to the material, stitching, logo, and charms, which can make it difficult to tell the “real thing” from the “fake”.

Designer Bags 1 womens fashion

Luxury designers of ladies handbags and ladies/men’s wallets pay attention to every detail of the items that they design and that may be the secret in discerning the “true” designer from the “copy-cat”. Here are some pointers on how to help you spot the designer “fake”:

  • Start with checking the handbag or wallet for quality materials. Real designers will use expensive leathers like Italian Glove Leather and silky fabric linings. The knock-offs may still be in leather, but of lesser quality.
  • Appreciate the difference between replicas and knockoffs. A company like http://cool-fashions. com/ doesn’t try to paint its products as knockoffs and so aren’t fake.
  • Next, look closely at the stitching in the handbag or wallet to make sure that it is uniform and sturdy. “Fake” bags may have sloppy needlework or it may be unraveling in places.
  • Designers pride themselves in the hardware used for creating their items. It is like the jewelry or accessories that complete an outfit. “Real” designer hardware from the likes of Alexander Wang will be weighty and have a nicely uniformed, polished finish. They also may use a particular style or hardware or logo that you will want to be looking for in each handbag or wallet.
  • Lastly, the best pointer is to shop in a reputable place. If you buy a “real” designer handbag or wallet from out of a car trunk or from a street vendor, then chances are that you are not getting the genuine article. It the seller won’t allow any returns, they probably are looking to take the money and run.
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Shirt Designer Details Make All the Difference

When searching for a great new designer or brand of men’s dress shirts there are certain areas to evaluate. Speaking generally, they design their fasion shirts specifically for men and they fit great. But we can be more specific than that!

First, is selecting a designer/ brand that works in quality materials. Dress shirts come in different types of fabrics and the choice is determined by where you are planning to wear them. Some designers work in silk, some in 100% cotton, and some in a mix of materials.

SlimOutlineDressShirtback mens fashion

The silk dress shirts tend to be dressier and more difficult to care for. The shirts made in 100% cotton are breathable and can go with either dressy or casual, but also require some maintenance with ironing. Collared shirts that are constructed of mixed fabrics like polyester and cotton usually lean more towards a casual type of dress and requires a little less care than the other two.

blackshirt mens fashion

The next point of evaluation, when looking for a new dress shirt designer, is their attention to details. A great designer pays attention to the smallest of details in his design. For example, this black and white collared shirt has contrast piping around the inside of the collar, down the front of the placket, and over the two cuffs. To make it even more interesting, it is designed with dual buttons down the front and pleated French cuffs with bi-color fabric. All these details are designer touches that won’t be overlooked!

fabric Czar  mens fashion

Lastly, the fit of a designer dress shirt is a crucial point in the search for a great brand. It is important to know your neck size and arm length for a perfect fit. Also, select a collared shirt that closely fits your body, without being too tight. Big shirts will only make you look bigger. Finally, make sure that the shoulder seams actually line up with your shoulders to give your shape definition.

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What are Hijabs and Burqas?

Among the Islamic populations, it is common to see women wearing hijabs and burqas. These garments often imply religious identity to those not familiar with the Quran or the Muslim faith.

There are many different opinions on hijabs and burqas. Some have seen hijabs as a sign of oppression and a way to “silence” women. Others have banned the garb or at least condemn it as being associated with an extremist Islamic state. However, to many of the women that wear them, hijabs and burqas are a sign of personal, cultural, and religious identity, no different from a man showing off his new designer suit.

However, before we discuss the reasons for why Islamic women don these garbs, we need to identify the difference between the hijab and the burqa.

burga womens fashion


The hijab is a veil of sorts, usually worn by Muslim women older than the age of puberty. This veil covers the head and chest. The hijab is worn by these women in the presence of males who are not in their immediate family.

In Arabic, hijab literally means “a screen or curtain”.  

Hijabs are legally required in the country of Iran. More modern styles have become popular amongst a younger crowd which involves transparent and loosely worn hijabs. Hijabs were not always required by law and in fact, for a period of time, they were actually banned. However, with the collapse of the Pahlavi Monarchy during the Iranian Revolution in 1979, this was reversed.

Burqaban1 womens fashion


A burqa is similar to the hijab, in that it is a type of veil meant to cover a woman. The difference is the degree in which in covers. A burqa is an Islamic garment that traditionally covers the entire body of women when they are in public.

The women who wear burkas have a small, usually rectangular veil in front of their face. This rectangular portion of the garment is semi-transparent and allows the woman to see, while still keeping her entire body covered.

The burqa is different from a niqab, which is another similar garment. The niqab leaves a slit, so that only the eyes can be seen as opposed to the semi-transparent cloth that covers the face of a hijab wearer.

Why Islamic Women Wear a Hijab

One of the primary reasons a woman wears a hijab is to show modesty, privacy, and morality. The Quran firmly states that women should dress modestly and cover their breasts and genitalia.

One particular verse in the Quran clearly states this.

“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimar over their breasts and not display their beauty except to their husband, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons…”

In that particular verse, the khimar is used to describe the garments to be worn. In fact, a hijab is not ever directly mentioned in the Quran.

As stated before, the hijab is also a legal requirement of Iran along with many other Islamic legal systems. There has also been non-governmental pressure in some countries to coerce women to wear hijabs.Additionally, some women of Islamic culture have worn the hijab to publicly show their religious beliefs as well as a way to reject western influences in dress and culture.

The reasons for wearing a burqa are very similar to those of hijab. While the Quran doesn’t specifically say that a woman’s entire body needs to be covered, it suggests modesty. However, the Quran also doesn’t reject the notion of wearing clothing that covers your entire body.

In Islam, the clothing is cover the entire body with exception to the face and hands. The clothing itself should not be tight enough to describe the body and should not be transparent enough so that undergarments can be seen.

The tradition of wearing a burqa is more closely associated with the local cultures and traditions. While the overall style and coverings of a burqa are similar across the globe, there are distinct differences from local culture to local culture.

Andrew Fujii is a marketing professional with expertise in digital/web and content marketing. He is also a copywriter for multiple agencies producing copy for blogs, articles, websites, product packaging, mobile apps, and more.

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Review: The Vader Mission Belt

For reviews.

As far as accessories go, the belt is one that you would probably find in every man’s closet. It may be something that is not worn every day, but at some time you will need that finished look that can only be accomplished with the right belt.

wearing vader review

You may think that all belts are the same, but there is one that has features that set it apart from the rest. The innovative design of the Mission Belt, developed by Nate Holzapfel in Provo, Utah, is set to take the belt world by storm.  The revolutionary quality of these belts is that it has no holes, which avoids the cracked leather and stretched holes from normal wear and tear of other belts.

vader belt review

Despite not having fastening holes, the Mission Belt is totally adjustable with a customized fit of ¼ inch increments – it will fit you before and after Thanksgiving dinner. The belt’s closure system is based on ratchet action and it has a release for quick removal that gives the piece a cool mechanical feel. The Mission Belt also offers a selection of interchangeable belt buckles, so you can change the look without getting another belt.

mission belt mens black leather ratchet belt medium vader photo 08 in belts review

The particular piece I got to try out is the Mission Belt Vader. It is a classic-looking black belt with a sleek metallic buckle rocking a delicious black acrylic finish. The leather is 1.25 inch wide and has a synthetic coating for the buckle to slide over without fail. It is a totally customizable fit and comes in S-XL. The Vader is fantastically priced at $34.95 and you can feel good that the company is dedicated to fighting poverty and hunger around the world.

I highly recommend the Vader for the man pursuing some innovation in his accessorizing efforts!

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2014 Audi Emmy Pre-Party Retrospect

Hollywood had been buzzing with excitement the past few months about the 66th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards. The nominees are revealed before the actual ceremony by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their excellence in the television industry. The week before the actual Emmy ceremony, the nominees are honored by pre-Emmy parties held throughout LA. One host was Audi.

aaron Paul and wife Lauren Parsekia at Audi pre emmy party womens fashion mens fashion celebrity fashion

On arrival to the Audi pre-Emmy celebration at Cecconi’s Restaurant in Los Angeles, there were some great red carpet fashions. First off, is “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekia. He looks the total opposite of the meth dealer character that he portraits on the show in this grey tonal plaid suit, black button-down, and black leather oxfords. Aaron’s wife Lauren is a vision in this ¾ sleeve, silky gown with the plunging neckline and a high front slit. Her black leather clutch and minimalistic jewelry selection are the perfect accents.

Audi Celebrates Emmys Week 2014 Arrivals sarah hylands arrival womens fashion mens fashion celebrity fashion

The next arrival at the Audi party was Sarah Hyland, from the comedy “Modern Family”. She is ready to party in this white button-down with a pair of black wide-leg shorts, which have the look of a short skirt, and the peak of a lacey bra. Sarah’s loosely braided hair and studded black and tan leather sandals just complete her look.

Zoe Saldana Audi Celebrates Emmys Week 2014 marco perego womens fashion mens fashion celebrity fashion

Lastly, is a photo of actress Zoe Zeldana from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie and her Italian husband/artist Marco Perego. Zoe is looking fabulous in this silky brown animal print dress with the lighter contrast bustline trim and self-belt. She manages to swaddle her baby bump in terrific style. Zoe’s husband Marco looks suave in one of the trendy micro-print shirts in black and grey. He keeps his look casual by keeping the dress shirt un-tucked and rolling up the sleeves. Maybe it was to show off his new “ink”, which is a portrait of his beloved wife Zoe.

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