A Different Look: A Girl’s Guide to Men’s Denim Done Right

Guest post by Alessia

We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl (yes, I’m quoting Madonna, let’s move on). To deny it would be to lie. It’s the reason so many movies exist with the same premise: a popular girl taking a helplessly nerdy guy, dressing him like a popular guy and the two eventually fall in love ‘cause his new-found popularity brought them together. It’s the reason an ordinary guy would never try to pick up Lady Gaga, because her Kermit the Frog dresses, hair bows and general S&M attire make her terribly unapproachable and intimidating.

So what’s the reason? Simply put, clothes matter.

Left: Rock Revival Mick 15 Boot Cut Denim   Right: Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg Denim

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s kind of the focus of this whole little blog. Now I’m not saying that Gaga would ever want to be approached by any putz off the streets, ‘cause, let’s face it, she’s Gaga. However, when it comes to the ordinary men of the world who do not want to appear to women as the male equivalents of Gaga (i.e. aesthetically off-putting), carefully chosen, lady-approved outfits must be implemented.

This is where denim comes in- more specifically, denim by rock revival jeans. Most men turn to a pair of jeans as their go-to outfit, mostly because they’re an easy and low-maintenance outfit. This is true, but only if denim is done right. A bad fit, a tacky wash or unnecessary, awkward designs can make for denim disasters. Enter Rock Revival. This is denim that can be considered both exclusively casual and more formal. Boasting superior fits and premium fabrics, good-looking jeans have never felt better on you. What makes the brand special, however, truly is their signature designs, which are featured heavily enough to make your jeans special, but are understated enough to ensure that the jeans aren’t wearing you.

Take it from a girl- Rock Revival is a sure-fire way to make you not look like a fool. Visit Luello.com to view denim by Rock Revival.

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  1. Oh my! Fighting words indeed! I definitely do not endorse anything reminiscent of the "fashions" worn on Jersey Shore, and personally I don't think these resemble anything like something The Situation would wear! (Please note that Rock Revival Jeans do not have rhinestones, skulls or Italian flags on them). I think it's good for men's jeans to have some sort of design or style to them, since jeans don't have to be entirely plain to not look tacky. I believe that men should have more fun with their choice in denim, and choose some a pair with tasteful designs instead of always playing it safe with other bare-bones styles! Also, what I consider to be formal about a pair of jeans (as formal as jeans can be) is the darker wash and intricate detail.

    Furthermore, looking at a picture is in no way a good indication of how the jeans were made, or whether or not they are "cheap". I assure you, they are in no way cheap.
    But I suppose we just have to agree to disagree :)

  2. These jeans look insanely tacky and cheaply made. I guess I'd take your advice if I wanted to look like a Jersey Shore reject. Also on what planet would these be considered "formal"?

    Is your next post going to be about how nice Ed Hardy and Affliction shirts look?