Learn how to match Khakis and shirts

INFEASIBLE: Khaki pants + Long-sleeve buttoned down shirt
dockers gray


Simply put fellows, old men (particularly those doomed to reside in office buildings till the Rapture) rock this combo. Why Dockers has their guy dress like this on their site, I haven’t the slightest idea. So, unless you’re seeking a white-collared, fashion coma, stay the hell away.

Feasible: Khaki pants + Short-sleeve buttoned down shirt


Stay young at heart – if you’re going to rock khakis, stick to buttoned-down shirts with short sleeves or, even better, wear your favorite long sleeved shirt and just roll those fuckers up. The pair of khakis above, in particular, would get the job done, albeit I won’t wear it with those shoes, but that’s another topic entirely.

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