40. Wedding bands

For menswear.

INFEASIBLE: Silver bands with gold designs

(From barskydiamonds.com)

Now, I personally don’t agree with the institution of marriage – too tied up in gender dynamics and religion for my tastes. But if you do decide to sign your life away, please don’t do it with something like this. Gold on silver is never a good idea, especially on engagement rings. As you can see, it just looks damn gaudy.

Feasible: Silver bands with a little diamond action

(Brought to you by Abazias)

While gold and silver don’t mix, diamonds and silver are a badass pair. I like this piece in particular since it’s minimalistic, has some interesting cuts into the band itself, has three diamonds (my favorite number) and it’s under $500. What a goddamn steal.

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  2. Lewis says:

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