62. Wallets for the man…again.

INFEASIBLE: Wallets that slide and collapse and whatever the fuck

(From Men.Style)

I guess one could call this latest Frankenstein from Entermodal a “portwallio”. I’ll stick to calling it ugly, blucky, difficult to handle, and tacky; naturally Men.Style raves about it. Don’t you let me catch you holding one, unless you’re returning it to its rightful place in the trash.

Feasible: Bifold made of kangaroo leather

(Brought to you by Saks.com)

Now this, THIS is a piece of awesome. I loves kangaroo leather and the color is just rich and attention-grabbing without being flashy in the slightest. Even the logo is tastefully placed and blended into the material. Anyone wanna get me an early birthday present? Seriously, I blew too much money at the bar last night. :(

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