35. Further comments on gimmicky t-shirts

INFEASIBLE: Zombie-referencing shirts

(From Fearwerx
Wearing something that refers to zombies, Dawn of the Dead, feasting on brains, etc. is a very small step up from shirts with World of Warcraft dragons and shit on them. Yes, zombies are awesome; yes, they conceptually embody the terror of mass-consumerism in late capitalism – don’t talk about such things through your clothes.

Feasible: Los Angeles Coroner shirts

(Brought to you by Skeletons in the Closet)

Hey, I didn’t say all morbid stuff was off-limits. If you’re going to go gimmick for a day, this is something I could get behind.

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  1. Hey Dracon,

    Good point on the t-shirt: I’m not one for having zombie t-shirts (though I love zombie-genre movies).

    I’m actually putting together a social network featuring informal reviews for Manhattan venues (boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, etc.) and events (fashion shows, gallery openings, concerts, parties) and I thought that you’d enjoy being a part of our beta testing period. It would be a great opportunity for you to write reviews, promote local events and your blog on a new social network, and connect with people through technology that connects people both online and offline. Let me know if you’d be interested in participating and maybe we can connect in person and have some drinks!

    [email protected]