73. Key chains for men

INFEASIBLE: Vintage toy key chains

Mr. Potato Head Keychain – Soft Version – Full Case
(From Ultimate Key Chains)

So I was in the Beverly Center a few days ago helping a friend shop when I saw a hipster come out of Banana Republic twirling the above key chain. I stopped and had to take a moment just to breathe. Ever curious about extremes of retardation in people’s choice of expression, I decided to investigate where one could procure a Mr. Potatohead key chain if one were, say, nostalgic and tripping on 2C-I.

Well, I found a distributor of this tacky-ass piece of trash, and I almost died of shock when I saw the price. I shit you not, my man, that shit goes for $101.95. And that’s a discounted price apparently. I’m sorry folks, I can’t say anything more either then I hope I’ve raised you all better than this. God help everyone else.

edit: Yeh, totally got the price wrong – more like $2 a pop. WHATEVER, just don’t buy this kind of junk, k?

: Swish Army key chains

Victorinox Swiss Army Swish Memory 1 GB
(Brought to you by Saks Fifth Ave.)

Ok. This is tasteful, can store 1 gig of data, AND gives you means to file your nails. NO CONTEST PEOPLE.

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  1. I was about to say… 101 dollars! You would have to be crazy. I guess Mr. Potatohead is the new standard for high fashion now.

  2. but you know that swiss army knife/ jump drive is useless cause you can’t take it on the plane with you.


  3. Actually the $101.95 price is for a case of 24 keychains.So they actually cost around $4.25