69. Vests

[Sorry about the lack of updates last week, wasn’t feeling too fabulous]

INFEASIBLE: “Edgy”, “futuristic” vests

Dior Homme Leather-Back Vest
(From eLuxury)

The concept behind vests is a delicate one. Honestly, there isn’t much room to fuck around with vests: veer away from the tried and true cuts, stitching, etc. and you get something out of a bad Orgy music video. Apologies Dior Homme, we’re not in the cyberpunk world of William Gibson just yet, and if we ever are, I’ll gladly take that state-issued arsenic pill.

Feasible: Classic vest

Band of Outsiders Classic Vest
(Brought to you by eLuxury)

Ah, the classic vest. Nothing of shame here: sleeveless, v-neck, simple belt in the back, gray (!). Personally, I would probably replace the buttons with something a little more snazzier – lesson be learned, the color and shape of a vest’s buttons are the only thing you can play with. But as is, this piece is still beau.

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