67. Style and Sandals

INFEASIBLE: Sandals featuring plaid

Sanuk Suit Up (Brown)
(From Zappos)

Oh, summertime. How you bring the best sunsets, yet evoke the worse footwear imaginable. Not that I hate the idea behind sandals (although they end up pools sweat from the soles of my feet from time to time), just what terrible additions manufactures make to an otherwise perfectly fine design. Take this piece for instance: who the fuck thought plaid should go on a sandal? Plaid is one of those bastard fabrics: it works on hats and SOMETIMES (but very rarely) a suit. I ask you, Sanuk, what do you expect people to match this pair with? A 1950’s cabbie hat? DURING THE SOLSTICE?! Jesus.

Feasible: Sandals rocking leather

Reef Bonzer (Whisper)
(Brought to you by Zappos)

Now leather and sandals go hand-in-hand. This pair would do you just fine.

As a side note, there is no such thing as a casual/dress distinction in the world of sandals. Sure, one piece may be fancier than another, but the notion of a professional-setting sandal is just painfully misguided.

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  1. I really liked those sandals. The design is quite trendy and comfy too. I want to have the second one too. Could you please post from where can I get those. Source Outdoor

  2. Plaid is a classic print that works well w/ brights & neutrals. If a guy has style savvy, then coordinating the plaid sandal w/ a fresh Summer outfit is not only feasible, but projects confident fashion swagger!