Band t-shirts can be fashinonable!

*[In light of me going to see RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE tomorrow, let’s talk band t-shirts.]*

INFEASIBLE: Twee or indie rock band t-shirts

(From Tshirtsville)

By and large, t-shirt memorabilia for twee or indie bands is shit-ily made and ugly to boot. Who wants a crappy design made by someone with the drawing skills of a 5 year old on their t-shirt? Not I…

…but I do confess to having this Postal Service shirt years ago. I try not to remember such things and I assure you it’s now in a dumpster somewhere in Massachusetts.

Feasible: Simple alternative rock band t-shirts

Alternative rock t-shirts tend to be better overall in my opinion. Here’s a classic; simple, nice design on the left sleeve, jet black like Billy’s heart (as evidenced by the release of Zeitgeist). If you’re a fan, you need one – if you’re not a fan, wear it playfully and, when people ask, say “It’s just my favorite number, fuckin’ coincidence.”

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